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    Whoo! New TAY!
    One I can actually find!

      That's crazy talk.

    Started the Mark Serrels Patented Phantasmagorical Porridge Breakfast Diet today!

      Are your taste buds in a state of pure ecstasy?

        It was alright but I didn't have anything to add to it like fruit or whatever so it was a bit bland.

        To the supermarket mobile! (AKA The Car)

      High fibre? Your gonna shit right for weeks!

        Shit Right would be a great name for a high fibre cereal

      Woo I also!
      Well tomorrow anyway.
      Assuming I get up not 5 mins before/after I have to leave for work.

    Ugh, Back to Work today. /o\

    Also, I finished AssPirates last night so now I need a new game to play. WHAT DO!??

      Just finished SMT4.
      I was hoping that the Bravely Default demo would last me a month until it came out here.
      The Demo has enough content to last 30 days, right???

        It last me for a month, but I only played it during train commutes.

      Want to borrow new little king's story when I'm finished with it? It's very similar to pikmin

        I think I might actually start playing Disgaea D2 properly. Really want to play it.

        Is New Little King's Story actually any good? The reviews for it are all average, but I quite liked the first game on the Wii (even though I haven't finished it yet). Should I get it?

          if you liked it on wii, you'll like it on Vita. Same game with a few problems fixed

          I abandoned the Wii play through years ago, just after boss 3. Vita version took a little bit of getting used to, but I'm just about to finish it now. Was definitely worth the cost of PS+ admission.

            Wait, was that on PS Plus? I should have bought a PS Vita a while ago...

              Yeah, I got PS+ around the PS4 announcements, when there was the buy 12 months get 15 promotion (August or September?). Didn't get a Vita until recently, but I had been 'purchasing' the free games every month.

                I've had PS Plus since then too! Should've claimed those free games!

      That ending...

      That. Ending.

        What about it?

          Have you finished it/do you care about spoilers?

            I have finished it. Started going through again to just experience the story, and not be constantly distracted with the world!

              The third act when you're all "I'm an Assassin" was pretty bogus. It felt completely contradictory to the story they were telling and the game play they were employing up to that point. I can overlook the game play not fitting anymore, I mean I've got no problem with Nathan Drake committing genocide, but it just felt like a bad fit in this instance. I was hoping Edward would just stay neutral and keep being the audiences voice in cut scenes when he calls the whole feud thing for what it is: nonsense.

              But then there's the "RL" stuff. Hoooooooooooooooooly shit. Terrible. Again it felt halfbaked, which I think is evidence of them wanting to ditch all of this stuff. The sage being the same person forever? Terrible. The giant baby face from Matrix 2 scene followed by the over the top use of the word "fuck"? Laughable. Sean and Rebecca? Get rid of them. They were the weakest characters in the Desmond games, we don't need them anymore. There was just so much nonsense to the RL stuff this time that it almost made me forget how much I enjoyed the pirate stuff.

              Don't get me wrong, all the pirate storylines? Two thumbs way up. When you were hanging out in Nassau or building your pirate cove it was glorious. And whenever the Assassins V Templars came up in the beginning, Edward was just so great at not giving a shit. It sounds like I hated the game but I really, really enjoyed it. It just got so bogged down in the old problems of the preceding games that those problems really show through.


                First off: apologies for taking so long to reply.


                I was happy with the 3rd act, but it could've had a much better transition, rather than Edward gets drunk & depressed.

                The sage being identical over time was fine for me, but I'm a sucker for a twist. On paper the RL sections looked good. In practice? Not so much. If they keep adding modern day sections to the franchise they desperately need to have an option to skip them. Maybe not on the first playthrough, but definitely subsequent ones. I'm replying AC4 for Edward, not employee #3627481.

                After everything, I keep giving this series a pass because of how much I love the games. 4 could've bombed but I still would be getting AC5 on release because I love jumping to these different time periods and running on ALL OF THE ROOFS!

      You working again? That's awesome! :D

    You'll pay for this, MONDAY....!
    *shakes fist*

    I'm all jittery and unable to concentrate because I have three separate projects under consideration at different publishers. Help! Send calm pills.

