Murdering Tiny Ninjas Has Never Been So Fun

Murdering Tiny Ninjas Has Never Been So Fun

I hope you’re ready to not do anything else today, because Dojo of Death will absolutely eat up any productivity you thought you had.

The game is a very simple one. You’re a ninja, against a horde of other ninjas. Click to slash through them or deflect arrows. One hit, and you’re Ninja fertiliser. Simple enough, sure, but sometimes the most addictive games don’t need all that much to get your attention.

Have fun. Try not to get fired.

Dojo of Death [Rock Paper Shotgun]


    • What more do you want?

      It described the game mechanics (obviously simple ones) and gave you a link to the game. Click on it and play it for yourself, why do you need more information, let alone need to watch a whole video about it?

      • Exactly as Glock said. That video you linked is 11 minutes long, that’s a ridiculously long way of saying “Click to slash, it’s fun!”
        Not that I’m chastising the video, I’m just not going to watch it, because this article was enough to make me try the game, especially since the artcile described every single aspect of the game in a few succinct lines.

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