Square's 16-Bit Final Fantasy XIII Retrospective Is Just The Best

This might be the coolest thing Square has done in a decade — instead of just making a boring ol' story recap video for Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, they made one in the style of Final Fantasy VI for Super Nintendo.

I seriously wish we could play this game instead of the real version. This recap, of course, is meant to prepare you for the third entry in the series, Lightning Returns, which comes out for Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 11.


    This was pretty cool, but the gorgeous visuals were pretty much the only selling point of the original games, so I can't help but feel a video like this isn't going to do them as many favours as they hope :P

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      Actually, as pretty as the originals were, I totally would enjoy playing this version more

        But the non-senesical plot and terrible characters (imo) would still remain...

    I like how they perfectly condense FFXIII into 7 minutes. I learned as much here as I did playing the original.

    As well made as that was, I felt like I just watched one of those CollegeHumor parody videos. The plot of XIII-2 seemed like it was a bad ripoff of Chrono Trigger, glad I jumped off that train...

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    I understood more in those 7 minutes than I ever did playing the two games and I can't help but feel Squeenix was a little self aware when they put it together. Is it wrong I laughed at the time lapse of Caius and Yeul? Does anybody else expect Lightning to say "I'm Spiderman" after she says "You should know who I am."?

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