    How are you going?

    Last edited 06/01/14 9:17 am

      Wooo! That's awesome news, my friend! Hope it all goes your way!

        I don't know why I do this to myself. I'm so anxious.

    Morning TAY,

    If any of you guys wanted to write your 2013 Game of the year articles for Pixel-Otaku (Potaku) the deadline is January 10th*.

    Here is the list of categories to use if you're interested :

    *From the now older Pants Man.

      If you just wanted to read other people's entries there are lists on this page from Shiggy, Redartifice, Hellscream(beardy), Powalen, Jimu and Alex.

      Just came in here to post this. You're on the ball, Masha!

      I would like to, but I only played three games from last year. So I'd just be mentioning them over and over and over, and complaining about how they aren't Dark Souls.

      @alexpants if this appeals to you, I'll do it. Otherwise, know that at least, I considered trying to try.

        I only played 4 games from 2013, so we're in a similar situation.

        My problem at the moment is just trying to write anything.

        I leave the decision in your hands, partly because I'd like to see how much you could shoehorn Dark Souls into the thing.

          Okay. Imma do it.
          Where do I send it?

          PS: I worked Dark Souls into nine categories. NINE.

          Last edited 06/01/14 11:37 am

      So where do we send it?

        I think you can just use the contact form on the site.

        (sorry for the late reply)

      I'd contribute, but I have only played one game that came out in 2013. (Bleed)

      So my list is:
      The Late Starter Award for Best Game That Didn’t Come Out This Year: Katawa Shoujo
      The “Why The Hell Did They Release This Garbage” Award for Super Shittiness: Bleed
      Most Bomb-Ass Character: Wryn from Bleed
      Coolest “HOLY SHIT” Moment: Pretty much anything from Bleed. So much slow-mo.
      Most Kick Ass Multiplayer: Erm... next category.
      The “This Music is Making Ear Love to Me” award for Best Soundtrack: Bleed
      Keanu Reeves “Whoa” Trailer of the Year: Titanfall, I guess? I don't watch a lot of trailers.
      The Outta Left Field Award for Most Surprising Game: Bleed
      Best Use of Your Money Award for Best DLC: NEXT!
      The “Someone Painted This With A Goddamn Rainbow” Award for Best Art Style: Bleed
      The most Dick Kickingest Game of the Year: Bleed

      Thank you for wasting your time.

    All you people complaining about going back to work! I've been at work the whole time!

    ...he says, crying into his tea.

      Hi Pants! I don't go back to work until mid February!

      What do you mean that doesn't help you?

    Weird thing happened on the way to the gym this morning. On two separate occasions strangers stopped their cars to offer me a ride. I appreciated the gesture, but the whole stranger danger message stuck well and truly a while back. Still, beats the guy who gave me the finger the other day for no reason. Haha!

      Were you walking down the middle of a highway or something...?

      Also, check your clothes to make sure no one stuck a "FREE AND WILLING ASS" sign on your back before you set off.

      Last edited 06/01/14 9:36 am

        To get to my gym I've got to walk past a lot of post apocalyptic urban decay. That's half the fun. I like to pretend I'm Rick Grimes on the look out for walkers. Maybe they thought I was stranded in the middle of no where? XD

          Did you turn and look at the cars as they rolled up? Might of thought you were selling or something

    Dammit @markserrels - I discuss one article you write with my girlfriend and now she's going out and buying me oats and stuff. Thanks for attempting to make my life better, jerk. :p

      You should have discussed one of his Occulus Rift articles

        I already talk waaaay too much to her about Star Citizen and Project Zomboid; I fear adding another awesome geeky technology item might push the envelope too far.

    Morning Peeps. In at the ski field, and damn does it live up to the Japanese reputation. Even the snow here is polite. It's constantly snowing lightly, but it's just super duper pretty, and means that there's this soft lovely powder over everything. Also, I walked around Tokyo in just a T-shirt, and I think the locals thought I was mad. Finally: New TAY, wooo!

      I'm going to Japan in a couple of days, and people keep telling me about all the warm clothing I need to wear. I think I'll just take your advice- let's all walk around Tokyo in T-shirts!

