Nightmare Busters, An Unreleased SNES Game From 1994, Finally Sees The Light Of Day

It's not often a new game comes out for the now-ancient Super Nintendo. And by "not often", I really mean "never"; the SNES isn't so much a grandparent as it is a skeleton. That hasn't stopped a group known as Super Fight Team from releasing Nightmare Busters, a bona-fide game for the platform complete with authentic-looking cartridge and packaging.

Rather than being developed from scratch as some kind of retro-inspired experiment, Nightmare Busters was a real game that was to be released in 1994, according to Game|Life's Chris Kohler. For whatever reason, it never made it to market.

Well, until now.

Unfortunately, it's not authorised by Nintendo, so it can't really be called an "official" release, but looking at the box and its contents, it's as close as it could be without the endorsement.

If you'd like to pick up a copy, you're in for a wait of a couple of months. You can however put in a pre-order, which will set you back $US85 (shipping includes). This is assuming you have a working SNES, but I can't blame you if you just want to find a nice spot for it in your pool room.

Nightmare Busters [Super Fight Team, via Wired]


    looks cool... would probably be tempted if it was a little cheaper

    Yea what a disappointing price

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