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    Greetings all!

    Wow, its been literally years (ha) since I've hopped on TAY.

    I hope everybody is well in the new year.

    Things that have happened to Riley recently

    Bungie jumped in Cairns.
    Snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef.
    New Years eve I shacked up with a bird from the UK related to Sean Bean.....SEAN BEAN! Pretty much the coolest story I have now...

    Oh and a bunch of GBA games arrived \o/

    Happy Tuesday friends!

      Did she die at the end of every encounter? Related to Sean Bean!

        My friends have hit me with the same question. Thankfully, no \o/

          Not necessarily... The French call an orgasm 'the little death'. :P

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            Haha, very good.

    Ok TAYbies, it might be that due to being a poor Uni student I skipped the 360/3/wii generation (until a year ago when I bought a 2nd hand wii) and have had to upgrade my PC piecemeal over the last 5 years, but...

    What is the deal with the Steamboxes? I'm too scared to ask this in the regular comments, but why would you buy a Steambox when you can build a desktop, forgo the monitor and have it tucked away somewhere plugged into your TV (as you can easily do these days)?

    This comment is not trolling or sarcastic, I'm just honestly curious as to why someone would pick this up instead of a desktop...

      Because it's easy and games should Just Run (tm).

        I completely forgot about that. No more fiddling with patches, drivers, configurations, wrestling Windows to get it to work. Right. Makes sense now.

          Not sure it's that simple. Steambox you can swap the parts out for whatever you want so there's still going to be a truck load of hardware/software conflicts.

            Maybe not so many. Developers typically work with the major device manufacturers to get things working smoothly for the most common hardware configurations. When shit goes wrong, it's usually because of a configuration they didn't test.

            We aren't in a vacuum here - if the Steambox guys can limit their swappable components to a relatively small list, developers are going to know about that list and be inclined to support it.

      Personally I wouldn't, the steamos doesn't seem mature enough yet, that or it's dependant on streaming from another PC so if you have to have a PC anyway you might as well just build a good one and be done with it.

      Not everyone knows how to build a desktop.

        To be honest it's not too hard, you can probably find some good guides on the Internet.

          MB + CPU + GPU + RAM + PS + SSD + DVD + case = PC

          Tada! There's a guide. XD

            MB + CPU + GPU + RAM + PS + SSD + HDD + DVD + case = PC

            FTFY. Gotta have a storage :P

              Yeah, I pulled that one at the last minute. Was thinking of pulling DVD also.

                Reasoning? Thinking about the plausible future.

                  Optical drives will still be needed for a while yet.

                  They're also dirt cheap these days too, so might as well get one

      My question is if there's a heap of different spec steam machines what's the point as not all games will run on all the systems.

        I imagine, and I could be wrong, that SteamOS will have a way of reading your hardware. If it doesn't meet the recommended system requirements it will let you know with a "This game doesn't meet the recommended requirements" warning and again for the 'minimum requirements' or something similar.

        With a custom OS aimed at gaming, this really shouldn't be hard to implement.

          Which still seems to defeat the purpose. If you have a PS4 you can play anything with a PS4 on the box. Steam machine won't play everything with Steam machine on it.

            But the PS3 can't play PS4 games. It's ultimately the same concept.

            Over time, yes there will be games you may not be able to run, but looking at the specs of the currently available pre-built Steam Machines, it matches and (generally) betters that of current gen consoles. With those specs you can play all current games on Steam and will be able to for years to come.

            Eventually a time will come when games have advanced enough that yes, you will have to replace parts/entire Steam Machine. But you'll have to upgrade to a PS5 as well.

              It's not like that at all. It's like releasing 13 different ps4's where most can't play all ps4 games.

                But for something to be labelled as an "official licensed" Steam Machine it has to meet certain requirements, which includes hardware as well. [I'll see if I can dig up the article on this]

                If Timmy next door builds a custom Steam Machine which can't play all the games then that's his own fault.

