Skyrim Coming To Xbox One, PS4?

Skyrim Coming To Xbox One, PS4?

That’s what Bethesda’s official site for the game says, at least, with listings for the next-gen platforms now displayed alongside those of the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC editions of the fifth Elder Scrolls game.

At time of writing the listing was still there; whether it’s a mistake or an inadvertent early reveal, who knows. We’ve contacted Bethesda, and will update if we hear back.

Skyrim [Bethesda, via OnlySP]


  • As long as it has the awesome kinnect voice features it had in the first one I may pick it up again for the Xbox one.

      • The voice update, I thought It would allready be out on PC. I only played it on the 360…..i remember thinking it was going to be crap and waiting ages for the update to download……but I was actually blown away by it….

        nothing beats saying fus ro dah at the screen and seeing it happen, on the 360 you had to hold the bumper as you said it to activate but its heaps better then selecting it from a list in the menu’s…..also I had to have a printed page next to me listing the commands.
        its not just the dragon shouts you had other commands too but I only really used the shouts to be honest.

  • That’s odd. This game is still popular, but it’s been how long since release? It almost feels like they’re being pushed to release Skyrim+high-res-mod for next-gen, since it’ll be: a) easy; b) put out another game into the drought.

  • This is only on the North America site, international still lists it as Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

    Skyrim is on my pile of shame right now.. would considering getting it on the XBO, as there is currently NOTHING TO PLAY!

  • One of the reasons I’ve been delaying getting a PS4 (apart from the fact that… you know… you CAN’T get a PS4 :P) is that I’m still playing this on PS3. Would actually consider buying it again on PS4 to continue there if I could move my PS3 save over to PS4. Would that be possible using the PSN cloud storage? You can do it between PS3 and Vita, after all…

    • Can only do it on PS3/Vita games if cross-play functionality exists and is mentioned. 🙁

      • Yeah, but what I’m getting at is that it IS possible to transfer a save from one platform to another over PSN. So maybe they can make it happen. I wouldn’t start the game again (not after putting in 150 hours so far), but I would buy it on PS4 to continue my existing game.

  • I own the Skyrim Legendary edition on both Steam and Xbox 360…I don’t think my wallet can afford for me to buy it on Xbox One as well. Hell, my wallet can’t afford the Xbox One to begin with, come to think of it. -_-

    • You’ve already got it on Steam, with access to all the mods and goodies. Why the hell would you even consider bothering with console versions??

  • Oh goody. More ps3/360 ports for my shiney new PS4.
    Also while I am being cynical, you can get for cheaper the next gen version on PC for years now with more options to make more next-geny.

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