Nintendo Will Licence Its Character To New Partners, Says Company President Satoru Iwata.

Nintendo will licence its character to new partners, says company president Satoru Iwata. There's a precedent for this: Nintendo has already done the same for arcade games.


    Ummm, care to mention "which" character(s) ?
    Im used to the "click-through" articles here on Kotaku, but this one is ridiculous

      There's a bit of a crossover issue. These blip posts work on the US site, but not here. We normally don't post them, but if it's a piece of important news like this, we're more likely to make an exception.

      Indeed, almost no information in this article whatsover.

      Is Mario coming to XBox? Is Zelda coming to Playstation, Is Nintendo giving up the console business and just licensing out its characters?

      More info please.

        I doubt it'd be their direct competitors.
        Think more along the lines of Namcos Mario Kart Arcade and Starfox Assault, Segas F-Zero GX/AX, and Team Ninjas Metroid: Other M.

        Although the less said about the latter the better...

    Was there an error in uploading the whole article?

    It's a bullet point from a live blog, Nintendo haven't given more info yet.
    Also, Mario Kart confirmed for May.

      "Non-wearables to measure health"?
      Just earlier today, there was a photo from Reggie about gimmicks= and now they're making more gimmicks?
      Also, the whole licensing character thing is a pretty big gamble.

      Last edited 30/01/14 1:16 pm

        That tweet's from the Reggie parody twitter, not really from him (click through to the actual account and read under the pic) :P

    They already did this with Smash and Mario Party. Licensing out to HAL was a damn good move.

    So Nintendo only has one character?

      No no, they mean Nintendo's character itself is getting licensed. Who doesn't want to be a company that sticks to its guns even when things are going bad?

    Give platinum games something else to do after Bayonetta 2. Starfox comes to mind.

      There is nothing I want more than for this to happen.


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