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    Blerch moving suuuucks... also looks like i won't have innernet at my new place for a while
    *rocks back and forth*
    Back at work today, already had 2 coffees and i'm still ready to go to sleep....
    Hope everyone is well here?

    On the plus side because of my lack of network i have started playing through RDR for the god-knows-how-many-times-now, to hopefully complete it...
    and i can confirm, yep, it's still pretty damned amazing!

    EDIT - PAGE GET WOOOoooo *head desk*

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      As long as the living arrangements appear to be working out, that's all that matters, right?

        Pretty much... The place is already looking great, got a lot of stuff done in 4 days...
        The weekend we're sorting out the garden and the upstairs living room, afterwhich we're pretty much sorted...
        We have organised so we all have our "areas" we can run off to if we get sick of each other and/or need to be alone so it should work out splendidly :P
        Plus the dogs love the stairs... i don't know why... but all they've been doing the past 4 days is run up and down them for hours :P

          Dogs like new things...once they realise they're not a threat.
          Sounds like you have it all planned out. You'll be alright =D

            Yep, for the first time in a while despite feeling physically exhausted, i feel great about our prospects, and generally a lot happier \o/

            this is a great opportunity for us to get back on top and i think both wifey and i are now mentally charged to get sh!t done!

              It's really hard to get into the market. The prices of houses are ridiculous.
              I hope things go well for you. You and Mrs. Pixel deserve it.

    AAHH!! keep buying warhammer and have far to much in the works that needs painting already.
    Been getting a bit second hand which sometimes requires a bit of work stripping, but this is far better then paying full price. My wife got me some models for Christmas close to $200 for a Army Rule book, 11 models and magic cards. Felt somewhat guilty.
    Good luck ever seeing a day when Games Workshop has a Sale. It will be a cold day in hell.

      The prices for Warhammer miniatures and rulebooks are exorbitant. It's utterly stupid for one squad in your army to cost as much as a AAA game. I used to play up until about ten years ago, but ended up quitting because of the rule-changes and 'chapter approved' always mucking up whatever the current flavour of the month was, and the cost of putting together armies and staying current. (And, to a lesser extent, games shop clientele/staff.)

      It's 95% schadenfreude, but I'm actually kind of looking forward 3D printer technology advancing to the point that there's a pirate market for 40K miniatures, similar to the one for movies and games now. I really want to see how the monolithic Games Workshop adapts to that paradigm.

        Sue goddamn everything into oblivion.

          Yeah, but like the MPAA and RIAA have already discovered: that's like trying to deal with a piranha problem with a spear.

          It's funny (but not unexpected) how the gaming industry has adapted much, much faster by moving toward F2P/online-account options as well as more customer-friendly digital distribution to tackle piracy far more effectively than suing individuals. The gaming industry approaches to piracy are still kind of ham-fisted, but they make the MPAA/RIAA look like brutish cavemen by comparison.

          Game publishers are dealing with the problem themselves by adapting, instead of complaining to governments and lawyers to get someone ELSE to 'just make it stop already'.

        Just look at the prices for their ebooks on the black library & switch between currencies, not only are they expensive in general but very specifically Australia tax heavy

    So, Alien Infestation doesn't look totally awful. Remaining cautiously optimistic. I like that it looks like they're going for more of an "Outlast" style game than anything else.

    My only problem is they are trying to bring the series "back into line" with the films. Well, uh, doesn't that get completely nullified by this scene from the Aliens Directors Cut (which is seen in the EU as the actual canon version).

      Yeah i'm a little sad they went that way with the story :\
      But other then that the actual gameplay looks potentially rather decent...
      like you, remaining cautiously optimistic...

      I think they were meaning they want to bring it back to the sort of claustrophobia and dread of the original Alien film.

    Boss wants to start walking meetings. Not a bad idea

      What, like The West Wing?

      I'd have an asthma attack before we could confirm the previous meetings minutes.

      "All in favour of the motion please wheeze loudly!"

      You should get Sorkin to write the agenda. Dude always managed to time the length of conversations to correspond perfectly with the distance between Office A and Office B.

      The disabled, overweight, and smokers are all disadvantaged in walking meetings. Depending on your team make-up, this might or might not be a good thing.

        Also, no smokers, no disabled and no-one really overweight. Our team is a team of three people.

      I'd suggest that here, but anyone who goes outside to walk the five minutes to the 7-11 comes back drenched in sweat and gasping about how it's hotter than Megan Fox out there.

        That's pretty cold!

          ...You sir, have no taste. Alright. Replace with 'Emma Stone' then. There. :)

            She has weird eyebrows, creepy thumbs, a yuck face and no arse. I am fine with not having any taste :P

            Not sure I'm familiar with Emma Stone... but from a cursory google she seems like a step up I suppose.

    Melbourne Peeps!
    I think I should practice these cakes before the real thing. So, would people be interested in having a meat up so I can practice the cake and you guys can eat it?

    @techknight, @negativezero, @beavwa, @tigerion and others. Sorry, I need to get like a txt file with all the victorian taybies. I am horrible

      I would like to volunteer to eat cake.

