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    Ugh... spending my saturday doing a clean boot of my computer after an attempted update to Windows 8.1 failed epically... sigh.

    Anybody have wisdom about Windows 8.1? Tried most of the stuff in the forums - doing the clean boot is my last option :(

      did you get any errors when installing it? depending on what happened, will depend on whether or not you can fix it
      /edit I'm guessing that comment was in moderation? Hence the late reply!

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    Well that's a new one.

      Yeah, I've seen that one before. I think it's caused by an unmoderated post or something. Or maybe we should just lay the blame on the gods of the internet.

    Has anyone else noticed that the weather vanes in A link between worlds throw a hissy hit if you've done something significant and haven't saved?

      Nope, Im save crazy!

        But even when you come out of a dungeon, it's doing it's block.

          Yeah, I think I do kinda remember. I bought that day one and knocked it over in 3 or 4 days.

    Right, I think I have found the confidence to do another route in Katawa Shoujo. Wish me luck! Damn, I still can't get that mental image out of my head.

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      I think Lily's was my second favourite after Hanako.

        Rin's route all the way, for me.

          Rin's route was okay. Rin started out being hilarious, ("It's your tackle, isn't it?") but over time she just became annoying. Which makes sense. Talking to her in real life would be just as frustrating.
          There are some fantastic bits of writing in there, sure. The chapter "Underwater" immediately comes to mind.
          However, Rin and Hisao never struck me as a relationship that would ever really work. All they did together was sit in silence. Brilliant relationship building there. Also, in the good ending,
          you ruin her career. Great work there, Hisao.

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      That reminds me I still need to go back and get all the alternative endings to Lilly. I think I did Emi on my first run, ended up that way going blind. Then used a guide to do all the others, finishing up with Lilly.

      Lily is the best. Don't listen to those Hanako or, god forbid, Shizune supporters.

      Also, s' funny how Katawa Shoujo pops up every so often on here. I approve of more dating sim publicity!

      And now I gotta go back to Love Plus, because god forbid Nene overheard me talking about- oh god why is my DS holding a knife oh god Nene she was in the past DON'T SWING THAT- OH MY GOD

    I need a new Smert phone.

    Anyone know a good site where I can buy phones outright?

      Depending on what sort of phone you're looking at, Google sell a couple types unlocked with stock android on their store. Though, now that I've said that, I'm not sure if they do that in Australia for anything that isn't a nexus.

        I think the new kogan devices that are on the way are not skinned. Either that it was those fancy flexible lg phones.. was reading stuff about both of them yesterday, but can't remember which one was just stock rom

    Holy crap I am bored.

      still waiting for your download to finish? ;)

        Mmhmm. :|
        22% done, 35 hours remaining... :)
        I'm gonna play the hell out of it once I get it all working.

    Does anybody know of a good game making website / software / program or anything? I kinda want to get into it a bit, but don't know where to start :\

      In terms of interactive storytelling, Twine is a good place to start.
      For more graphically-important work, Game Maker is free on Steam.

      I'm sure others will be able to help you further.

        I am pretty sure its just the demo that is free on Steam. Granted, it's a pretty generous demo.

      It depends where you want to start. If you want to start from the beginner level and work your way up, Scratch is a good choice (It's free). Here is a random tutorial video I got off YouTube. Game Maker if you want something a little more in-depth. Here are a bunch of tutorials for Game Maker. I've been meaning to watch these for months.

      I actually used to make scratch games when I was younger. They were all terrible. I went through all of them just a few days ago. Crappiness confirmed. Really the only half-good game was This one. It can be beaten in a minute if you are good. It can be beaten in half an hour if you are not.

        I'm not opposed to starting at the very beginning. Seems like a reasonable place to start to me! :) I'll definitely look into Scratch, thanks man! :)

      What sort of game do you want to make and what is your current skillset and level? Complete beginner? Seasoned programmer? Makes a big difference.

      If you want to make a proper game using proper tools and don't mind some programming, you should go look up Unity.

