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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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  • Ugh, Back to Work today. /o\

    Also, I finished AssPirates last night so now I need a new game to play. WHAT DO!??

    • Just finished SMT4.
      I was hoping that the Bravely Default demo would last me a month until it came out here.
      The Demo has enough content to last 30 days, right???

    • Want to borrow new little king’s story when I’m finished with it? It’s very similar to pikmin

          • I have finished it. Started going through again to just experience the story, and not be constantly distracted with the world!

          • The third act when you’re all “I’m an Assassin” was pretty bogus. It felt completely contradictory to the story they were telling and the game play they were employing up to that point. I can overlook the game play not fitting anymore, I mean I’ve got no problem with Nathan Drake committing genocide, but it just felt like a bad fit in this instance. I was hoping Edward would just stay neutral and keep being the audiences voice in cut scenes when he calls the whole feud thing for what it is: nonsense.

            But then there’s the “RL” stuff. Hoooooooooooooooooly shit. Terrible. Again it felt halfbaked, which I think is evidence of them wanting to ditch all of this stuff. The sage being the same person forever? Terrible. The giant baby face from Matrix 2 scene followed by the over the top use of the word “fuck”? Laughable. Sean and Rebecca? Get rid of them. They were the weakest characters in the Desmond games, we don’t need them anymore. There was just so much nonsense to the RL stuff this time that it almost made me forget how much I enjoyed the pirate stuff.

            Don’t get me wrong, all the pirate storylines? Two thumbs way up. When you were hanging out in Nassau or building your pirate cove it was glorious. And whenever the Assassins V Templars came up in the beginning, Edward was just so great at not giving a shit. It sounds like I hated the game but I really, really enjoyed it. It just got so bogged down in the old problems of the preceding games that those problems really show through.


          • First off: apologies for taking so long to reply.


            I was happy with the 3rd act, but it could’ve had a much better transition, rather than Edward gets drunk & depressed.

            The sage being identical over time was fine for me, but I’m a sucker for a twist. On paper the RL sections looked good. In practice? Not so much. If they keep adding modern day sections to the franchise they desperately need to have an option to skip them. Maybe not on the first playthrough, but definitely subsequent ones. I’m replying AC4 for Edward, not employee #3627481.

            After everything, I keep giving this series a pass because of how much I love the games. 4 could’ve bombed but I still would be getting AC5 on release because I love jumping to these different time periods and running on ALL OF THE ROOFS!

  • You’ll pay for this, MONDAY….!
    *shakes fist*

    I’m all jittery and unable to concentrate because I have three separate projects under consideration at different publishers. Help! Send calm pills.

    How are you going?

    • I would like to, but I only played three games from last year. So I’d just be mentioning them over and over and over, and complaining about how they aren’t Dark Souls.

      @alexpants if this appeals to you, I’ll do it. Otherwise, know that at least, I considered trying to try.

      • I only played 4 games from 2013, so we’re in a similar situation.

        My problem at the moment is just trying to write anything.

      • I leave the decision in your hands, partly because I’d like to see how much you could shoehorn Dark Souls into the thing.

    • I’d contribute, but I have only played one game that came out in 2013. (Bleed)

      So my list is:
      The Late Starter Award for Best Game That Didn’t Come Out This Year: Katawa Shoujo
      The β€œWhy The Hell Did They Release This Garbage” Award for Super Shittiness: Bleed
      Most Bomb-Ass Character: Wryn from Bleed
      Coolest β€œHOLY SHIT” Moment: Pretty much anything from Bleed. So much slow-mo.
      Most Kick Ass Multiplayer: Erm… next category.
      The β€œThis Music is Making Ear Love to Me” award for Best Soundtrack: Bleed
      Keanu Reeves β€œWhoa” Trailer of the Year: Titanfall, I guess? I don’t watch a lot of trailers.
      The Outta Left Field Award for Most Surprising Game: Bleed
      Best Use of Your Money Award for Best DLC: NEXT!
      The β€œSomeone Painted This With A Goddamn Rainbow” Award for Best Art Style: Bleed
      The most Dick Kickingest Game of the Year: Bleed

      Thank you for wasting your time.

  • All you people complaining about going back to work! I’ve been at work the whole time!

    …he says, crying into his tea.

  • Weird thing happened on the way to the gym this morning. On two separate occasions strangers stopped their cars to offer me a ride. I appreciated the gesture, but the whole stranger danger message stuck well and truly a while back. Still, beats the guy who gave me the finger the other day for no reason. Haha!

    • Were you walking down the middle of a highway or something…?

      Also, check your clothes to make sure no one stuck a “FREE AND WILLING ASS” sign on your back before you set off.

      • To get to my gym I’ve got to walk past a lot of post apocalyptic urban decay. That’s half the fun. I like to pretend I’m Rick Grimes on the look out for walkers. Maybe they thought I was stranded in the middle of no where? XD

        • Did you turn and look at the cars as they rolled up? Might of thought you were selling or something

  • Dammit @markserrels – I discuss one article you write with my girlfriend and now she’s going out and buying me oats and stuff. Thanks for attempting to make my life better, jerk. :p

      • I already talk waaaay too much to her about Star Citizen and Project Zomboid; I fear adding another awesome geeky technology item might push the envelope too far.

  • Morning Peeps. In at the ski field, and damn does it live up to the Japanese reputation. Even the snow here is polite. It’s constantly snowing lightly, but it’s just super duper pretty, and means that there’s this soft lovely powder over everything. Also, I walked around Tokyo in just a T-shirt, and I think the locals thought I was mad. Finally: New TAY, wooo!

    • I’m going to Japan in a couple of days, and people keep telling me about all the warm clothing I need to wear. I think I’ll just take your advice- let’s all walk around Tokyo in T-shirts!

    • Nice, you ever ski’d before? Powder is much different to Australian slushie, a dream to float on. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, skied a lot in Australia (Canberran so I was up every weekend in some winters), and I’ve been to Canada twice, and Italy and Switzerland once each (braggy brag brag)(and the Switzerland trip included some Italy stuff because we were at the border). It’s really nice, but my knees are not coping.

  • I can’t login at work because my account had been deleted. My account has been deleted because I was supposed to finish work on Dec last year. Now I need to fill out forms. prove that I am who I say I am and prove that my finish date was extended.

    This would usually be a difficult task, but put in the fact that it’s just after Christmas holidays and no one wants to do anything. So here I am twiddling my thumbs waiting for people to actually do work.

    “Don’t worry Jesse, just show up Jan 6th and it will be all sorted”. Why do I always listen to idiots.



    • I’ve got it, got it for Xmas on PS3 it’s fun and really cool but you gotta commit to it, like a real instrument it takes time to learn and play

      • So, Guitar Hero it aint, then!

        Cool. I ordered one from JB Hifi online last night and can’t wait to check it out. Speaking of Guitar Hero, it’s quite sad how the franchise has died off since 2010 due to over-saturation or what not. It was kinda great back in the day. Sad face.

    • Played guitar/bass before? I’ve been playing guitar for a few years but I still found it fun. I bought it mainly as a really easy way to learn songs and also discover some bands and songs I may not have heard of otherwise. Since I’ve played guitar before a lot of the lessons and techniques are nothing new to me but I would’ve loved something like this when I started out.

      Let’s hope you bought Rocksmith 2014 and not the original because 2014 is so much more better! Better layout, more song variety and it’s just better than the first in pretty much every way. I got 2014 in November or so but I liked it so much I went and got the original anyway so I could import its songs into 2014 (gotta pay a small fee though).

      If you have any other specific questions just lemme know!


        • What platform? I’m playing on PC so the Rocksmith song import tool (that lets you play Rocksmith songs on 2014) requires that you own the original Rocksmith on Steam and you also need it in order to buy Rocksmith’s original DLC. So even though Rocksmith’s DLC works on 2014, Steam doesn’t let you purchase any unless you own Rocksmith πŸ™ (it comes up with an error, it’s a Steam issue though).

          On consoles I think you just need a save game from Rocksmith in order to buy the import tool. It’s $10 on PC but I don’t know what price it’ll be on consoles. Pretty cheap for like 50 more songs though!

          • PS3, it arrived today. Initial impressions: not as straight forward and easy to pick up as Guitar Hero. Not as addictive either. I have a little experience with guitar already (been playing since I was five) and I’m not sure as to just how the game will adjust to my style accordingly. So far, the lessons suck – I just want to jam. I’m sure over time I will grow to enjoy it though.

          • How are you finding it now?

            You can just completely skip the lessons and go straight into “Learn a Song” which is essentially just play a song mode. It starts off super slow and easy and it’ll get progressively harder with more notes depending on how well you play what’s shown. It’s pretty good but what I usually do (and this is kind of hidden and not really explained IMO), is go into Riff Repeater, select the whole song and just set it to around 50 or so difficulty, so there’s a lot more notes and progression doesn’t feel as slow.

            I don’t really bother with the lessons but they’re good for learning the symbols the game uses to describe each technique (which isn’t really explained well either).

            What I do is just go through each song and play it and if I like it I’ll use Riff Repeater to learn the riffs and consequently the song and then I just jam between the songs I’ve learnt, while also learning new ones. Session Mode is kinda cool too but I’m too terrible at scales to benefit from it πŸ˜›

  • Hola Tay

    Back at work. Yaaaaaay.

    A Monday Morning Question: Which Final Fantasy job/RPG career etc would you prefer to your current role?

  • Good morning TAY, back to work in this the follow on year of Luigi.
    I really can’t be bothered with it but it needs to get done. My goal this year is to do more things, I’m starting a course in feb as well as most likely going to Sydney in feb! Which will be fun. Also I should be moving in the later part of the year down the coast in Melbourne which is a big step for me.

    Other than that how is everyone?

  • Morning all. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. This week promises to be pretty good with BOARD GAMES on Thursday and Numenera on Wednesday. πŸ˜€

    I’ve been playing Warframe lately and I’ve been enjoying being a space-ninja-badass. Only slightly annoyed at the f2p model but they deserve a bit of money for making a fairly decent quality game.

    Also played some Pathfinder at the weekend with me as GM. My party almost died multiple times (including to a bull at one stage) but they survived thanks in part to my being lenient on them. Then again, I suppose pitching 4th-level characters against Hydras and Cerberi and stuff is a little bit overkill.

      • The barbarian in the party tried to literally grab the bull by the horns as it charged at him. He came off second best. πŸ˜›

        Although on the flip side, he redeemed himself later and smacked a chariot with his earth breaker (special kind of warhammer) so hard that he cleaved through the horse and broke the chariot. πŸ˜›

        For Numenera, that will probably depend how many we have on Wednesday. If there are too few of us, we should probably go together.

        • Hive is a two player abstract tile laying game that is quite a bit like Chess. You have a range of different bugs that move in different ways and you are trying to surround the other person’s Queen. It’s shallower than Chess but also much faster and interesting in different ways. The Grasshoppers move like Cannons in Chinese Chess. That isn’t really relevant but I felt like saying it.

          I don’t really know what you have or like, so it’s a bit hard to blindly recommend. Maybe The Witches? Based on the Tiffany Aching Discworld novels, you go around Lancre trying to deal with problems to prove that you’re the best witch. If you run into another witch, you have a cup of tea.

          • Hmm, probably after something big and multiplayer rather than 2p. Was thinking maybe Lords of Waterdeep, which I’ve played and liked, or 7 Wonders.

          • That makes it a lot simpler.

            If you don’t have 7 Wonders, get 7 Wonders. It is easily one of my favourite games and it scales fantastically from three to seven players. It plays quite a bit like a MtG draft (after all, the key mechanic is drafting) but the key difference is that you get to see everyone’s choices after they make them.

            It means that there is a great deal of strategy and decision making. The trade and war mechanics tend to make you focus on just your neighbours but sometimes it helps to lift your vision to see that the person on the other side of the table has been fed all of the science cards.

            I cannot recommend this game enough.

            The expansions are also great value, adding more content and more decisions. Probably not something you need to pick up until you’ve had 10+ plays of the original but something to definitely consider if you keep busting out the base game.

          • I have played it and remember liking it. Might go to games world and grab it, having a board game night Sat

  • I’ve been back at work since Thursday, so to all the people starting back today I’d just like to say: Hooray! More people get to suffer appreciate employment!

  • MultiTAYer Monday tonight takes the frontline and downs a butt-load of vodka in the freezing winter.
    That’s right, the Ruskis get the focus, in Company of Heroes 2!

    Starts at 8:30pm (VIC, NSW, TAS), 8pm (SA) 7:30pm (QLD), 7pm (NT), 5:30pm (WA).

    See you all then, comrades! πŸ˜€

    Remember, the more, the merrier!

  • Hello and Happy New year everyone, I been Super Hermiting for a couple of weeks.
    I hope all is well with everyone.