        Can you be in melbourne within 2 weeks?

          Within 2 weeks, so before Australia Day weekend? You're thinking next weekend, i.e. Saturday 18th?

            I'm not sure? let me find out how much fondant is.
            Also, Finn, Jake or Beemo cake?

 D: But I still would like some cake.

          If only there was a way to eat cake in Sydney!

      What,when and where; let me know and i will try to be there... because CAKE \o/

        I will make it when it's best for people. Does that make sense?

          What,when and where; let me know and i will try to be there... because PIXEL \o/

            Okay, this is completely dependent on when Pixel is available now =P

      Going to stick to 'maybe' for the moment, January is filling up fast with family visits and paperwork stuff.

    So I've been watching Mad Men season 1 recently. Just the last episode to go now before I can move on to Season 2.

    Where has this show been hiding! (or rather, where have I been? :P) It's great! Really enjoying it so far.

    The only down side is that I was going to buy the DVDs yesterday, but Season 1 and 2 don't have the cool pop-art style covers that the rest of them do >:( Hate it when all of a series' covers don't match.

    EDIT: Oh, so apparently the earlier seasons DO have cool covers, just not at the JB that I go to... :P

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      I really loved Season 1 of Mad Men and I would probably end it there, if I were watching it for the first time all over again. Things go... seriously downhill from there.

    @blaghman picked the best fucking time to be in Japan. Ever.
    This café is only open until April.

    Blaghman, if you bring me one of those estus flasks, I will reimburse your entire airfare*

    *I probably won't do this, but I will shove fistfuls of money into my computer screen

      I'll see if I can, no promises though since I'm traveling across 3 more countries after Japan and it may be slightly tricky.

        Just so you know, for serious, I expect nothing. I was all tongue-in-cheek there. I'm mostly with the jealous.

        But if you're actually seriously offering, thank you!
        PS: I'm happy to send some postage money your way immediately, if that's a better option.

        Hear that guys? @blaghman promised to buy all of us Estus Flasks!

        in all seriousness though, if you have room in your bag for a couple I would gladly throw money at you.

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          I think my current issues are that they look kind of breakable, and would I have to steal them to get them? I mean, pretty theft is nothing new for me, but still.

            You'll be beheaded in Japan too! Yay vacation!

    Anyone else get their project spark invite this morning?

    Project Spark Beta Invitation

    Congratulations! You’ve been selected for the Project Spark Beta!

    We’re proud to have you onboard to help shape the future of Project Spark. This invitation gives you early access to Project Spark and exclusive access to our feedback forums.

    Project Spark is an endless adventure where everything is customizable by you! Jump into the open world sandbox where you can create your own games, worlds, movies, stories and more. Then share them with your family, friends, and the world.

    - Play what other players have made and take part in unlimited adventures.
    - Make your own game while you play with the revolutionary Crossroads mode.
    - Bend, shape, and mold your own worlds with sculpting and beautify your creations with painting and Biomes.
    - Master the easy to use brain system to add behaviors to anything and bring your creations to life.

    It’s quick and easy to get started:
    1. Make sure you are running Windows 8.1. If you haven’t updated from Windows 8 to 8.1, you can do so for free via the Windows Store
    2. Download the Project Spark Beta app on the Windows Store here.
    3. Launch the Project Spark Beta App and log in with your Beta Key

      What's Project Spark?

        Project Spark is an endless adventure where everything is customizable by you! Jump into the open world sandbox where you can create your own games, worlds, movies, stories and more. Then share them with your family, friends, and the world.


        Its essentially a game creation tool coming to Windows & XBone. They had something on it at E3.

        @poita I didn't get one, which is a good thing as I don't run win8.

      I got one this morning too. Downloaded and tried it out. Well, tried to. The frame rate is abysmal on my laptop :/ Pretty sure that's due to the dodgy graphics card drivers on it though. I might try it on my Surface and see if it's any better.

    So around six months ago I managed to grab Skyward Sword in one of Dick Smith's sales where they were getting rid of their gaming stuff.
    Didn't actually try it out until a couple months ago and when I did, it came up in the Wii menu,but after loading it, there was just a screen saying "An error has occurred. Please press the Eject button, remove the disc and turn off the power to your console."
    Because it was a fair few months after actually buying the thing I couldn't take it back to Dick Smith's, especially as I no longer had the receipt so I just kinda shrugged it off and hoped it was because our Wii was being temperamental at the time and hoped it would work on the WiiU when we got it.

    Just tried it on the WiiU. This time after loading up there was an unskippable three minute video on connecting the Wii Remote Plus to the controller, even though it was already connected. And after that video...the same error message. :(

      I think you should send it to Nintendo Australia.

      That's why I prefer master race. Games just work :P

        Unless you have the wrong graphics card then ... Oh boy are you in for a treat. =P

        They do for me! It's because I'm a properly pious acolyte of gaben. If everyone else were sufficiently pure like me, there'd be far fewer tech woes as the Machine God smiles down upon us all.

      If the video was unskippable, then it means the game probably wasn't reading the controller. You should be able to bypass it by making the a button.