        I have some very basic programming knowledge at the moment, but am going to be learning it more in depth this year. I can also draw / design reasonably well.

        At the moment though it would be more just for fun, but I'm not opposed to learning some programming on my own along the way. I'll look into Unity, thanks mate! :)

      not sure what your skills are like, but unity is another good package. it's pretty advanced, but you can make some fun stuff with minimal effort

        I've been thinking of getting into unity myself as an excuse to teach myself programming, is there a recommended language to go for? Thinking of making graphic adventures if that makes a difference

          c# is probably the best to learn if you want to use unity

          Unity is C#.

          C# is also a really nice language. It has most of the simplicity of Java but it fixes some of the stuff Java does that's a bit dodgy and is a lot cleaner. Plus it's easier to go from C# to C++.

      It depends on what you want to make. Every engine has limitations.

      If you're any good with JavaScript, Unity may be for you. I used it back when in TAFE ended up making a 3D game in it. It's free but there's also paid for versions. is my favourite. It teaches you to code as you enter your email address and sign up (best signing up widget ever) and then you can choose from a whole bunch of programming languages, such as Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, and you just follow these tutorials made by people (actual programmers, and not randoms who have no idea what they're doing) and then you make a project after each "level" (such as variables) which has "missions" (such as adding things, subtracting things etc) inside it. One project is making an english to Pyglatin translator! And if you get stuck, there's this forum connected to the course where you can ask other people questions, and they'll help you out.

      Hey liondrive, do you want to add me on steam scree06

        Okey doke! Fair warning though, I never really use it :3 I only really got it so I could greenlight Mount Your Friends, hahaha!

          Damn, I tend to use it as a form of communication. Any other way to have a private convo?

            Umm, email, text or Facebook really. If you have a Playstation I could add you on there as well. :) Or if you need to talk to me for some reason you could just tell me here and I'll log into steam even :)

            Edit: apparently their is a steam app, so that is now a more viable solution to messaging :)

            Double Edit: Added :) Was there a reason you wanted to have a private convo with me, or was it more just for future purposes, cause now I'm kinda freaking out a bit thinking I did something wrong, hahaha! :\

            Last edited 12/01/14 7:59 pm

              No, not at all. Was just going to pass on my experience with trying (and failing) to make games. You should learn from my mistakes

    So, animated series 'Archer'. You guys were right, I sat down to watch and spent two straight hours tonight laughing my ass off.

      Great timing. The new series is due to start in a day or two.

    I've decided to give Diaspora a bash to give some attention to my T.Flight Hotas X, and I'm enjoying the game.

    All this talk about Star Wars canon and the EU getting axed by Disney (thank god!) has me kind of tempted to try watching the Clone Wars TV series. I assume it's pretty awful but how awful could it be, really?

      It's patchy in places, there's no question and you have to overlook what is a pretty large variation in canon in Skywalker having a padawan (or wonder why she's not mentioned even in passing in Revenge Of The Sith) but all in all I thought the series was fucking great.

      There's some annoying dips into kiddy kartoon territory on thankfully very rare occasions but its balanced nicely by going to some damned dark places at times.

      If you're after a single episode to watch to get a feel for it, I'd suggest Assassin, Bounty Hunters or Hostage Crisis. If you're after a multi-part story to watch (most of the stories are 2 or 3 parts), I'd suggest Storm Over Ryloth/Innocents Of Ryloth/Liberty On Ryloth, Nightsisters/Monster/Witches Of The Mist or The Mandalore Plot/Voyage Of Temptation/Dutchess Of Mandalore.

        Annakin also had an apprentice in the Force Unleashed (spoilers), and he doesn't get mentioned. I never did finish that game. Got one level off beating the emperor, then moved off to other things. I was really impressed by the engine though. The first thing I did on the starting planet (the Wookie one, but I don't know how to spell it and didn't want to offend any Star Wars fans) was just cut all the trees down and force push all the trees down. Great memories.

          Yeah but the difference is that Ahsoka was assigned by Yoda whereas Starkiller was supposed to be a secret from everyone. Sort of makes sense he wasn't widely discussed.

