People Are Doing Some Weird Things In DayZ

DayZ is the game that proves to me just how thin the fabric of civilisation is. In a world without law and order we'd all be getting trolled and punched in the face by weird people who just want to ambush us, hold us at gunpoint and force us to read books for their own amusement.

Because that's a thing that's happening in DayZ.

First off, you can actually read books in DayZ. I didn't know that was possible, but it is. What seems to be a little bit of a trend now is capturing unsuspecting newbies, surrounding them, then forcing them to actually read books aloud. Like actual books.

It's sort of funny, in a weird juvenile sort of way, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for this poor bewildered human being, doing anything to not be shot by this group of knowledge spreading bullies!


    This SO isn't a survival sim. DayZ has literally become Lord of the Flies.

      Indeed it has. A game with great ideas is now a Hey, let's make the monkey dance. Dance Monkey! Dance! Sim. Wow, fun times.

      Classic case of how a community can ruin a game. I had intended to pick this up but after seeing all of the bullying that goes on I can't be bothered. To many other great games to play where douche bags won't humiliate me and post it on YouTube.

        Good point, but everyone should just not give them the satisfaction.

        This is why we need private servers

          I don't miss private servers all that much.

          If it wasn't script kiddies cheating, it was admins abusing their power.

        Not everyone is an armed douche bag hiding in a bush and often most of the trolls hang around the main spawns or larger coastal cities. (That's why you instantly hit the tree line and head inland)
        We also lead regular kill squads to clear spawns and major cities from bandit groups.

        The tension the game builds from facing so many unknowns can be pretty crazy at the both ends of the spectrum. We once saved a newb from two bandits, but when we tried to approach he shot and killed me. I don't blame him, all he saw was people shooting at him, then more showing up and at them.
        For all he knew we were fighting over who got to troll him.

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        Humiliated? I was once held up at gunpoint and told that I had to do a happy dance in order to survive - I made my character perform a little jig with many spins and bobbing while struggling to comprehend that this was actually happening to me. My assailant then told me that my dance pleased him & rewarded me with beans before stating that he must leave because his people needed him. He then made a noise like a rocket & logged off the server. I lost my shit & couldn't stop laughing at what had just happened for the next 10 minutes.

        The game reminds you that in a zombie apocalypse, it's not the zombies which are the dangerous entities. If you're after a survival game where most of the community works together to survive against zombies which spawn randomly in the dark, play Minecraft. If you want a game which represents what might happen when the crazy people are somehow the ones who last the longest in a zombie apocalypse? DayZ is the better game.

      “We did everything adults would do. What went wrong?”

      The word you're looking for is arsehole sim, Its the reason I play rust. It allows me to get out my inner arsehole in an environment that caters to it.

        I do the very same thing with GTA V, but for road rage instead. :p

      Kind of like surviving lord of the flies ?.......dumbazz.

    That guy could have just logged out and swapped server if he was held at gun point and was getting bullyed.

    A question loops in my head...why give them (the "bullies") the satisfaction by doing it? If they are Bambi's they have nothing to lose by being shot. If they aren't, it's not that hard to regear anyway. Me thinks they just wanna be on YouTube.

    These things are mostly fake/done with a friend now.

    Considering how often you'll die in this game, especially since it's an early alpha, I seriously wouldn't entertain this sort of crap.

    Play ball for 3 seconds - battle log. Have a nice day.

    If this happens to me I just flip em the bird and log. Although sometimes it is interesting to play it out.

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