      Not that that's the biggest issue when the game won't run at all.

        It did read the controller though, it made you press the 'a' button to start the unskippable video. Like forcing you to agree to your own torture. :P

          Really? Odd. I'm sure there was a way of bypassing it, though my method was to mash every button in the hope that something happened.

            I don't think there was a way to skip it the first time. They had that video on Wii Sports Resort, and it was forced to come up the first time you played the game because ooooh, new shiny thing idiots won't understand. After that it was "marked" as having been watched, so wouldn't come up.

            ...except there was a bug somewhere which meant that for some people, the video came up every single time so they needed to get out a system menu update quicksmart to fix it.

            Not sure what's going on with @strange's disc though. It's not scratched or anything?

        Yeah except Skyward Sword has it unskippable because Nintendo are assholes.

    While I have no interest in the steam machines, I am now kinda interested in the new controllers after reading that article about them. Really want to pick up one separately to try it out on some PC games.

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      Same. It looks interesting. Are they selling them separately? Or going with an exclusive route for a while?

        I have no idea, by the sounds of it other companies will be able to make their own versions of it but I want to try and actual valve/steam one

      *grinds teeth*
      I... mmmmmmmaaaaaaay consider buying a g-g-g-g-gamepad if it were a Steam one.


        For FPS and stuff sure. For 3rd person platformers or action games? Fuck that shit. Playing Assasin's Creed or the like with a keyboard and mouse would be a good way to ensure you hate yourself forever.

      I just want to try the Xbone controller to see if it's nice enough to buy for PC use. But no, MS won't give anyone demo models. -_-

        Imo they're really really shit. They feel cheap and awful and like some horrible third party PC gamepad by a company you've never heard of before.

        Dual Shock 4 is extremely nice though. I'm half considering grabbing one for PC use at whatever point they start making those work for it.

          Yeah DS4 is pretty good, nice improvement over DS3. I played with it at DSE and I now got one as a gift. :P

          Sucks about Xbone controllers. Looks like 360 pad is still my go-to for PC.

    Interesting read.

      That's really weird. Are people actually like that, or is that a 'Murrica' thing? Most of the guys I know with daughters had to be 'trained' how to brush a little girl's hair (apparently the male instinct is to brush it like brushing a dog - which is apparently very wrong) but do it when required without really thinking about it... the dog-brushing story is pretty much the only thing I ever hear about it.

        I [hope] think it's a 'Murrica' thing. Australian's would tend to just shrug and say "yeah, some guy with his kids, who cares?" - which is what I say. Some guy with his kids. Big whoop.

    I need some advice. I'm looking at upgrading my internet access, but I'm on a limited budget. I found a plan on Internode that would be perfect for me, but it's not offered in my area. I don't think I can go on NBN as I rent, and I'm not sure when I'd be able to get it anyway or whether my landlady would allow me to get it. I would prefer a Naked Broadband plan as I have no need for a home phoneline, and I don't want to pay much more than $60 a month. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      Oddly enough, most naked broadband plans aren't that crash hot. You need a phoneline anyhow for the ADSL connection and phone companies much prefer to sell bundles.

      My last two houses, I've had a phone + unlimited net bundle with TPG that was $10 less than the naked option. I just didn't plug a phone into the wall. Easy solution.

        Following up with that, I'm only paying an extra $5 for a home phone so naked broadband plans don't save you too much.

        @ontargett Obviously Telstra and Optus would be your best bet for reliability depending on your area. Then again, a $60 plan with either of them will only get you about 20 gig a month so it's not really worth it. Best value would probably be TPG but their service can be rather sketchy.

          My experience with TPG has lead me to have the life mantra of "Fuck TPG." Bunch of thieving scumbags.

        You need a phoneline anyhow

        The NBN was going to change all that.

      I'm with these guys and yet to have a major complaint with them. Once out mobile plans run out we'll be moving over to them.

        Note their Zoom Four bundle. $69.95 per month for unlimited everything (ADSL2 + phone calls), no shaping.

        Was considering them for a while until i found out the issues my friends brother had with them... they were having horrible download speeds and spintel kept blaming the connected equipment/filters at his house after about 7 months, they finally agreed to send out a technician who within 5 minutes confirmed there were wires crossing over in a pit up the road resulting in increased noise levels on the line... immediately leapt from an unstable and constantly dropping out 1.3mbps connection to a stable 14mbps...

        i mean they could have checked the noise levels on the line by doing a line test from their end.

          I think that's to do with wholesale pricing. 3rd party companies usually have to liaise with Telstra to get the line testing done (hell, I used to take the wholesaler calls myself when I was with Telstra), and I'm aware that there are different charges placed on the provider depending on whether a tech is issued and if they avoid placing the call to Telstra for testing themselves they can probably pass the cost of the visit directly on to the customer. Really not sure how it works, but some sort of cost-bypassing chicanery would be my best guess.

        Looked at them. Requires a landline to check availability. :(

      TPG has some good bundles

      $59.99 - If you want unlimited data with home phone rental included, but no phone calls included

      $69.99 - If you want unlimited data with home phone rental included, and unlimited local and national calls to fixed lines.

