Meet The Most Humble Man In China

Meet the Most Humble Man in China

Billionaire Guangbiao Chen is not one to brag about his many accomplishments. Why do that when his business card can do it for him?

Chen, who once sold "Good Person Guangbiao Chen" canned air in China, recently claimed he wanted to buy The New York Times. Think there's enough space on his business card for that?

Awesome Business Card [@lukebuckmaster]


    He's very level headed.

      actually there's a slight tilt...

      With all those environmental accolades he's probably very heavy leaded.

    Now he just needs to partner up with the "Impossible Is Nothing" guy.

    Another Reddit *copy - paste*

    Last edited 10/01/14 7:45 pm

      That is slowly becoming all news, Reddit and other social media sites are just better at getting information quicker and bringing quirky stories like this one to the main stream.

      I mean, why do the hard work when you can just get some one to do it for you the collect ad revenue

        Well it is hard for journalists to be on the front line of such things. It is much easier to watch other (preferably obscure) news services.

      you mean its just another day on Gawker (copy+paste). The do get paid per hit...

    Environmental Preservation Demolition Expert?

    He's an expert in the demolition of the preservation of the environment...?

    Last edited 10/01/14 10:40 pm

      He's a demolition expert who does his work in a manor that preserves and protects the environment around the demolition from damage then cleans up and recycles the waste created rather then dumping it.
      In other words a he's a tree hugger who likes to blow shit up lol

    I like that he doesn't emit much carbon. I hear thats good for the environment.

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