Man Paralysed After Playing Arcade Game

Man Paralysed After Playing an Arcade Game

Two months ago, a 29-year-old man visited a game centre in Foshan, China, while waiting to get his phone fixed. To pass the time, he tried a boxing arcade game. Three days later, he woke up, unable to speak or move his body.

According to Shenzhen Satellite Television, the man, given the alias "A. Zhen," now owes a couple hundred thousand yuan in hospital bills. Paralysed from the neck down, Zhen is unable to work, and his wife has been spoonfeeding him.

Above, you can see a recreation of the incident from Shenzhen television.

The injury was caused by sudden trauma to his spinal cord. As noted by The Nanfang, doctors said the punch's strength lead to stenosis (or narrowing) of the cervical spinal canal.

Zhen did go into surgery, but doctors do not think he will recover. His wife and family are unlikely to get compensation from the arcade, The Nanfang adds, because the arcade game did have a written health warning.

男子玩打拳机导致高位截瘫 [Sina via The Nanfang Insider]

Photo: Vankad @ Shutterstock


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