Our Real-Time Digital Retouching Future Looks Mental

Our Real-Time Digital Retouching Future Looks Mental

Forget Photoshopping still images, the future looks like it could be retouching moving images in real-time. According to DesignBoom, directors Bálint Nagy and Nándor Lőrincz created what looks like a real-time digital photo manipulation of singer-songwriter Boogie as she performs her new track.

However, if you look at the video's credits, you see listings for VFX, make-up and post production. So, it's highly likely that this is CG and not quite our inevitable real-time digital retouching future. One day!

Here's how they did the video:

Our Real-Time Digital Retouching Future Looks Mental

The finished video is both amazing and unsettling — and that's probably the point!

BOGGIE: NOUVEAU PARFUM [Studio Lamb] music video for boggie shows real-time digital retouching[Design Boom]


    **obligatory "what the hell is this doing on kotaku, its not related to games" comment**

    Pretty interesting video though...I kinda doubt its actually real time, but if it is, i wouldn't actually see any practical use for it, besides videos showing examples of how real time video retouching is done...

      It's absolutely not real, the brush strokes don't even close to match up to the changes being made.

    The obvious use for it would be things like retouching newscasters and the like to continue setting unrealistic standards for women to feel bad about.

    Really interesting video showing how powerful technology can be.

    Of course digital retouching for video is becoming fairly common these days but I can guarantee you this is not real time. It's likely Boogie went through multiple takes with different stages of make-up applied. With this footage all it would take is a little bit of tracking and some clever use of animated masks to appear as brush strokes.

    And as per the comments above there's no real need to do this realtime unless they really needed it for some live broadcasting...

    so not realtime lol..... don't you think if this were real things like kinect 2.0 or PS4 camera would still have issues >.> still a cool Music video clip

    I'm waiting for news reports to come by custom models. Who'd actually watch the news if it was read by Darth Vader, Alyx Vance.. or Alicia Silverstone in her Batgirl outfit (why did Clooney get nipples and she didnt?! equality, people).

    Get the news app, buy custom models as DLC. Don't even need to have a person reading the news then just decent voice software. Guess that would put Photoshop out of a job too.

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