                Funny you mention that. There was a big warning sign in JB that the new COD doesn't work on those cheap 360s because of a mandatory install.

      To double down on my answer: Building a PC isn't necessarily in the purview of everyone- while it's simple enough if you know what you're doing, some people don't have the time or energy to do it and make sure it's all compatible and everything, and then a new game comes out and you buy it and can't run it...

      If you have a Steam Box, with standard parts or meeting a standard test, they'll be able to put a "this will work on your computer" notice all over the steam store, or "you need to upgrade component x for this to run" that makes it simpler for the consumer. Sure, people who are already in to PCs won't jump for it, but for an uninformed consumer that just wants to play game y it's compelling.

      What a lot of PC gamers (and gamers in general) seem to be misunderstanding is the target market of the Steam Machine. Steam aren't going after the PC enthusiast. They (most likely) already have them with their gaming rigs.

      Steam Machine is less a product and more of a concept. The concept is a machine that you can plug into your TV and play your games.

      Branded Steam Machines are just ones that are pre-built.

        Steam Machine is less a product and more of a concept. The concept is a machine that you can plug into your TV and play your games.

        This. There seems to be a distinct misunderstanding with people thinking that Steam machines are a physical product, not a concept. Ultimately I think this is being done on purpose to drive sales of the prebuilt systems.

          It just makes no sense though. If someone who has never built a PC before and barely played any games asked me what to buy, I would tell them to buy a PS4 / XBONE / WiiU. I just don't understand the target audience with this concept.

          Why buy a prebuilt PC with SteamOS when you can use a console and it will work with 100% of the released games.

            I would tell them to buy a PS4 / XBONE / WiiU

            But that would make them a dirty console peasant.

            I'm seriously considering forgoing the new console generation and going steam box because the "will work with 100% of the games" is the only advantage consoles have left... and even then, I imagine they'll find some way to break that over the course of the generation.

            They've added problems with: losing access to old games and hardware (why can't I use my USB 360 fight stick or bluetooth harmony remote adapter?); games are never as cheap as PC; PC-like interface without any of the customisation; uncertainty about how long my digital purchases will be available to download; etc.

            And this is coming from a previously massive console supporter. I miss the days of my mega drive when consoles did actually just work :(

              Yeah man, the other week I bought BF4 on PC - this is the first multi-platform game I have not bought on a console since the PS2 came out.
              I have played about 90% of my games on a console for at least the past 10 years but this round? I dunno, just not feeling it.
              Maybe I will join the master race full time.

      This kind of late, but here is a video that might clear everything up or make it more confusing. - Article makes a compelling argument in support of a healthy pile of shame.

    I intend to counter that argument by going through my receipts folder and figuring out how much money I've effectively donated to the games industry. Will report back with the (undoubtedly) horrifying figure.

      I do believe you have overtaken me in the amount of Steam games owned now.

      I feel both relieved and ashamed by this.

      I changed my mind. I'm not publishing that figure. I just did the total of 2013 on its own, and the number is incredibly embarrassing.

      On the plus side, I also got to review a list of the things I got a shit-tonne of enjoyment out of. Fond memories win!

        I think I have about 80-ish titles and personally I think that is way too many for my needs. Everyone else has their own idea of what is too much.


        EDIT: On second thought, link removed incase you don't want people knowing your Steam details.

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          Nah, it should be cool... if people wanna look they can see that my username is 'transientmind' on there, just like here. :)

          What were you linking?


              Oh yeah, I liked the idea of that site, though it runs into some problems with dollar values not including sale prices, and it totally miscalculated some of the 'hours played'.
              That's why I was going through the receipts manually, so I'd know the exact sale value of money spent.

              That said: there are titles on that list that I don't have receipts for, for whatever reason, which add an extra... oh. Around another thousand or so dollars, retail. (Probably purchased for more like $250-500 in sales.)

              Yeah, just another grand in unplayed games, no biggie... c.c
              (OH MY GOD)

                The way I look at it is these are current US prices. Sure you got some on sale, but some have dropped in price as well since you probably purchased them/AU tax.

