An Injured Samus Aran

No matter how full the internet is with Metroid fan art, there's always someone topping it with something special. Here's an injured Samus Aran with some awesome colouring by DeviantART user muju. Could look at this all day.

Samus 2.0 by muju [DeviantART, via The Omega Nerd]

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    Injured? She has a couple of cuts. Cuts mind you that don't take away the allure of her "assets".

    Also, why isn't she a cyborg anymore?
    and why are they never clear of what her "Zero Suit" is?

      Was she ever a cyborg? I thought her zero-suit was just the blue jumpsuit.

        She was refered to as a cyborg in the original Metroid manual. Which hasn't been brought up at all since.

        and her Zero Suit was what she ran around in during Metroid Fusion. At first it implied it is the actual suit that all her functions is centered around, with the orange appearances she's seen as being the armour plating that goes over it for protection. Then they started implying that it's her Evangelion skin-tight thing that serves no purpose, aside from maybe comfort that she puts on first before she starts drilling her suit on.

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          "her Zero Suit was what she ran around in during Metroid Fusion"

          Nah, that was the Fusion Suit, basically a stripped down and redesigned Power Suit. She did wear her Zero Suit in Metroid: Zero Mission though, but her only abilities were "Fire weak stun gun" and "Run away".

            Yeah, it was called the Fusion Suit because she was given Metroid DNA that altered and morphed it.

          "A cyborg, short for "cybernetic organism", is a being with both organic and mechanical parts."

          One could postulate many reasons she was referred to as a cyborg, including the idea that Human Samus + Power Suit = Cyborg, referring to her that way so that you couldn't just read the manual to find out the twist that she's a woman. Or quite simply that the Japanese simply have a penchant for using super awesome English words to make things sound cooler when they can.

          I can't remember if there were conflicting or vague references, but I think some references say that her suit contains the blood of the Chozo. But then some others seem to imply that maybe she had her blood replaced with that of the Chozo. I forget which is the case, but either way there are biological elements to her power suit. This is directly referred to in Fusion, where she gets infected by the X-parasite and the Federation have to surgically remove it from her because she is unable to detach herself from it as she normally would in a fully conscious state. So it would still seem accurate to refer to her as a cyborg, even if cyborgs are generally thought of as having robotic parts replacing some of their biological ones.

          If you're actually referring to her Fusion suit rather than the Zero Suit from Zero Mission, there haven't been any more references to it because there haven't been any games set in the timeline after that point. Fusion is Metroid 4, all the Prime games take place between Metroid 1 (/Zero Mission) and 2, while Other M sat between Metroid 3 and 4.

          Still really want to see some post-Fusion Metroid.

            Post-Fusion Metroid? After Other M the series needs a severe reboot.

              Nah, the only thing that needs rebooting is Other M.

              Great Metroid game. Absolute turd on the Metroid timeline, undermining basically everything that happened in Fusion.

                It undermined everything about the series. They couldn't even give her practical shoes.

                  There was a great piece of concept art or something from Other M, with sketches of Samus in her Zero Suit. No idea where it is, can't seem to find it. But it included notes such as one for her butt, saying "I'm going to enjoy drawing this". And then another one pointing to her heels, noting that they were "too high".

                  They were about half the height of what ended up in there.

                  Which is the complete opposite of the concept art notes for Metroid Prime, where you can easily tell that heels was thrown out the window before the concept art was even finished. Pointing to sneakers as more practical.

                  Makes it really hard to focus on Other M when all her flips and tricks are done in friggen heels.

    Anyone know what the Symbols on her crotch-plate say?

      "Attention", clearly the artist's method of directing your...attention

    I always have trouble enjoying stylised sci-fi armour designs because I see the anatomy underneath and it freaks me out.

    It's really rare to see an "space marine" like armour where they don't completely dislocate the shoulders to extend them out, as well as stretching out all the limbs to at least double their length. With that much plating on top, any normal body would end up looking more like a tank with little stubby arms popping out the sides.

    Still, I'll take cool over realistic any day, just wish I could unsee the anatomy.

      Given that Samus' power suit lets her turn into a morph ball, I'd say the suit has some body distorting capabilities/features.

        Haha yeah, the morph ball, forgot about that. Ouch, now I'm imagining how her anatomy scrunches up to make that happen.

          The Game Theorists tackled that one:

    I would assume that the suit, in this picture at least, is kind of like a mech. Her arms would go so far into the suit until she hit a control pad or something and her legs would reach so far into the legs and the rest would be robotic.

    *EDIT* This was meant to be a reply to @Puck

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      Like this?

      Yeah, but it could be a problem if when the mech arm bends it might break her forearm (or whatever part is in the mechs "elbow")? Unless her limbs are completely within the upperarm/upperleg.

      I really like mech designs where they have human sized master arms showing that control the larger mech slave arms, kind of like this:

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    That's a very interesting spot to place a "caution" sign xD

      Not really, see the thing behind it is carnivorous….so yeah.

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