1000 Japanese Gamers Polled About The PS4

One Thousand Japanese Gamers Polled about the PS4

The PlayStation 4 isn't out in Japan. The whole world is playing the console, but Japan isn't. So how enthusiastic are Japanese gamers for the release of Sony's black monolith next month?

Japanese gaming mag Weekly Famitsu put out the call this week, asking 1000 gamers for their thoughts on the upcoming PlayStation 4 release. Take a look at how people answered and some of their opinions:

Question 1: Do you want a PS4?

Yes: 76.4%

"I want to experience the better graphics and high quality entertainment." — Male in his 20s

"It looks like it'll work well with the PS Vita and I'm looking forward to the future of the home console." — Male in his 30s

"The graphics look beautiful." — Woman in her teens

"The latest franchise releases like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty and others are coming out on it, so it's a no-brainer." — Male in his 30s

"Because the games I want, like Final Fantasy XV, are coming out on it." — Woman in her 20s

No: 11.6%

"Online play won't be free... I considered it, but decided no." — Male in his 20s

"At the moment, I don't see anything revolutionary about it. Plus I'm not interested in any of the scheduled games." — Male in his 30s

"I'm not interested in any of the games." — Woman in her 30s

Unsure: 12.0%

"There's currently no games I'm interested in, plus it's not backwards compatible with the PS3, so I'm holding off for now." — Male in his 30s

"I'm waiting until they release a game I want." — Male in his 20s

"I'm happy with the current hardware." — Male in his 30s

Question 2: Do you plan to purchase a PS4?

Yes — on release day: 35.4%

"I want to play on the PS4 now. I can't wait!! — Male in his 30s

"I want to partake in the Final Fantasy XIV beta test." — Male in his 20s

"I want to get one before the tax rate goes up." — Male in his 20s

Yes — eventually: 50.0%

"I'll wait until they release a game I want." — Male in his 20s

"I won't have the spare cash to buy one when it comes out, so I'm going to wait for the summer bonus season" — Male in his 40s

No: 14.6%

Question 3: If you're buying a PS4, which version will you get: The First Limited Pack or the First Limited Pack with PlayStation Camera?

First Limited Pack: 60.2%

"I don't know what the camera is for." — Male in his 20s

"My room isn't big enough to make use of the camera." — Male in his 30s

First Limited Pack with PlayStation Camera: 20.4%

"I suppose so. Seems better to have it than not..." — Male in his 20s

"The Playroom looks fun. I have kids, so they'll probably really enjoy it." — Woman in her 30s

Undecided: 19.4%

Question 4: Which launch titles are you looking forward to? (Up to 3 titles)

Yakuza Ishin!: 284 votes

"The Yakuza brand is reliable in delivering an entertaining game." — Male in his 30s

"I've been playing the series, so I'll be able to see the capabilities of a next gen Yakuza on the PS4." — Male in his 40s

Killzone Shadow Fall: 161 votes

"I'm not good at this genre of game, but it's a PS4 exclusive that'll let me experience the next generation of visuals." — Male in his 20s

"I played the demo at Tokyo Game Show and liked it." — Male in his teens

"It's a first party title, so it should make every use of the PS4's capabilities." — Male in his 30s

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: 142 votes

"I'm currently playing on the PS3 and am interested in seeing how much better it'll be on the PS4." — Woman in her 20s

"I've heard a lot of good things about it, so I'd like to try it out on the PS4." — Male in his 30s

"I tend to play for long periods of time, so I want to use remote play on the PS Vita to be able to play in a more comfortable position." — Male in his 40s

Battlefield 4: 131 votes

"I'm a fan of the series and held off on getting 4 so I can get the PS4 version" — Male in his 20s

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag: 113 votes

"I've never played the series, but the reviews have been good, so I thought I'd take the opportunity of the PS4 release to try it out." — Woman in her 30s

"I plan on upgrading from the PS3 version. I'm interested in seeing the difference between the PS3 and PS4 versions." — Male in his 30s

Question 5: What non-launch titles are you looking forward to? (Up to 3 titles)

Final Fantasy XV: 452 votes

"The trailer looked really cool." — Woman in her 30s

"It looks like we'll be able to enjoy the high quality graphics we've come to expect from the Final Fantasy series." — Woman in her 20s

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes: 256 votes

"It's just the prologue, but I never thought we'd be able to experience one of the biggest titles for the next generation so soon." — Male in his 30s

Kingdom Hearts III: 213 votes

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: 181 votes

Watch Dogs: 143 votes

Question 6: What series would you like to play on the PS4?

"The Grand Theft Auto series. GTAV on the PS3 was the pinnacle of gaming, so if it were to come out on the PS4... Just imagining that gets me excited." — Male in his 40s

"The Uncharted series. To see a Hollywood movie level adventure game on the PS4 would be even more real and amazing." — Male in his 30s

"The Tales series. When you say 'PlayStation,' this is the definitive series for me, so please come out on the PS4!" — Woman in her 20s

"The Dark Souls series. I want to be immersed in that unforgiving dark fantasy on the newest console." — Male in his 20s

"The Resident Evil series. Give us that terror on the PS4!" — Woman in her 30s

"The Monster Hunter series. I want to experience hunting on a grand scale." — Male in his teens

The PS4 comes to the shores of Japan on February 22nd and Kotaku East will be there when it arrives. Stay tuned for the Japanese PS4 release.



    FF14 still looks horrible on max graphics lady, it ain't worth it.

      Lol? For a mmo the Max graphic looks great. Don't expect it to have crysis quality graphics?

      Last edited 17/01/14 7:53 am


      Looks a lot better on PC than on PS3, no reason to think the PS4 version wouldn't also look better.

        Yeah I'm talking about the Pc version on max graphics. Still looks very old. Very pixelly. Looks more dated than wow IMO. Not even close to guild wars 2

        Last edited 17/01/14 11:49 am

          WoW's engine has been constantly updated since launch but I think it's a stretch to say FF14 looks older than WoW does. Guild Wars 2 is very visually polished, no doubt about that. Still, I don't remember getting much pixelisation in the FF14 PC version last time I played it (which was after the relaunch but a while ago now).

            Yeah I'm not saying its a bad game per se. Just that the engine and graphics largely let it down.

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