                  Oh yeah... some of those I probably bought when they were $50-70 instead of now, when they're $4.99.

                  In which case I've quite possibly spent tens of thousands of dollars on Steam. Just Steam, not including MMOs and console games. OH MY GOD must not hyperventilate

                  @transientmind If it makes you feel better, I have LESS games, but have spent more money


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                  Wow, I need to do some catching up

      I'm primarily a console player but I have a lot of steam games mainly from the Humble Bundle sales and gifts from kind TAYbies.

      3-5 cheap games from Humble Bundle sales are hard to pass on every month(now every week as well).

    Two days of work on this crappy task that should have taken a couple of hours and I'm finally starting to see results. Such a damned good feeling, and I may actually get to go home on time today!

      NO, don't say that, you'll jinx it!


        ...I decided against posting the rest of this comment. It was entirely swears.

      I thought the same thing yesterday, then I had to spend 2+ hours on a train which should have taken 30-40mins

    I think I've figured out the reason I'm not fond of Steam like everyone else seems to be. Apart from the whole never being able to just browse through the store in an unfrustrating manner.
    It's that Gabe Newell is the figurehead, and he's really the epitome of the smug "PC Master Race"er.

      Our Gaben, who art at Valve
      Glorious be thy beard
      Thy Half-Life (never) come
      Thy will be done on earth
      As it is at Valve
      Give us this day our daily deals
      And forgive us our spending
      As we forgive those who spend alongside us
      May discounts lead us not into temptation
      But deliver us flash sales
      For thine kingdom is the Valve
      The Steam and the daily deals
      For ever and ever

      I'm so, so sorry Strange. I had to.

      MAAAASTER RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-*cough-hack-cough* *pant* *wheeze* --AAAAAACE!
      *falls over*

      (Edit: Yes, the store-browsing is fucking horrible and I can't believe they haven't overhauled it so that you can check out multiple titles etc without losing your place in a browsing list. It's like they only expect you to buy off the 'recent release' or 'top seller' lists, which is a self-fulfilling prophecy, thanks to the unfriendliness of browsing anything NOT on those lists.)

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        It's the same problem faced by anything that has become super popular and widely used on the Internet. A userbase is inherently stubborn and resistant to change so it's incredibly difficult to update or change things. Maybe Valve will release a Steam store client v.2.0 at some stage but they probably won't.

      My problem is more that I have a couple of hundred dollars worth of games on it that just won't run or stall out and Steam support are very cagey on giving any sort of refund on them. Only got one refund out of them.

        I wish they'd take a leaf out of GoG's book on that front. The GoG guys reckoned that their customer support tickets have only increased a negligible amount since they introduced their returns policy.

        (They also noted that number of downloads didn't increase much either, and that it seems from checking torrent sites that people who returned games weren't just 'buying' them to post them around the place for a freebie.)

        I know Steam's a completely different beast and that the demographic might be a much more potentially fraudulent one, but it'd be nice to see them take the plunge.

      I'm kind of curious as to why you think he seems smug.
      Putting my love for the fact that he looks like a hobo aside, in the interviews I've read, he seems to be fairly evenly balanced on the pros and cons of PC gaming; at least all the arguments people have brought up before. He presents a weakness and then he expresses curiosity as to why that is a weakness.
      I haven't really heard him obnoxiously tout the greatness of Steam Machine and how it'll fix everything (as an example), or how Game X made a hojillion dollars in the first week of sales, also being the highest selling game in a time span of exactly 67 hours or anything like that.

        It's true. He speaks pretty well, and comes across as really clued in and not particularly concerned about PR bullshit all whilst not actually holding such passionate or divisive opinions that he has to worry about PR bullshit.

