Rambo Looks Shorter Than Sylvester Stallone In New Video Game Trailer

Many big-deal Hollywood actors are not tall. They are short. And all kinds of tricky camera angles and techniques get used to make them look like towering heroic badasses. Doesn't look like they used any of them in the new trailer for the Rambo video game.

The game's an FPS but you see the Rambo character model in the cutscene portions of the clip. Weirdly, he looks more compact and stout than Stallone does in real life. The longtime action star's height is listed as anywhere between 5'8" and 5'10", depending on where you look. It's not THAT short. But, this Rambo model looks like the refugee from Middle Earth who fought in 'Nam.

As a guy who grew up in the '80s — and one who gets flashbacks of his brother's terrible Stallone impressions upon hearing that soundtrack — I have some morbid curiosity about the game. But, man, it does NOT look promising.


    Surely this is just a big joke right.



    I guess i am the only one that is pumped for the game. It might look odd in spots, but it's RAMBO!!! This is a chance for us all to live our boyhood fantasy of blowing stuff up Rambo style. I actually don't have a problem with the graphical look... i just hope i don't get motion sickness from it in game.

      this, i don't give a crap about looks if it's fun, that exact problem has plagued me over the last few years, great looking games that aren't fun are not cool.

    I'd give it a bash when it's around $20....looks like a game to play with friends while Drinking :D

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