Prepare For Dead Rising 3's 13GB Patch With An Hour-Long Video

In what has to be one of their more... creative jokes, Mega64 takes on the controversial and whopping 13GBDead Rising 3 patch.

Wanna put that number into perspective? Sit through their video.


    so you'd bide your time downloading a patch by watching an hour long video on youtube which eats up precious precious bandwidth? I don't know about your connection, but mine would be struggling bad enough with a patch download, introduce an hour of youtube and the video will be buffering for an extra half an hour on top of that :P

    more more i see of this i think.. xbox one, america only ... get f'd if you live outside the only country that matters.

    Even if I watched this if I had Dead Rising 3 patching, I would have to watch it a lot. Downloading a 15 gigabyte game from Steam randomly changes from 12 hours to 4 days.

    I didn't know what all the fuss was until I kept seeing articles about it.
    My Xbox One must have completed in the background when I was watching TV or playing another game because it is already done.

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