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Shiggy, Doc and Pants are hopping aboard the King of White Swans and sailing the seven seas(ons) as we bring Potaku INTO THE 21ST CENTURY!

This week we catch up on what went on over Christmas (or at least what we can remember). Doc finished a game, Pants joined the “Next-Gen” and Shiggy took his French peas very seriously. We also talk about Playstation Now, HD remakes and Animal Crossing "porn".

You can download the show from our cool as heck website, or on iTunes! Don’t forget to check us out and contribute to us!

We’re back and ready to entertain you all again. Oh jeez please be entertained. PLEASE!


    Man, I really love this artwork.

      Thanks! :D Enjoy it in all it's glory!


    @shiggyninty @doc_what @alexpants
    Is there a way for me to sign up for an account with Pixel Otaku? There only seems to be a "log in" button. Putting my Kotaku details into the login screen didn't seem to work. (I didn't expect it to)

      This is something we are looking into.

      If you shoot me an email (doc @ pixel-otaku.com) with the user name you would like, I will set you up :)

        Should I email you the intended password? Or will you email me a randomly-generated password that is a string of numbers, with the option to change the password later?

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