Here's A Trailer For Yoshi's New Island

The game launches March 14 on the 3DS.


    I am looking forward to this, but I am not 70 dollar looking forward to it.

    Same shit every new console. I played this 17 years ago

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      Im going to have to agree with bigguss on this one. It looks the same as all of the other yoshi's islands, and id rather just play my snes or n64 version, they have much nicer looking art styles..

        There was only one other Yoshi's Island. Yoshi's story was a different game altogether, this one is just a very close sequel to the original SNES game.

      Yeah i refuse to play bravely default on 3ds because i played final fantasy on the NES, i also refuse to waste my money on the updated tomb raider for ps4 because i played the original on ps1. Dont get me started on cod, assassins creed and deus ex or diablo 3. I believe franchises should finish straight after they start as they are perfect in every way possible and never limited by hardware.

        Only difference is those franchises you listed have evolved over the decase (s). Nintendos havn't. ;)

          Super mario 3d world is a huge evolution from super mario world. Sure the basic ganeplay of running and jumping is the same but the way in which you do it is a huge evolution. Also metroid prime is a great conversion into 3d, once again theres obvious similarities but the actual experience is far more immersed and 'evolved'. Even 3d zelda and mario kart keep their roots and pay homage to their predecessor but that's what's the beauty of nintendo franchises. Why re-invent the wheel? Just improve upon it.

    I thought I was the only one with this Nintendo Love on kotaku - glad to know it's not me. Loved the original, but seriously?

    My only complaint here is that is the music. Yoshi's Island had some pretty sick tracks, so I'm hoping this music is just "Nintendo advert" music, and not at all representative of that actual game.

    Other than that, it looks pretty much the same as the game that came out 19 years ago. Whether or not that is good thing, we will see. Personally I couldn't get enough of Yoshi's Island, one of the best SNES titles IMO.

    Hells yeah, if this is just a hd release of Yoshi's Island I'd be ecstatic, if it's half the game the original is it should still be awesome

    Jesus. Seeing games like this in franchises I love being brought out for 3ds - not Wii-U - really make me wonder if Nintendo care about their new console at all.
    I have a Wii-U. I want more excuses to play it. Software sells hardware; why aren't Nintendo putting more effort into putting recognizable franchises on their latest platform? I just don't understand their mentality at the moment.

      Because they have all but given up on their current console, and are reportedly already working on their next one. Nintendo had huge losses, so they are trying something different. Hopefully it is not another dead-on-arrival fiasco as well.

      ^ This…
      Id actually be more inclined to buy a Wii U if I could play several of the latest 3DS games on it. Im not interested in portable gaming, nor 3D gaming.. Someone made a comment (either here or Gizmodo) about Nintendo's "next" console, I think they need to merge their lines. Make portable games playable on the home console and vice versa.. in fact, just build the exact same game, same code base, yet somehow have the smarts in the hardware to optimise the experience and determine things like screen res, frame rate, pixel density etc.. probably asking a lot but I think this would really help keep the Big N as a hardware/software developer then giving in to put Mario on your iPhone..

    The character sprites don't look very good in that video and in screenshots, hopefully they look a lot better on the 3DS screen.

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