      Nice, you ever ski'd before? Powder is much different to Australian slushie, a dream to float on. :)

        Yeah, skied a lot in Australia (Canberran so I was up every weekend in some winters), and I've been to Canada twice, and Italy and Switzerland once each (braggy brag brag)(and the Switzerland trip included some Italy stuff because we were at the border). It's really nice, but my knees are not coping.

      Just a T-shirt? No pants? I can't see how that would anger the locals.

    I can't login at work because my account had been deleted. My account has been deleted because I was supposed to finish work on Dec last year. Now I need to fill out forms. prove that I am who I say I am and prove that my finish date was extended.

    This would usually be a difficult task, but put in the fact that it's just after Christmas holidays and no one wants to do anything. So here I am twiddling my thumbs waiting for people to actually do work.

    "Don't worry Jesse, just show up Jan 6th and it will be all sorted". Why do I always listen to idiots.


      As long as you get paid to TAY, nothing else matters.

      You have a completely legitimate excuse to do no work and be paid for it.

    I'm back too! Helloooo TAY.

    So that Rocksmith, huh. Who has it and can recommend it?

      I've got it, got it for Xmas on PS3 it's fun and really cool but you gotta commit to it, like a real instrument it takes time to learn and play

        So, Guitar Hero it aint, then!

        Cool. I ordered one from JB Hifi online last night and can't wait to check it out. Speaking of Guitar Hero, it's quite sad how the franchise has died off since 2010 due to over-saturation or what not. It was kinda great back in the day. Sad face.

          It truly was one day I hope they bring it back but I doubt it

      Played guitar/bass before? I've been playing guitar for a few years but I still found it fun. I bought it mainly as a really easy way to learn songs and also discover some bands and songs I may not have heard of otherwise. Since I've played guitar before a lot of the lessons and techniques are nothing new to me but I would've loved something like this when I started out.

      Let's hope you bought Rocksmith 2014 and not the original because 2014 is so much more better! Better layout, more song variety and it's just better than the first in pretty much every way. I got 2014 in November or so but I liked it so much I went and got the original anyway so I could import its songs into 2014 (gotta pay a small fee though).

      If you have any other specific questions just lemme know!


        I definitely ordered 2014 edition, good news.

          What platform? I'm playing on PC so the Rocksmith song import tool (that lets you play Rocksmith songs on 2014) requires that you own the original Rocksmith on Steam and you also need it in order to buy Rocksmith's original DLC. So even though Rocksmith's DLC works on 2014, Steam doesn't let you purchase any unless you own Rocksmith :( (it comes up with an error, it's a Steam issue though).

          On consoles I think you just need a save game from Rocksmith in order to buy the import tool. It's $10 on PC but I don't know what price it'll be on consoles. Pretty cheap for like 50 more songs though!

            PS3, it arrived today. Initial impressions: not as straight forward and easy to pick up as Guitar Hero. Not as addictive either. I have a little experience with guitar already (been playing since I was five) and I'm not sure as to just how the game will adjust to my style accordingly. So far, the lessons suck - I just want to jam. I'm sure over time I will grow to enjoy it though.

              How are you finding it now?

              You can just completely skip the lessons and go straight into "Learn a Song" which is essentially just play a song mode. It starts off super slow and easy and it'll get progressively harder with more notes depending on how well you play what's shown. It's pretty good but what I usually do (and this is kind of hidden and not really explained IMO), is go into Riff Repeater, select the whole song and just set it to around 50 or so difficulty, so there's a lot more notes and progression doesn't feel as slow.

              I don't really bother with the lessons but they're good for learning the symbols the game uses to describe each technique (which isn't really explained well either).

              What I do is just go through each song and play it and if I like it I'll use Riff Repeater to learn the riffs and consequently the song and then I just jam between the songs I've learnt, while also learning new ones. Session Mode is kinda cool too but I'm too terrible at scales to benefit from it :P

    Hola Tay

    Back at work. Yaaaaaay.

    A Monday Morning Question: Which Final Fantasy job/RPG career etc would you prefer to your current role?

