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    Morning all! Starting the two-month countdown to Dark Souls 2.

    DAY 60:
    *foams uncontrollably*

      More than 2 months for PC :'(

        I don't know if I should wait for PC version or not. =(

          Don't wait.
          You know you won't be able to wait.
          You can always grab the PC version later in a sale or something.

            Oh well, I guess I will have to get it (against my wishes), lest I want to witness the wrath of @strange


            Normally I'd do that, if I was planning on getting the PC version more than a year later. That's not happening for me, so I'm just going to start with the PC version because I know this is a game that I'm going to come back to. Might as well just start on the version that I'll end up on.

          I have to, I've decided that I'm not getting any more 360 or PS3 games unless they're exclusives (most unlikely now) or unusually cheap. I've embarked upon a quest to get pc versions of as many of my console games as I can since sooner or later the consoles will die and not be replaced. Good thing is that most of the games I got in the steam sale were stuff like the older tomb raiders or indies like braid & limbo which were a buck or two each

      We're going to have to put some towels down to soak up the slobber

        Probably a good idea. I can't guarantee future days will be restricted to slobber.

    Anyone got any idea where I can donate games to a kids charity or something? I posted here a few months ago about this but nothing really panned out. the kids hospitals, despite having consoles, won't take them.

      Have you googled it? Maybe email the people who run child's play and ask them?

        Yeah this. Try talking to some established charities that deal with that sort of stuff. With a bit of luck, they might even take them themselves.

    Morning everybody I hope your mornings are better than mine.

    I have come down with a case of man flu and feel like shit :(

    How's everyone else going?

      Think I might be joining you. Got maybe 3 hours sleep (at best) last night, and having trouble swallowing [THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!] now that I'm in the office. Bleagh.

        I'm on a work site and trying to breathe through dust and particles i feel this must be what bane goes through everyday

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      I got the man flu last week and successfully infected all of my housemates so they could join in the fun. This sucker's lasting a while as well. Me and my missus love Stephen King so of course any time either of us gets a cold we're carriers of Captain Trips

      I was sick yesterday. Feeling a little better today.

    This morning Mr. Strange woke me up to tell me these guys have been added to the lineup for 70000 Tons Of Metal. 2 weeksfrom today I'll be on board a ship with GLORYHAMMER! :D

      I hate/love when people post video's like this. I keep getting lost in the sidebar with a heap of stuff I haven't heard.

      Related: Amaranthe are pretty great kind of all over the map quality wise I can't stop going through their catalog.

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        Yeah, I'm rather fond of Amaranthe. Especially as I choose to believe their song "The Nexus" is about Demon's Souls. :P

        They are also rumoured to be in negotiations for being on 70K. *fingers crossed*

          As for your edits: if it's on their first album, it's likely to be not that great. Most of their last one was pretty solid though. I listened to it every day for a while there. They really do grow on you.

            Just listened to The Nexus. Have they decided if they're EuroPop or Metal yet? :p

      I've not come across these guys but if they're on Napalm Records then I'll give them a go (can't listen as at work). The lineup doesn't look too bad either. Bit of everything there, Symphony X and obviously Carcass are the bands I'd love to see though. We're off to Bloodstock this year though so I'll get my Carcass fix then :)

        Gloryhammer are pure cheesy power metal. A side-project of Chris Bowes from Alestorm.

      Kinnigit metal from the dude behind pirate metal?

      I genuinely want to know what he's going to do next.

      This is also the perfect level of cheesy for power metal.

    Debating whether to buy rust or stand alone day z... Too much thinking for a Monday morning.

      From what I've seen and heard I'd say you should pick the one that your friends are playing. Ultimately you can have way more fun in a group in Day Z, and I'm guessing Rust would be the same.

        I'm keen to try rust I like the premise of it and already own stand alone so while ones getting updated (being day z) playing rust in the interim sounds fun

      I sat in on TS and listened to some of my clanmates playing Rust last night. It didn't sound all that fun when your base is overun by douchebags... :D

      I would still wait a while for DayZ Standalone.
      It's still waaaaaaaay rough.

    Morning TAY,

    So it'll be at least another 2 weeks before i have internet at home /o\
    On the other hand i'm getting a shit ton of gaming done now that i can't be sidetracked by Kotaku/youtube etc. \o/

    Still plowing through Bioshock Infinite and still finding it pretty damn rad, and SOOO PRETTY!