          Sure, but to some extent, Valve actually does need some sort of PR bollocks.
          I think moreso in the vein of community management rather than marketing at least, because when things go wrong on Steam, nerds get real mad at them. Someone to interact with them and tell them what's going on, because sometimes the silence hurts them. There was some DotA2 Halloween event or something that got people real mad.
          Probably unjustifiably, but still.

            Ohyeah, Valve does need its PR stuff totally. Just not Gaben. I don't think the mighty Gaben has all that much to do with the nuts and bolts of running Steam anymore. I get the impression he's up in 'exploring new territory' pants now.

            Probably unjustifiably...
            Punching someone in the face because they didn't say hello to you is unjustifiable. That Dota 2 crap was batshit crazy".

        Article quote.
        Well, I think he kind of nullifies it by giving a proper answer, but I can see how that line makes him sound cocky.

          I can see that but he was backed into a corner there
          It was a joke. He got asked "Isn't your competitor doing great" so there isn't many ways to answer. You can slag of the competitor, tell your shareholders that a competitor is doing great or you can make a joke and then explain your plans.

      Just because he's used as a figurehead by internet 'meme' makers doesn't mean squat. As said above, eh seems like a pretty cool guy giving out sales and doesn't afraid of Microsoft.

      Gabe Newell is over time morphing into Richard Stallman. He's got the smugness already, now he's growing the greying beard and is constantly harping on how evil Microsoft are and how much better things are in Linux.

    Got a 'Collect Me' slip in my mailbox yesterday to pick up a package I missed. The post office I need to go to is literally across the road from my building flat. "This is amazing!", I thought.

    But wait! The Post Office is only open while I'm at work, so I can't pick up my parcel until the weekend, even though I walk past it every day and am within 50 metres of it all night, just in a different building... :P The pain of it all!

    (For the interested: I bought an Internet/streaming radio from Kogan for far less than a similar spec'd one from the shops. We'll see if it actually turns out to be decent :P)

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      Just have a "smoko" and go across the road to grab it. :P

        Ah! I mean across the road from my flat, not my work building! Way to confuse everybody, Pow! :P

      Take your lunch break earlier than usual and slip in before the queue forms.

      I'm confused, is the Post Office across the road from your house or work?

      Pow: "Hey guys, just need to go to the post office, I'll be back in 10 minutes."

      If the post office is only open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri they will usually have some sort of parcel collection alternative. I only know what suburb you live in (Stalksmith) but the main post office there has parcel collection from 7am. Just leave for work 10mins earlier if it's next door. All others appear to be open on Saturday mornings.

        This. I've had to pick up quite a number of parcels at the crack of bloody dawn (ie: before 8:00, when all decent people should still be asleep), just so I can return the package to home in time to get to work.

        I thought you were saying I lived in a suburb named "Stalksmith" for a minute :P

        I didn't find anything about early package pickup though! Did you find that out on the Aus Post website? If so, hooray! :D

        (This is my second reply to this because my first mysteriously vanished somehow...)

          Use this:

          Search your suburb. Should be an "Additional Parcel Collection" link.

            Yeah, that's what I was using. No out of hours collection, ah well. I'll just press my face against the post office window every morning/evening as I walk past, hoping that someone takes pity and breaks in for me.

            (Looks like you need to polish your methods, Mr. Stalksmith! :P)


      Pick the one with the most red. That means they are the fastest character.


          Wait, there was a choice between boobs and no-boobs and you weren't sure which to choose?
          Boobs. Always choose boobs.

          Uh... because gaming needs more female protagonists, you go grrl, etc. Go team.


        If Red is the fastest...
        Why is Sonic still faster than Knuckles?

          Because his shoes are more red then knuckles' shoes.

          He's not. Because Knuckles is an Echidna, he's from Australia (or Papua New Guinea, but I'm going Australia).

          Therefore, Knuckles is running the wrong way round since he's from the Southern Hemisphere running in (presumably) the Northern Hemisphere.

          He's just so fast that he gives the impression of running the right way, but in a slower fashion than Sonic.

