Sony Says It's Looking Into Save-Erasing PS4 Error

Sony Says They're Looking Into Save-Erasing PS4 Error

Sony says it is investigating a glitch that seems to be deleting save files on PlayStation 4s, although it's unclear just how widespread the error is. Players are saying it erases their save-files for various PS4 games including Battlefield 4 and Assassin's Creed IV.

The "ce-34878-0" bug, which players have been reporting on the European PlayStation forums for the past couple of months, appears to be one of the really bad ones.

"We are aware of the cases and we appreciate your patience while we investigate," a Sony representative told Eurogamer.

We've also reached out to Sony, and we'll keep you guys updated as we learn more and/or find out about possible fixes.


    Had trouble suncing AC4 to cloud saves but the local ones seem intact. Hope they are still that way when I next play...

    mmmmmm time to back up all my saves, do you think its overkill to do it on a USB, a hdd a NAS and the cloud????

    I never paid attention to the error code, but LEGO Marvel Super Heroes crashes on average 3-4 time a night that I play it - I am wondering if this will eventually corrupt my save, or if its the same error code

    The BF4 campaign progress disappeared on my Xbox one once, look like both consoles have issues.

      Yeah, this one seems to be an issue on EA's side of things and not so much Sony or Microsoft. Regardless the state of some of the next gen games is pretty atrocious. Glad Watchdogs got held back so it doesn't end up a complete and utter mess like BF4 and AC4.

        Agreed a little underwhelming this start of next Gen, was expecting better from both sides :|

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