      $79.99 - If you want unlimited data with home phone rental included, and unlimited local, national calls to fixed lines, as well as mobile calls to any provider in AU.

      Scroll through the plans here:

      Also all plans include WiFi modem routers... and they usually use netgear/netcomm equipment which is usually quite good.

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        They took $5000 out of our account and just shrugged and told us too bad when we asked what the fuck. Ended up having to take them to court to get it back after which they still tried to claim we were locked into their contract. I'm far from the only person to have this problem and there's a few here who have nothing but horror stories.

        I really urge people to find someone/anyone else than those thieving arseholes.

          There are a lot of horror stories with TPG. I'm pretty lucky in that I haven't had any issues with them - yet - but this sort of thing is why I wouldn't never just flatly recommend them.

          Going to court... shit. Did you talk to the TIO first? That's really, really weird for the TIO not to get something resolved. They have the power to hand out massive fines (like, tens of thousands) if they can find any wrong-doing, and the providers actually have to pay a fee for dealing with them in the first place, to the point that most providers will bend over backwards just to get you off their case.

            Yeah, the TIO we were dealing with told us that they are always difficult to deal with. Mostly due to their only presence in the country nearly being nothing but a few techs and a bank account or so I've been told.

              Man that's unusual. They must've had their reasons for not cracking the whip straight away... some kind of technicality, perhaps, that you'd have to argue deserved consideration under 'could be reasonably interpreted as...' and 'acting on good faith' etc, which then has to go to courts.

              Was it a long time ago? From what I hear from folks I keep in touch with every now and then, they pretty much go nuclear with TPG/AAPT as soon as they get a case with them, these days. Since like... 2008'ish at least.

              My faith, it is shaken. :P

        i was with them for about 12 years, never had a single drama.... and when i was broke at one stage they even gave me two free months to assist me in getting all my other bills sorted... that kind of stuff just doesnt normally happen!

      My take on the providers, based on the time I was in the industry:

      Pros: 24/7 faults resolution, faster resolve times due to line-techs being internal. As reliable a connetion as you'll ever get.
      Cons: Pretty much the worst pricing per bandwidth in the industry.
      (Insider take: Your first contact point might be a script-reading backpacker, but if you get escalated, you'll be dealing with a professional. And yes, they know their plans are the shittiest and they don't care.)

      Much the same as Telstra, only a bit cheaper and a bit less reliable.
      (Insider take: They really are the 'budget' Telstra. They modeled so much after the big T, including what are really not competitive prices. Being 'better' than Telstra on price isn't saying much.)

      iinet/Internode: (same company, really)
      Pros: Good value plans catering to higher usage levels, high-quality support - not sure about the 24/7. Usually have their own DSLAMs.
      Cons: Pricing loses value as you move toward lower download limits.
      (Insider/personal take: This would be my personal recommendation. The only time these guys fall down is when they have to deal with Telstra line techs, which is going to be a problem with ANY wholesaler.)

      Pros: Some of the better/best value plans in the industry without being outright scams, and which cater to higher download users. If you don't ever experience any tech or billing problems, your experience will be pretty good.
      Neutral: Have some of their own tech in exchanges, but for the most part are still wholesale.
      Cons:Only a 'Pretty good' experience - far as I know, they still transfer their off-shore bandwidth through budget routes during night-time peak hours, resulting in shitty latency for online games. And if something goes wrong... Apathetic customer service at best. If you have a problem, you will suffer, and will probably end up having to contact the TIO unless you're exceptionally lucky or patient.
      (Insider/personal take: The guys who we took calls from, from TPG, didn't really know what they were doing. The company ethos seems to be about cost-cutting wherever possible, and off-shoring as much as possible. It's a profit-maximizing business which just happens to work out for some customers. If you're a problem, dealing with that problem costs and they don't want to. I would recommend avoiding unless you're pretty hard up for cash and are going in aware that you might have dramas.)

      Adam Internet:

      I really can't comment on these guys, but every time anyone discusses ISPs, I hear someone saying they're awesome. Rarely had to log faults from these guys, I believe their selection of regions covered is very limited.

      If not outright scams, they're very close. Just avoid. So much goes wrong so often that it's NOT going to be worth whatever good-looking deal (with tonnes of hidden restrictions in T&C) they're offering. Telstra Sales loves these guys because their clients are the easiest to win back.
      Their response to any dispute is going to be, 'go fuck yourself, stiff shit', and if you take them to the TIO, it'll be, 'Fine, have your money back, your account is closed and the balance sent to a debt collector, go fuck yourself.' This is internet by correspondence course. Avoid.

      In general: If you're not going to make use of a land-line, get naked DSL where you can. Many companies will bundle your landline sure, but if you never use it, you'll usually be $5-15 ahead on a naked plan. Cable is best, usually (unless you're in a densely-populated area), but has its own unique challenges. If NBN is already available, look into it. I'm pretty sure it's only new connections from the node which are ones that'll require landlord approval/payment.

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        I was on Adam at my old place, they are really good. OK pricing, great service.