    I also bough a $1 Xbox 360 Wireless Controller receiver for PC off Ebay.
    Wasn't expecting much due to it being a chinese ripoff of a $60 product, but gave it a go...
    Had to muck around a bit with the drivers but after that was sorted it works perfectly!
    Both wireless controller and wireless steering wheel works without a hitch \o/
    best $1 i've spent in a while!

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      fought the ghost yet?

        I don't think so?
        I'm up to:
        Shanty Town,
        Well just a bit after, where Elizabeth makes us go through another tear to find the smithing equipment...
        also Fink is an arsehole :P

          Yeah he is, but what do you expect when he owns a large company?

      I know! I'm loving the Xbox 360 controller + PC combo. It's like the way all games were meant to be played. When I'm done playing using the TV I can sit at my desk and do real work with my dual monitors. Why did this setup not exist when i was gaming more in like 2002? I know this setup isn't for everyone, but why don't more nerds have a single computer setup? A console is good second monitor or better GPU money.

    TENNIS TIME :D (I apologize in advance for any sportsball leaking into TAY)

    Went to the Sydney Mens tennis final with a friend on Saturday night. The game lasted 53 minutes, it took longer than that to get home... Still, was a great game to watch in person. Especially because Tomic got smashed :P

    Up to the start of season 3 of Mad Men, too. I really want to google things about the series but because I'm so far behind that nobody cares about Season 3/4 spoilers anymore. Oh well. Still liking it.

    Hope you all had a good weekend!

      The problem with Tomic is he always tries to walk it in.

        The problem with Tomic is he is an arrogant nutcase twat

    Hola Tay

    Had a fairly sedate weekend, went and gave blood then hosted Board Games at mine. Played Carcassonne, Hanabi, Jenga! and Ticket to Ride, twas fun.

    Also, I am so looking forward to a week of 40+ degree temperatures with no air conditioning.

    A monday morning question, then, to get your minds off the heat. Favourite Ice level/location from a game? I did love the whole middle third of Uncharted 2.

      Rocket Knight Adventures. All the ice covered the top half of the screen and you couldn't see yourself and the tiny platforms you had to jump between except when the lava periodically rose and you could see your reflection in it.

      Yes it was that ridiculous.

      So many games got the Battle of Hoth right that I'm gonna struggle to pick one... but that's the location.

        Did you play Rogue Squadron 2? I loved hoth in that, captured it so well, got to take out AT-ATs & AT-STs before providing cover for the escaping rebel convoy, I played that so many times, then Rogue Squadron 3 came with a co op version of Rogue Squadron 2 and I did it all over again with friends :D.

          Pretty sure I've played that one. Also Shadows of the Empire. Hell, I even liked the Game Boy version of that battle! :P

            Shadows of the Empire was pretty great, messing with Wompas was fun, I loved freeing them and letting them run riot

      Oddly enough, Cool Cool Mountain in Super Mario 64.
      It was the first time that I thought a platformer got a cold level right - some parts you get buried up to your waist in snow, other parts you skid along on ice.

      I read that as seductive weekend.

      Also icy tower just the whole gamr

        I haven't had a seductive weekend in 3 years.

          Over due, light some candles, get abit of rose water, a bit of brandy, and make sweet sweet love to HANABI!

            "Oh darling, you really light my fuse. Let's bang"

              This porno rights itself! Now to not be sexist lets get a pizza delivery GIRL up in the action

      First time you get above ground in Metro 2033

      Winterspring in WoW. Spent many an hour farming a rare tiger pet so I got quite accustomed to it.

      Honourable mentions to the ice cave in FFIX and the whole of MGS.

      Can I say Shadow Moses? So pretty much the whole of MGS1 and part of MGS4.

      Our aircon was broken. We had eleven people over last night for board games.

      Luckily the apartment is so small that a tiny desk fan was able to do some very respectable work.

      The northern area in FFVII was pretty cool. Snowboarding mini-game, snowy areas, then the climb up into the enormous meteor crater and everything. Not sure if it's my favourite ice area though, just the first to come to mind.

    Good Morning everyone
    I finally got around to playing a chunk of The Walking Dead: The Game season 1. I was lucky enough to avoid all spoilers before playing other than the fact that it's supposed to be very emotional, so I hardened myself and leapt in. Almost at the end of chapter 4
    ow, they punched me right in the feelings

    Just a reminder:

    @sughly, @freezespreston + wife, @strange, @jimu, @gutsoup, @beardymcmuttonchops + wife, @popdart5, @sernobulus, @virus__, @dkzeitgeist, @transientmind, @beeawwb

    Meat on Friiiiiiiiday.

