Strewth, Bloody Oath Galah -- Sony Is Discounting Australian Things For Australia Day

Bloody oath fellas, if you happen to have a spare minute in-between sinking tinnies and/or throwing shrimps on the barbie Sony has only gone and done you a solid. It has reduced the bloody prices of all the Footy games on the PlayStation Store. Bloody ripper!

So if you're looking to slam back a few sarnies with your mates, and maybe even cook up some lamb, you could do a lot worse than bloody downloading some of these footy games.

Rugby League Live 2 - $29.95 (reduced from $69.95) Rugby Challenge 2:The Lions Tour Edition - $29.95 (reduced from $69.95) Wallabies Rugby Challenge - $29.95 (reduced from $69.95) AFL Live 2 - $29.95 (reduced from $49.95) Rugby League Challenge - $7.35 (reduced from $14.45)

The bloody deal runs from January 23 till bloody well January 30. Bloody bloody strewth galah what's your favourite colour, baloo? Ya flaming mongrel.

(I'm running out of Australian catchphrases to use here. Please accept my humblest apologies. These are video games and they are on sale. You can find out more information here. Thank you please goodbye!)


    This is what I call an article. :P

      *insert Crocodile Dundee "That's not an article... THAT'S an article" joke*

    We call 'em prawns, ya nob.

    EDIT: You also forgot "too right" and "no worries".

    Last edited 24/01/14 12:21 pm

      And it's sangas, not sarnies.

    I'm picturing Serrels trying to say this article with his thick Scottish accent. Hilarity is ensuing.

    Last edited 24/01/14 12:23 pm

      I'm picturing him trying to 'slam back some sarnies'. I have a feeling that would be funny and horrible at the same time. Would you need to eat them like a duck, without chewing?

    Take a Cap'n Cook at this

      I had a bit of a sticky beak, she's alright.

    Ladies & gentlemen... Mark Serrels - The most ocker Scotsman since the bastard lovechild of Jimmy Barnes & Colin Hay.

    Have to ask the trouble 'n' strife before I spend any of my hard earned.

    Its not Oz enough without liberal use of the word c*nt.

      Censoring your swear words like that is un-Australian.

        I know. I died a little inside when I wrote it... :S

          The things we do for the feelings of our more sensitive fellow commenters. See that? That's fark'n COMMUNITY, ****.

      Where you call mates c*nt, and c*nts mate.

    yeah nah, you've missed a few Macca

    Was AFL Live 2 any good? There was no way I was going to pay 79.95 for it or whatever the retail stores were generally charging, or even 49.95, but at 29.95...

      As someone who desperately wanted it to be good, sadly it falls far short of good. So short in fact that many continue to play the first game instead.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news ... cobber.

    Needs more stoning of flamin' crows. Also, bonzer article there mate.

    Last edited 24/01/14 12:47 pm


    What kind of alternate universe Australia is this?

    Well, at least it's made me aware of another low-budget horror film I have to see - Black Water, where the crocodiles have 5"-long fangs, if Sony's poster is to be believed... Will be extremely disappointed if it's just a normal saltie.

    So how is Rugby League Live 2? Worth spending $30 for a League nut like myself?

    I read this but I had Serrels' voice in my head as i did. Did not work out well.

    Would be nice if they were good games on sale....

    I'm reading the comments on this thread and realise that Australians were like "Well, we COULD use proper English but nuh, fuck that!"

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