      Blitzball player. Obvious answer.

        "I wanna be a blitzball"!
        - Some kid in Final Fantasy X/X-2

      Fighter or Monk which ever one uses the fists more

      Soldier First Class.

        Zack, genesis, sephiroth or angeal

          Tough pick between Zack and Sephiroth, but I have to go with Sephiroth. He was bad-ass in VII, and seemingly nice guy in Crisis Core.

            I would go badass jenova mod genesis, the one with the sword that was also a massive gun

      Gotta say Black Mage, if only because of 8-bit theatre.

      Wandering Hobo.
      That's what Butz is in FF5, right?

      Summoner. Specifically from FFVI, when espers were awesome, and not religious buggery (FFX), didn't do that FFVIII thing (I'm avoiding spoilers), and had actual personalities.

      I'd be one of those treasure chests that turns out to actually be a monster that wants to eat you.

      I don't know if they have those in Final Fantasy but whatever.

    Good morning TAY, back to work in this the follow on year of Luigi.
    I really can't be bothered with it but it needs to get done. My goal this year is to do more things, I'm starting a course in feb as well as most likely going to Sydney in feb! Which will be fun. Also I should be moving in the later part of the year down the coast in Melbourne which is a big step for me.

    Other than that how is everyone?

      People move TO Melbourne?

        I already live in Melbourne! I live in the eastern suburbs but looking to move to the peninsula

        Why not, it's easily this country's best city!


          Wait, you're serious...

            Brisbane is a shit hole, Sydney has too many people, Adelaide is full of churches, Perth is well Perth, Hobart it's too fucking cold there all year round, Canberra is full of politicians & Darwin it's too fucking humid :P

              Obligatory comment about how Perth is the best city evar and that you are misinformed.

      As a twitter account reminded me the other day, it's still the financial year of Luigi.

        Year of Luigi is over! 2014 is going to be the year of everyone's favourite space-travelling blonde heroine.


    Morning all. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. This week promises to be pretty good with BOARD GAMES on Thursday and Numenera on Wednesday. :D

    I've been playing Warframe lately and I've been enjoying being a space-ninja-badass. Only slightly annoyed at the f2p model but they deserve a bit of money for making a fairly decent quality game.

    Also played some Pathfinder at the weekend with me as GM. My party almost died multiple times (including to a bull at one stage) but they survived thanks in part to my being lenient on them. Then again, I suppose pitching 4th-level characters against Hydras and Cerberi and stuff is a little bit overkill.

      Needs more bull attacks :)
      We still gotta discuss who is going where in Numenera, etc...

        The barbarian in the party tried to literally grab the bull by the horns as it charged at him. He came off second best. :P

        Although on the flip side, he redeemed himself later and smacked a chariot with his earth breaker (special kind of warhammer) so hard that he cleaved through the horse and broke the chariot. :P

        For Numenera, that will probably depend how many we have on Wednesday. If there are too few of us, we should probably go together.

        Last edited 06/01/14 10:17 am


      Also, Numenera! I'd better prep something...


        Given I can't get Suburbia yet, any recommendations for a new game?

          Hive is a two player abstract tile laying game that is quite a bit like Chess. You have a range of different bugs that move in different ways and you are trying to surround the other person's Queen. It's shallower than Chess but also much faster and interesting in different ways. The Grasshoppers move like Cannons in Chinese Chess. That isn't really relevant but I felt like saying it.

          I don't really know what you have or like, so it's a bit hard to blindly recommend. Maybe The Witches? Based on the Tiffany Aching Discworld novels, you go around Lancre trying to deal with problems to prove that you're the best witch. If you run into another witch, you have a cup of tea.

            Hmm, probably after something big and multiplayer rather than 2p. Was thinking maybe Lords of Waterdeep, which I've played and liked, or 7 Wonders.

              That makes it a lot simpler.

              If you don't have 7 Wonders, get 7 Wonders. It is easily one of my favourite games and it scales fantastically from three to seven players. It plays quite a bit like a MtG draft (after all, the key mechanic is drafting) but the key difference is that you get to see everyone's choices after they make them.