          And before anybody points out that this makes no sense, we're talking about sapient Echidna's, Hedgehog's and a mutated Fox that can achieve flight. And they all collect jewellery.

            And murder small animals. You know those flying bots you pop in the sky? They don't just release birds. They release small, flightless mammals. SPLAT.

          Red goes faster but only if it powered by WAAAAAAGH!

          Knuckles simply doesn't have enough WAAAAAAAGH!

          Sonic is actually red, he's just blueshifted because he's always running slightly towards you.

          He moves so much faster than sonic that he's actually crossed the entire planet and a little bit more in the space of each animation frame. The camera simply can't keep up so it looks like he's moving much slower.

    Kotaku just informed me:

    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

    Uh what? I write fark all on here.

    I have achieved absolutely nothing today aside from more research for my Pathfinder game. My fantasy-infused Roman empire will totally end up fighting against lycanthropes at some point. :D

      Unproductive today here, too. It's driving me nuts, just checking on TAY instead.

      Since various systems are down and jobs in the queue are low, I got my performance review today, since moving into my new role. They're happy with it. I'm not. Which I guess is at least better than the other way around...

        They're happy with it.

        Ask for a raise.


        Last edited 07/01/14 4:22 pm

          Hah, I just got one, asking for another so soon might be a bit rich. Once every three months maybe. :)

            I just got one, asking for another so soon might be a bit rich.

            I see what you did there...

    So I played some more Bleed. I wanted to see if I could beat the boss Bunny Rockette on hard mode. I could, but it took me 50 minutes.
    Bleed is SO much fun. It took me ages to beat the boss, but I had fun throughout. There was one point where the boss was on very low health, and I died to a stray projectile. For some reason, I let out a whoop of ecstatic rage. (Is that a thing?)
    It is really fun to randomly shoot homing missiles into the air, as it means more stuff is onscreen, leading to sensory overload. I don't know why I wanted to induce that, but I think I did.

    I kind wish I had been able to take screenshots during some of the more insane scenes, but hitting F12 whilst dodging twenty onscreen bullets is quite difficult.

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    "Oh Nuckelavee, oh Nuckelavee, you're big and evil and heinous.
    Who could it be, that set you free, he really must be an anus."

    I now have the strongest desire to go and play Bard's Tale again.

      I wanted to like that game and to play that game, but I couldn't get past how heavy the accents were and it annoyed me too much to be able to continue :(

      ...I somehow managed to read it as "Bale's Tard", and still read it as that when I went to check if that was indeed what I saw.

    Just been going through the Pikmin photo thread Mark linked to in his article. He posted some pretty cool stuff already, but holy crap there are some even more amazing shots in there.

    Seriously, check it out. Such a stunning game.

    Last edited 07/01/14 5:08 pm

      Make me.

        How about just this one image then?

          I actually already own it. One day I'll get bored enough to pop it in.

            Ah. I just mean check out the awesome pictures people are taking, but those that haven't played it should also check out the game too :P

    I just realised that I can make downloads automatically go to a custom file instead of the the default downloads" folder on my SSD if I edit my browser settings. Will doing this have any sort of a negative effect? I know tech stuff, except I am usually too timid to put that knowledge to use.

      You could just move the 'Downloads' library off the SSD. Either way, any option will be fine.

      I moved every single library off the SSD, because why would you store pictures and video on it.

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    Aww. Titanfall doesn't have mod support.
    Actually, I am more annoyed that Titanfall will have sniper rifles, actually. I hate those things.

      Snipers are fine if they can somehow make them not OP and the use of them contribute to the team effort.
      So far BF3 (on consoles) has come the closest but still waiting for that magical day.
      Also Brink had no sniper rifles and was mostly terrible, so there is that.

