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    Posting on old TAY to keep this discreet as possible:

    @strange, @sughly, @popdart5, @gutsoup, @jimu, @welbot, @transientmind, @sernobulus, @virus__, @dkzeitgeist, @beardymcmuttonchops, @lambomann007

    I got a text from Freeze last night.

    I hear that Mrs. Freeze is getting extremely stressed about this thing she's planning and the lack of people getting back to her on the TAY front. If you haven't already, can you contact her for details and also join this Facebook group she's got going on. E-mail me at: dp[hyphen]clarke[at]outlook[dot]com if you need contact details!

    Last edited 07/03/14 9:41 am

      I don't have Facebook but thanks for the reminder I just got in contact with her.

      I feel bad that I completely forgot to do this. I shall rectify this at once.

      I replied the same day I got the invite!

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