              It means that there is a great deal of strategy and decision making. The trade and war mechanics tend to make you focus on just your neighbours but sometimes it helps to lift your vision to see that the person on the other side of the table has been fed all of the science cards.

              I cannot recommend this game enough.

              The expansions are also great value, adding more content and more decisions. Probably not something you need to pick up until you've had 10+ plays of the original but something to definitely consider if you keep busting out the base game.

                I have played it and remember liking it. Might go to games world and grab it, having a board game night Sat

    I've been back at work since Thursday, so to all the people starting back today I'd just like to say: Hooray! More people get to suffer appreciate employment!

    MultiTAYer Monday tonight takes the frontline and downs a butt-load of vodka in the freezing winter.
    That's right, the Ruskis get the focus, in Company of Heroes 2!

    Starts at 8:30pm (VIC, NSW, TAS), 8pm (SA) 7:30pm (QLD), 7pm (NT), 5:30pm (WA).

    See you all then, comrades! :D

    Remember, the more, the merrier!

    Last edited 06/01/14 10:26 am

    Hello and Happy New year everyone, I been Super Hermiting for a couple of weeks.
    I hope all is well with everyone.

    Played a bit of Legend of Grimrock yesterday. Did not realise it was a super old school dungeon crawler. Really digging it. Brings back memories of the old Fighting Fantasy books.

      Those books! So many memories.

      I also had all the Lone Wolf books (and still have those).

    Put a deposit on a block of land on the weekend. This adult stuff is scary.

    Edit: Timing. Can't even do days properly. Good first day back at work. Brain not quite here yet.

    Last edited 06/01/14 10:34 am


      You can sell camping space for PAX to recoup the money.

      That's disgusting. I hope somebody had one of those little pooperscooper bags to clean up your deposit

    NUMENERA: Tales of the Ninth World

    OK, are people available for wednesday? i know @Blaghman is in parts foreign. If we're a little short we could perhaps do a "flashback" one-shot or something.

    cc @mawt @popdart5 @novacascade @tech_knight @tigerion @mythamphetamine

      I think I'll be there but probably around 50/50
      Have some medical stuff late afternoon so depending on how late they are running I'll see what time I get home. There is also a boardgames thing on the cards that I think Mrs Tigs is interested in so I'll see

      Damn right I'm in! Scrappa is not going to miss out on any of the action.

      I will be otherwise indisposed this week unfortunately. :(

    Huh. Did not know it was illegal to leave your car windows cracked open while it's parked. Guy in Brisbane just got fined for it.

    Edit: law's even harsher in NSW and VIC. QLD allows 5cm, they allow 2cm.

    Last edited 06/01/14 11:04 am

      what if you were ducking into a shop quick and had a dog/child in the car? Or is it illegal to do that too?

        I think that's illegal full stop regardless of the state of the windows.

          good thing I'm not a parent, :P. still though that's a lousy law, should be at owners risk.

      "Allows" is the problem. If somebody wants to leave their car window open, even all the way, isn't that their business? I mean, what if you have a convertible and physically can't "secure" it (which is the argument they're using) while away from the vehicle. Does that mean all open-top cars should be fined?

      Now, if his car gets broken in to and/or stolen as a result of being not properly secured then that's an issue between the guy and his insurance company, but I don't see it as being a matter for the police. Silly silly silly.

        In that scenario, there would still be a cost of having to report the theft to the police. That might be why the law exists in the first place, to discourage people leaving their car in a condition that makes it easier to steal. Reduces the cost in time and money to the police for having to do police reports.

        Not entirely. If the car gets stolen it then becomes the police's responsibility to dedicate man hours and money to finding the car and the thief. I get it but it seems like overkill.

          Good point, there is the man-hours cost and such. Hadn't considered it from that point of view. Still think it's overkill. :) if you park a convertible with the top down but the windows up, what happens?

      Last edited 06/01/14 11:12 am

        The police officer explodes in a puff of cognitive dissonance.

