Proof (As If You Needed It) That Real-Life Batarangs Would Be Awesome

Proof (As If You Needed It) That Real-Life Batarangs Would Be Awesome

Batarang. It's a funny word. And, until Frank Miller turned them into nasty little shuriken, it's kind of an odd weapon for a grim nocturnal avenger, at first blush. But watch this video and you will never laugh a Batarang again.

The homage to the Dark Knight's ranged weapon of choice comes from Victor Poulin, who crafts all sorts of throwables over here. The first thing I thought while watching that video was, "wow, that's going really far." Then I thought, "that would probably hurt, especially if it were made of metal." Batarang. You don't want to get hit by one. It'd be embarrassing.


    Boomerangs are deadly. A war boomerang is designed NOT to come back. Training boomererang's are

      Yeah, the ones that come back were seen as childrens toys to the aboriginal people. The 'war boomerangs' didn't come back and were quite often weighted on one end slightly, or alternatively very sharp. Quite nasty. Even better was the Woomera, the spear thrower. Ouch.

    The boomerang has been around well before the aboriginals, well the principle behind it has (throwing stick) maybe not so much the word boomerang. The earliest yada yada yada was found in Europe, oldest aboriginal boomerang 10, 000 years Thanks Wikipedia lol

      A lot of historical aboriginal stuff has been destroyed or is "awaiting analysis" in England museums (and likely will never be looked at).. Lot of lost culture and items of interest. Not saying they "invented" boomerangs/throwing weapons by any stretch though, I'm sure many cultures would have had their own variations without being able to influence each other..

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