Relive That Moment You Once Tried To Get Your Dad To Like Video Games

I suspect this phenomenon will be all but dead in a decade, as video game literacy increases, but for kids of my generation this video will be painfully familiar. It's that moment when you attempt to get your non-gaming parent to play a video game and it's completely frustrating and hilarious all at the same time.

The above video is that moment incarnate. One YouTuber introduces his Dad to Grand Theft Auto V, a man who has absolutely no idea what is happening, or what he is doing.

My personal favourite moment is the part when he keeps accidentally pressing select, pushing the camera into different positions. He gets stuck on that 'cinematic' camera — the one that looks great but is completely not functional for gaming — and he's just like WOW. He gets the scale of the game and just what a crazy technological marvel Grand Theft Auto V is.

Very cool video.


    My dad is not a gamer but he is one of the first people I played video games with.
    Stuff like Mechwarrior 2 and Hellbender on our families first PC, good times.

      Good sir, I shall +1 you if you answer one simple question... falcon, wolf or bear? Technically there is a fourth option, but inner sphere scum don't count.

      On topic though, my first game that my father figure and I shared was Mechwarrior 2 and it was during the period when my step father decided he wanted to be on my good side and bought me a sidewinder bundled with the entire MW 2 pack. We thrashed that sidewinder like nobodies business constantly trying to prove who was the better pilot, my best effort on Bjarred was taking on three Timberwolf's at the same time in my Kodiak. Damn those were good days.

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        We got that same pack after I ruined our first Sidewinder playing Fury 3! I was Falcon through and through, I feel that now I'm older though I'd probably side with Wolf.

          Bear for me, nothing was more enjoyable than a DFA on a marauder.

            Out of interest, has any one played battletech and if so is it complicated? I am trying to find a new game to play with friends as our group tends to implode when playing D&D 3.5.

    My dad says just watching them makes him motion sick,yet he went and bought an xbox one to play ryse

      Whenever an ad for Ryse plays, my dad gets all excited. But then he remembers it's a video game, and his excitement dies.

    My dad started playing raceing games like need for speed after I left home(1998), then I would come home occasionally and let him beat me before blowing him away and giving him something to work towards for my next visit..........I gave my dad one of my ps2 and a few games that my brother in law did not squirrel away when I got my ps3. He loved gta vice city........he did not get the story bit but he loved driving around with music he knows....doing stuff.

    At Christmas he asked if I was getting a PS4 and if so what would happen to my ps3.......I think he wants it.

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    My dad was so bad at gaming that he used up all his lives in one shot and is now out at the cemetery & doesn't talk to me anymore. Talk about a bad loser...

      Nah, he just clocked life, and now it's your turn to try and beat his high score : )

    I was about 10 when I excitedly called my father into my room when I first reached Mike Tyson in Punchout on the NES. Despite being a boxing fan, he had never played or understood video games or taken an interest in gaming so I was surprised he answered my call. In a white knuckled match I managed to beat Mike Tyson first go. Dad would never understand how much of an accomplishment he had witnessed but I think he took time because he was being slowly killed by a rare and deadly cancer. He died two weeks before I turned 13 and I've never forgotten the words he said that day "just think, this morning when you woke up you were just an ordinary kid, but tonight you'll go to sleep as the heavy weight champion of the world."

      Aww man! What a great guy, I'm glad you have that amazing memory of him, I'm sure you have many more :)

        We played loads of sports and spent lots of time together in general. But gaming was always a thing I did alone, it was a huge passion of mine. So I'm thankful my favourite hobby and my favourite person had that one overlap =D

      Sorry to hear that man, but those are some incredibly awesome words he left you with! Sounds like an awesome dad.

      GODDAMMIT WHO'S CUTTING ONIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* *Wipes eyes.* I need to... you know... go wrestle a dragon or something... you know... something manly... cause you know... yeh.

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        I present to you a row of motorcycles, atop which are sat a row of soldiers, holding rifles. Stare at it until your manhood stabilises.

          Haha thanks. But great story about your dad dude :)

      Oh gawd damn. **sniff**

      I think I have something in my eye. **sniff**

      That's a really nice memory dude.

      I made my first account ever on this website just so I could thumb up your story!

    I'm 33 and my old man stills believes gaming is all I do. He's actually not that bad at certain things, the wii got him involved in family events. But outside of that, he really doesn't have an interest. It's kinda funny considering he bought me my first computer and got games with it - return to Zork anyone :p

    My brothers and I were obsessed with Tony Hawk Pro Skater on the PS1, and would always crowd around the living room watching each other play. One day, our dad (who has no interest in screens and thinks they are the abomination of the world) asked if he could have a go. Shocked, we gave him the controller, thinking that next pigs might fly. My dad then promptly handed it to our sister, who wanted a go, but we never let her (being like 4 years old). Dads aye, inclusion extraordinaires.

