Massive EVE Online Battle Destroys Nearly $300,000 Worth Of Spaceships

Massive EVE Online Battle Destroys Nearly $300,000 Worth Of Spaceships

Yesterday’s humongous space battle in EVE Online — by far the largest in the 10-year history of the spacefaring MMO — is estimated to have destroyed roughly $US284,000 worth of war materiel. That is a real-world value too. The fighting got so big that CBS News — the network of Edward R. Murrow — sent a war correspondent.


  • EVE has the best stories.
    I tried playing once, but found myself largely uninterested in the game itself. Listening to all the stories, though, makes it sound amazing. Maybe someday I’ll try again.

    • That’s pretty much it. This battle took somewhere around 20 hours before the server reset ended it, at 10% speed because the server’s time dilation kicked in. It was probably one of the most boring things to watch and probably pretty boring to participate in, but yeah, it makes for a good story afterwards when you can mentally speed up the pace and cut the hours upon hours of boring stuff.

        • I haven’t played very much, but from what I’ve heard most large capital ship battles are basically spreadsheet battles. The fastest combat happens in the smallest ships.

  • I really dislike when reporters attach real world values to eve stories, it makes it sound like players actually forked out that sort of money for their toys. The fact is that most of those titans were purchased with Isk generated from in game income streams, and not from PLEX (cash bought items)

  • From linked article: “He wasn’t scheduled to work in real life Monday, so he spent the entire day sending virtual ships into the fray. He said dozens of his alliance members took off work to join the fight, which is being waged by more than 4,000 players…”

    Makes you wonder how many hours of work productivity and real life revenue was lost too…

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