  • Played a bit of Legend of Grimrock yesterday. Did not realise it was a super old school dungeon crawler. Really digging it. Brings back memories of the old Fighting Fantasy books.

  • Put a deposit on a block of land on the weekend. This adult stuff is scary.

    Edit: Timing. Can’t even do days properly. Good first day back at work. Brain not quite here yet.

  • NUMENERA: Tales of the Ninth World

    OK, are people available for wednesday? i know @Blaghman is in parts foreign. If we’re a little short we could perhaps do a “flashback” one-shot or something.

    cc @mawt @popdart5 @novacascade @tech_knight @tigerion @mythamphetamine

  • Huh. Did not know it was illegal to leave your car windows cracked open while it’s parked. Guy in Brisbane just got fined for it.

    Edit: law’s even harsher in NSW and VIC. QLD allows 5cm, they allow 2cm.

    • what if you were ducking into a shop quick and had a dog/child in the car? Or is it illegal to do that too?

    • “Allows” is the problem. If somebody wants to leave their car window open, even all the way, isn’t that their business? I mean, what if you have a convertible and physically can’t “secure” it (which is the argument they’re using) while away from the vehicle. Does that mean all open-top cars should be fined?

      Now, if his car gets broken in to and/or stolen as a result of being not properly secured then that’s an issue between the guy and his insurance company, but I don’t see it as being a matter for the police. Silly silly silly.

      • In that scenario, there would still be a cost of having to report the theft to the police. That might be why the law exists in the first place, to discourage people leaving their car in a condition that makes it easier to steal. Reduces the cost in time and money to the police for having to do police reports.

      • Not entirely. If the car gets stolen it then becomes the police’s responsibility to dedicate man hours and money to finding the car and the thief. I get it but it seems like overkill.

        • Good point, there is the man-hours cost and such. Hadn’t considered it from that point of view. Still think it’s overkill. πŸ™‚

      • The police officer explodes in a puff of cognitive dissonance.

        But the windows are up… but the top is down… but the windows are up… but the top is down… but the windows are UP… but the top is DOWN… *pfffff*

  • So after getting back into Mount & Blade Warband over the weekend (and talking to @mythamphetamine about it) I figured I’d ask: How many people would be keen on a multiplayer game of War of the Roses? For those that don’t know anything about it, think Battlefield: Medieval. It’s also the spiritual successor to Mount & Blade, but multi only.

    If you don’t have it, there’s actually a F2P version. I believe the only limit is that you can’t make custom classes (mix and match weapons, armour etc.).

      • When do you usually get to game? Also, if it’s a game like WotR you can just join in whenever you’re available.

    • I have played and enjoyed that game immensely.
      However I would reeealy not recommend playing it now, especially if you have not done so before.
      Everyone who still plays it is either stupid good or cheating and will kill you in one hit, over and over again, and thats on the one existing aussie server with minimal lag.
      It is almost completely unplayable for the un-hardcore.

  • Hello Tay, I’ve had three weeks off. Now I’m back at work.
    Bah buggery hum…buggery.
    Mrs Quiz loved Ace Attorney (could only grab Apollo Justice) and original Sam and Max and DOTT/Maniac Mansion and a whole host of other goodies.
    I got the book of Hyperbole and a Half, Snuff and Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett, clothes and stuff. I’m a happy man.
    Got to play lots with quiz Jr over the last three weeks.
    Missed you all.
    Have triple digit unread emails in my inbox and lots are marked urgent.

    Please send coffee.

    • The telltale sam & max games are also awesome if she wants more psychopathic lagomorph & laconic dog action

      • But this is the thing. I would do nothing. I would watch movies, play video games and hang out with friends.

        • How would you feel being a critic, then?
          If you enjoy movies and video games and discussing them with friends, surely you know what makes a GOOD video game/movie by now?

          So…could you write about what makes a video game/movie bad?

          (Please note that I am not a careers councellor. I am an office worker stuck in a suit and tie wishing he could spend days at home playing with his kids and writing award winning novels. I do not write award winning novels. I still haven’t completed my first one. But I dream of doing it.

          So all advice should be taken with a mine load of salt instead of a pinch.)

          • Don’t know how I could go doing something like that. But it’s something I’ve never considered, I suppose. So that’s something to ponder on?

        • Yeah, it’s a pretty garbage argument. Sure, pointlessly pursuing money can lead to a wasted life but the reality is we’ve got bills to pay, families to support, and there’s a bunch of work that’s necessary for society to function that no one really wants to do. It’s all well and good to pursue your dreams, but I have friends who tried that and all they wound up with was a bunch of debt and a multi-year gap in their resume.

          Plus, like you said, a good chunk of us would do nothing. If I won the lottery today and had 10 million bucks in my account, I might keep working for 6 months, tops. After that, I’d sit at home and play video games, probably travel some, etc. If I quit my job to play video games without a multi-million dollar buffer between me and destitution, there’s not a single person who would objectively think that was a wise decision.

          Very few people successfully make a living off playing video games and 99.9% of gamers will never have the talent to compete at a level where a decent living can be made.

          • I know. It’s one of those “Go follow your dreams” arguments that are nice to listen to but are also almost impossible to follow.

            All of the people I know who followed their dreams and are fulfilled ended up landing in a career/job/position that was somewhat related to their dreams. Like they aimed for the stars, ended up on Mars and said “That’s close enough”.

            Still, I dream of the day I don’t have to wear a tie anymore (metaphorically speaking).

          • It’s about finding the balance between the dream and practicality.Which is why it’s so difficult to “follow your dreams”.

          • I’d be happy enough just having a dream in the first place.

            Apart from that one where I’m being chased by the gigantic chicken holding a chainsaw and jar of vindaloo sauce who’s furious clucking seems to say “LET’S SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT!!”

    • You will still have no idea at 60 mang.
      Life has no point, just do what you can and enjoy the ride.

  • Howdy all. Happy New Year! πŸ˜€ I hope your break was fulfilling and longer and generally awesome, and you have some decent plans for 2014!

  • @alexpants @redartifice @doc_what @shiggyninty

    I have done my GOTY 2013. I filled out the comment form on Pixel-Otaku’s site, but that appears to remove all line spacing. How do I email it in, in a more appropriately formatted style?

    • AHHHH!

      If you hold off until after I get home tonight, the folks will be able to send you their new pixel-otaku emails to send stuff to.

      …which, as your post just reminded me, I completely forgot to give them access to over the holidays πŸ˜› Worst website guy ever.

  • Very interesting start to my week. Yesterday, I returned the company car I was using while one of the on-site tech’s was away, and this morning, I picked up my wallet and keys and such, and left for work. Got to work and realized the key had slipped out of my hand and didn’t make the journey to work. The on-site tech needed his car today cos he’s back now. Not long before they arrived at work to pick me up to go get the key, I started getting major pains in my stomach. Went to doctor after driving all the way home to get the key, and discovered I have a viral/infectious stomach bug that I apparently picked up from the Mater Private Hospital while visiting my mum. They know that’s where I got it cos my mum also has the same thing, along with about 100 other people. :\ All this on one of my already lowest pay cycles thanks to public holidays. 3 days work down now. I seriously can’t wait til February!

  • On the gaming side of the fence, I didn’t really do much over the holiday break. πŸ™ Need more time!

    I did however get a late Christmas present (a week late lol) of a PS4! So I picked up AC4 and I’ve been pirating on that. Looks quite pretty. Then some more GTA Online to try and unlock the tank.

    In other news, I finally compiled my list of console games, into a pile of shame. I’m not even bothing with Steam – it’s a losing battle. Hopefully this can push me to buy less games and play more (120+ on PS3 alone, fuuuuuuck). Also it’d be cool to look back on 2014 and see what I’ve accomplished.

    • I kind of want to do a pile of shame list like this but I fear for my sanity upon completion πŸ™

      • Yeah, I sat on the rug with my laptop looking at my gf and going “0_O 100+ ….. whoa …” at least five times.

    • I shudder to think what my Pile of Shame would look like if I hadn’t given all my games away to TAYbies πŸ˜›

    • Can I suggest playing something easier, like Lego Batman 2 or Lego Pirates, first? That way you can knock a few games off your list.

      • Yeah, I have LEGO Batman 1 under-way. But I want to enjoy this in co-op, so I play with my gf. Lots of other things (and GTA online…) happen and no LEGO gets played. πŸ™

    • Having a massive pile of shame isn’t going to help you stop buying games. You already knew it was there and it hasn’t had an impact.
      What I recommend instead is take a top 10 (or maybe 15) games from your pile that you really want to play. if you could only play 10 of the games in your pile what would they be?
      Then when you are tempted to buy a game compare it to the list and only buy it if it knocks something off the list. My purchasing of random, but it’s so cheap games dropped of dramatically when I did that.
      Hell I even got through this latest steam sale with only an extra 18 games and DLC

      Oh and pre sale this was my steam pineapple

      • It’s more to do with increasing the ‘completed’ pile and having some sort of visual cue for achievement. I’ve probably completed 5 or less games in 2013, and I have to think hard to remember them. Pile of shame will grow if great deals are to be had. πŸ˜›

        Also, there’s some games that I own (Rayman Origins) that I’m not hyped about at all, but I’ve put them on a pedestal since I think I’ll love them so much. I’m just waiting for a sort of magical time where I can play the game to the full potential… but I don’t know when that will be! D:

  • Hi all. I went to the Aquarium yesterday with my young cousins. It was pretty cool. There were some massive rays that looked awesome. Also a Salt Water Crocodile that we didn’t know if it was real at first because it was so big and wasn’t moving at all, then we were told it was real and then it did move.

  • Last night was awesome. One of my absolute favourite anime series ever, 2006’s Mushishi, got a 45-minute special episode out of the blue. It’s basically more of the same, which in this case means it was amazing. It’s been a while since I re-watched the show so I’d forgotten how much I love it.

    I don’t know if it was ever a popular show but it’s one I’d recommend to anyone. It’s a really interesting show because everything about it seems like it should be a series of incredibly creepy ghost stories. However the incredible, ethereal soundtrack gives it the exact opposite tone, making it relaxing and often quite beautiful with no small amount of scenery porn. Additionally each story generally resolves in a positive way, and the supernatural elements really are there to add color and impetus to human side of each situation.

    The series is completely episodic and follows roughly the same formula. Ginko, a strange guy with white hair and a smoking problem travels around a sort of fantastical 18th century-ish rural Japan, posing as a medicine seller. As he travels from village to village he encounters people who have various problems caused by Mushi, which are supernatural beings that take all sorts of different forms, anything from insect-sized floating glowy jellyfish-like things to mountains to a shadow that blocks out the sun. Ginko helps solve the people’s problems and free them from the Mushi, often helping them through more human problems at the same time.

    There’s a couple of recurring characters who turn up in more than one episode, but there’s no overarching continuity or anything. So if any of this sounds interesting to anyone, I suggest watching the special that’s streaming in a few places as of the weekend to try it out, as it’s one of the better stories. There’s a live-action movie as well (directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, creator of Akira amongst other things) but I haven’t seen it to know if it’s any good.

    Right now I’m incredibly tempted to go bust open my storage unit and pull out my DVDs and re-watch it all. Best thing about the special: at the end they announced they’re finally doing a second TV season in April \o/

        • You seem to know all about this stuff, so I have a question about dubs. I once had a DVD set where the English dub didn’t match the English subs, not even close. Which is considered the “definitive” version?

          • The ‘definitive’ version is Japanese dialogue without any subtitles πŸ˜›

            Generally speaking the subtitles will be more accurate than the dub. The way things are done usually, they take the original language, then translate it. Following that they take the translation and do an adaption of it which attempts to cut down or expand the words spoken so that they can fit into the timing of the dialogue in the show. Generally they try and sync with mouth movements and stuff as well, which is why you often get really stilted-sounding dialogue in anime dubs.

            Depending on the localizer they may modify references and jokes to make sense in English in the dub, but preserve them in the subtitles. Subs will often also contain things like honorifics which dubs may drop (though increasingly they don’t do this).

            When the subtitles match the dub completely, those are referred to as Dubtitles and are generally looked down on because they are less accurate to what is actually being said. Worst case IMO is where the subtitles are changed to match an accent that’s been added in the dub. For example, standard policy at some point became to dub anyone speaking in Kansai dialect (common in Kyoto and Osaka) with a redneck or hillbilly-style drawl. The reasoning is that Kansai-ben has some similar characteristics to it in terms of how it sounds, I think. It’s very annoying and not very accurate to the Japanese at all (Kansai-ben is a complete dialect for one thing, plus Osaka is a large, wealthy city and Kyoto was the capital until it was moved to Edo/Tokyo, so they’re not exactly hicks)

          • The dubtitles thing is one of the many issues I have with games. I can think of multiple examples (the worst I can think of recently was Ni no Kuni) where there’s a JP dialogue track but the ‘subtitles’ are what is said in the dub and it’s often wildly different to the point of actually changing what a character says or how they interact with each other. Ni no Kuni also had accented dubtitles so even though Mr Drippy’s Japanese actor talks in slightly rough standard Japanese, his subtitles are accented as if he was talking like a Welshman. And given that they’re also completely fucking wrong a lot of the time relative to what is actually being said, that made the dialogue mind-bendingly difficult to follow. I know enough Japanese that I basically end up using the subtitles as a guide to fill me in on stuff I’m missing but accented subs or subs that say something completely different make that frustrating and/or impossible. πŸ™

      • I just realized, if you mean the recent new special, then no, that’s subtitle-only. The original series from 2006 is available dubbed.

