One Of The Greatest Games Of All Time Is Now On The Wii U Virtual Console, Finally.

One of the greatest games of all time is now on the Wii U Virtual Console, finally. Just two months after The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds, you can get Link to the Past on your GamePad today.


    you know what other console this would do really well on? The 3DS, damn it Nintendo, you basically have one console, support it and let us throw money at you

      lol be quiet, pretty much all nintendo has been doing is supporting the 3DS, it's the Wii U's turn.

        I'm happy for them to support the WiiU, but there is so much more money in it for them on the 3DS, it's just a puzzling business decision to me when you consider that the virtual console games aren't going to be system sellers (obviously as they arent selling systems).

          I agree with Piat here - their refusal to put SNES or GBA games on the 3DS is insulting when the system itself probably runs Wii games with little effort

          Yeah, but by them focusing on the Wii U there will be more money in that, remember that before they focused non-stop on the 3DS it was failing, the same thing with the Wii U.. I guess people just love to complain.

            Yeah how terrible it is people want to play games on a console that actually has games worth playing, giving the WiiU a bunch of retro games isn't "focusing" on it, didn't work for the Vita and if this is what Nintendo consider focusing on the console they deserve to fail if they couldn't learn from their competitor.

              winge winge winge

                *whinge, at least learn to spell if you're going to be complete jack ass

    Why not put in some effort and add the price to the article?

      Now now, don't be greedy. You already got two sentences, one of which was the title repeated. Kids these days... always wanting more...

    You mean I can unplug my SNES???????

    pffft....just kidding. It's not going anywhere!

    Step 1) make nintendo e-store not shit (eg copy and paste sony or xbone)
    Step 2) release all their old games as cross-play titles for both 3DS and Wii U
    Step 3) Swim in money.

    Games old, been released many times. Who cares.

    It was released here in australia months ago on Wii U. It was released in the US today.

    You could always just buy it on the Wii store and play it on the Wii U...

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