Oh God, They Are Making Another Tekken Movie

Oh God, They Are Making Another Tekken Movie

You remember the last one, don't you? A movie so bad that the games' lead developer actually apologised. If you haven't wiped that from your brain, there's apparently another live-action Tekken happening.

According to Cinema Today, actor Kane Kosugi (Godzilla: Final Wars, DOA: Dead or Alive) announced that he's starring in an upcoming Tekken film titled Tekken - A Man Called X. The Hollywood flick is a prequel to the 2009 film.

Kosugi is the son of Japanese martial artist Sho Kosugi, and is also well-known for his martial arts skills. This is his first starring role in a Hollywood film.

Back in 2012, Kotaku reported that Crystal Sky, one of the production companies on the first film, was planning a prequel that's "part of a franchise of movies." At that time, the movie's title was revealed to be Tekken: Rise of the Tournament, and the movie was to follow the rise of the Iron Fist tournament.

So what could keep the flick from sucking? It's being directed by Prachya Pinkaew, who helmed Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior and The Protector. If he makes a martial arts film as amped up as those and slaps a Tekken label on it, that might do the trick!

ケイン・コスギ、ハリウッド映画初主演!人気ゲーム「鉄拳」の映画化最新作[Cinema Today]

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    Why do they keep making movies of fighting games? They would have to be the most restrictive for a plot.

      I loved Ong-Bak and The Protector, but neither of those movies had much of a plot. What they did have, though, was Tony Jaa, so still not holding much hope for this one.

        I loved those too, especially Ong Bak. But there was a plot where you are following a particular protagonist and over-coming certain odds. Fighting games don't really allow this, they always have to have several protagonists and several antagonists and an excuse for a tournament of some description. It just ends up in you not being really invested in anyone in the movie. I can think of 3 JCVD "tournament" style movies and his Street Fighter one was the worst by far.

      Tekken actually has a pretty good if convoluted plot (for at least the first 3 games). All they had to do was follow it and a movie actually has potential compared to the other fighting game franchises. But no, instead we have this abortion..

    I didn't mind the Tekken movie. Stupid, but the fight scenes were pretty good.

    I still remember the line 'I know what you are.....CYBORG' ....that was the moment I said fuck this and turned it off.

    Make another tekken game \o/

    I loved Spoony's review on those movies. He actually gave the live action Tekken movie some positive feedback and insulted the CGI movie for not only needing to understand the game to know the plot, but understanding the game made the plot even more confusing. Despite the creators wanting to create a movie anybody can enjoy.

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