        • Ah. I did actually mean the 2006 one so your answer was what I was looking for! I usually prefer dubs just for ease of watching, but if the new special doesn’t have a dub I’ll just watch it all in Japanese so I don’t have to switch.

          • I’m sure the special will get a dub eventually, but it only aired a few days ago.

            It’s one of those uniquely Japanese-feeling shows though. I can understand watching most stuff dubbed but in this case it’s so strongly eastern right down to the music (which uses a lot of South-East Asian instruments – when I’m home from work I shall link some of the beautiful soundtrack) and I just feel like something would be missing in English. Maybe it would still work.

            I’m also interested to see if it’s just me that likes it or if the appeal is more universal. It hits a lot of my buttons but I also like some extremely niche stuff.

  • I’ve been reading a lot on Roman history lately and I discovered that apparently “lime” was a Latin word meaning a series of defensive fortifications, kind of like an ancient equivalent of the Maginot Line. Of course me being me, I imagined a bunch of Romans hunkered down in a fort throwing limes at their foes and the enemy responding in kind with oranges.

    I’m bored okay, shaddup.

    • I like the idea of using a single lime as a deterrent even better.

      “Oh shit! There are barbarians at the gate! Claudius, quit fucking around and bring me the lime. The lime. Now! Thank you!

      “Hey! HEEEEEEY! Barbarians! Look over here, I’ve got a lime. Yeah, that’s right. Fuck off or I’m going to use this lime on you! Yeah, that’s right. You better run!

      “Good work, Claudius. Although next time bring an actual lime instead of painting a lemon green.”

      Edit: But supposing they had a pointed stick…?

  • At lunchtime I bought an Elton John best-of set for my wife. I’m sitting here at work … testing it … and resisting the urge to claim out loud that I’m not the man they think I am at home.

  • This Killzone Mercenary game is pretty good. Even though I’ve only played 4 levels. Wish I could play online…

  • So a large portion of my holiday was devoted to Minecraft, I got the PS3 edition as I’d never played it before. It is the sort of game I could develop a problem with, so many times I wanted to just make a small thing and it ended up getting outta hand, like my house, started small now it’s a monstrous 13 story tower that reaches the heavens. I had to stop myself playing so I got the platinum trophy (usually a good way to get me to stop a game as I feel like I’ve done everything). Such a time sink. I had a big pile of shame lined up for the holidays and played barely any of them.

  • Hey, just a reminder! Brisbane meat on Jan 17 at around 7pm-ish. Will be dinner at a nice place!

    Hope you guys can make it! I’ll give you more firm details closer to day.

    @sughly, @freezespreston, @strange, @transientmind, @gutsoup, @jimu, @popdart5, @welbot, @virus__, @sernobulus, @beardymcmuttonchops, @lambomann007, @dkzeitgeist

  • You know what’s going to be great? MulTAYplayer nights when Mario Kart 8 comes out. And then again when Smash Bros gets released.

    For the 2 or 3 people in Australia that own WiiU’s anyway.


    I like that the Obama-good Osama-bad episode actually led into some more interesting territory for the story, namely the TMI! hacking scandal, etc. Loved seeing Charlie trying to behave as if he was in a spy movie in the library. Also his head-to-head with Jane Fonda was very dramatic. Have only seen Part One of the Blackout ep. Can’t wait for Part Two!

    • Oh man, that scene in the library made me laugh. That guy totally thought Charlie was propositioning him. XD My favourite character is Sloan. Loved the whole speaking in Japanese/going awol thing.

      • Sloan really irritates me! Mrs Shane and I were discussing this the other night, and we arrived at the conclusion that she is the Ainsley Haines of this show, basically making up female numbers. And fulfilling some weird fantasy by being impossibly attractive and yet so weird and socially awkward that literally anyone might have a shot at her.

        But what really annoys me is that they don’t seem to have decided just how weird they want to make her. She’s a genius who wants to play down her attractiveness and be taken seriously, and yet takes a troll comment about a big ass deeply personally. I don’t really buy her mistake when she filled in at 10:00 either – she’s still a professional with years of experience, and she knows that off-the-record information is worth nothing. That’s Journalism 101.

        In short, I can’t get a read on her character, and it really, really irritates me.

          • Fair enough.

            She can stay in the show, anyway, because she’s easy enough on the eyes. I’m just really struggling to treat her like a serious character.

            Edit: more seriously, though, I think Sorkin has a formula for this kind of thing. Check this out. There’s some interesting synergy here:

            Professional woman, endlessly capable. Workaholic with little or no current personal life to speak of. Rare mistakes can always be forgiven, and they only happen when personal feelings cross over into the professional realm. Deserves respect beyond attractiveness:
            West Wing: CJ
            Newsroom: Mac

            Smart blonde girl who is often competent at her job, sometimes the only voice of reason, often inappropriately loud at the wrong moment, and occasionally disastrously incompetent (because she didn’t follow a traditional career path, and hasn’t had all the relevant training and experience). Prominent in the show mostly because she’s in an unrequited or unfulfilled relationship with one of the main male characters.
            West Wing: Donna
            Newsroom: Maggie

            Intimidatingly beautiful woman with stellar professional reputation who is shoehorned into the cast, and then proceeds to behave weirdly and unpredictably. Has difficulty relating socially to anybody. Hopelessly single, occasionally shows proficiency in flirting, but just as often completely fails to recognise social cues. Comes from another world that the main characters struggle to relate to (either the other side of the political spectrum, or another branch of expertise), which is the pretext for their indispensibility. Sometimes fucks up in the worst ways possible, but is always saved by the men, who rally around her protectively.
            West Wing: Ainsley
            Newsroom: Sloan

            This isn’t meant to be critical. I love the Newsroom, and it’s still one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

          • The last one doesn’t fit Ainsley at all.

            Sloan is closer to Tobey. The main difference is that she’s really attractive.

          • Really? I seem to remember her dancing around her office like a loon when POTUS came to visit… πŸ˜›

          • In a bathrobe, no less!

            Think about it though, Tobey is a prickly expert that everyone relies heavily on. Ainsley was an outsider that was occasionally useful. There’s a mix of both of them in there, but Ainsley was more coincidentally derpy (and would often punctuate making a good point by going off in search of baked goods) than Sloan who is just kinda poorly written.

            In terms of the group dynamic, Sloan is much more Tobey. Admittedly. so is that producer dude but that’s another point entirely.

    • There’s some really great timing coincidences throughout the two seasons so far.
      I mean, the NSA source reveals information about widespread hacking, for one.
      It’s neat.

    • It was a while ago, but hazy memory makes me think something like 2 weeks?

      Each came in a separate parcel.

    • Under two weeks.

      Also Games Paradise has 20% off right now, so their online prices are pretty good (seeing as there’s free shipping for orders over $125).

      • I saw that, think I’ll grab Pandemic from there while it’s hot. Alas, 7 Wonders is out of stock.

    • Pretty good with what I’ve found. !-2 weeks is normal.
      I wouldn’t worry about shipping times with OGS, I’ve never had a 2 months and maybe it’s on the way situation

  • Does anyone have @transientmind’s email address? About to send out some info about Japan 2015 and don’t have a way to contact him aside from here

  • Just harpooned a white whale in ac4. It was a piece of piss, no idea what Ahab was going on about

    • I felt really bad doing the harpooning. I actually stopped doing it and just bought the bones and whatever from the store instead.

      • Fortunately I’m too dead inside to be that worried.

        I am a bit annoyed that you kill something big like a panther or a whale and you get ONE bone. I was initially frustrated thinking that there were all these Englishmen about who have bones in them and who I’m killing anyway but then I remembered that Englishman bones are really only good for making bread

  • Goddamn. GODDAMN. Love Plus is goddamn eating my soul. Now, I’ve been on a few dates before, lucky enough to be in a relationship or two once upon a time- and y’know, I’ve learned that real-life relationships, the right ones, have a fair amount of flexibility in them. Enough so to make them seem both a steady part of one’s life and a roller coaster.

    But Love Plus? Love Plus cages you. You think, ‘Oh, virtual waifus, easy stuff, clickity clickity click boom I win hearts.”



    TL;DR- Too much like real life, I quit

    “Saturday, isn’t there a skip option so that you can gloss over all the tedium and go straight on dates whenever?”

    Fuck you.

    But nah seriously massive hyperbole aside it’s a charming and alarmingly immersive game.

    • Is there an end-game in Love Plus? (cue funny comments on what an end game to Love Plus involves)

      But really, does it just continue on forever like Animal Crossing? Does that mean eventually you’ll be repeating dates? And that the girls continually repeat the same voice clips forever? I want to know but I don’t want to play! πŸ˜›

      • No end game. Eventually things repeat, but there’s still a fair amount of content to get through. Just like Animal Crossing, the more time you invest into it, the more content you’ll see (with diminishing returns.)

      • Really guys? Am I gonna have to take this up? Ugh, fiiiiiiine

        I heard this game has a “happy ending”.

        It only takes me a minute to get to end game in Love Plus.

  • Fleeing work to hopefully avoid the storm that’s about to smash Brisbane, god speed to anyone else having to brave the storm.

    • Seems like it was all sound and fury.

      Thing passed right over in the space of about an hour. By the time I left last night, it was barely even spitting.

  • In an effort to be somewhat more organised than previous adventures, I’ma try to let you all know in advance… by a month!
    I’m gonna be in Sydney late next month for 10 days, and would love to see all your lovely faces once again. It’s been just over a year!
    I’ll be arriving at 7:20pm on Friday the 21st of February, and will be leaving at 10:00am on Monday the 3rd of March.
    I’m completely free in terms of scheduling at the moment, outside of perhaps one or two activities and venues that I MUST do again. Which I would love for you to join me in, too!
    These include:
    Mojos and other suave pubs (help me out here!)
    Din Tai Fung (World Square. Famous dumplings. Be there or be shit)
    Bishi Bashi. (Galaxy world. Slap buttons until your hands bleed. Last time it cost like $20 to finish it…)

    I should have a non-TAYbie mate from Canberra coming up to stay with me, to keep me warm on the cold nights. Or, y’know, to meat all you awesome folk πŸ˜€
    But yeah, let me know who’s free, and if there’s any suggestions for group entertainment and such!

      • Planning a day trip to Sydney in all that, by any chance?
        (I can’t really warrant a 6hr round trip man, I paid for the accommodation today and I damned well want to be staying there πŸ˜›
        Come join me though! Bring the kids! Apparently renting/hiring an apartment is cheaper than a hotel room, so there should be space :D)

        • I’d like to – I’ll let you know! Not sure a 6 month pregnant woman is gonna be too keen on travelling around then though, and my kids are never keen on travelling πŸ˜›

          • You’re pregnant again? I don’t know if I already knew or not, but congratulations!

            also… travelling with kids is the WORST.

          • I can drop my pregnant wife off to have a playdate with your pregnant wife where they complain about how shit their husbands are, and we can go to Sydney!

          • Wait… did I know about this pregnancy? It feels like news.
            Just in case this is the first I’m hearing of it, CONGRATULATONS!!

    • By some strange planetary alignment, I will be off work both weekends during your stay πŸ˜€
      Keep me posted as to what gets organised and I will make the journey into town.
      For some reason my girlfriend wants to meet all the Taybies too, so obviously I have been selling you guys too high in the stories I tell her πŸ˜›

    • $20 to finish Bishi Bashi? You need training.

      Powalen shall be your mentor. Beneath the stony mask of his face lie the instincts of a trained killer.

    • Don’t you worry, we’ve been playing plenty of Bishi Bashi (and Animal Kaiser) in your absence. We can teach you the ways.

      I’m totally in for all of those things and more, though! Especially dumplings because I haven’t been there yet πŸ˜›

    • I’ll be around and up for stuff… although I may have a few other events as it’s rainbowpartytime that week

  • Inspired by the Amazing efforts of @stickman, I also have put together a spreadsheet of my pile of shame. I have split it up by all the games I had bought previously and everything I bought in the Xmas Steam Sale (as a starting point for 2014). Ignoring games on Steam that I have no interest in playing (eg Dota 2) and things I’ve somehow acquired through Humble Bundles (Company of Heroes), I have a total of 48 games that are on Steam or 3DS that are somewhere between Untouched and Completed/Not interested in going back to at this point. 29 are completely Untouched, 16 have been started but aren’t finished. 2 have already been completed this year (Pokemon Y [technically last year, but I’ve still been playing it this year] and Gone Home), and 1 I have no interest in returning to (Skyrim).

