One Violinist. Two Singers. One Beast Of A World Of Warcraft Medley.

What's better than one violinist and two singers performing epic World of Warcraft music? A whole fleet of digitally cloned singers and violinists performing epic World of Warcraft music, of course.

In this case, those musicians include violinist (and YouTube stalwart) Taylor Davis along with singer Peter Hollens and his wife Evynne. With the help of some creative multitracking, the trio performs a medley of iconic WoW anthems. If you dig it, you can download it here.

The Hollenses have also released their own vocals-only version of the medley, which you can check out below and download here.


    As a reformed WoW addict I still get goose bumps and cravings every time I hear WoW music. Especially the opening tune in the video above.

      I don't think I ever had game music on. Why would you.

        I generally have three steps when playing a new game. 1) Change the resolution to 1920x1080, 2) Music off. 3) Play.

          Haha yeah those are mine when playing MMOs for sure.

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