Super Sonico's Theme Song Sounds A Bit Familiar

This morning, as I sat on my exercise bike — pedalling madly while watching the new anime Super Sonico — I was struck by the sudden realisation that I had heard part of the anime's theme song somewhere before: in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The opening song from the first episode of the anime (the second episode uses a different one) is "Beat Goes On!" by the titular idol Super Sonico (voiced by Ayano Yamamoto). Its chorus sounds just like the chorus of "Hot Patootie — Bless My Soul" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Now don't get me wrong. The rest of the song couldn't be more different. And while the words (not to mention languages) are different as well, it's obvious that the choruses share not only a similar chord progression, but also a similar rhythm in the vocals.

So, this raises a question much like the one the show raised last week with its odd character names and their possible political meaning: Is the chorus of "Beat Goes On!" homage? Is it just a coincidence? ...Or am I just crazy and the two songs sound nothing alike? Check out the video above to decide for yourself.


    Tim Curry > Sonico

    That first episode was pure arse. Not in a good way either but in a oh god wtf is this generic shit reminiscent of k-on with boobs kind of way. Where as Tim Curry can appear in C&C games and still be fantastic

    Last edited 15/01/14 6:36 am

    Tim Curry is awesome as Frank N. Furter!

      The definitive one you could say. I'm actually off to see it on stage tonight funnily enough. Craig McLachlan is Frank N. Furter, so either my eyes will bleed or my sides will split...

        I am going on Sunday...Hope its as good as it is in my head :)

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