    Sad part is by my count I have already completed more games this year than I did last year.
    Lets see how things change by the end of the year.

    The Full List Below
    Brothers – Tale of two sons
    Far Cry 3
    Gone Home
    Paper’s please
    Pixeljunk Eden
    Remember Me
    Shadowrun Returns
    The Walking Dead – Season 2
    Tomb Raider
    Trials Evolution
    XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    Tales of monkey Island
    Trine 2
    Saints Row The Third
    Secret of Monkey Island
    Secret of Monkey Island 2
    Dragon Age Origins
    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
    LA Noire
    Mark of the Ninja
    Metro 2033

    Started but Incomplete
    Batman Arkham City
    Bit Trip Runner
    Borderlands 2
    Cave Story
    Dark Souls
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Fire Emblem Awakening
    Mark of the Ninja
    Mass Effect 3
    Radiant Historia
    Spec Ops the Line
    Super Meat Boy

    Pokemon Y
    Gone Home

    Not Going Back To

    • It’s weird because Dishonored, Far Cry 3 & Xcom are all untouched?

      You mean “Played to death” for these games, right?

    • Don’t count The Ship. It’s mostly a MP game but there is 0 community for it these days.

      Dragon Age, get on that sir.

      • Mine was scary enough. I don’t need the emotional torment from looking at Steam like @novacascade did. πŸ˜›

      • It’s the games that should be scared, if they don’t grab you enough that you put aside the allegedly “important” bits of your life to play them then the failure is theirs, not yours.

        That’s why I don’t really have a pile of shame, I have games I’ve finished, games I’m finishing and games I’m not going to finish

    • Ummm you have multiple games in untouched as well as started but incomplete eg day sex:HR

      Recommendations from the list from me would be Mark of the Ninja (My GOTY) as well as Metro 2033

  • So, are we actually going through with the Tayvasion?
    If we are, should we attack Popsugar or Gizmodo whitenoise?

    • I just quickly loaded popsugar to see if there was a vaguely analogous forumish thing but I couldn’t see anything, possibly because there isn’t anything but possibly because the layout was fucking awful.

      If people are up for trying though I’d suggest round robin posting of AC4’s sea shanty’s. Think of this with one person telling the story and the rest of us taking turns replying

      • Well, on the bright side, we might cause the community in those groups to start their own conversations the next week.

      • I don’t think it’s bullying. There’s no malice. Giz editors seemed to be good natured about it. I just think it was a little pointless, is all. Fun, but pointless. XD

      • I thought it’d be more showing up, being confusing by just talking in obscure terms to each other and then buggering off leaving everyone saying “what the hell was that about?” but I can sort of see where it might seem mean

      • I guess gadgets and fashion just don’t unite people the way video games do.
        (Edit: Except for you console-playing heathens. MASTER RAAAACE!)

        …I kind of feel sad for the mainstream in that respect.

  • Ordered a birthday present a couple of weeks ago for a friend. Turns out it was really hard to find in Australia for a good price. Got an email last night that it had been cancelled. No reason given.

    Panicked because the birthday is next week and frantically went online this morning trying to find somewhere else that sells it. Ended up finding it cheaper from a local supplier. Awww yeah.

    • My birthday is in August.

      I accept shiny surfaces capable of reflecting myself or petite men’s capes in lavender.

      • Do you mean petite as in length of the cape or as in skinny neck?

        Cause I keep picturing you in a waist-length purple cape and I’d like to make sure my fantasies are accurate.

  • So regarding the Secret SanTAY, I just found out that the thing I ordered and sent directly to my recipient was never sent and the order has been cancelled, with no info whatsoever.
    Long story short, I’m doing something else now, so you will be getting something.

    • I sent my gift out at the start of December but the person hasn’t said they’ve received anything yet. Just my luck for my the first time I participate in secret santa that the present I send gets lost in the mail πŸ˜›

      • From the sounds of it there’s been a lot of that going on. The funny part is, somehow we all seemed to expect that Australia Post would be fine over Christmas… πŸ˜›

        • Christmas seems to catch them by surprise, every year. πŸ™‚

          (That’s actually a joke, because it’s not a fair criticism to make. It’s difficult if not impossible to upscale a workforce tenfold for a period of only one – maybe two – months in a year. Especially with security checks and a training period that could feasibly take longer than the actual employment contract.)

      • I got mine. Totally meant to upload pictures to twitter but keep forgetting.

        So if I’m yours you can stop worrying. If not, start worrying.

    • I had mine sent direct to recipient, which in hindsight may not have been the best idea.
      Also, I’ve no idea whether it’s been delivered or not yet.

  • Ok even weirder still. Neither of the Asus laptops are turned on at all, nor have they been for hours since dad was doing something or other with them. And yet for whatever reason, it’s still stopping other wireless devices from working at all until I reset the router :/

  • PS4 owners, unite!

    I need to add someone. D: I just don’t want to look at the ‘What’s New’ feed and only see junk from me. It’s depressing.


    kgo. πŸ™‚

  • Day 2 of porridge breakfast,

    Added a banana. Tasted much more palatable. Bought fresh strawberries for tomorrow.

  • I played the first episode of The Wolf Among Us on Sunday night. It was okay. The QTE combat needs to die in a fire and I wish it felt like it was actually an adventure game instead of just a bunch of dialogue sequences interspersed with QTEs. Give me some puzzles or something that I actually need to think about. I barely picked anything up and didn’t use any items together at all πŸ™

    • Telltale’s gone down the Quantic Dream route of adventure game design and I honestly think it’s the best thing they could’ve done.

      • I was going to make a quip about David Cage and then I realized that David Cage == D.C.

        And suddenly everything makes sense.

        • Haha! Lots of Telltale’s early games didn’t have the balance right. They were trying to bring in casual fans by making it too easy which wasn’t satisfying for adventure game fans. Now I think they’ve hit an awesome balance where they’ve got the story and characterizations of a great adventure with a much more accessible, intuitive method of playing.

          Also… EMOTIONS. πŸ˜›

          • I liked their old Sam & Max games a hell of a lot more personally. Give me traditional adventure games any day. The Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead both feel like something you could play on a DVD player or something.

          • There wasn’t a whole lot inventory combining and all that in those games either, though… I should say I completely understand what you’re saying. These Quantic Dream-type games are most definitely an acquired taste. (Just one that happens to appeal to me. :D)

          • You actually picked stuff up though! Also there wasn’t godawful combat at any point.

            There were some puzzles that self-selected for people of a certain age though, like the one where you needed to break into the Apollo lander and had to use a coat hanger on the open window to unlock the door.

      • Telltale have never really been that good at gameplay mechanics, its probably for the best they’re focussing on story. Then again I’d like it if they’d hire someone new to help with the game mechanics so we can get the best of both worlds

        • Considering the last time they focused on making a gamey-game was Jurassic Park and we all know how that ended.

          The earlier Telltale stuff (Tales of Monkey Island, Wallace & Gromit, Back to the Future) is more better in an adventure-game way but they were never known for making good games until they did heavy narrative-based games.

    • My impressions of the game are probably overly-influenced by the art-direction and soundtrack. I played the thing three times back-to-back, then watched other people play it twice, and I DIDN’T GET BORED. πŸ™‚

  • Trying to decide if I’m questioning whether or not I should look for a new job because I want to move upwards (very slim chance of that here) or because the job I’ve been doing for the past week is just so incredibly shit.

          • Go live in a town with less than 100,000 people and a decent Internet connection. You’ll find out πŸ˜›

          • I dunno. Sounds like the kind of place that’d have very few stores around, and nowhere near as many places to hunt for games and/or bargains.

          • I know @rize is from a smallish place originally (can’t remember where…Wagga Wagga?), but before I moved to the city I lived in a place with 30,000 people and it was the god damn worst.

            Went back for Christmas, nothing to do.

          • I grew up in a town of 4,000. Moved to Wagga when I was 17, and it has a population of around 50,000.
            Regardless, with a good Internet connection and kids to look after, “things to do” aren’t really relevant πŸ˜›

          • I’ve lived in wagga all my life and as they say familiarity breeds contempt and I’m very familiar with wagga… There’ll be noone left when I complete… THE DEVICE!!

            I hope you’ve not got friends here @rize

          • I’ve spent a few months in Walgett (2k population) if that counts :p

            Sydney’s a big place. Yes, there are plenty of bad neighborhoods. But there are also a lot more good neighborhoods. I grew up in inner- west in a great community. I went back to visit last month and still ran into half a dozen people I recognized.

          • Ugh, that’s the thing that has been getting to me the most. I’ve been living here a year (prev Perth, Adelaide) and I still can’t get used to the humidity. Heat I can handle (5 years in Alice Springs) and even be comfortable… but humidity. Bleah.

  • So, anyone play Hearthstone a lot? I’ve been trying a few Arena runs lately and I’ve been having some woeful luck. I guess weapon decks are just not for me.

    • I played it a couple of hours, absolutely hated the Mage (utterly boring, bog-standard M:TG gameplay) and wasn’t remotely capable of unlocking anything else. Lost every game I played after the tutorial.

      Fuck that shit.

      • I’ve never played M:TG so I don’t know how close the similarities are but I have heard some people say Hearthstone outright copies some elements. Then again, how innovative can you be with a card game?

        • It’s streamlined M:TG. Each of the heroes seems like they play a different style of M:TG deck. The Mage is a pure efficiency strategy. Monsters out quickly and cheaply. Overwhelm with numbers.

          Problem is that that sort of deck is completely boring and also doesn’t hold up well if you’re not keeping up. There are far more interesting ways you can build a M:TG-style deck.

          • The game is literally “I do my thing, you do your thing until one of us falls over”. There might be depth to it but I didn’t even get past the tutorials before getting very bored.

          • Kind of disappointing given that there was an official WoW card game at one point which had cool shit like co-op ‘raid decks’ and stuff.

          • On the other hand, I just got Octgn working. It’s a less than legitimate platform to play card games like Android: Netrunner online and let’s you muck about with deckbuilding in a less fiddly way.

    • Played against a Druid deck the other day that has a build that is apparently becoming very popular.

      Math of the Wild:
      Lots of +x/+x cards.

      Easy enough to counter if you know what kind of deck they’re playing, but too many minions on the board and you’re screwed.

      Stonetusk Boar: Charge
      Raid Leader Γ— 2: Your other minions have +1 Attack.
      Mark of the Wild Γ— 2: Give a minion Taunt and +2/+2.
      Stormwind Champion: Your other minions have +1/+1.
      Shattered Sun Cleric Γ— 2: Battlecry: Give a friendly minion +1/+1.
      Savage Roar Γ— 2: Give your characters +2 Attack this turn.
      Power of the Wild Γ— 2: Choose One – Give your minions +1/+1; or Summon a 3/2 Panther.
      Mark of Nature Γ— 2: Choose One – Give a minion +4 Attack; or +4 Health and Taunt.
      Druid of the Claw Γ— 2: Choose One – Charge; or +2 Health and Taunt.
      Dire Wolf Alpha Γ— 2: Adjacent minions have +1 Attack.
      Dark Iron Dwarf Γ— 2: Battlecry: Give a minion +2 Attack.
      Acolyte of Pain Γ— 2: Whenever this minion takes damage, draw a card.
      Master Swordsmith Γ— 2: At the end of your turn, give another random friendly minion +1 Attack.
      Defender of Argus Γ— 2: Battlecry: Give adjacent minions +1/+1 and Taunt.
      Ancient of War: Choose One – Taunt and +5 Health; or +5 Attack.
      The Black Knight: Battlecry: Destroy an enemy minion with Taunt.
      Sylvanas Windrunner: Deathrattle: Take control of a random enemy minion.
      Cenarius: Choose One – Give your other minions +2/+2; or Summon two 2/2 Treants with Taunt.

      • I haven’t come up against Math of the Wild just yet but I’ve heard it is annoying. I lost to a Murloc deck the other day and that was annoying as crap. Early game Murloc swarm vs a warrior with no really effective board clearing was fun -_-

        • Warlock Murloc rush decks are the worst.

          I had a pretty good run with my Priest Lightspawn deck a few weeks back, but people expect and counter it too easily now.

          • I have no idea what my deck is even called or if it even has a theme. I just play Hunter with beast focus and the raven draw-card minion. Basically just the basic Hunter deck with a few extras.

            I need a greater variety of demons for my Warlock. Succubi can go die in a hole.

          • Hunter deck is like the 1 deck I can’t play effectively.

            Currently leveling my Rogue deck and trying out different builds. Think I’ve found one I’m fairly happy with.