    Only because you asked, here's the summary of my Christmas holidays:
    - I didn't go to work for two weeks.
    - I had a good Christmas day with my extended family and ate lots of lollies. I got Super Mario 3D World and a new subscription to Hyper. My son got loads of Thomas the Tank Engine toys. I was required to play trains with him on multiple occasions.
    - I've reached something like 94% completion in GTA V. I will reach the 100%. The more I play of it, the more amazed I am by the world they built. Screw the plot, that world is fantastic.
    - I played some awesome coop games like Super Mario 3D World and Battleblock Theatre with my brother. Sooo good. I'd thoroughly recommend both.
    - I finally bought those new Streetpass games. But I've only had one new Streetpass since then :|
    - I also bought a Kinect and a Playstation Move and PS+. Because reasons. Actually, coop "Once Upon a Monster" with my son is pretty fun. Even if he's terrible at following directions.
    - I went to the cricket for 3 days. it was really good that we won. It was really bad that I had to get up at 4:30 each day to get a decent seat, and on the second day I dropped my new Nexus 5 on the concrete and smashed the glass.
    - Yesterday I finished my holidays by going for a drive to pay a $187 clumsiness tax to fix my phone.
    - And now I'm back at work. Screw you world!

    Only 11 and a half months to go till the next Christmas holidays!

      Is the $187 to fix your new nexus? Oh man, sorry.

      Phone mishap aside sounds like you had a great holiday.

        Sure did. So many games, so much family, so much sport, so little anything else. Bliss.

        Have any luck on the vita hunt yet?

    I'm home! Yay!!!!! I've been at my parents place for a long weekend as my sister is over from WA. Highlights include a pizza party with friends, trying Rekorderlig cider for the first time, seeing two echidnas in the wild and spending time with my sister. It will be good to sleep in my own bed again.

      Thoughts on Rekorderlig?

        I liked it. I tried the Winter Cider, Passionfruit Cider and Apple and Blackcurrant Cider. Winter Cider was my favourite, but Passionfruit and Apple and Blackcurrant were good too. I possibly got a little tipsy after drinking the cider, but I enjoyed it.

          Winter cider is the best.

          Hot or cold?

            Cold. I will eventually try it hot, but it was cold cider weather on Saturday night.

    Just saw Frozen. It was okay.

    More interestingly, the person two rows in front of us decided that it would be a good idea to take pictures of the movie with their phone. Not subtly either but holding the phone up so everyone can see.

    The second time they whipped it out, I had to tap the person in front of me on the shoulder and ask them to ask them to cut it out.

    Seriously, is this a thing? If it's a thing it ranks up there with some of the worst things to ever be things.

    Larry David would have made millions if he had witnessed it.

    Last edited 07/01/14 6:15 pm

      These three juvie girls did that directly in front of me one time, long flash and everything. The second time they tried to do it I put on my deepest grumbly voice and yelled "Oi!!!". Two of them screamed and I didn't hear a peap out of them for the rest of the movie.

      Edit for spelling.

      Last edited 07/01/14 7:43 pm

        I don't know what's worse: that someone else has experienced this or that the person that I saw doing it was an adult.

          An adult doing it is very bad. I get really annoyed if I even hear someone whispering around me. I'm an expert at making people leave the movies though, it's a talent.

      Shh. Don't tell @dc. I think @dc would be very annoyed to hear (read?) that you didn't like Frozen. But don't worry, I can keep a secret. @dc knows what I am talking about.

        The cold never bothered me anyway.

    @cakesmith's link up there got me curious.

    My PC gaming has cost me $27.50 an hour. That seems excessive.

      $5.10 an hour, though these figures are skewed due to humble bundles (far and away how I've amassed most of the titles)

      $4.40 p/h

      Which... is considerably more than I used to pay when all I played was Runescape... I think it was close to .05c p/h for membership?

        Actually, that's close to a quarter of my pay. I'm... going to stop buying games for a bit.

          But you didn't pay full tote for all of them

            Oh, goodness no. That'd be a scary prospect. I think I've bought maybe 5-6 games at full price.

            Still, I spend far more than I'm comfortable with on games which I ultimately don't play.

      Doesn't work for me but I bet Dota throws the calculation way off.

