Metal Gear Rising’s PC Version Won’t Work Offline

Metal Gear Rising’s PC Version Won’t Work Offline

Well, this sucks. After nearly a year, the 2013 action game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has come to PC, but it arrived with a dark passenger: It apparently won’t work without an internet connection.

The singleplayer Revengeance is digitally available on Steam, but readers have written in to alert us that the game won’t start in Steam’s offline mode. Worse, if your internet connection cuts out while you’re playing, you’ll be instantly kicked from your game. Plenty of Steam users seem to be having the problem, and we’ve tried it ourselves and had the same result.

It’s not yet clear whether the problem is just a bug or whether it’s due to DRM created by publisher Konami. Of note is the fact that the game’s Steam store page makes no mention of an internet requirement either in its game description or under its system requirements.

We’ve reached out to Konami and Valve to ask about this, and to see if it is indeed DRM or if it’s a bug that could be fixed in the future. In the meantime, buyer, beware.


  • aaaand yet another game I was going to buy but I wont. I’ll download a cracked pirate version instead. Enjoy Konami!

  • Konami really hate the PC version because it is cheaper. They even region locked it out of Japan (and Ireland).

      • Maybe because MGS Rising was an absolute abortion of a game, and I think abortion is illegal in Ireland.

        • I can’t believe I paid cash money for this game, the gameplay mechanics were rubbish, the plot was terrible and to add insult to injury the soundtrack is just noise with incomprehensible screaming and whiney singing

  • It’s raining today, that means my internet cuts out every hour or so. Games like this would drive you insane.

    • I know that feeling. And if it rains long enough I am without internet for a day or two…god I hate living in the sticks sometimes

        • Yeah considering the copper in my entire suburb and the surrounding suburbs is completely shot unless they run a new copper line in every steet to the node it won’t fix a thing. And there is no point running a new copper line to the node.

          @wiz1974, I live less than 20 minutes from the Brisbane CBD, I really feel for the people in areas who aren’t even being considered important enough to have a decent reliable connection.

          • I’m wondering how close together we live now, cause that was pure sarcasm on my part because I live in a terribly oversubscribed region just on the edge of two such things. The copper between my neighborhood and either of them is entirely broken, and the FTTN NBN will do jack squat for us. Sorry if I was unclear. 🙂

          • yes i live outside of ipswich and cant get a decent connection at all. i checked the NBN plans when originally shown and nothing at all was marked for my area 🙁

  • That’s weird.
    I went looking for the part where the game was made by Ubisoft, and that the year was actually 2012 (you know, back when Ubi were the last and only people on the planet who thought this was a good idea), and couldn’t find evidence of either thing.

  • Actually, they said LAST NIGHT that this was unintended and due to the Steam API – and were immediately demanding answers from Valve.

    Not DRM.

  • While the internet requirement may indeed be a bug as they’ve said, and will most likely get fixed, it is the region locking that really pisses me off. Up til now Steam hasn’t had any kind of region locking whatsoever, but from now on you can bet that every publisher who charges the “Australia Tax” will start locking their titles so you can’t get them gifted (Activision, Sega, Square-Enix, Deep Silver etc.), to say nothing of things like the censored versions like Left 4 Dead 2 and Saints Row IV. And if any one of you out there reckons that paying $90 USD for Ghosts is fair when the Americans pay $60 USD for it on the same god damn store, keep it to yourself, lest I have to carefully and precisely explain how much of an idiot you are.

    • Up til now Steam hasn’t had any kind of region locking whatsoever

      Not true at all. Plenty of games now have a Russian & Rest of World (ROW) version, among other regional breakdowns.

        • I don’t trade games much, but I believe it often does. Russian versions often won’t work on Steam accounts based in other countries, for example.

        • Has been a problem since day one. I’ve moved country 4 times since 1997. I’ve had no end of problems with steam and region locking.

  • Konami asks Valve for shiny new region locking system.
    Shiny new region locking system hasn’t been implemented for offline mode of steam client. This would cause everything that has been seen – it wouldn’t be communicating with any game specific DRM servers, but it would depend on steam having an online status.

    How quickly it’s patched remains to be seen. Fastest fix would be removing the region lock flag. It would likely be a more difficult and time consuming fix to redesign the region lock to include offline mode.

  • It always makes me laugh how the cracked version has none of these issues. Or it would make me laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

    • Yep, once again, TPB provides the best service. I donated the amount I would have spent on it on Steam to TPB’s Bitcoin wallet.

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