  • Just going to put this out there – if I don’t want to read the article about the sexual violence in the new Metal Gear Solid, chances are, I don’t want to watch the animated gif of it either.
    Then again I’m probably just channeling my grumpy old man since I don’t want any animated gifs on a news feed.

    • Quite happy that there’s no one else at this school at the moment. Opening Kotaku’s front page and seeing (MGS V)a gif of a chick in stockings and a bikini getting electro-tortured isn’t exactly SFW.

        • I asked him on Twitter if there was anything he could do about it and he’s on it. πŸ™‚

          Although if there’s two more posts then at least it will be on the second page. πŸ˜›

          • Looks to have been changed to a static picture of a bloke in the rain. Looks kind of like a splinter cell music video now

    • Yeah, I understand we’re a game site and have to report on all ratings of games, but at the same time being a site that younger players read, it’s inappropriate to have that as something out there for all to see as opposed to just for those who have an interest and clicked on the article.

    • kotaku has made me untick the “play animations in webpages” setting, the animated gif craze just shit me one time too often

  • A mother and her 14 year old daughter died on a holiday in Bali just a few hours after eating a plate of fish at a restaurant.

    Kind of terrifying to think it can happen so quickly and out of the blue like that.

  • Man, everyone is going to Japan. Blaghs is there already, plime’s going over soon too. My sister and her boyfriend are going over tomorrow (her booking reference hilariously came out as “fuck you XD”), her boyfriend’s uncle and cousin just happen to be going to the exact same place at the same time as them too, a couple of people who’ve gotten chatty at climbing are going in another week or two, and I overheard another group there talking about going over soon as well. The place to be, apparently.

  • Day 2 of Oats in the Morning For Breakfast and still finding I feel hungrier doing this than when I was just having a couple of eggs.

    • Aww…I clicked on that because I thought it would be cool to sit next to a real life hippo. I did not expect the rantings of a rude bastard who may have been assisted if he himself wasn’t such an asshat.

  • Greetings all!

    Wow, its been literally years (ha) since I’ve hopped on TAY.

    I hope everybody is well in the new year.

    Things that have happened to Riley recently

    Bungie jumped in Cairns.
    Snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef.
    New Years eve I shacked up with a bird from the UK related to Sean Bean…..SEAN BEAN! Pretty much the coolest story I have now…

    Oh and a bunch of GBA games arrived \o/

    Happy Tuesday friends!

  • Ok TAYbies, it might be that due to being a poor Uni student I skipped the 360/3/wii generation (until a year ago when I bought a 2nd hand wii) and have had to upgrade my PC piecemeal over the last 5 years, but…

    What is the deal with the Steamboxes? I’m too scared to ask this in the regular comments, but why would you buy a Steambox when you can build a desktop, forgo the monitor and have it tucked away somewhere plugged into your TV (as you can easily do these days)?

    This comment is not trolling or sarcastic, I’m just honestly curious as to why someone would pick this up instead of a desktop…

      • I completely forgot about that. No more fiddling with patches, drivers, configurations, wrestling Windows to get it to work. Right. Makes sense now.

        • Not sure it’s that simple. Steambox you can swap the parts out for whatever you want so there’s still going to be a truck load of hardware/software conflicts.

          • Maybe not so many. Developers typically work with the major device manufacturers to get things working smoothly for the most common hardware configurations. When shit goes wrong, it’s usually because of a configuration they didn’t test.

            We aren’t in a vacuum here – if the Steambox guys can limit their swappable components to a relatively small list, developers are going to know about that list and be inclined to support it.

    • Personally I wouldn’t, the steamos doesn’t seem mature enough yet, that or it’s dependant on streaming from another PC so if you have to have a PC anyway you might as well just build a good one and be done with it.

    • My question is if there’s a heap of different spec steam machines what’s the point as not all games will run on all the systems.

      • I imagine, and I could be wrong, that SteamOS will have a way of reading your hardware. If it doesn’t meet the recommended system requirements it will let you know with a “This game doesn’t meet the recommended requirements” warning and again for the ‘minimum requirements’ or something similar.

        With a custom OS aimed at gaming, this really shouldn’t be hard to implement.

        • Which still seems to defeat the purpose. If you have a PS4 you can play anything with a PS4 on the box. Steam machine won’t play everything with Steam machine on it.

          • But the PS3 can’t play PS4 games. It’s ultimately the same concept.

            Over time, yes there will be games you may not be able to run, but looking at the specs of the currently available pre-built Steam Machines, it matches and (generally) betters that of current gen consoles. With those specs you can play all current games on Steam and will be able to for years to come.

            Eventually a time will come when games have advanced enough that yes, you will have to replace parts/entire Steam Machine. But you’ll have to upgrade to a PS5 as well.

          • It’s not like that at all. It’s like releasing 13 different ps4’s where most can’t play all ps4 games.

          • But for something to be labelled as an “official licensed” Steam Machine it has to meet certain requirements, which includes hardware as well. [I’ll see if I can dig up the article on this]

            If Timmy next door builds a custom Steam Machine which can’t play all the games then that’s his own fault.

          • Funny you mention that. There was a big warning sign in JB that the new COD doesn’t work on those cheap 360s because of a mandatory install.

    • To double down on my answer: Building a PC isn’t necessarily in the purview of everyone- while it’s simple enough if you know what you’re doing, some people don’t have the time or energy to do it and make sure it’s all compatible and everything, and then a new game comes out and you buy it and can’t run it…

      If you have a Steam Box, with standard parts or meeting a standard test, they’ll be able to put a “this will work on your computer” notice all over the steam store, or “you need to upgrade component x for this to run” that makes it simpler for the consumer. Sure, people who are already in to PCs won’t jump for it, but for an uninformed consumer that just wants to play game y it’s compelling.

    • What a lot of PC gamers (and gamers in general) seem to be misunderstanding is the target market of the Steam Machine. Steam aren’t going after the PC enthusiast. They (most likely) already have them with their gaming rigs.

      Steam Machine is less a product and more of a concept. The concept is a machine that you can plug into your TV and play your games.

      Branded Steam Machines are just ones that are pre-built.

      • Steam Machine is less a product and more of a concept. The concept is a machine that you can plug into your TV and play your games.

        This. There seems to be a distinct misunderstanding with people thinking that Steam machines are a physical product, not a concept. Ultimately I think this is being done on purpose to drive sales of the prebuilt systems.

        • It just makes no sense though. If someone who has never built a PC before and barely played any games asked me what to buy, I would tell them to buy a PS4 / XBONE / WiiU. I just don’t understand the target audience with this concept.

          Why buy a prebuilt PC with SteamOS when you can use a console and it will work with 100% of the released games.

          • I would tell them to buy a PS4 / XBONE / WiiU

            But that would make them a dirty console peasant.

          • I’m seriously considering forgoing the new console generation and going steam box because the “will work with 100% of the games” is the only advantage consoles have left… and even then, I imagine they’ll find some way to break that over the course of the generation.

            They’ve added problems with: losing access to old games and hardware (why can’t I use my USB 360 fight stick or bluetooth harmony remote adapter?); games are never as cheap as PC; PC-like interface without any of the customisation; uncertainty about how long my digital purchases will be available to download; etc.

            And this is coming from a previously massive console supporter. I miss the days of my mega drive when consoles did actually just work πŸ™

          • Yeah man, the other week I bought BF4 on PC – this is the first multi-platform game I have not bought on a console since the PS2 came out.
            I have played about 90% of my games on a console for at least the past 10 years but this round? I dunno, just not feeling it.
            Maybe I will join the master race full time.

    • I do believe you have overtaken me in the amount of Steam games owned now.

      I feel both relieved and ashamed by this.

    • I changed my mind. I’m not publishing that figure. I just did the total of 2013 on its own, and the number is incredibly embarrassing.

      On the plus side, I also got to review a list of the things I got a shit-tonne of enjoyment out of. Fond memories win!

    • I’m primarily a console player but I have a lot of steam games mainly from the Humble Bundle sales and gifts from kind TAYbies.

      3-5 cheap games from Humble Bundle sales are hard to pass on every month(now every week as well).

  • Two days of work on this crappy task that should have taken a couple of hours and I’m finally starting to see results. Such a damned good feeling, and I may actually get to go home on time today!

  • I think I’ve figured out the reason I’m not fond of Steam like everyone else seems to be. Apart from the whole never being able to just browse through the store in an unfrustrating manner.
    It’s that Gabe Newell is the figurehead, and he’s really the epitome of the smug “PC Master Race”er.

    • Our Gaben, who art at Valve
      Glorious be thy beard
      Thy Half-Life (never) come
      Thy will be done on earth
      As it is at Valve
      Give us this day our daily deals
      And forgive us our spending
      As we forgive those who spend alongside us
      May discounts lead us not into temptation
      But deliver us flash sales
      For thine kingdom is the Valve
      The Steam and the daily deals
      For ever and ever

      I’m so, so sorry Strange. I had to.

    • MAAAASTER RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-*cough-hack-cough* *pant* *wheeze* –AAAAAACE!
      *falls over*

      (Edit: Yes, the store-browsing is fucking horrible and I can’t believe they haven’t overhauled it so that you can check out multiple titles etc without losing your place in a browsing list. It’s like they only expect you to buy off the ‘recent release’ or ‘top seller’ lists, which is a self-fulfilling prophecy, thanks to the unfriendliness of browsing anything NOT on those lists.)

      • It’s the same problem faced by anything that has become super popular and widely used on the Internet. A userbase is inherently stubborn and resistant to change so it’s incredibly difficult to update or change things. Maybe Valve will release a Steam store client v.2.0 at some stage but they probably won’t.

    • My problem is more that I have a couple of hundred dollars worth of games on it that just won’t run or stall out and Steam support are very cagey on giving any sort of refund on them. Only got one refund out of them.

      • I wish they’d take a leaf out of GoG’s book on that front. The GoG guys reckoned that their customer support tickets have only increased a negligible amount since they introduced their returns policy.

        (They also noted that number of downloads didn’t increase much either, and that it seems from checking torrent sites that people who returned games weren’t just ‘buying’ them to post them around the place for a freebie.)

        I know Steam’s a completely different beast and that the demographic might be a much more potentially fraudulent one, but it’d be nice to see them take the plunge.

    • I’m kind of curious as to why you think he seems smug.
      Putting my love for the fact that he looks like a hobo aside, in the interviews I’ve read, he seems to be fairly evenly balanced on the pros and cons of PC gaming; at least all the arguments people have brought up before. He presents a weakness and then he expresses curiosity as to why that is a weakness.
      I haven’t really heard him obnoxiously tout the greatness of Steam Machine and how it’ll fix everything (as an example), or how Game X made a hojillion dollars in the first week of sales, also being the highest selling game in a time span of exactly 67 hours or anything like that.

      • It’s true. He speaks pretty well, and comes across as really clued in and not particularly concerned about PR bullshit all whilst not actually holding such passionate or divisive opinions that he has to worry about PR bullshit.

        • Sure, but to some extent, Valve actually does need some sort of PR bollocks.
          I think moreso in the vein of community management rather than marketing at least, because when things go wrong on Steam, nerds get real mad at them. Someone to interact with them and tell them what’s going on, because sometimes the silence hurts them. There was some DotA2 Halloween event or something that got people real mad.
          Probably unjustifiably, but still.

          • Ohyeah, Valve does need its PR stuff totally. Just not Gaben. I don’t think the mighty Gaben has all that much to do with the nuts and bolts of running Steam anymore. I get the impression he’s up in ‘exploring new territory’ pants now.

          • Probably unjustifiably…
            Punching someone in the face because they didn’t say hello to you is unjustifiable. That Dota 2 crap was batshit crazy”.

        • I can see that but he was backed into a corner there
          It was a joke. He got asked “Isn’t your competitor doing great” so there isn’t many ways to answer. You can slag of the competitor, tell your shareholders that a competitor is doing great or you can make a joke and then explain your plans.

    • Just because he’s used as a figurehead by internet ‘meme’ makers doesn’t mean squat. As said above, eh seems like a pretty cool guy giving out sales and doesn’t afraid of Microsoft.

    • Gabe Newell is over time morphing into Richard Stallman. He’s got the smugness already, now he’s growing the greying beard and is constantly harping on how evil Microsoft are and how much better things are in Linux.

  • Got a ‘Collect Me’ slip in my mailbox yesterday to pick up a package I missed. The post office I need to go to is literally across the road from my building flat. “This is amazing!”, I thought.

    But wait! The Post Office is only open while I’m at work, so I can’t pick up my parcel until the weekend, even though I walk past it every day and am within 50 metres of it all night, just in a different building… πŸ˜› The pain of it all!

    (For the interested: I bought an Internet/streaming radio from Kogan for far less than a similar spec’d one from the shops. We’ll see if it actually turns out to be decent :P)

      • Ah! I mean across the road from my flat, not my work building! Way to confuse everybody, Pow! πŸ˜›

    • I’m confused, is the Post Office across the road from your house or work?