            Maybe something happens to her and Obi-Wan goes down a guilt-trip where he never speaks about her, thus she never gets mentioned.

      I find it's good to watch if you see it randomly on TV (I have a kid, he watches cartoons).

      When I tried to sit and watch them together I got bored real quick.
      Saying that, I don't watch too many series these days, so you know.

      My favourite thing about the EU is that it has different levels of canon. The movies are the top of the list and then direct tie ins (like The Force Unleashed and The Clone Wars) are a step below. Everything else is pretty much "eh, I don't really like that, so I'm ignoring it."

      Well, fans of the EU probably don't take that approach, they probably care about the other tiers. I don't. It's silly.

      Seriously, there's an EU explanation about the whole parsecs thing. Apparently the Millennium Falcon is so small and fast that it can fly closer to black holes (which the Kessel Run is filthy with), allowing him to make it in a shorter distance.

      I much prefer the common sense explanation: Han is a braggart who was trying to trick some backwater rubes into giving him money.

      There's also an explanation for the fight scene in Episode 3 where Anakin and Obiwan just kind of stand around twirling for a bit. It has something to do with fight styles and double bluffs and other nonsense. Again, common sense can save the day: the choreographer was drunk.

        Oh believe me, I know all about the EU. I read every book released including most of the comics and stuff up until about the point that Episode II finished off the interest I had in the franchise at the time. I played the CCG as well, and that had heaps of lore stuff too - giving names to all the alien species, defining a ton of side characters and so on.

        The trouble is that almost all of the EU books are complete trash. Some of it is effectively legitimized fanfiction. There's a few high points (eg Thrawn trilogy, X-Wing books) but overall the EU grew like a tumor with nothing holding it back and has become this massive cancerous growth that goes like 80 years into the future past Return of the Jedi and thus would have to be either worked in with (bad) or thrown away completely to make new films. I'm glad Disney's adopting the latter approach. I imagine that fixing it all up is going to take years though.

          The EU is basically paid fanfiction. Admittedly, the prequel trilogy kinda felt like that too.

          I've heard so many nightmares about Mary Sue author favourites that then get destroyed by another writer that had a different Mary Sue they wanted to give the spotlight to. It's just silly. I don't understand how people have decided they want to keep going. Is it like some form of Stockholm Syndrome?

            For a moment I thought this entire chain was about the European Union.

              Same. It took me several re-reads for it to click.

      Out of the few episodes I've seen, it's good. I saw the movie (which is where it starts) and a few other episodes, and it has good plots and things like that. There were two cartoon movies released a few years back, done in a more traditional cartoon style. I preffered them, although there were only ever two. However, there are graphic novels done in the same style as the more cartoony ones, and I liked them as well.

    Recently, my sister has been listening to the Frozen soundtrack, but she hasn't seen the movie. She treats Let it go like some random pop song. I don't know why this annoys me so much. I guess it's because I know the tremendous character development behind the music and she doesn't? Because she doesn't even know the person singing has ice powers?
    Am I justified in being annoyed with her? I don't think I am.
    Whilst typing, I realised she only listens to the Demi Lovato version.

      That stuff happens a lot with pop music.

      Is it that The Police song Im always watching or whatever that's about stalker fans and everyone treats it like a love song?

      Tool have that song Eulogy that I often hear people say that want played at their funeral and its a song about a guy Maynard hates.
      He also does that line "Turn around take my hand" that sounds oh so sweet but is about fisting someone!

      There's others...blanking at the moment.

      My point is though, that stuff happens a lot. And there's a number of songs that do it on purpose. I guess its a way of saying what you want to say but still having commercial value.

      Argh, but what's the point if only few understand your point?!

        A lot of people play Imagine at things like weddings and funerals but change the "imagine no religion" line to "imagine one religion."

        People don't really listen to music. Seeing what happens when people do realise what's being sung, maybe that's a good thing.

        Every republican ever taking Springsteen's condemnation of the US Born in the USA and blasting it as if it was a patriotic anthem.