      $2.90/hr. Not too bad. And when you consider thats spread over 6 years (*gasp*) since I made my profile, that sounds pretty good

        Actually hang on... That means I've only spent 82 hours per year playing games on steam. Thats pathetic!!

      $5.33 per hour for me. Not too bad. Also I've had my account since Steam began as a thing since I got Half Life 2 on release day, and I know for a fact that a lot of my stuff doesn't have hours registered against it (eg every HL2 thing) and I have definitely played many hours. So IMO my 76% unplayed stat is probably not accurate.

      One thing is for sure though, if I could add the MMOs I've spent time in (esp. WoW, FFXIV, Tera, Ragnarok Online) then my efficiency would be vastly improved.

      $3.46 / hour, 71% unplayed.
      Compared with my better half at 0.32c / hour, and 47% unplayed. Her numbers would be worse thanks to me dumping humble bundle games on her account as well.

    Hey @crazyguy1990,

    I keep trying to add you on PSN but I keep getting a message that I can't send the request due to your privacy settings.

    So A link between worlds makes me feel like a moron. I have to keep running to the guide and the solution seems to always be obvious.

    But I printed out the templates of the cakes so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

      I nearly quit the game because of the Ice Temple, then the solution was really easy. That's the problem with Zelda games, whenever I find out the solution to a problem I am having I feel like an idiot.

        Yup. Zelda is especially good at making you feel like an absolute moron

      You received it! \o/

      Just remember when in doubt, jump into the wall!

        Yeah I keep accidentally doing that and then when I actually want to, it doesn't work. D=
        Also, i can't send you the rupee cushion because I don't know if you live at number 11 or 77

          Haha. It's the lucky sevens. :D

            Thanks. I will probably send it off next week. I have a dark blue one (similar to the colour of the link between worlds one) if you'd rather that one.

              Skyward Sword blue, please. No rush. Thank you!

                Alright, should be able to send it on Tuesday

    So we shifted close to 20 tonne of alcohol today... I feel beat, and I am doing all again tomorrow.


    I just completely ran out of fuel and maintenance tomorrow ends the Arpeggio event, so here's my final results for the KanColle Christmas event grind I've been engaging in the last two weeks, in terms of Gold or Holo-quality or unbuildable/rare ships

    - I-401 x1 (event reward)
    - Kaga x1
    - Akagi x2 (yeah :( )
    - Hiryuu x1
    - Zuikaku x2 (bastard RNG gave me two Zuikakus rather than Shoukaku and Zuikaku T_T)
    - Zuihou x1
    - Abukuma x1
    - Yuubari x1
    - Kongou x4
    - Hiei x2
    - Kirishima x2
    - Haruna x1
    - Mutsu x1
    - Ise x2
    - Hyuuga x1
    - I-19 x1
    - I-58 x2
    - Suzuya x1
    - Naganami x3 (T_T)
    - Yuugumo x1
    - Maikaze x1
    - Shimakaze x2

    No luck getting Shoukaku, Nagato, Mikuma, Kumano, Kinu or Akigumo, which were the remaining event drops. I guess I'll have to try and push through to World 5 and hope they come to me on their own.

    Since It was put in, I have done four large ship builds. Results: Kongou, Kongou, Kongou, Ise. Kongou fucking loves me. :(

    During the course of the event I got Shigure and Ooi both to their Kai-2 remodels. My HQ level hit 59 during the event. 56-58 I think happened when I ground out the final couple of levels to get Shigure up to 60 (running 3-2-A over and over for ~500xp each run, using carriers and subs/torpedo girls to do most of the damage in pre-emptive strikes). At some point suddenly the E-3 map got really difficult. I didn't notice any fleet composition changes but I assume that their levels went up. The final few days of the event I've been really struggling to clear the boss node with an S-rank so missing out on chances at the best ships in the pool :( E-2 is even harder though :( I was getting T-crossed by the enemy often enough that I had to pull some of Hiryuu's teeth by swapping out one of her torpedo squadrons for a recon plane. I suspect actually that I've hit the point where Hiryuu and Soryuu's balanced squadron sizes are no longer effective and I need to start using Akagi and Kaga as my mainline carriers.

