See How Powerful Your Pokémon Are In X & Y

See How Powerful Your Pokémon Are In X & Y

Not all Pokémon are made equal — one Magikarp may kick way more butt than other Magikarp, even if they're the exact same level. That's because every Pokémon has hidden stats called "IVs" attached to things like their "attack" and "speed" — and there's a way to tell what these values are in-game.

Pokémon X & Y have been out for months now, so it's possible you've already met an ace trainer in the Kiloude City Pokemon center — he's the "IV judge." Once you beat the Elite Four, he can check your Pokemon out and tell you about their IVs.

Using this guide by Reddit user MistaWhiska, you'll be able to tell what the IV judge is saying to you, as far as numbers go — which means you'll be able to tell if the Pokemon you're raising is a clunker or not. Note that "31" is the highest possible IV value for a stat.

See How Powerful Your Pokémon Are In X & Y

This, in conjunction with breeding — which is now easier than ever — should put you well on your way to making the perfect Pokemon party.

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    I've just been trying to breed the perfect feebas... which led me to try and breed the perfect dratini so I could breed it with my feebas... and I... it's just....


      its now considerably easy compared to how it used to be

        I'm new to this part of it all... so, in other words, I'm terrible.


          I have a bunch of 4IV feebas to give away if you are still around

          I have wanted to make perfect IV pokemon for like the last 5 games, but the sheer staggering amount of effort for almost no noticeable pay off outside pvp high end fights is too much.

          Hell I even spent hours and hours while watching tv catching the legendary pokemon in the latest version (Only takes 1/2 ball throws) to get near perfect Iv's (they get 4 already so easier than any other). It killed my enthusiasm in less than a day.

          I wish for online battles at least you could create your own pokemon, Say pick a Ampharos, say perfect IV's tell it SPD SPA EV's and pick your moves and save. Bam perfect tournament Pokemon. I understand why they dont, but the current method is still such an enormous entry barrier to new players it just turns most away.

          Though I like the chart, makes it easy to determine most Iv's at least. Especially for the low level pokemon who's stats are too low to accurately measure otherwise.

          Last edited 30/01/14 8:45 am

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