      Have you considered taking her to see the movie?

        That's crazy talk. You're crazy. I am just going to sit here, complaining about it on an internet forum, thank you.

    Goddam it, just set up new router

    What the hell setting do I need to change to make a 3DS work?

    Everything works without trouble.

    Fucking NintendooooooooooooooooooARGH!

      Worked second time....

        My 3DS was the only thing that could connect to any online gaming related thing. Everything else "couldn't connect to the server" or "required an internet connection" when it had 5 bars. After a factory reset, now everything works!

    Katawa Shoujo talk:

    "How do you know my name? Damn, this can only mean one of two things: either we have met, and you are telling the truth, and I just can't remember it, or you are a spy"
    He pauses.
    "A psychic spy."

    I freaking love Kenji. You know, I want someone to write a version of Harry Potter, starring Kenji. I imagine he would avoid the letter from Hogwarts, fearing anthrax or something. And then the series ends, right then and there.

      Kenji: "That is why you can't trust them. They will string you along, and then kill you, just as they killed me. You'll end up just like me."
      Hisao: Oh, hell no...

      Why don't we start a thread of Kenji quotes?

        Argh, there was one where you're in the shower with him and it's funny as hell and I forget it...
        ARRRGH! D:

          I did find a direct quote, but it's not the full conversation:

          Kenji: It's a hard world out there. Everybody wants a piece. Then you're left pizaless in a unforgiving world. It's happened before, that's how I know.
          Every day, I plan my vengeance, so that when the people who wronged me order a pizza, I will be there. Ever vigilant!"

          Last edited 12/01/14 5:21 pm

        Kenji: "I don't like phones. Actually, I'm scared of them. I don't know why. I think it's part of some repressed trauma. But basically, when I hear a phone, I get nervous. It's my darkest secret.
        I have two theories on it: either I have some fear of receiving some undefined, ominous, life-altering doom call, or I was beaten with a phone in the past. Beaten so badly I can't remember it."
        Hisao: "Beaten in the head."
        Kenji: "Well, where else would I get beaten with a phone that would make me unable to remember it? The ass?"

        This guy just shits gold. I should make a thread of Rin quotes sometime. They're just as good.

          Kenji: " Hey, you need some lip balm? I accidentally bought two because I thought the store was selling individual double A batteries."

      A series of short stories by Phlanispo:

      Chapter 1:
      "You're a wizard, 'Arry."
      "Nah, I'm okay thanks."
      And then Harry Potter grew up, became a banker, and lived a normal life until the ripe old age of 94.

      Chapter 2:
      "Winter is coming..." Ned solemnly said whilst gazing over the North.
      "Come back inside dear, you'll get a cold."
      And then he did and didn't get involved in any wars and that was that.

      Chapter 3:
      "Call me Ishmael."
      "Okay Mr Ishmael, your Starbucks coffee will be ready soon, please wait over there!"
      The end.

        "Luke... I am your father...
        And Palpatine... is my lover."
        Luke looked on in disbelief.
        "Allow me to explain..." Vader continued.
        After thirty confusing minutes, Palpatine stood next to Vader, their hands entwined.
        Luke simply smiled and said "So... Dad... which of you is the cushion?"

        I'm sorry, that (^) was terrible.

    So people who've played Rust, is it worth the $20?

      It's worth the $20, though not worth the Alpha in terms of the game will almost certainly change (perhaps for the better of course).
      I'd love to get a decently sized group together to play it, as currently it's very much a strength-in-numbers deal, and I am but one lonely caveman with a rock against an army of clothwearers with hatchets :'(

    Dark Souls. I'm playing it again. Discovery of the merchant meant I now have a whole whack of good gear and I'm getting through everything up until the boss easily.

    But the Taurus Demon is kicking my ass in like 2 hits. Apparently you can block his attacks but whenever I put my shield up I still seem to get hit. Managed to do some damage by jumping off the ledge onto him but then I will die horribly each time :(

    I also love the way when you quit the game from in-game, it doesn't actually quit, but dumps you back to the main menu where you have to sit through like 45 seconds of unskippable logos before you can actually quit.

