Some Of The Best Counter-Strike Kills You’ll Ever See

Some Of The Best Counter-Strike Kills You’ll Ever See

This is’s list of the top 10 “frag highlights” of 2013. Some are amazing individual kills, others rampages that’ll make you sad that you’re not as good at video games as these guys are.’s Top 10 Frag Highlights of 2013 [, via Daily Dot]


  • This is why I don’t play counterstrike, their crosshairs weren’t anywhere near their targets and they hit them anyway.

    • if these are confirmed no-bots, then its down to the skill. as a previous pllayer, you can get very good at judging where a hitzone is based on the tiniest amount of player model showing – either through a gap, or with older versions, clipping issues.

    • It’s because of how recoil works in games without aimdown mechanics, rather than other games where your gun would shake but still shoot where the gun is aimed when aiming down the bullets spread instead.

      These are pro players, they know the recoil patterns of the gun and compensate it by aiming at a different location from where they shot.

  • Makes me want to get back into counterstrike, while simultaneously reminding me why I got out.

  • See i remember being great at CS…. but NEVER that great… banned from many servers because people accused me of hacking, but geez, those guys are incredible.
    Except that first guy AWP quickscopers always pissed me off, no skill wankers

  • More proof that all the FPS games that have been made for years are all about dumb luck. No matter how good you are, you will still die a handful of times every round.

    • There’s luck involved, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t take skill. A skilled player might still die unluckily, but on average he’ll completely dominate the game.

      I do often prefer the multiplayer of Quake to be honest though (1-3), where a skilled player could never even be touched by an unskilled player. No kills by bad luck there, all skill.

  • Well you see, when you get paid to do something full time you get really good at it. There’s this guy called LeBron James, apparently he can do some magic stuff with a basketball so I heard.

    Just sayin. After playing CS for 15 years (I still play CS GO now) I’ve seen it all. This video is just one of many. Not to say that they aren’t good, they are, but given the circumstances, those guys who play competitive and are sponsored etc, should be that good. I expect them to be that good. Just as I expect Tony Hawk can do a 1080.

  • seems like ghosting to me, played cs source for long time, and if you play at a net cafe your sitting next to each other telling where they are, but dont get me wrong there is still alot of skill with hand and eye control, not hacking, im sure many will disagree but im sure others have ghosted before and will see its a huge advantage and no aimbot.

    • Agreed – a majority of it also seemed like they were playing against very poor players.

      But of course, they’re only showing the best bits – I’m sure this guys get owned occasionally aswell.

      • Playing against very poor players?
        Look at the teams they are against…. so of the best teams and players in the world. And it’s not “one guy”, it’s a compilation of different clips from different players from different teams. Please use a brain before commenting.

      • What are you guys talking about? they are all clips from professional tournaments. Theres no ghosting and the player skill is top ranked.

  • Don’t know if it was the same in the other CS games but in GO i find that if end up spraying your gun it’s best to aim down because the bullets tend to rise upwards. So if you aim at the body you might get a headshot 😉

  • While not a top frag of 2013, my favourite moment was ESEA LAN 13 where compLexity Swag threw a pistol as a fake flashbang…


  • Seems to be a bit in the comments about how it’s all ‘dumb luck’ since the bullets don’t always hit where the crosshair hits. This is due to how recoil works in CS:GO, the way it alters your view by shaking the screen does not match the way it alters your firing.

    Assuming a player is standing still, the first shot will hit inside the crosshair. Successive shots will then hit above the crosshair, before beginning a side-to-side pattern. If you pull straight down as you shoot you will have decent accuracy for the first handful of shots before the lateral recoil kicks in. If you know the recoil pattern of a weapon well enough you can (roughly) compensate for a full clip of recoil by moving your mouse side-to-side at the correct shots for the correct distance.

    Some might argue that this makes spectating the game needlessly obtuse, others believe it adds a layer of skill/muscle memory which can separate great players from less ones.

    Also, it’s worth noting that these are all from matches between top competitive European teams (presumably in tournaments as it’s considered poor form to include practice match footage in highlights), so ghosting or any of that sort of thing isn’t a factor.

    • Not sure in CS:GO, but in CS and CS:S the AK was 100% accurate with the first shot, and then heavy recoil after, but you would compensate, you knew if you missed the first shot all you had to do was lower your aim to the upper torso and it was gauranteed headshot with one of the next 3 rounds fired.

  • i remember back in the day, my personal best was 3 kills with one bullet. It was an AWP and for whatever reason the enemy team decided to run in a straight line. Lucky shot on my part, but still awesome.

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