          Again! Someone saying they're good! I'm inclined to believe the hype and would probably look them up whenever considering new providers. I think the restriction is that they're South Australia only.

        Thanks mate. I was thinking about looking into iinet. They seem pretty reasonable.

          I was with iiNet for 7 years over two different places and they were always very good. I only stopped using them because I moved to an area where I was 4km away from the ADSL exchange and was looking at ~2mbit max, and could get 100mbit cable from Telstra.

    Jesus last 2 months have been the worst of my life thus far.

    putting the icing on the cake yesterday was me kicking out my brother in law and asking him to make new living arrangements ASAP.

    To cut a long story short, he was going out with a girl about 7 years ago, who happens to be his cousins' cousin (meaning she is also my wifes' cousins' cousin). He's always had feelings for her since, but this girl is now engaged to be married very shortly. For the past week they've been together every single day, on several occasions staying up watching movies in his bedroom till 5am.

    call me old fashioned, but that is highly inappropriate and he is stirring a wealth of problems in the families, and my wife and i are being thrown in the center of it all. Ironically, he broke up with his last girlfriend a year ago because she was still friends with her ex.

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      I had to tell my brother and his girlfriend they couldn't live with us anymore once. No matter how logical or practical the reason is it's never a fun exercise.

        yeah, after having my brother and his girlfriend leave 5 months ago, and now this, ive learned that you just cant co-exist with siblings. especially if you are married.

          Living with people in relationships is never a good idea. The person in the relationship is torn up cos they have to choose significant-other over their friend, and the friend is torn up cos all they hear is constant sex and get out-numbered on every decision.

            Amen to that. I roomed with a couple for a while... He was always kinda uncomfortable because we'd both been friends with the girl for much longer than he'd known her, and he felt like a bit of an outsider in his own home as a result. And then there was relationship drama (he was a bit of a philanderer - he didn't get 'caught' for a really long time, but she suspected always, which drove them to constant fights).

            And whenever we had parties... the girl and my circle of friends were geeks and nerds, one of the guys' friends were all cadbury hipsters, and the boyfriend's friends were all metal-heads who liked to get high/drunk and pick fights. It was NOT a great combination. I had to stop a couple fights on different occasions before simply bowing out of the whole 'house party' thing and saying these people weren't welcome in my home anymore.

            No. I'm never rooming with people again. I know I pay more to live alone, but it's worth it.

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              No. I'm never rooming with people again. I know I pay more to live alone, but it's worth it.

              So much this. I choose to live alone because of my last housemate and yes, I pay more for a decent but altogether lacklustre place but I prefer living by myself.

            It's good living by myself, I never have to worry about anybody in my house having a relationship.


    HAving a crazy day. everything is moving in weird directions today

    Also, is it worth getting my own modem, or using one the ISP provides?

      Quick research will tell you that you can (usually) get the ISP hardware cheaper elsewhere.

      Almost always get your own modem/router. They're cheap.

      Some ISP providers will provide as part of the sign-up fee, a fee that isn't reduced if you provide your own hardware. In those cases (and sometimes in other cases), it's always better to just use their offering, because it's hardware they're familiar with, and can provide support for.

        Also if their modem screws up, their problem to fix ASAP. If yours screws up, have fun.

      If you go with iinet and they offer you their proprietary 'Bob' unit, it's actually a pretty decent modem.

    I mentioned this on Twitter but might as well put it up here.

    Anyone who's interested in playing some Netrunner should get their hands on Octgn (a less than legit way to make your own Netrunner decks and play online, it does other card games too but let's just start with Netrunner). I want to try it out with people to see if it's really worthwhile. Gingerchris and Ynefel are keen so far, so there might be something resembling a TAY Netrunner community at the end of all this, assuming things work.

    Last edited 08/01/14 12:40 pm

      I'll learn!

      GMing tonight, but flick me a link and I'll jump in tomorrow

        Everything you need to know is here. Do not install the censored card packs (Creation and Control and the Spin Cycle cards) because card text is kind of pivotal to the whole thing. Don't worry, there are proxies that have everything you need to know when you install the game. Card art is just a nice detail to add onto things.

      What's a netrunner?


      I always hated when people resort to pointing out their charity work after they've done something that's offended the masses. It's like saying "I'm not racist, some of my best friends are black!"

        The thing about charity work I've always figured is that if you talk about it, it doesn't 'count'. Karmically, I mean.

        (Edit: With the obvious exception of when you're driving things, like trying to get support for a fundraiser.)

        Last edited 08/01/14 3:18 pm

        I'm not racist because I've got a token black friend.
        That's just science >.>

    @dc Do you want to do your tag thing so we can get some numbers for next Friday? I'll need numbers if I'm going to attempt to make a booking somewhere, and I'd like to book as soon as possible so I don't forget to do it. :P

        I put down I wasn't available for work, so I should be sweet.

        So 14? Did I count right? I came up with a different number each time and I counted 5 times. :P
        I'll attempt to book for 1 extra in case @gutsoup can make it. Sound about right?
        And should I try that place I linked, or would you rather I find somewhere else?

