Meet The Man With The Greatest Games Magazine Collection In The World

Meet The Man With The Greatest Games Magazine Collection In The World
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When I tell you that Frank Cifaldi collects game magazines, I don’t mean he has a couple of early copies of Edge in his attic, I mean he collects magazines. Shitloads of them.

This little seven minute short focusing on Cifaldi and his insane magazine collection was put together by Outerlands, a collective of clever people who want to make six serious, well-made documentary pieces about video games and video game culture. The above seven minute short is a proof of concept for their Kickstarter, which is still running and currently still requires funding. Based on the above video, Outerlands is well worth your time. I hope they get funded because I want to see more of this.

You can donate to the Kickstarter here.


  • I always thought of magazines being one of those things you collect which end up being worth less than most other collections. I.e. Comic Books > magazines, etc.

    Could be wrong though.

    • yeh, pretty much what i think now adays too
      i had 5 years worth of PCPP and had to get rid of them because it made a bow in my shelf lol
      but i do like looking back through the old ones just for the luls
      such as all the old 64mb GFX cards starting at $1500! they even did atleast twice a year an update for DNF!
      but iv found with so many media resources available on the interwebs that the $15/month just didnt get much, they even stopped the demo discs after a while which annoyed me

  • I have every issue of Hyper. Thankfully it only takes up one-and-a-half shelves. Don’t ever imagine it will be worth anything, but it is really interesting to go back through time and see the cycle of anticipation, release and legacy for games ranging back to the 16 bit days!

  • Backed this project this morning. It looks really interesting. I feel like in the last 4-5 years, people have really nailed how to make an interesting documentary.

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