Not Everyone Is Thrilled With This Sailor Moon Parody

Not Everyone Is Thrilled With This Sailor Moon Parody

Last month, Korean pop group Sistar transformed into “Sailor Star” for a commercial to promote online Korean shopping site 11st. Some aren’t happy about that!

Online in neighbouring Japan, online commenters wondered if the online shopping site got permission to use the Sailor Moon imagery.

“I thought [Korea] hated Japan?” wrote one commenter on 2ch, Japan’s largest forum. “Stop stealing everything possible from Japanese culture,” added another. “Knock it off!” Oh boy.

Well, the commercial is a lot of fun.

씨스타의 11번가 세일러스타 풀 댄스 [11stblog via ロケットニュース via 2ch]


        • *cough*

          Actually the unseen line *were* blatant rip offs =P I have the original prints of the Tech Manuals + Starter Set and some of the pics still had the logos =P

          That being said HG is still being an ass sitting on the damn property and not doing shite all w/ Macross since their now a Real Estate company. Basically stonewalling any release for Macross for the western audience. Hooray for broken copywrite laws =/

          …or even meeting Tinker & Smith halfway when the original MW project was announced (I’m still sad that MW is now basically a World of Tanks w/ mechs…. I was looking forward to the campaign =/)

          • Actually its not, Jordan Weismann attempted the purchase of unseens from harmony gold, but HG were dicks and after “leasing” the rights to them retracted the licence.

            It was a big thing post MW3 and it directly affected the designs of the reseen in MW4.

          • @vaegrand: Actually… FASA ended up w/ the same problem that basically sank the new Mechwarrior project a while back – they bought the licenses from Tatsunoko (ie. the Jp studio) but was unaware (thanks to the joys of screwed up US copywrite laws… this law incidentally is the other reason why Kodansha stopped publishing their Bilingual Range of manga way back in the late 90’s because Tokyopop (yes the same people they licensed a majority of their content too for english release) chucked a huge fuss over Kodansha releasing a product that can be sold in the NA market…. but I digress and this has turned even more off tangent! xD) the rights to all western distribution had been sold to HG.

            To which point we have been missing out on a crap ton of good Macross releases since the end of the 90’s when HG just sat on the IP =/

            Oh and it’s still technically a “rip-off” since the unseen’s designs were literally lifted from the original Macross mechs. Just a “licensed” rip off at that xD Not that I’m insinuating that was a bad thing xD I quite liked the “Warhammer” mech myself =D

  • It’s parody, so it’s legally fine by international standards. It’s also Magical Girl genre, so that’s cool, too. They don’t need permission for it. That’d be like having to call Tatsunoko to get permission to make a giant robot show.

    Pretty fun ad. I’ll by this 11 or whatever.

    • I dont think you can call that parody. Rather blatent rip off. Song/costume/theme. Korea pulling off a china =\

      • I think it falls under fair use for the costumes and stuff. The theme might be a different story. Once something becomes a cultural icon, stopping people copying it through legal means is really hard.

  • I’mma let you finish Brian, but Sailor Jupiter is the greatest Sailor Scout of all time, all time!

    • Oh man, I always had a fantasy where I’d go camping with Sailor Jupiter… when she’s older.

  • I’m pretty sure by using the theme song music, they pretty much stepped over some line,

    Also I can’t watch anything to do with Kpop these days cause it’s all mass produced and generic. Nothing new or exciting. Most of their music sounds the same, their dance routines are either the same bland crap or stolen and more than half their talents are plastic somehow. Kpop isn’t about nurturing talent, it’s about putting money in the pockets of the fat cats who run it. All they know is money. There is little to no creativity. This commercial is a good example of that.

    • I kind of like the way it is all generic, because that way I rarely hear a Kpop song on the radio that I don’t like 🙂

      But then again, there is not much to differentiate between the different groups. That’s when you appreciate dudes like G-Dragon.

  • Seriously look down on the people who post these “not eveyone is happy with…” articles.

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