Man At Arms Builds Sepiroth’s Massive Sword From Final Fantasy VII

Man At Arms Builds Sepiroth’s Massive Sword From Final Fantasy VII

way too massive

It actually seems like quite a difficult task, considering the sheer length of the thing. The Buster Sword is big, but it’s wider, making things easier (I suspect). Watching the process of the work is just really engaging and the sword itself? Well, it looks predictably fantastic.


  • I feel like we shouldn’t be seeing a news post for each new video someone makes… A couple is fine but then it’s up to the fans to subscribe, right? It just seems like an excuse to get an article out when you post every single Man at Arms video, or Smooth McGroove video etc

    • Considering the skill level required to properly wield a pair of sais, I’d be more inclined to nominate Jaime Lannister’s Sword as the most practical sword they’ve made.

      • Maybe he should make Donatello’s bō then, I could totally wield that!

        “We’ve had a lot of requests for this weapon, and I’ve finally delivered. This weapon was a lot easier than I anticipated to make. I found a 1″ thick handle of a broom lying around the shop, cut off the head and here we are, Donatello’s bō. Now watch us smash things with it.”

  • My girlfriend bought me a Sephiroth sword. Full tang carbon steel. Would probably snap if i hit something with it though. Unbelievably heavy, Weighting is ridiculous, I need help unsheathing the monster. Looks absolutely bad ass. Its about 2M in length.

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