        Last edited 08/01/14 7:02 pm

          15 with Mrs. Hellscream too, I think. So 16 with Gutsoup? I dunno! XD

          That place was fine with me, but I don't mind. Just looking forward to seeing you guys! :D Thanks again, Strange!

          Last edited 08/01/14 7:04 pm

            Okay, I'll try Next Door first. Although I forgot to ask people what time. What time does @freezespreston usually need? 7? 7:30?

              I've been telling everyone 7pm and no one's objected so far!

              Actually I think your maths was better, Strange. I counted Welbot.

              Last edited 08/01/14 7:30 pm

              I'm considering taking the day off work as I really don't want to work with the person they've rostered me on with.

      Availability confirmed, yes from me. Look forward to meating everybody. (Except lambomann)

      Count me in! \o/

      You guys are awesome! I texted @Sughly. He said he can make it too!

      Last edited 08/01/14 5:24 pm

      Booking? For a movie?

      I'm in ;)

        No movie. Just dinner. And drinks. Lots of drinks. :P

      I'd love to, but given the weeks I've just had, it's not gonna be possible for me :( Next time for sure! So long as it's after February! ;)


    Ser @rize and wife shall apparently be in Sydney this Saturday and @batgirl and I thought it was a good excuse to double celebrate our birthdays since they're pretty close to each other. Or, more generally, just hang out. ANYONE WANNA DO ANYTHING? Tossing @cakesmith a tag because he's pretty good at planning things and I'm not.

    I believe Rize was keen to recreate his magical night with Cake at the Bavarian a few weeks ago...


    TAY isn't letting me post this because I'm posting too fast even though my last post was yesterday. I see.
    EDIT: Oh so now it goes through when I complain about it. I'M ONTO YOU TAY!

    Last edited 08/01/14 1:25 pm

      I'll have to check my planner.

      Thursday: nothing
      Friday: nothing
      Saturday: nothing
      Sunday: reminder to stop buying planners

      But seriously, I might be going to the Tennis that night. I'll let you know!

      Damn Sydney people. I'm jealous of the good times you'll undoubtedly have. I'll just have to console myself with this drink I found. It's a reasonably cool drink.

      This time, I figure we can play Bella Notte in the background.

      Attendance is probable!

      I can attend but I need more details then no details.

    Woo! JB are having another 20% off DVDs sale.

    AND it stacks with the 2 for $30 sale they're also having!

    It's slightly cheaper!

      At this stage, they've had one every second week since the start of December.

      My bank balance weeps.

      Get them to scan the stuff, even if you think the displayed price is high. I dunno if it's cos the dude knows me or a pricing error, but I got 38% off a box set last time.

    So @dc, I am going to go see Frozen. I hope it is Jesus Incarnate or whatever you said it was.
    I at least hope this washes the taste of Brave out of my mouth.

      I really should watch Frozen some time...

      ...also Brave.

        Brave's not that good. You should only watch it for the sake of the timeline!

          Brave's better than Frozen! #FightingWords #Sughly'llTotesBackMeUp #HashtagsForHarli

            Come on @dc, we can take him.

              Eh, people can like whatever they want to like. I loved Brave, Tangled and Frozen for different reasons. Wreck-It Ralph I only just liked though. I respect that Walt Disney Animation are attempting to get back to Disney's roots and Pixar are doing their own thing. As long as it doesn't have to be one or the other, I'm happy they both exist!

                Wreck-It Ralph I only just liked though.Monster.

    It's interminably slow at work, so I think it's random rambly transientmind story time.

    A friend of mine has recently become single. Unfortunately, it's after a long-term relationship and he was lamenting the changes in the dating scene. Got me thinking about how things are different now.

    A couple years ago I was single myself, and it's definitely true that the modern game is completely different to even only 10 years ago. Before Facebook took off, before everyone had twitter and smart-phones. Hell, smart-phones didn't even exist. Had to learn a lot of things the hard way.

    It was staggering to me how many girls would ask, "So do you have Facebook?" with a hungry gleam in their eye, just waiting to dive into a treasure trove of cheat-sheet pre-screening. 'Facestalking': Favourite music, movies, drink, photos to see how hard you party, history of your exes, are there any other girls on there who are hotter than them, which political causes do you support, etc, etc. You know... all the stuff that you USED to save for finding out during the actual... well. First couple dates. Ended up getting to the point where I'd have to say, "Uh-uh. No sneak previews. You want on this ride, you pay full fare."

    It's bad enough when you get their number and send a message, opening up a the floodgates for a deluge of messages at any and all moments of the day - tiny little demands for attention on their whims, death by a thousand cuts. Much better to remain taciturn and only respond once every couple hours or so if you can, letting them know that you are actually busy and have things to do that don't involve checking your phone every ten minutes. It might infuriate them but at least it doesn't let them build up some false picture of you before you get more face-time in. They seem to get over it. (But it probably won't stop them still sending 3-5 messages for every one of yours.)