    My dad is the reason I love racing games pretty much. He was into the F1 games and V8 supercars games when I was little and I played them too, and still do. (Well, not the V8's games anymore) So he was technically the one who got me into my favourite genre of games!

    I would have to kick my mum off my mega drive back in the day because she would be playing Columns on it CONSTANTLY, and now she plays lots of online bridge and card games with other people. My dad never really got into games like that but completely surprised everyone when he up and bought a Wii for himself out of nowhere! We had many a spirited tennis match and when Wii sports resort came out we had plenty of awesome table tennis match ups.

    Since then he was working on interactive applications for learning and schools, and also interactive graphic novels and comics. One day he asked if I'd played heavy rain and I was kind of shocked a little bit, needless to say when his birthday rolled around I pulled some strings and got everyone to chip in and got him a PS3 with Dirt2, GT5 (he loves racing) and heavy rain. I've had a couple online matches with him in Dirt2 and it's funny how I have to guide him over the phone to tell him how to get into the right menus. Thinking about getting him a racing wheel too...

      If he doesn't have a problem with not having a stick shift, the logitech driving force gt is a great racing wheel. Combining that with gt5 got me comfortable enough with handling a car that I completely aced my driving test

        The one i was looking at was at JB it's got the shift on the right though, not paddles.

      Guiding your dad through the menus over the phone. My heart warms when I hear things like that, I love hearing about people being brought together through technology.

    So my dad has been gaming regularly since 1986.
    We had a Commodore Amiga 1000 in which his favourite games were flight simulator.
    As the tech got better, I handed down better hardware and better games. He really liked falcon 4 and ms flight simulator. When I lived in the us and worked there, he flew a 747 from Australia in the game and flew over my house. Thought that was cool.

    Today, he has a neurological condition affecting his eyesight and hearing, he still plays though.
    I've set him up with world of tanks and war thunder. Seems like a good fit for where he is.
    I think the thing that causes him the most difficulty is the numerous really bad UI implementations in games and the common lack of ability to scale elements in games. It makes many games unenjoyable for him.

    Ewww. My dad has the worst taste in pretty much everything. The last thing I'd want to do is get him into games. If he liked games I'd have to constantly hear about some piece of crap he had been led to believe is cool or mainstream title he thinks looks alternative. I can just picture him halfway through next year sitting there saying 'cakes are lies' trying to bait me into asking what that's from so he can talk about this new game he found called Porthole. =P

    I remember getting Gran Turismo for the PS1, I loved it and Dad enjoyed to watch it. He actually asked to have a go, and after a little while he started to really get into it. We would take turns in races, building up our credits and then buying new cars and modifying them. When I got a PS2, we were both hooked on GT3 and couldn't believe how good it looked. I remember coming home from school and Dad would be playing GT3, and getting excited about the new cars we had. They were some of the greatest gaming moments I had.
    To make this story really depressing, my Dad unfortunately passed away 7 years ago, but whenever I play or see anything related to Gran Turismo, it always makes me think of my Dad, and it's a bloody fantastic feeling.

    My dad introduced me to games - on a Pac-Man LCD unit back in 1983 :-)

    Oh man, some of the best times in my youth were my dad humouring me and pretending he actually had a clue what he was doing in Mortal Kombat. Good times.

    I remember my dad gave me one of my first games. It was Freespace 2 and I think he'd got it ages ago and never played it.

    My dad appreciates technology. He likes the idea of video games. The graphics, the creativity, the advancements and things of that nature are what he gets behind. Playing them is another matter with him saying "I'm too old to learn." Although I'm sure if I got a joystick/racing wheel he'd give simulators an honest effort.

    When I was little he was actually the one who got me into games. He had a computer his work let him take home and he put an Aesop's Fables game and some point and click games on it. I guess he's liked video games longer than me, just not necessarily playing them.

    My dad used to play original Age of Empires, but we'd taught him all the cheats so he'd just romp through Rome with the big Bertha catapults

    Dad bought me my first console (Master System II), and would sit up all night with me trying to beat Alex Kidd. Seriously, he was obsessed. That was really the only game he played, but he used to come home from work some days with shareware boxed games (remember them? You'd get like, 3 games but they were the shareware versions... so good).

    I got my whole family including grandparents playing Duck Hunt when I was a kid, it was pretty great except they really like it and hogged it a bit :P. My grandparents actually gave me my first real console, an Atari and it's spiralled out of control from there :D,

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    My dad didn't lay many video game but he did go through Kings Quest 5. That was fun to watch.

    My Dad is nearly 70, he plays rFactor nearly every day. Has his own cockpit and wheel setup.

    First game i remember playing with my dad was descent. He would control the movements and i would shoot.

    My Dad got ME in to video games back in the 80s with a Commodore 64. These days he tends to play the Command & Conquer series and not much else.

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