Pokémon Fan Loses Game Show, Wins Hearts

Pokémon Fan Loses Game Show, Wins Hearts

Most people would spend game show money on stuff like houses, cars, and other such investments. But this guy? All this guy on The Price Is Right wants is Pokémon cards, according to his shirt. It's amazing — and so is his enthusiasm while he's on the show.

He's doing Gob's from Arrested Development's rooster dance, for christ's sake. It's perfect.

Really, his appearance is full of awesome moments:

Pokémon Fan Loses Game Show, Wins Hearts
Pokémon Fan Loses Game Show, Wins Hearts

And sure, he didn't win...

Pokémon Fan Loses Game Show, Wins Hearts

But damn if his spirit isn't in the right place!


    All I've taken from this is that Drew's lost some weight!

      That he has.

      Ryan still makes fat jokes when he can though.

        Im so used to how he looked on 'Whos Line is it Anyway?'. He looks so different now.

          I am disappoint he is not in the new series.. :(

          For those who haven't seen it, this is what Drew Carey used to look like.


      He's looking really good now, hey? :)

      Good on you Drew, your heart will thank you

      Yeah he looks better but also oddly like Jerry Springer's younger brother.

    lol did he do Gobs Ca CAW ca CAW ca CAW there or am I imagining it???

    Bring back whos line is it anyway!!!!!!!!!!!

      I've got some good news for you skinja, new episodes with the old gang sans Drew have been running for months now ;)

      Already been done..

      Geez MrBS. Gotta be quick around here..

      Last edited 10/01/14 2:15 pm

        You've both made me a very very happy man... thank you....
        [tears up]

    And now, this weirdo is married to my sister.

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