        But the windows are up... but the top is down... but the windows are up... but the top is down... but the windows are UP... but the top is DOWN... *pfffff*

    So after getting back into Mount & Blade Warband over the weekend (and talking to @mythamphetamine about it) I figured I'd ask: How many people would be keen on a multiplayer game of War of the Roses? For those that don't know anything about it, think Battlefield: Medieval. It's also the spiritual successor to Mount & Blade, but multi only.

    If you don't have it, there's actually a F2P version. I believe the only limit is that you can't make custom classes (mix and match weapons, armour etc.).

      I actually have that!

      But you guys all play way too early for me to be able to join in.

        When do you usually get to game? Also, if it's a game like WotR you can just join in whenever you're available.

      I have played and enjoyed that game immensely.
      However I would reeealy not recommend playing it now, especially if you have not done so before.
      Everyone who still plays it is either stupid good or cheating and will kill you in one hit, over and over again, and thats on the one existing aussie server with minimal lag.
      It is almost completely unplayable for the un-hardcore.

    Hello Tay, I've had three weeks off. Now I'm back at work.
    Bah buggery hum...buggery.
    Mrs Quiz loved Ace Attorney (could only grab Apollo Justice) and original Sam and Max and DOTT/Maniac Mansion and a whole host of other goodies.
    I got the book of Hyperbole and a Half, Snuff and Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett, clothes and stuff. I'm a happy man.
    Got to play lots with quiz Jr over the last three weeks.
    Missed you all.
    Have triple digit unread emails in my inbox and lots are marked urgent.

    Please send coffee.

      The telltale sam & max games are also awesome if she wants more psychopathic lagomorph & laconic dog action

    I'm 29 this year and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life /o\

      Continue it?

        I don't know, man.

          It's a solid, procrastinating option. Maintain the directionlessness!

      I'm 31 this year and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life /o\

        But this is the thing. I would do nothing. I would watch movies, play video games and hang out with friends.

          How would you feel being a critic, then?
          If you enjoy movies and video games and discussing them with friends, surely you know what makes a GOOD video game/movie by now?

          So...could you write about what makes a video game/movie bad?

          (Please note that I am not a careers councellor. I am an office worker stuck in a suit and tie wishing he could spend days at home playing with his kids and writing award winning novels. I do not write award winning novels. I still haven't completed my first one. But I dream of doing it.

          So all advice should be taken with a mine load of salt instead of a pinch.)

            Don't know how I could go doing something like that. But it's something I've never considered, I suppose. So that's something to ponder on?

          Yeah, it's a pretty garbage argument. Sure, pointlessly pursuing money can lead to a wasted life but the reality is we've got bills to pay, families to support, and there's a bunch of work that's necessary for society to function that no one really wants to do. It's all well and good to pursue your dreams, but I have friends who tried that and all they wound up with was a bunch of debt and a multi-year gap in their resume.

          Plus, like you said, a good chunk of us would do nothing. If I won the lottery today and had 10 million bucks in my account, I might keep working for 6 months, tops. After that, I'd sit at home and play video games, probably travel some, etc. If I quit my job to play video games without a multi-million dollar buffer between me and destitution, there's not a single person who would objectively think that was a wise decision.

          Very few people successfully make a living off playing video games and 99.9% of gamers will never have the talent to compete at a level where a decent living can be made.

          Last edited 06/01/14 11:48 am

            I know. It's one of those "Go follow your dreams" arguments that are nice to listen to but are also almost impossible to follow.

            All of the people I know who followed their dreams and are fulfilled ended up landing in a career/job/position that was somewhat related to their dreams. Like they aimed for the stars, ended up on Mars and said "That's close enough".

            Still, I dream of the day I don't have to wear a tie anymore (metaphorically speaking).

              It's about finding the balance between the dream and practicality.Which is why it's so difficult to "follow your dreams".

                I'd be happy enough just having a dream in the first place.

                Apart from that one where I'm being chased by the gigantic chicken holding a chainsaw and jar of vindaloo sauce who's furious clucking seems to say "LET'S SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT!!"

      I'm 38 this year and only just figured out what I want to do with my life. :)

      Thanks for the reminder that I'm going to turn 30 this year.

      You will still have no idea at 60 mang.
      Life has no point, just do what you can and enjoy the ride.

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