Sick Of Shooters? Here's A Mind-Bending First-Person Puzzle Game

Sick of Shooters? Here's a Mind-Bending First-Person Puzzle Game

Students at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center are developing a "First Person Puzzle" game built around forced perspective. The demo is really trippy.

The team of students, which calls itself Pillow Castle Games, says this is a proof-of-concept demo. It's impressively creative.

"We are deep in development of the game itself — this tech demo is fairly old," said Pillow Castle on Reddit last night. "Unfortunately we can't talk about the future experience quite yet."

Tech Demo for Pillow Castle's First Person Puzzler [Pillow [email protected] via Reddit via Eurogamer]


    that was pretty freaking cool! would love to see a full game :D

    if that popping sound isn't in the final game, WILL NOT BUY!

    This looks cool. Valve should totally buy it, crowd-test it with a bunch of morons and then release a disappointing, great looking game that squanders it's potential.

    Last edited 10/01/14 11:23 pm

    Ok, actually got around to watching it instead of just looking at the gif. That is way cooler I thought.

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