Monster Hunter 4G Will Be Released In The West As Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Monster Hunter 4G will be released in the west as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Save data from Monster Hunter 4 will be transferrable to the new game. It will release in Japan this fall and in the west in 2015.


    And about time too woooooh!!!!!!!!

    Really? All the info fit into the front blurb? *sigh*

      actually, all of the relevant info was in the title...

        Everything except the system it's coming out on. Sure you can click the link to see it's on the 3DS but it would have been nice to include that info in the article somewhere.

    What save data transfer. We never had any monster hunter 4. Game is region locked and not possible to use Japanese safe file for western release game. What the fuck is Owen smoking. Fail copy paste from another website.

      In Japan it's being released as Monster Hunter 4G and obviously saves will be able to be transferred to that.

        Yes we all know that. Isn't this article about monster hunter is coming to the west? What's that got to do with something the west cannot do.

          Whoever wrote the article (on kotaku USA) probably did not know that we didnt have 4 in the west.

            Or it could have been a Kotaku JP article with a bit of information about the west added.

              We got an english presser on the capcom site about mh4, pretty sure the USA article linked to it. Also an english subtitled video from the producer of MH talking about it.

      It should be Monster Hunter 3, I believe.

    Why they continue to only release the major installments of MH on handhelds (with the exception of Tri on Wii and Tri Ultimate on Wii U) I'll never know. Release MH4 on a console dammit!

      it's simple, because Handhelds are much more popular in japan.

        Release these on consoles and they will sell like hotcakes in Japan :P

        I really want to play this new MH, but I don't want to buy a 3DS just to play it. If they really want to reach out to a wider demographic, especially in western countries, the logical thing to do would be to release a console version.

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