Man Dashes Into Burning Home To Rescue ... An Xbox

Man Dashes Into Burning Home to Rescue ... an Xbox

A man fled his burning home in Kansas early Friday morning but re-entered it to rescue his games console, according to a local news report. The Xbox, whose identity (original, 360, or Xbox One) could not be confirmed, was apparently unharmed.

The unidentified man was treated for smoke inhalation after rescuing the system. The console. The fire did $US80,000 worth of damages, and was believed to have started in a faulty electrical hunction junction box. []

Mum Dials 911 for Parenting Tips

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Blotter item reported today by The Mercury-News of San Jose:

Meadow Lane, 9:51 p.m. Tuesday A female worried a 13-year-old would become violent if she took away the teen's Xbox sought advice from police.

Dad Destroys Nintendo Console, Throws It at Son

HOUSTON — Police say a 45-year-old father, upset that his son was sent home with a bad behaviour report from school, destroyed the boy's "Nintendo console" with a wrench and then threw pieces of the debris at him. The attack earned the father charges of injury to a child.

A report by KTRK-TV of Houston said Paul Newman (no relation, because he's dead) also dragged the boy by his shirt and hit him in the face "with open and closed fists." Teachers discovered the injuries at school and notified police. Newman is said to have admitted the assault; he was released on a $US5,000 bond.

Teen Dragged 1,000 Feet in PS3 Deal Gone Bad

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — A teenager looking to sell or trade his PlayStation 3 was dragged more than 1,000 by a car driven by three others accused of robbing him, reports WPEC-TV of Florida.

The unnamed seller, who is 16, placed an ad on Facebook to sell the console back in September. The victim received a reply from someone willing to trade an iPhone for the console. The buyer arrived by car with another person driving and a third person aboard; when the victim tried to inspect the iPhone, one of the occupants snatched it back and told the driver to flee. The car drove off with the victim hanging inside of the car's rear window.

The victim was dragged 304.8m; an arrest was made only recently as police finally discovered the real identity of the purported buyer, Christopher Alexis, 20. Two 19-year-old friends with him in the car also were charged as accomplices.

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    I don't understand the need to rob a ps3 right now. They could probably get it like for $100 in US and why the need to injure others for it. Bloody go sell their house chair or something and they can get it.

      Unfortunately some people are just brain dead morons who are incapable of thinking things through.

      And the kicker is, that some of these morons probably go out and buy guns first, to commit these unbelievably stupid acts.

        thats why we dont sell guns to everyone in our country, ya know.

    The father hitting his child is wrong no matter what reason. If the kid's been having behavioral problems at school, the father should of spoken to the Teacher/Principal to assess on his son's current behavior and find help for him. Instead the father just treats his son like crap.

    The victim was dragged 304.8m
    That's pretty specific.

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