      Pow: “Hey guys, just need to go to the post office, I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”

      If the post office is only open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri they will usually have some sort of parcel collection alternative. I only know what suburb you live in (Stalksmith) but the main post office there has parcel collection from 7am. Just leave for work 10mins earlier if it’s next door. All others appear to be open on Saturday mornings.

      • This. I’ve had to pick up quite a number of parcels at the crack of bloody dawn (ie: before 8:00, when all decent people should still be asleep), just so I can return the package to home in time to get to work.

      • I thought you were saying I lived in a suburb named “Stalksmith” for a minute πŸ˜›

        I didn’t find anything about early package pickup though! Did you find that out on the Aus Post website? If so, hooray! πŸ˜€

        (This is my second reply to this because my first mysteriously vanished somehow…)


        • He’s not. Because Knuckles is an Echidna, he’s from Australia (or Papua New Guinea, but I’m going Australia).

          Therefore, Knuckles is running the wrong way round since he’s from the Southern Hemisphere running in (presumably) the Northern Hemisphere.

          He’s just so fast that he gives the impression of running the right way, but in a slower fashion than Sonic.

          And before anybody points out that this makes no sense, we’re talking about sapient Echidna’s, Hedgehog’s and a mutated Fox that can achieve flight. And they all collect jewellery.

          • And murder small animals. You know those flying bots you pop in the sky? They don’t just release birds. They release small, flightless mammals. SPLAT.

        • Red goes faster but only if it powered by WAAAAAAGH!

          Knuckles simply doesn’t have enough WAAAAAAAGH!

        • Sonic is actually red, he’s just blueshifted because he’s always running slightly towards you.

        • He moves so much faster than sonic that he’s actually crossed the entire planet and a little bit more in the space of each animation frame. The camera simply can’t keep up so it looks like he’s moving much slower.

  • Kotaku just informed me:

    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

    Uh what? I write fark all on here.

  • I have achieved absolutely nothing today aside from more research for my Pathfinder game. My fantasy-infused Roman empire will totally end up fighting against lycanthropes at some point. πŸ˜€

    • Unproductive today here, too. It’s driving me nuts, just checking on TAY instead.

      Since various systems are down and jobs in the queue are low, I got my performance review today, since moving into my new role. They’re happy with it. I’m not. Which I guess is at least better than the other way around…

  • So I played some more Bleed. I wanted to see if I could beat the boss Bunny Rockette on hard mode. I could, but it took me 50 minutes.
    Bleed is SO much fun. It took me ages to beat the boss, but I had fun throughout. There was one point where the boss was on very low health, and I died to a stray projectile. For some reason, I let out a whoop of ecstatic rage. (Is that a thing?)
    It is really fun to randomly shoot homing missiles into the air, as it means more stuff is onscreen, leading to sensory overload. I don’t know why I wanted to induce that, but I think I did.

    I kind wish I had been able to take screenshots during some of the more insane scenes, but hitting F12 whilst dodging twenty onscreen bullets is quite difficult.

  • “Oh Nuckelavee, oh Nuckelavee, you’re big and evil and heinous.
    Who could it be, that set you free, he really must be an anus.”

    I now have the strongest desire to go and play Bard’s Tale again.

    • I wanted to like that game and to play that game, but I couldn’t get past how heavy the accents were and it annoyed me too much to be able to continue πŸ™

    • …I somehow managed to read it as “Bale’s Tard”, and still read it as that when I went to check if that was indeed what I saw.

  • Just been going through the Pikmin photo thread Mark linked to in his article. He posted some pretty cool stuff already, but holy crap there are some even more amazing shots in there.

    Seriously, check it out. Such a stunning game.

  • I just realised that I can make downloads automatically go to a custom file instead of the the default downloads” folder on my SSD if I edit my browser settings. Will doing this have any sort of a negative effect? I know tech stuff, except I am usually too timid to put that knowledge to use.

    • You could just move the ‘Downloads’ library off the SSD. Either way, any option will be fine.

      I moved every single library off the SSD, because why would you store pictures and video on it.

    • Snipers are fine if they can somehow make them not OP and the use of them contribute to the team effort.
      So far BF3 (on consoles) has come the closest but still waiting for that magical day.
      Also Brink had no sniper rifles and was mostly terrible, so there is that.

  • Only because you asked, here’s the summary of my Christmas holidays:
    – I didn’t go to work for two weeks.
    – I had a good Christmas day with my extended family and ate lots of lollies. I got Super Mario 3D World and a new subscription to Hyper. My son got loads of Thomas the Tank Engine toys. I was required to play trains with him on multiple occasions.
    – I’ve reached something like 94% completion in GTA V. I will reach the 100%. The more I play of it, the more amazed I am by the world they built. Screw the plot, that world is fantastic.
    – I played some awesome coop games like Super Mario 3D World and Battleblock Theatre with my brother. Sooo good. I’d thoroughly recommend both.
    – I finally bought those new Streetpass games. But I’ve only had one new Streetpass since then 😐
    – I also bought a Kinect and a Playstation Move and PS+. Because reasons. Actually, coop “Once Upon a Monster” with my son is pretty fun. Even if he’s terrible at following directions.
    – I went to the cricket for 3 days. it was really good that we won. It was really bad that I had to get up at 4:30 each day to get a decent seat, and on the second day I dropped my new Nexus 5 on the concrete and smashed the glass.
    – Yesterday I finished my holidays by going for a drive to pay a $187 clumsiness tax to fix my phone.
    – And now I’m back at work. Screw you world!

    Only 11 and a half months to go till the next Christmas holidays!

    • Is the $187 to fix your new nexus? Oh man, sorry.

      Phone mishap aside sounds like you had a great holiday.

      • Sure did. So many games, so much family, so much sport, so little anything else. Bliss.

        Have any luck on the vita hunt yet?

  • I’m home! Yay!!!!! I’ve been at my parents place for a long weekend as my sister is over from WA. Highlights include a pizza party with friends, trying Rekorderlig cider for the first time, seeing two echidnas in the wild and spending time with my sister. It will be good to sleep in my own bed again.

  • Just saw Frozen. It was okay.

    More interestingly, the person two rows in front of us decided that it would be a good idea to take pictures of the movie with their phone. Not subtly either but holding the phone up so everyone can see.

    The second time they whipped it out, I had to tap the person in front of me on the shoulder and ask them to ask them to cut it out.

    Seriously, is this a thing? If it’s a thing it ranks up there with some of the worst things to ever be things.

    Larry David would have made millions if he had witnessed it.

    • These three juvie girls did that directly in front of me one time, long flash and everything. The second time they tried to do it I put on my deepest grumbly voice and yelled “Oi!!!”. Two of them screamed and I didn’t hear a peap out of them for the rest of the movie.

      Edit for spelling.

      • I don’t know what’s worse: that someone else has experienced this or that the person that I saw doing it was an adult.

        • An adult doing it is very bad. I get really annoyed if I even hear someone whispering around me. I’m an expert at making people leave the movies though, it’s a talent.

    • Shh. Don’t tell @dc. I think @dc would be very annoyed to hear (read?) that you didn’t like Frozen. But don’t worry, I can keep a secret. @dc knows what I am talking about.

    • @cakesmith has spent $7.65p/h
      @transientmind – $1.81p/h
      @gingerchris86 – $2.86p/h

      So, yeah. Pretty excessive.

    • $5.10 an hour, though these figures are skewed due to humble bundles (far and away how I’ve amassed most of the titles)

    • $4.40 p/h

      Which… is considerably more than I used to pay when all I played was Runescape… I think it was close to .05c p/h for membership?

      • Actually, that’s close to a quarter of my pay. I’m… going to stop buying games for a bit.

          • Oh, goodness no. That’d be a scary prospect. I think I’ve bought maybe 5-6 games at full price.

            Still, I spend far more than I’m comfortable with on games which I ultimately don’t play.

    • $2.90/hr. Not too bad. And when you consider thats spread over 6 years (*gasp*) since I made my profile, that sounds pretty good

      • Actually hang on… That means I’ve only spent 82 hours per year playing games on steam. Thats pathetic!!

    • $5.33 per hour for me. Not too bad. Also I’ve had my account since Steam began as a thing since I got Half Life 2 on release day, and I know for a fact that a lot of my stuff doesn’t have hours registered against it (eg every HL2 thing) and I have definitely played many hours. So IMO my 76% unplayed stat is probably not accurate.

      One thing is for sure though, if I could add the MMOs I’ve spent time in (esp. WoW, FFXIV, Tera, Ragnarok Online) then my efficiency would be vastly improved.

    • $3.46 / hour, 71% unplayed.
      Compared with my better half at 0.32c / hour, and 47% unplayed. Her numbers would be worse thanks to me dumping humble bundle games on her account as well.

  • Hey @crazyguy1990,

    I keep trying to add you on PSN but I keep getting a message that I can’t send the request due to your privacy settings.

  • So A link between worlds makes me feel like a moron. I have to keep running to the guide and the solution seems to always be obvious.

    But I printed out the templates of the cakes so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

    • I nearly quit the game because of the Ice Temple, then the solution was really easy. That’s the problem with Zelda games, whenever I find out the solution to a problem I am having I feel like an idiot.

  • @popdart5:

    I just completely ran out of fuel and maintenance tomorrow ends the Arpeggio event, so here’s my final results for the KanColle Christmas event grind I’ve been engaging in the last two weeks, in terms of Gold or Holo-quality or unbuildable/rare ships

    – I-401 x1 (event reward)
    – Kaga x1
    – Akagi x2 (yeah πŸ™ )
    – Hiryuu x1
    – Zuikaku x2 (bastard RNG gave me two Zuikakus rather than Shoukaku and Zuikaku T_T)
    – Zuihou x1
    – Abukuma x1
    – Yuubari x1
    – Kongou x4
    – Hiei x2
    – Kirishima x2
    – Haruna x1
    – Mutsu x1
    – Ise x2
    – Hyuuga x1
    – I-19 x1
    – I-58 x2
    – Suzuya x1
    – Naganami x3 (T_T)
    – Yuugumo x1
    – Maikaze x1
    – Shimakaze x2

    No luck getting Shoukaku, Nagato, Mikuma, Kumano, Kinu or Akigumo, which were the remaining event drops. I guess I’ll have to try and push through to World 5 and hope they come to me on their own.

    Since It was put in, I have done four large ship builds. Results: Kongou, Kongou, Kongou, Ise. Kongou fucking loves me. πŸ™

    During the course of the event I got Shigure and Ooi both to their Kai-2 remodels. My HQ level hit 59 during the event. 56-58 I think happened when I ground out the final couple of levels to get Shigure up to 60 (running 3-2-A over and over for ~500xp each run, using carriers and subs/torpedo girls to do most of the damage in pre-emptive strikes). At some point suddenly the E-3 map got really difficult. I didn’t notice any fleet composition changes but I assume that their levels went up. The final few days of the event I’ve been really struggling to clear the boss node with an S-rank so missing out on chances at the best ships in the pool πŸ™ E-2 is even harder though πŸ™ I was getting T-crossed by the enemy often enough that I had to pull some of Hiryuu’s teeth by swapping out one of her torpedo squadrons for a recon plane. I suspect actually that I’ve hit the point where Hiryuu and Soryuu’s balanced squadron sizes are no longer effective and I need to start using Akagi and Kaga as my mainline carriers.

    Current fleet:
    – Shigure Kai-2 (60)
    – Haruna Kai (64)
    – Hiei Kai (65)
    – Hiryuu Kai (78)
    – Kitakami Kai-2 (70)
    – Ooi Kai-2 (64)

    For E-3 I was mainly swapping Shigure out for Iona since being a sub she stopped the fog Nagara-classes from using beam weapons and unlike my subs, she had 70hp so could actually take a few hits. Plus very high luck so lots of torpedo cut-in attacks at night (very nice when you do 400 damage to the boss!)

    Currently working on getting Kiso to 65 and her Kai-2 remodel. She’s not as effective with torpedoes as her two sister ships but has much higher cannon, anti-sub and anti-air stats to balance that out. I’ve completely modernized Kitakami and Ooi and against anything smaller than a battleship they hit pretty well with cannons so are quite useful. My plan is to have Kiso and Kitakami or Ooi together and this will give me a torpedo cruiser in reserve as they are easily the strongest ships in the game in terms of pure damage potential (with a pair, they will often pre-emptively take two ships out of a fleet before firing commences and they tend to target cruisers and destroyers first which frees your bigger ships up to fire on stronger enemies). I was finding during the event that Kitakami and Ooi (especially Ooi) were the most likely to end up in the dock for a few hours after the boss node though, so having Kiso as a reserve will be important. I could take a sub and get similar effect, but the subs get targeted and none of mine are high enough to be able to dodge well, plus they’re all so rare (I-19 is unbuildable still, even) plus they don’t participate in shelling phase so the torpedo girls are generally a better option.