      Ten attempts. Ten failures. Not even making it to half way. Giving up. Fuck this shit completely.

        Rolling is much better than blocking against bosses. Jump off ledge to do the jumping attack, roll back to the ladder, repeat until success.

      Would you block an oncoming truck? Get out of the road doofus, bigger things have right of way!

      That guy is one you can easily spam, do the plunge attack from the tower, run away till you're in the middle (because he can hit you on the ladder) and wait for him to catch up & start an attack, when he does, roll and sprint back to the ladder and repeat.

        He beats me to the ladder 2 times out of 3 and smacks me before I can get all the way up. Which is usually an instant kill.

        I realize it's better to dodge, which is what I'm doing. But if you're not in a position to roll in time, the block should work, except half the time it's hitting *near* me and not blocking.

        The belligerent attitude toward me when asking for help isn't really appreciated by the way. Not that it matters. I probably won't play it again as the last failure attempt I had almost triggered a panic attack for me afterward. No game is worth that.

          Woah the doofus thing was supposed to be a joke! Shit, sorry if I pissed you off there, most unintended.

          When you run for the ladder, where are you running from and more importantly are you running or sprinting? The latter makes all the difference. I'll go through the approach I've used successfully twice

          Go through the fog onto the battlements
          See all the bloodstains and start to worry or look for my souls if its not my first attempt
          Move forward very slowly until the daemon starts to jump down (or until you see his health bar, I can't remember which appears first)
          Immediately turn and sprint back to the ladder next to the fog door & get up. There should be enough time to get there before he can hit you.
          Do the plunge attack and run towards the middle of the battlements again, pretty much where he landed when he spawned
          Wait till he gets over to you and dodge his attack, sprint back to the ladder and repeat the plunge.

          It may vary dramatically on how much stamina your character has, it's one of those things I didn't think about much in building up my character until I hit the Taurus where I found it useful as all hell to be able to both block and sprint in rapid succession.

          But yeah, if the game is triggering panic, it might be an idea to set it aside. Fun should be fun after all. I had to stop playing Condemned: Criminal Origins because it was triggering my claustrophobia in a big way, nothing else before or since ever has, no idea why that one did

      Be a man, stand your ground and look that Taurus demon straight in the eyes and yell "Over my dead body!" then charge. Guaranteed success 1 out of 1000 times.

        Better yet, talk to him! You might resolve your dispute without physical conflict and you can skip hand in hand through the rest of the game as BFFs

      I'm going to be the dissenting voice here and say fuck the plunge strategy. It's hard work and slow for not much pay off. By far the best way to deal with him is counter intuitively to charge in and roll into his attack. Most of the time he'll swing over you and he doesn't handle you around his legs very well. Take a couple of whacks rolling sideways when he attacks and charge and roll again when he jumps away. He is a piece of cake using that strategy.

        Plunge is easy if you're good at timing it and does a respectable chunk of damage even with reasonably measly weapons and most importantly is lowest risk. Engaging him & using your mobility is a better strategy overall but you need to be a bit more comfortable dodging for it to pay off

          Ever had him join you on top of the tower? I have. He's not a great party guest up there.

            I have, it was fun! I seem to recall dodging and scooting down the ladder till he followed me

        Tried that. Doesn't work because I am shit.

        The problem isn't the boss, it's the 10 minute slog through boring as fuck repetitive enemies I could kill in my sleep now (unless the game bugs out again on me) in order to get to the stupid boss to re-challenge him.

    I am having one of those days where I want to do everything but also don't want a bar of it.

    So I took a bunch of old, unwanted games to JB and hey presto, $175 credit! XD

    PS4, you will soon be mine.. However, now I am thinking about that PS Vita again..

    So I picked up a DS for 10 dollars yesterday. Seems like a bargain.

      That is definitely a bargain. The ugly first model?

        Nah, 2nd gen before the Lite.

