Off Topic: New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep, but I've always been a fan of making them. This year I've written mine down, I keep them in my wallet and I make a point of re-reading them every day. Sounds crazy, I know. But I think that gives me a better chance of keeping them. What about you guys and girls: anyone here have any resolutions?

I have a couple. Some are personal, but others are just normal nonsense like 'maintain a healthy diet' or 'use social media less'.

Another crazy thing I'm really keen to do this year is learn how to trade stocks and bonds. For some crazy reason I've always wanted to be able to do that. Yep. Crazy.

And while we're talking New Year's Resolutions, might as well take a look at this Lifehacker article designed to help you stick to them!

What are your resolutions? Let us know in the comments below.


    I think my resolution last year was to stop making resolutions.

    But I can't remember.

    Might as well do my usual joke



        Technically mine is 1920x1080 and 1280x1024 but the second monitor is usually off unless I'm editing videos

          Yeah, technically I'm on both - that one's just my old one and my new one is 1920x1080. I prefer the 16:10 screens though :P

            Oh I HATE the 5:4 I've got as my secondary, it was crap when it used to be my main all those years ago and the refresh rate is a bit wobbly so it starts giving me a headache after a few minutes but video editing really benefits from a second display (at least with magix, it's not that well laid out) and it was recycle an old monitor or spend money I didn't have on an even better monitor to replace my main one.

        *virtual fist pump*

        Same as mine. We may not have 1080P, but it means the lower resolution gives us more frames per second. :P

          I just have a better video card to compensate for that

    I find New Years resolutions are easier to keep when you keep them to yourselves. Make it your own personal project. I gots goals, but I'm keeping them close to my chest.

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      New Years resolution complete. Have taken my smart phone outside!


      Doing your chest hair into cornrows doesn't really count as a goal does it?

    My new years resolution is to have a car by the end of the year. Nice, simple goal that is desirable to fulfill.

    Last years resolution was to not buy anything on Steam, which I only broke once for D&D Chronicles of Mystara. This year I'm including GOG into that list! My backlog is impressive enough :p

    I wanna be the very best,
    Like noone every was...

    In terms of gaming, I've exported my entire steam libary list to excel and plan on crossing them off one by one and not buy any games (well there might be some exceptions...) until most of it is clear. Some 249 games.

    Non-gaming, I'm determined to get my brown belt this year. After a year of injuries last year hopefully I can stay fit.

    My main resolutions are to actually finish writing a game, write a novel and be more discerning about what games I buy in an effort to reduce the backlog I have of games that I may never end up playing.

    Bench press my gamer score / 1,000. Currently sitting at 89,000 which means there's lots of work to do. It'll be a big problem if I continue gaming though...

      Just switch it to leg press when it gets unmanageable. I can easily leg press my Gamerscore /200 and I'm just under 60k GS. I could probably manage a rep at my score /100 but I doubt I'd get 2 reps

        Yeah I could do that, but I thought 90 odd kg for the bench seemed like a nice goal to have. Good idea though, I could do equivalent ones for different parts. There is no way I could do 450kg on the leg press though. :P

          My record is 5 reps of 463kg, hurt like fuck but I got it done

    My resolution is to fart in a bath and call it a podcast.

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