    After I work on Kiso I’m thinking of spending some time getting Zuikaku and Mutsu up. I’m also going to continue trying the Large Resource Construction once or twice a week as resources permit. Hopefully some good recipes for getting Taihou and Yamato will emerge, but I’m not going to rush for them. I’d really like to get Shoukaku and Nagato, plus the unbuildable Agano-class cruisers which are all LRC only.

    My other short-term goals are going to be to get Suzuya to 30 so I can turn her into an aviation cruiser and complete the composition quest for having a pair of them (already have Mogami). Unfortunately wasn’t able to get her sisters (Kumano and Mikuma) but both are obtainable as drops in World 3 and 4 so may try and farm later. The other goal I have is to get one of my subs to 50 and then push through the remaining expeditions up to 25 (which requires a level 50 flagship and 4 submarines – I’m thinking Imuya to 50 first as she’s already 34).

    • You’ve done quite nicely from this event, even though RNG has screwed you around with a few of the drops (particularly those Kongous, damn). I’ve been pretty lax lately and haven’t really touched Kantai for a few days. I’ll try and jump on tonight after maintenance but I’ve missed my chance to get anything good out of the Christmas event.

      • There will be other events. This one was just good because there was some nice rare drops (mainly stuff that drops on bosses only in worlds 3-5) and it was actually possible to clear it. Last event I cleared E-1 and might have had a sniff at E-2 but wouldn’t have had a chance at E-3 to E-5 as they needed high-level battleships, shittons of resources and lots of buckets to keep everyone going.

  • I love how music has the power to change your mood from a bad one to a good one. I’m feeling tired and grumpy, so I’ve put Spotify on and I’m listening to Led Zeppelin III. It’s helped me feel a lot better.

      • I love them. I’d never really listened to them before they were available to listen to on Spotify, so I’ve been going through their discography. I listened to IV this morning, possibly my favourite Led Zeppelin album so far.

        • OMG every album is like a greatest hits album. Mothership is a great compilation, if you don’t have the time for all their albums and time is definitely something you need with the Zep – all their songs are like ten minutes each. Slightly exaggerating, sure, but not when I say greatest band ever.

  • Blerch moving suuuucks… also looks like i won’t have innernet at my new place for a while
    *rocks back and forth*
    Back at work today, already had 2 coffees and i’m still ready to go to sleep….
    Hope everyone is well here?

    On the plus side because of my lack of network i have started playing through RDR for the god-knows-how-many-times-now, to hopefully complete it…
    and i can confirm, yep, it’s still pretty damned amazing!

    EDIT – PAGE GET WOOOoooo *head desk*

      • Pretty much… The place is already looking great, got a lot of stuff done in 4 days…
        The weekend we’re sorting out the garden and the upstairs living room, afterwhich we’re pretty much sorted…
        We have organised so we all have our “areas” we can run off to if we get sick of each other and/or need to be alone so it should work out splendidly πŸ˜›
        Plus the dogs love the stairs… i don’t know why… but all they’ve been doing the past 4 days is run up and down them for hours πŸ˜›

        • Dogs like new things…once they realise they’re not a threat.
          Sounds like you have it all planned out. You’ll be alright =D

          • Yep, for the first time in a while despite feeling physically exhausted, i feel great about our prospects, and generally a lot happier \o/

            this is a great opportunity for us to get back on top and i think both wifey and i are now mentally charged to get sh!t done!

          • It’s really hard to get into the market. The prices of houses are ridiculous.
            I hope things go well for you. You and Mrs. Pixel deserve it.

  • AAHH!! keep buying warhammer and have far to much in the works that needs painting already.
    Been getting a bit second hand which sometimes requires a bit of work stripping, but this is far better then paying full price. My wife got me some models for Christmas close to $200 for a Army Rule book, 11 models and magic cards. Felt somewhat guilty.
    Good luck ever seeing a day when Games Workshop has a Sale. It will be a cold day in hell.

    • The prices for Warhammer miniatures and rulebooks are exorbitant. It’s utterly stupid for one squad in your army to cost as much as a AAA game. I used to play up until about ten years ago, but ended up quitting because of the rule-changes and ‘chapter approved’ always mucking up whatever the current flavour of the month was, and the cost of putting together armies and staying current. (And, to a lesser extent, games shop clientele/staff.)

      It’s 95% schadenfreude, but I’m actually kind of looking forward 3D printer technology advancing to the point that there’s a pirate market for 40K miniatures, similar to the one for movies and games now. I really want to see how the monolithic Games Workshop adapts to that paradigm.

        • Yeah, but like the MPAA and RIAA have already discovered: that’s like trying to deal with a piranha problem with a spear.

          It’s funny (but not unexpected) how the gaming industry has adapted much, much faster by moving toward F2P/online-account options as well as more customer-friendly digital distribution to tackle piracy far more effectively than suing individuals. The gaming industry approaches to piracy are still kind of ham-fisted, but they make the MPAA/RIAA look like brutish cavemen by comparison.

          Game publishers are dealing with the problem themselves by adapting, instead of complaining to governments and lawyers to get someone ELSE to ‘just make it stop already’.

      • Just look at the prices for their ebooks on the black library & switch between currencies, not only are they expensive in general but very specifically Australia tax heavy

  • So, Alien Infestation doesn’t look totally awful. Remaining cautiously optimistic. I like that it looks like they’re going for more of an “Outlast” style game than anything else.

    My only problem is they are trying to bring the series “back into line” with the films. Well, uh, doesn’t that get completely nullified by this scene from the Aliens Directors Cut (which is seen in the EU as the actual canon version).

    • Yeah i’m a little sad they went that way with the story :\
      But other then that the actual gameplay looks potentially rather decent…
      like you, remaining cautiously optimistic…

    • I think they were meaning they want to bring it back to the sort of claustrophobia and dread of the original Alien film.

    • What, like The West Wing?

      I’d have an asthma attack before we could confirm the previous meetings minutes.

      “All in favour of the motion please wheeze loudly!”

    • You should get Sorkin to write the agenda. Dude always managed to time the length of conversations to correspond perfectly with the distance between Office A and Office B.

      The disabled, overweight, and smokers are all disadvantaged in walking meetings. Depending on your team make-up, this might or might not be a good thing.

    • I’d suggest that here, but anyone who goes outside to walk the five minutes to the 7-11 comes back drenched in sweat and gasping about how it’s hotter than Megan Fox out there.

          • She has weird eyebrows, creepy thumbs, a yuck face and no arse. I am fine with not having any taste πŸ˜›

            Not sure I’m familiar with Emma Stone… but from a cursory google she seems like a step up I suppose.

  • Melbourne Peeps!
    I think I should practice these cakes before the real thing. So, would people be interested in having a meat up so I can practice the cake and you guys can eat it?

    @techknight, @negativezero, @beavwa, @tigerion and others. Sorry, I need to get like a txt file with all the victorian taybies. I am horrible

  • So I’ve been watching Mad Men season 1 recently. Just the last episode to go now before I can move on to Season 2.

    Where has this show been hiding! (or rather, where have I been? :P) It’s great! Really enjoying it so far.

    The only down side is that I was going to buy the DVDs yesterday, but Season 1 and 2 don’t have the cool pop-art style covers that the rest of them do >:( Hate it when all of a series’ covers don’t match.

    EDIT: Oh, so apparently the earlier seasons DO have cool covers, just not at the JB that I go to… πŸ˜›

    • I’ll see if I can, no promises though since I’m traveling across 3 more countries after Japan and it may be slightly tricky.

      • Just so you know, for serious, I expect nothing. I was all tongue-in-cheek there. I’m mostly with the jealous.

        But if you’re actually seriously offering, thank you!
        PS: I’m happy to send some postage money your way immediately, if that’s a better option.

      • Hear that guys? @blaghman promised to buy all of us Estus Flasks!

        in all seriousness though, if you have room in your bag for a couple I would gladly throw money at you.

        • I think my current issues are that they look kind of breakable, and would I have to steal them to get them? I mean, pretty theft is nothing new for me, but still.

  • Anyone else get their project spark invite this morning?

    Project Spark Beta Invitation

    Congratulations! You’ve been selected for the Project Spark Beta!

    We’re proud to have you onboard to help shape the future of Project Spark. This invitation gives you early access to Project Spark and exclusive access to our feedback forums.

    Project Spark is an endless adventure where everything is customizable by you! Jump into the open world sandbox where you can create your own games, worlds, movies, stories and more. Then share them with your family, friends, and the world.

    – Play what other players have made and take part in unlimited adventures.
    – Make your own game while you play with the revolutionary Crossroads mode.
    – Bend, shape, and mold your own worlds with sculpting and beautify your creations with painting and Biomes.
    – Master the easy to use brain system to add behaviors to anything and bring your creations to life.

    It’s quick and easy to get started:
    1. Make sure you are running Windows 8.1. If you haven’t updated from Windows 8 to 8.1, you can do so for free via the Windows Store
    2. Download the Project Spark Beta app on the Windows Store here.
    3. Launch the Project Spark Beta App and log in with your Beta Key

      • Project Spark is an endless adventure where everything is customizable by you! Jump into the open world sandbox where you can create your own games, worlds, movies, stories and more. Then share them with your family, friends, and the world.


      • Its essentially a game creation tool coming to Windows & XBone. They had something on it at E3.

        @poita I didn’t get one, which is a good thing as I don’t run win8.

    • I got one this morning too. Downloaded and tried it out. Well, tried to. The frame rate is abysmal on my laptop :/ Pretty sure that’s due to the dodgy graphics card drivers on it though. I might try it on my Surface and see if it’s any better.

  • So around six months ago I managed to grab Skyward Sword in one of Dick Smith’s sales where they were getting rid of their gaming stuff.
    Didn’t actually try it out until a couple months ago and when I did, it came up in the Wii menu,but after loading it, there was just a screen saying “An error has occurred. Please press the Eject button, remove the disc and turn off the power to your console.”
    Because it was a fair few months after actually buying the thing I couldn’t take it back to Dick Smith’s, especially as I no longer had the receipt so I just kinda shrugged it off and hoped it was because our Wii was being temperamental at the time and hoped it would work on the WiiU when we got it.

    Just tried it on the WiiU. This time after loading up there was an unskippable three minute video on connecting the Wii Remote Plus to the controller, even though it was already connected. And after that video…the same error message. πŸ™

      • They do for me! It’s because I’m a properly pious acolyte of gaben. If everyone else were sufficiently pure like me, there’d be far fewer tech woes as the Machine God smiles down upon us all.

    • If the video was unskippable, then it means the game probably wasn’t reading the controller. You should be able to bypass it by making the a button.

      Not that that’s the biggest issue when the game won’t run at all.

      • It did read the controller though, it made you press the ‘a’ button to start the unskippable video. Like forcing you to agree to your own torture. πŸ˜›

        • Really? Odd. I’m sure there was a way of bypassing it, though my method was to mash every button in the hope that something happened.

          • I don’t think there was a way to skip it the first time. They had that video on Wii Sports Resort, and it was forced to come up the first time you played the game because ooooh, new shiny thing idiots won’t understand. After that it was “marked” as having been watched, so wouldn’t come up.

            …except there was a bug somewhere which meant that for some people, the video came up every single time so they needed to get out a system menu update quicksmart to fix it.

            Not sure what’s going on with @strange’s disc though. It’s not scratched or anything?



    7:30 SA TIME

    @popdart5 @tigerion @mawt @novacascade @mythamphetamine @blaghman @tech_knight

  • While I have no interest in the steam machines, I am now kinda interested in the new controllers after reading that article about them. Really want to pick up one separately to try it out on some PC games.

    • Same. It looks interesting. Are they selling them separately? Or going with an exclusive route for a while?

      • I have no idea, by the sounds of it other companies will be able to make their own versions of it but I want to try and actual valve/steam one

    • *grinds teeth*
      I… mmmmmmmaaaaaaay consider buying a g-g-g-g-gamepad if it were a Steam one.


      • For FPS and stuff sure. For 3rd person platformers or action games? Fuck that shit. Playing Assasin’s Creed or the like with a keyboard and mouse would be a good way to ensure you hate yourself forever.

    • I just want to try the Xbone controller to see if it’s nice enough to buy for PC use. But no, MS won’t give anyone demo models. -_-

      • Imo they’re really really shit. They feel cheap and awful and like some horrible third party PC gamepad by a company you’ve never heard of before.

        Dual Shock 4 is extremely nice though. I’m half considering grabbing one for PC use at whatever point they start making those work for it.

        • Yeah DS4 is pretty good, nice improvement over DS3. I played with it at DSE and I now got one as a gift. πŸ˜›

          Sucks about Xbone controllers. Looks like 360 pad is still my go-to for PC.