          Lite is 2nd gen. Phat is 1st, DSi is 3rd and then 3DS (Not including XLs)

        You shut your mouth the Phat is a thing of beauty.

          It's a hideous beast of tech that makes the 2DS look rather pretty. :D

            DS Phat was the greatest and most comfortable handheld Nintendo ever produced until the 3XL :P

      Put an R4 card in and you're set!

        An R4 was a really good purchase, but the new one for 3DS is $100 over here. The problem is, the new one has to have one game per SD card. I'd rather just pay Nintendo somewhat directly.

        Last edited 12/01/14 8:12 pm

      I would recommend Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness. I will not stop harping on about this game until all of Kotaku has experienced its glory!

      VIRUS_: But doesn't it have a 59 on metacritic?

        Agreed. And Blue rescue team as well. And the ranger series. All games that I enjoyed so much mroe than the main series.

        Or Sky, even, which added more after-game content than the originals. Originally, when I finished Time, I had no idea there was an end-game mode, because it came back to the start screen, so I did the whole game again. And again. It was great.

    Sapporo 650ml cans are brutal.

    Bashcraft just got a free headline.
    He can take it from there.

      I bought a bottle of Gekkeikan this weekend, I can't wait to try it. Hopefully it's not as brutal!

    Hmm. Windows 8 made me update its video player today. Now it takes me to an advertising page before every video launches.

    Hello media player classic. Welcome back.

      Oops. I clearly can't read. ADS WITHIN A MEDIA PLAYER?! :D

      Last edited 12/01/14 9:37 pm

      Why the hell were you using Windows Media Player in the first place? MPC is the only player worth using.

        I still use VLC. =P

          VLC = Console peasants
          MPC = Glorious PC master race

            Oh please, XBMC would like to have a word with you.
            And Daum PotPlayer, don't forget Daum PotPlayer.

            Last edited 12/01/14 10:44 pm

              XBMC is a whole different thing though. It's a full Home Theater package, not just a player.

              (It's also kind of shit compared to Plex but whatever)

        Not windows media player. Xbox Video. It worked alright without a problem but now it's pretty insistent and intrusive trying to get me to buy movies from their service.

    I'm considering testing multiplayer betweeen my PSVita and PSP...
    What would be a good game to test out?
    I already have GTA Liberty City Stories and GT PSP, so there's two already.
    And you can add the PSP version of Soul Calibur to that list. :D

    Also, I've decided to build a MAME cabinet with my XBOX 1 as the main hub! :D
    Basically, we have an old Pole Position 2 cabinet in the shed that's just gathering dust, so I might invest in an X-Arcade stick and Xbox adaptor, and install CoinOPS on the Xbox.
    Then, we'll be all set!
    Also, it already has Soul Calibur 2 on there. :D
    And I have an old 20" CRT that my brother gave me that will be the mainstay for visuals. :)

    Last edited 12/01/14 10:42 pm

      What were the results?

        I won't have CoinOps until tomorrow night, I'm afraid. :(
        I would've had it sooner, but there was maintenance on the power lines near our place, so we had no electricity for most of the day. :(

        If you're talking about the multiplayer testing, then it worked flawlessly.
        Also, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny is damn good fun. :D

        (Removed, Local Pick up in US only. :( )

        Last edited 12/01/14 11:31 pm

    Well, being sick in 41-degree weather sucks. Today was proof of that. Even Katawa Shoujo and Jesse Cox's playthrough of Beyond: Two Souls couldn't make this day better. :(

    Last edited 12/01/14 11:57 pm

    Saw what looked to be a large rear-projection TV on the way home, not too far from here.

    Kinda wanna go back and strip it. Though the road is sort of busy, would feel kinda shifty. And it's probably too big to haul home myself, even if I could fit it in my car. But then I'd have to deal with the looted corpse afterwards too.

      That's the dilemma I face every time I see a hitchhiker and think that their organs would fetch a good price on the black market. Getting rid of the wrapping is always the annoying part of getting anything new...

        Unless you've got a kid. They're only ever interested in the box, no matter how much the contents is worth.

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