    Another terrible habit I noticed among the younger girls in their early 20s especially was the incurable compulsion to tweeting or SMSing or checking facebook while on the date. If you were on form and doing well, they would be too distracted to feel the need, but some of the die-hard social divas (yeah, usually the prettier ones) you could just TELL were twitching with withdrawal symptoms, dying to get a look at that screen for some instant validation. They took a LOT of distracting.

    One girl who I'd known peripherally for a little while already - and who, I guess, was thus way too comfortable and familiar with me (had to nip that RIGHT in the bud) actually pulled her phone out while we were eating at the restaurant on our date and started checking her SMSes.
    My bad for not being on form and 'playa' enough to keep her riveted for every single moment, but all the same...

    I ended up having to feign interest in her phone, saying, "Ohhh, is that the latest model X? I've been thinking about getting one of those, let me have a look a bit." Then, pointedly turning the thing off and putting it down very deliberately. I can't remember what I said, but it got her attention. Crazily enough, she actually told me later that while it was 'incredibly rude' (uh... pot, meet kettle?), it was also a turn-on. Which was just lucky I guess, because at that point I was seriously considering that if facebook was more interesting than me, my night was going to be a bust anyway, so I stopped caring what she thought.
    That was probably a good move.

    At any rate, I can't imagine things have improved any in the last couple years... I really don't envy anyone who has to get back into that scene.

      No sneak previews. You want on this ride, you pay full fare.

      Love it.

        Well, it didn't get a slap in the face! That's always a bonus.

        I'm told by 'experts' that dating follows many of the rules of Sales. Such as: Assume the sale. You're just negotiating terms.

        This is a shame because I've always been kind of horrible at sales... unless I really think the product is kickass. In this case, I guess that analogy works, because this product I have a lot of faith in. ;)

      I haven't been single for 12 years and if I suddenly found myself that way I wouldn't even know where to start.

        "Baby, I'd be lost without you. I mean, I'd try, but the dating scene sounds SCARY out there. So basically you're just better than the alternative."

        "You had me at 'without you.' You lost me at 'I'd try'. Grab a pillow and sheet for the couch."

      At any rate, I can't imagine things have improved any in the last couple years... I really don't envy anyone who has to get back into that scene

      It hasn't. I found myself single last year (well, mid-2012) after two long term relationships went bust over the last 10 years. While I enjoyed using technology to assist in the search for companionship I also found myself wondering why phones had to take every aspect of every little thing. I tend to use my phone for 1 thing... listening to music. I don't make calls, I don't send messages, though I will receive them. Facebook, Twitter, they're read-mostly media for me.

      That said, there's plenty of people with manners out there - people with the guts to say "enough is enough" and turn off their date's phone when it comes out. That is some class A moves right there, super well done! Personally I don't stand for phones coming out during social interactions. There's a time for phone and there's a time for other things. If we come together to do something, then by jove let's do it instead of looking at our screens all the time.

      Lucky for me I found a wonderful person when I wasn't even looking / trying and we share those values so don't have to worry about what the young-ens are getting up to these days.

      I met Mrs Shane in mid-2006, just ahead of this dating revolution, I think. Thank God. Hopefully I'll never be single again and have to deal with this minefield.

      I'm still yet to find this scene, let alone get into it. :P

      ...the only times I've gone out with someone is because of getting to know them through chats over MSN. I guess that explains why not much has happened since everyone abandoned it for facebook :P

        Tell a random cute chick waiting for a bus or whatever, "Those glasses look good on you," (or similar, tailored to the person) then pull out your phone, open up the 'add contact' and hand it to her while she's smiling. You will get shot down a LOT, but you'll also get a couple numbers. :) The trick is to laugh off a rejection and smile, saying graciously, "Worth a shot," or, "Can't blame me for trying."

          Holy fuck, you a lady's man, Transientmind!

            ANYONE can be! You only gotta ask.
            (It's not like there's some kinda course or qualifications you have to finish first, some paperwork to fill in. You just see someone who looks like they'd be fun to get to know and tell 'em so.)

            Last edited 08/01/14 5:10 pm

              But you're a handsome young go getter, us homely lookin' folk get some mace in the eyes instead of smiles. :P

                Nah, you'd get away with it. I personally wouldn't put much difference between us on looks. The folks here can vouch for that. Hell, you're taller and have better hair, even. Chicks secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) dig a guy who's taller than them. So you got more options. ;)

                You'd just take a full lungful of air (or maybe three, each one fully expelled as well) to calm the nerves, remember you'll probably never see this person again and that it's nothing embarrassing to be nervous about, just a man being... a man. Real, and taking the initiative.


      Fucking hell I'm glad I've long since lost all hope at ever meeting anyone I'd want to date. Even if I got over the self hatred, the social terror and actually asked her out and if by some miracle she didn't either laugh in my face or scream and run away what with my being an ugly fat bastard with all the sex appeal of a dead donkey, we'd end up on a date where I'd have no idea what I was doing and then this shit would happen? Yeah fuck that, desperately lonely and living in abject misery sounds preferable

        Jesus, man.
        There's a clip of comedian Cal Wilson I really like (man, when I was a teen she was totally on my 'would do' list - which, y'know, is the most pointless and dumb exercise in hypotheticals ever). In it, she's talking about a pickup line that worked on her. A fella walks up and looks around and says, "Yeah... I'm not the best-looking guy in this place. ...But I'm the only one talking to you." She loved it.