    • That’s really weird. Are people actually like that, or is that a ‘Murrica’ thing? Most of the guys I know with daughters had to be ‘trained’ how to brush a little girl’s hair (apparently the male instinct is to brush it like brushing a dog – which is apparently very wrong) but do it when required without really thinking about it… the dog-brushing story is pretty much the only thing I ever hear about it.

      • I [hope] think it’s a ‘Murrica’ thing. Australian’s would tend to just shrug and say “yeah, some guy with his kids, who cares?” – which is what I say. Some guy with his kids. Big whoop.

  • I need some advice. I’m looking at upgrading my internet access, but I’m on a limited budget. I found a plan on Internode that would be perfect for me, but it’s not offered in my area. I don’t think I can go on NBN as I rent, and I’m not sure when I’d be able to get it anyway or whether my landlady would allow me to get it. I would prefer a Naked Broadband plan as I have no need for a home phoneline, and I don’t want to pay much more than $60 a month. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Oddly enough, most naked broadband plans aren’t that crash hot. You need a phoneline anyhow for the ADSL connection and phone companies much prefer to sell bundles.

      My last two houses, I’ve had a phone + unlimited net bundle with TPG that was $10 less than the naked option. I just didn’t plug a phone into the wall. Easy solution.

      • Following up with that, I’m only paying an extra $5 for a home phone so naked broadband plans don’t save you too much.

        @ontargett Obviously Telstra and Optus would be your best bet for reliability depending on your area. Then again, a $60 plan with either of them will only get you about 20 gig a month so it’s not really worth it. Best value would probably be TPG but their service can be rather sketchy.

      • Note their Zoom Four bundle. $69.95 per month for unlimited everything (ADSL2 + phone calls), no shaping.

      • Was considering them for a while until i found out the issues my friends brother had with them… they were having horrible download speeds and spintel kept blaming the connected equipment/filters at his house after about 7 months, they finally agreed to send out a technician who within 5 minutes confirmed there were wires crossing over in a pit up the road resulting in increased noise levels on the line… immediately leapt from an unstable and constantly dropping out 1.3mbps connection to a stable 14mbps…

        i mean they could have checked the noise levels on the line by doing a line test from their end.

        • I think that’s to do with wholesale pricing. 3rd party companies usually have to liaise with Telstra to get the line testing done (hell, I used to take the wholesaler calls myself when I was with Telstra), and I’m aware that there are different charges placed on the provider depending on whether a tech is issued and if they avoid placing the call to Telstra for testing themselves they can probably pass the cost of the visit directly on to the customer. Really not sure how it works, but some sort of cost-bypassing chicanery would be my best guess.

    • TPG has some good bundles

      $59.99 – If you want unlimited data with home phone rental included, but no phone calls included

      $69.99 – If you want unlimited data with home phone rental included, and unlimited local and national calls to fixed lines.

      $79.99 – If you want unlimited data with home phone rental included, and unlimited local, national calls to fixed lines, as well as mobile calls to any provider in AU.

      Scroll through the plans here:

      Also all plans include WiFi modem routers… and they usually use netgear/netcomm equipment which is usually quite good.

      • They took $5000 out of our account and just shrugged and told us too bad when we asked what the fuck. Ended up having to take them to court to get it back after which they still tried to claim we were locked into their contract. I’m far from the only person to have this problem and there’s a few here who have nothing but horror stories.

        I really urge people to find someone/anyone else than those thieving arseholes.

        • There are a lot of horror stories with TPG. I’m pretty lucky in that I haven’t had any issues with them – yet – but this sort of thing is why I wouldn’t never just flatly recommend them.

        • Going to court… shit. Did you talk to the TIO first? That’s really, really weird for the TIO not to get something resolved. They have the power to hand out massive fines (like, tens of thousands) if they can find any wrong-doing, and the providers actually have to pay a fee for dealing with them in the first place, to the point that most providers will bend over backwards just to get you off their case.

          • Yeah, the TIO we were dealing with told us that they are always difficult to deal with. Mostly due to their only presence in the country nearly being nothing but a few techs and a bank account or so I’ve been told.

          • Man that’s unusual. They must’ve had their reasons for not cracking the whip straight away… some kind of technicality, perhaps, that you’d have to argue deserved consideration under ‘could be reasonably interpreted as…’ and ‘acting on good faith’ etc, which then has to go to courts.

            Was it a long time ago? From what I hear from folks I keep in touch with every now and then, they pretty much go nuclear with TPG/AAPT as soon as they get a case with them, these days. Since like… 2008’ish at least.

            My faith, it is shaken. πŸ˜›

      • i was with them for about 12 years, never had a single drama…. and when i was broke at one stage they even gave me two free months to assist me in getting all my other bills sorted… that kind of stuff just doesnt normally happen!

    • My take on the providers, based on the time I was in the industry:

      Pros: 24/7 faults resolution, faster resolve times due to line-techs being internal. As reliable a connetion as you’ll ever get.
      Cons: Pretty much the worst pricing per bandwidth in the industry.
      (Insider take: Your first contact point might be a script-reading backpacker, but if you get escalated, you’ll be dealing with a professional. And yes, they know their plans are the shittiest and they don’t care.)

      Much the same as Telstra, only a bit cheaper and a bit less reliable.
      (Insider take: They really are the ‘budget’ Telstra. They modeled so much after the big T, including what are really not competitive prices. Being ‘better’ than Telstra on price isn’t saying much.)

      iinet/Internode: (same company, really)
      Pros: Good value plans catering to higher usage levels, high-quality support – not sure about the 24/7. Usually have their own DSLAMs.
      Cons: Pricing loses value as you move toward lower download limits.
      (Insider/personal take: This would be my personal recommendation. The only time these guys fall down is when they have to deal with Telstra line techs, which is going to be a problem with ANY wholesaler.)

      Pros: Some of the better/best value plans in the industry without being outright scams, and which cater to higher download users. If you don’t ever experience any tech or billing problems, your experience will be pretty good.
      Neutral: Have some of their own tech in exchanges, but for the most part are still wholesale.
      Cons:Only a ‘Pretty good’ experience – far as I know, they still transfer their off-shore bandwidth through budget routes during night-time peak hours, resulting in shitty latency for online games. And if something goes wrong… Apathetic customer service at best. If you have a problem, you will suffer, and will probably end up having to contact the TIO unless you’re exceptionally lucky or patient.
      (Insider/personal take: The guys who we took calls from, from TPG, didn’t really know what they were doing. The company ethos seems to be about cost-cutting wherever possible, and off-shoring as much as possible. It’s a profit-maximizing business which just happens to work out for some customers. If you’re a problem, dealing with that problem costs and they don’t want to. I would recommend avoiding unless you’re pretty hard up for cash and are going in aware that you might have dramas.)

      Adam Internet:

      I really can’t comment on these guys, but every time anyone discusses ISPs, I hear someone saying they’re awesome. Rarely had to log faults from these guys, I believe their selection of regions covered is very limited.

      If not outright scams, they’re very close. Just avoid. So much goes wrong so often that it’s NOT going to be worth whatever good-looking deal (with tonnes of hidden restrictions in T&C) they’re offering. Telstra Sales loves these guys because their clients are the easiest to win back.
      Their response to any dispute is going to be, ‘go fuck yourself, stiff shit’, and if you take them to the TIO, it’ll be, ‘Fine, have your money back, your account is closed and the balance sent to a debt collector, go fuck yourself.’ This is internet by correspondence course. Avoid.

      In general: If you’re not going to make use of a land-line, get naked DSL where you can. Many companies will bundle your landline sure, but if you never use it, you’ll usually be $5-15 ahead on a naked plan. Cable is best, usually (unless you’re in a densely-populated area), but has its own unique challenges. If NBN is already available, look into it. I’m pretty sure it’s only new connections from the node which are ones that’ll require landlord approval/payment.

        • Again! Someone saying they’re good! I’m inclined to believe the hype and would probably look them up whenever considering new providers. I think the restriction is that they’re South Australia only.

        • I was with iiNet for 7 years over two different places and they were always very good. I only stopped using them because I moved to an area where I was 4km away from the ADSL exchange and was looking at ~2mbit max, and could get 100mbit cable from Telstra.

  • Jesus last 2 months have been the worst of my life thus far.

    putting the icing on the cake yesterday was me kicking out my brother in law and asking him to make new living arrangements ASAP.

    To cut a long story short, he was going out with a girl about 7 years ago, who happens to be his cousins’ cousin (meaning she is also my wifes’ cousins’ cousin). He’s always had feelings for her since, but this girl is now engaged to be married very shortly. For the past week they’ve been together every single day, on several occasions staying up watching movies in his bedroom till 5am.

    call me old fashioned, but that is highly inappropriate and he is stirring a wealth of problems in the families, and my wife and i are being thrown in the center of it all. Ironically, he broke up with his last girlfriend a year ago because she was still friends with her ex.

    • I had to tell my brother and his girlfriend they couldn’t live with us anymore once. No matter how logical or practical the reason is it’s never a fun exercise.

      • yeah, after having my brother and his girlfriend leave 5 months ago, and now this, ive learned that you just cant co-exist with siblings. especially if you are married.

        • Living with people in relationships is never a good idea. The person in the relationship is torn up cos they have to choose significant-other over their friend, and the friend is torn up cos all they hear is constant sex and get out-numbered on every decision.

          • Amen to that. I roomed with a couple for a while… He was always kinda uncomfortable because we’d both been friends with the girl for much longer than he’d known her, and he felt like a bit of an outsider in his own home as a result. And then there was relationship drama (he was a bit of a philanderer – he didn’t get ‘caught’ for a really long time, but she suspected always, which drove them to constant fights).

            And whenever we had parties… the girl and my circle of friends were geeks and nerds, one of the guys’ friends were all cadbury hipsters, and the boyfriend’s friends were all metal-heads who liked to get high/drunk and pick fights. It was NOT a great combination. I had to stop a couple fights on different occasions before simply bowing out of the whole ‘house party’ thing and saying these people weren’t welcome in my home anymore.

            No. I’m never rooming with people again. I know I pay more to live alone, but it’s worth it.

          • No. I’m never rooming with people again. I know I pay more to live alone, but it’s worth it.

            So much this. I choose to live alone because of my last housemate and yes, I pay more for a decent but altogether lacklustre place but I prefer living by myself.

          • It’s good living by myself, I never have to worry about anybody in my house having a relationship.


    • Some ISP providers will provide as part of the sign-up fee, a fee that isn’t reduced if you provide your own hardware. In those cases (and sometimes in other cases), it’s always better to just use their offering, because it’s hardware they’re familiar with, and can provide support for.

    • If you go with iinet and they offer you their proprietary ‘Bob’ unit, it’s actually a pretty decent modem.

  • I mentioned this on Twitter but might as well put it up here.

    Anyone who’s interested in playing some Netrunner should get their hands on Octgn (a less than legit way to make your own Netrunner decks and play online, it does other card games too but let’s just start with Netrunner). I want to try it out with people to see if it’s really worthwhile. Gingerchris and Ynefel are keen so far, so there might be something resembling a TAY Netrunner community at the end of all this, assuming things work.

    • I always hated when people resort to pointing out their charity work after they’ve done something that’s offended the masses. It’s like saying “I’m not racist, some of my best friends are black!”

      • The thing about charity work I’ve always figured is that if you talk about it, it doesn’t ‘count’. Karmically, I mean.

        (Edit: With the obvious exception of when you’re driving things, like trying to get support for a fundraiser.)

  • @dc Do you want to do your tag thing so we can get some numbers for next Friday? I’ll need numbers if I’m going to attempt to make a booking somewhere, and I’d like to book as soon as possible so I don’t forget to do it. πŸ˜›


    Ser @rize and wife shall apparently be in Sydney this Saturday and @batgirl and I thought it was a good excuse to double celebrate our birthdays since they’re pretty close to each other. Or, more generally, just hang out. ANYONE WANNA DO ANYTHING? Tossing @cakesmith a tag because he’s pretty good at planning things and I’m not.

    I believe Rize was keen to recreate his magical night with Cake at the Bavarian a few weeks ago…


    TAY isn’t letting me post this because I’m posting too fast even though my last post was yesterday. I see.
    EDIT: Oh so now it goes through when I complain about it. I’M ONTO YOU TAY!

  • Woo! JB are having another 20% off DVDs sale.

    AND it stacks with the 2 for $30 sale they’re also having!

    It’s slightly cheaper!

    • At this stage, they’ve had one every second week since the start of December.

      My bank balance weeps.

    • Get them to scan the stuff, even if you think the displayed price is high. I dunno if it’s cos the dude knows me or a pricing error, but I got 38% off a box set last time.

  • So @dc, I am going to go see Frozen. I hope it is Jesus Incarnate or whatever you said it was.
    I at least hope this washes the taste of Brave out of my mouth.