North America's New Disney Game Is Last Year's Japanese Hit

This morning Nintendo surprised us with the announcement of Disney Magical World, which sounded like Animal Crossing with Disney characters, coming to the 3DS April 11. It's actually a port of this Japanese game, which did quite well for itself when it launched last August.

Courtesy of the eagle-eyed folks at Siliconera, Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life allows players to customise an avatar with Disney-themed clothing and wander about Disney-inspired worlds. They'll raise crops, manage a cafe and perform simple quests for Disney characters. It's not quite Animal Crossing, but it does sound magical.

Developed by Namco Bandai, Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life spent several weeks in the Japanese top sales charts, selling more than 400,000 copies. That's not too shabby. We'll see how well it does when the renamed version hits the land of Disney-hungry children on April 11.


    it may be just me but the models of the Disney characters in game look just like they do from kingdom hearts with the animations and every thing......

    I'd kind of wondered what this game was. I'm in Japan at the moment and a decent number of people I streetpassed were playing it. Now I know, and I must buy it.

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