        Guys are kind of lucky in that we don't have to even look all that great. It doesn't hurt, but it's only one tickbox among many. I'm sure you've seen unlikely couples before where the guy is clearly punching above his weight.

        The thing is confidence. That's why chicks did bad boys who are proven wrong for them - they're just oozing confidence, because jerks don't really give much of a shit what people think. It's all the hallmarks of power and success without the actual power and wealth. And no-one ever starts out perfect at being confident - it's just like any skill. It comes from practice. But until then? You fake it til you make it. Ask anyone you reckon is confident how they got that way, I'll bet they'll tell you that. Either that or they're still working on it and will have to lie. (Or they were born as trust-fund underwear models. Statistical anomalies.)

        Probably the best idea to take away for the whole, "What do I do after I get a number/date?" stress-out is to not care and wing it. And definitely not over-think it. The point of the exercise is to spend enough time together that she can vet and feel comfortable enough to 'select' you. Don't think 'relationship', vetting them before you even get up the nerve to date. That's a loooooong process. Jump into the dating part first at the first hint of your interest, then the dating itself is the approval process.

        And it's OK to fail. You probably will. A lot. And discover that you're not the only one - she'll fail too. And that's cool too.

        Man. You wouldn't believe how many pick-ups, dates, hook-ups, and eventually relationships I've completely fucked up in the last oh... 15yrs+. Mistake after mistake, some of which are so glaringly obvious now even thinking about them makes me want to travel back in time to punch nerdy, weedy, nervous past-me in the crotch. But that's how you learn - from your fuckups and failures and missed opportunities. Even with all the progress I made in the last decade, I'm still no James Bond. But I'm happy.

        Maybe I should probably catalogue my most embarrassing fuck-ups ('learning experiences') in their cringe-worthy glory just so people realize that no matter how badly they think they suck at this shit, they can't have done much worse than some of my catastrophes. Just like learning anything.

        I don't mean to preach or anything, if you got a choice you're happy with, then awesome - your choices are yours. But if you're not, then there's definitely ways about it and people who know from what you post and how you post it that you're a pretty cool guy hey, and will want to help you do what you wanna do to be happier.

          Maybe I should probably catalogue my most embarrassing fuck-ups ('learning experiences') in their cringe-worthy glory just so people realize that no matter how badly they think they suck at this shit, they can't have done much worse than some of my catastrophes. Just like learning anything. I would read this catalogue. :P

          Yeah I know, I'm just in the middle of a convergence of fatalism, negativity and depression, normally I only have one or two of them at once but now it's all 3... My biggest problem is sheer lack of social contact with real people, I don't work, I don't like anything real-world that's social (and frankly there's nothing in wagga but pubs anyway) and so the number of new people I meet each year can be counted on one hand and I often don't need to use any of my fingers (and if I meet anyone they're all guys anyway). Just feels slightly less painful to simply give up than to drag it out longer. It also pisses me off that I can't seem to simply exist without external validation, fucking social evolution...

          Much like @DC, however, I'd also like to read your catalogue.

          Last edited 08/01/14 9:59 pm

            Haha. Oh man. That'd be pretty vulnerable-making and embarrassing, but if it'd help... Yeah, I could definitely trot out some absolute kickmyselfintheballsyouidiot screw-ups.

            The take-away lessons are pretty much all going to be, "Take the opportunity when you see it, even if you're nervous," and, "Don't turn into a woman. Straight women want men, not other women."

            I'll jot some down later and post them. :) Be prepared to laugh/pity/lose respect for me. ^.^

              Hehe can't be lower than me mate, at least you've done stuff

                Actually, usually it's the stuff I haven't done that I regret the most. You'll see. Posting one now. :)

          (man, when I was a teen she was totally on my 'would do' list - which, y'know, is the most pointless and dumb exercise in hypotheticals ever)Ahahaha, I'm right there with you.

          On the confidence thing though - I mean I get how that works and everything, but it feels like in the case of a particularly shy girl or something... wouldn't that likely scare her off?

            Maybe a little, but she'll also probably like feeling scared off like that. Women are kind of crazy like that. Love? Hate? Infuriated/transfixed? Same thing, really. Doesn't matter if they're pissed with you or googly over you, at least they're thinking about you. It's apathy you want to avoid.

            But there are definitely different degrees of confidence. 'Quiet confidence' is that kind that you can just sort of exude without saying a damn thing. The kind where you can sit in silence and not need to say anything to fill in the gaps and seem perfectly OK with that. The kind that means when you DO speak... people listen. The kind that refuses to be hurried up because you're thinking, dammit, and will reply when you're good and ready. You've probably seen the type.

      This is one reason why I am not a fan of relationships and choose to remain single, no one wants to sit down and just talk they want to find out everything about you from a fucking electronic page these days, it makes me sad, since I LOVE talking and communication with those I am close to.

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