    Current fleet:
    - Shigure Kai-2 (60)
    - Haruna Kai (64)
    - Hiei Kai (65)
    - Hiryuu Kai (78)
    - Kitakami Kai-2 (70)
    - Ooi Kai-2 (64)

    For E-3 I was mainly swapping Shigure out for Iona since being a sub she stopped the fog Nagara-classes from using beam weapons and unlike my subs, she had 70hp so could actually take a few hits. Plus very high luck so lots of torpedo cut-in attacks at night (very nice when you do 400 damage to the boss!)

    Currently working on getting Kiso to 65 and her Kai-2 remodel. She's not as effective with torpedoes as her two sister ships but has much higher cannon, anti-sub and anti-air stats to balance that out. I've completely modernized Kitakami and Ooi and against anything smaller than a battleship they hit pretty well with cannons so are quite useful. My plan is to have Kiso and Kitakami or Ooi together and this will give me a torpedo cruiser in reserve as they are easily the strongest ships in the game in terms of pure damage potential (with a pair, they will often pre-emptively take two ships out of a fleet before firing commences and they tend to target cruisers and destroyers first which frees your bigger ships up to fire on stronger enemies). I was finding during the event that Kitakami and Ooi (especially Ooi) were the most likely to end up in the dock for a few hours after the boss node though, so having Kiso as a reserve will be important. I could take a sub and get similar effect, but the subs get targeted and none of mine are high enough to be able to dodge well, plus they're all so rare (I-19 is unbuildable still, even) plus they don't participate in shelling phase so the torpedo girls are generally a better option.

    After I work on Kiso I'm thinking of spending some time getting Zuikaku and Mutsu up. I'm also going to continue trying the Large Resource Construction once or twice a week as resources permit. Hopefully some good recipes for getting Taihou and Yamato will emerge, but I'm not going to rush for them. I'd really like to get Shoukaku and Nagato, plus the unbuildable Agano-class cruisers which are all LRC only.

    My other short-term goals are going to be to get Suzuya to 30 so I can turn her into an aviation cruiser and complete the composition quest for having a pair of them (already have Mogami). Unfortunately wasn't able to get her sisters (Kumano and Mikuma) but both are obtainable as drops in World 3 and 4 so may try and farm later. The other goal I have is to get one of my subs to 50 and then push through the remaining expeditions up to 25 (which requires a level 50 flagship and 4 submarines - I'm thinking Imuya to 50 first as she's already 34).

    Last edited 07/01/14 11:12 pm

      You've done quite nicely from this event, even though RNG has screwed you around with a few of the drops (particularly those Kongous, damn). I've been pretty lax lately and haven't really touched Kantai for a few days. I'll try and jump on tonight after maintenance but I've missed my chance to get anything good out of the Christmas event.

        There will be other events. This one was just good because there was some nice rare drops (mainly stuff that drops on bosses only in worlds 3-5) and it was actually possible to clear it. Last event I cleared E-1 and might have had a sniff at E-2 but wouldn't have had a chance at E-3 to E-5 as they needed high-level battleships, shittons of resources and lots of buckets to keep everyone going.

    I love how music has the power to change your mood from a bad one to a good one. I'm feeling tired and grumpy, so I've put Spotify on and I'm listening to Led Zeppelin III. It's helped me feel a lot better.

      LED ZEPPELIN \m/

        I love them. I'd never really listened to them before they were available to listen to on Spotify, so I've been going through their discography. I listened to IV this morning, possibly my favourite Led Zeppelin album so far.

          OMG every album is like a greatest hits album. Mothership is a great compilation, if you don't have the time for all their albums and time is definitely something you need with the Zep - all their songs are like ten minutes each. Slightly exaggerating, sure, but not when I say greatest band ever.

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