Roleplay Arguments With Your Party In Divinity: Original Sin's Early Access Alpha

It's been a while since we last spoke of Divinity: Original Sin, so if it dropped off your radar, don't feel bad. If you're thirsty for more click-based role-playing action, with a sprinkling of old-school Baldur's Gate roleplaying thrown in, then get it back on your radar as there's an alpha available right now.

The game was recently made available on Steam via Early Access, with the current alpha providing around 15 hours of gameplay. Single and co-op multiplayer modes are accessible and you can pick up two copies of the game for $US59.99, a small discount on the solo price tag of $US39.99.

If you're curious as to how well it's doing on Steam, it's sitting in the third position of Steam's top sellers' list, just below DayZ and Rust. So yeah, pretty well.

Divinity: Original Sin [Steam]


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