Make Your First Video Game Using This Guide

Make Your First Video Game Using This Guide

Why not start the new year by learning something new? Like, say, learning how to make a video game?

If that sounds overly ambitious — like the type of resolution or goal people set for themselves that they're never, ever going to accomplish — fear not. Anyone can make a video game. Even you. Yes, you! In fact, you should make a video game — make something raw, something personal, something only you could make.

In order to do that, I highly recommend reading through Zoe Quinn's introductory guide to making video games, which you can find below. It's full of helpful resources and tips to help you get started on game development. Some of these tools are so easy to use, you could have a game in minutes.

Bonus! Here's a Google doc full of developers who would be happy to offer you help.

Now go out there and make something awesome.


    "which you can find below"
    I don't like Hide and Seek.

    For those that are looking for the game making guide, here is the original Kotaku article with said guide:

    I honestly don't know why I keep coming back to Kotaku, or even why half the staff are still employed. Not only is this another re-post from the US site, but half the article is missing. Great job done to Kotaku's usual high standards... /rant

    If you want some more useful advice on how to be successful with your first game, I recommend reading this.

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