Next-Gen Historical RPG Gets 'Surprise' Kickstarter Campaign

Next-Gen Historical RPG Gets

For the past week or so, Warhorse Studios has been teasing some new information about their upcoming historically inclined RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, on their website. There was a big countdown clock and everything. And now, the cat's out of the bag: Kingdom Come will be crowdfunded! Surprise!

Now, from our standpoint, there are advantages to this, of course. A cheaper pre-order price (roughly $US24), a chance to shape the game in some way, or to straight up immortalise yourself on, say, an in-game church painting. There will also be a degree of early access in the form of alpha and beta releases. In return, there's the whole blindly-giving-money-to-people-you-don't-quite-know dealio, in case the campaign gets funded.

And it just might! In the few hours the campaign's been up, it managed to rake in over £22,000, which translates to over $40,000 And that's just the first few hours. The target is £300,000 — about 10 per cent of the game's total budget — an amount which, if reached, will prompt Warhorse Studios' main investor to fund the rest of development. If you'd like to take a look, the project can be found here.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance [Kickstarter]


    Looks like skyrim - only next gen and historical opposed to fantasy. I like it.

    I'll just be interested to see how it all comes together.

      I like the no fantasy thing. I hope they still have fantasy elements though, like blaming superstitious nonsense for causes and doomsayers, druids and what not. They don't have powers but give the illusion.

    I hope it gets its funding, looks interesting enough especially the siege.

    (0ㅇ0) holy motha of good lord... it looks gorgeous

    This has peaked my interest

      It certainly piqued mine. I've been wanting a low-magic fantasy RPG for some time.


        probably :P I'm far too asleep this morning, stupid cat running round the bedroom at 4.30 in the morning

          That's why we keep ours out of the room when we sleep, they are cute but they are EVILLLLL.

            mine managed to knock an old harddrive off my desk while keeping me awake. Not sure how he pushed it as it was quite far back and they're fairly heavy. Ah well, if it didn't work before, it probably won't now

        Maybe cufcfan616's interest is as high as it can get. It has peaked.

    Looks amazing, have been wanting a historical open world rpg for so long! The setting is pretty amazing but I'm imagining an Ancient Rome setting or Feudal Japan. Would be unreal. Hope future of games will be more developers taking risks

    £163,000. This is getting backed lightning fast!

    Anyone else hankering for a game that, when it says you can do anything, you can just do anything? I'd love to get into a game like this and just be a citizen, Just live and survive, as, I dunno, a butcher or something. This sounds great to me.

      I spent a good long time making a living as a wood cutter in Skyrim.

    Okay there are two ways im looking at this.

    1) Holy shit that game looks so amazing my eyeballs are screaming and I have an erection at that First person combat.

    2) At the alleged $3million pounds post "funding + investor whatever stuff, seems WOEFULLY short of being able to make a real game wiht a 30 hour story that looks THAT GOOD and seems to reinvent the entire first person combat wheel. So in that regard I am beyond skeptical of their ability to deliver this promise and it seems more likely we will get a game but have no story or much of anything outside combat + looking good.

    I mean because it is either they have somehow managed to do what no AAA studio has ever done and with 10% of the budget which seems too good to be true.

    So i'm especially torn, from the look of it its going to be funded anyway but I can grab a boxed copy for cheap now (Only want a console version, which isn't even guaranteed). So what to do, what to do.

    It looks like a cross between Mount & Blade and Skyrim to me.

    Let's hope it isn't another Molyneuxian disappointment!

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