    WHEN: 7PM. FRIDAY, 17 JANUARY 2014.
    Strange has made the booking for 15 people cause she's all kinds of awesome!
    Really looking forward to seeing you guys. Food. Drinks. Good times a-plenty!

      Everyone remember it's @dc's birthday. Bring all the gifts.

        I know you're joking, but in all seriousness: It's not a birthday meat and even if it was, no presents. (Remember the last time I gave you a present on your birthday? Exactly! :P)

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        I'm bring the gift of hugs, @dc's favourite gift. =D

          His isolation is confirmation of his desperation for human hugs.

          How good was Frozen? XD

            I haven't seen it yet. To much of a coward to go to the movies by myself. =P

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            Not very! Was so disapointed

              Well I'm disappointed that you're disappointed. TAKE THAT, SUGHLY.

              I honestly liked it better than Tangled, weirdly! (And I loved Tangled.)

                Nooooo waaaay! Ending was so cheap and rushed

        this contains spoilers of every game @dc hasn't played
        I really want to get him something but am clueless about what to get

          Give the gift of not giving! Or the gift of sitting next to me on the train on the ride home!

          He hasn't played many Japanese games. he liked Ni no kuni.

          He likes immersive worlds.

            that reads like a poem or something, short, descriptive and effective :P

              Like sands through the hourglass, these are the TAYs of our lives

      Also, if you're gonna be hanging around early, come under my bad influence umbrella and get a sneaky beer at The End.


        If you guys drink too much and miss the dinner I'll be so mad at you, DAN!. :P

          We'll be there.

          They do wings.

          And also all of you, but mostly wings.

        Picturing you at the bar, chatting with us, massive erection.

      Really looking forward to it! I'll be coming in from a day at the beach, so you'll either get a ginger with pasty white skin, or a ginger with skin that matches his hair colour. Taking bets now as to which it will be.

    Is it Straya Day weekend yet? I need excuses to avoid inevitable 'have a bbq and waste a day of potential gaming' invites that will come this way. Finally have a dual monitor setup at home and am doing my darndest to allow it to get me through twice the games at once. Football Manager 14, Medieval 2 and Sid Meier's Railroads the culprits so far

      Simultaneous games? Hardcore!

        Either way, I try my best :P

          I meant actually playing two games at the same time. Which was a joke. But that would truly be hardcore.

      I'll be in America on Australia Day. Worst Aussie ever. :P

        Or the best, you're expanding our territory instead of resting on your laurels. You're an achiever madam!

        That is even better. It means you're obligated to run around the place being even more obnoxiously "Australian" than you ever would be otherwise.

        Last Australia Day I was in Japan, so I spent the day wearing a flag as a cape attached to my backpack.

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          The two previous years I was on the 70K cruise the Australia Day date actually fell during the cruise and we had a designated "Australia Day" spot near the bar on the Pool Deck with a flag set up and for Australians to meet and celebrate(drink) with other Australians.

      Carcinogenic phallic meat tubes and yeast potion!?

      Holy shit, sign me up.

        quite possibly the best description of a 'snag' ever

          If you tilt your head and squint it also kind of describes the S.N.A.G. acronym that was 'popular' in the 90s.

    On the weekend, I put my first pre-order/interest on a board game. It's the Witcher board game so hopefully it'll be good.

      If you end up playing as Geralt you have to do the whole game in a raspy Geralt voice.

      That's just the rules.

        The worst part of playing Gearalt is that whoever is playing Triss has to throw themselves at you

          The sex card mechanic in the Witcher board game will be a thing to behold.

    Season three of Girls and season one of True Detective start today on Showcase, just so you know!

      and they've changed the date for more Rick and Morty twice now, it supposed to be today again, I hope it's today.

    Bill O'Reilly: What is it exactly that you do on your show?
    Stephen Colbert: What I do is catch the world in the headlights of my justice.

    This interview is fantastic.

    New week, new year, NEW SHOW!!!

    Introducing Dan And Karl Versus, an interview series focusing on ordinary people and their extraordinary lives.

    This week, we welcome Milan Ghandi, a prominent figure in the Brisbane independent film scene and Indian Australian.

    Listen as Milan discusses his experiences growing up in Australia, the traditions of Indian weddings and murdering his Grandmother via the shame of marrying an Asian girl.

    It's here, it's new, it's the same old Dan and Karl, now with GUEST!


    Last edited 13/01/14 1:58 pm

      Zeitgeist This on Monday is just what my week needed.

      Last edited 13/01/14 10:28 am

        Please pass along any thoughts, both good and bad.

        This was our first attempt at allowing someone into the Zeitgeist dynamic and while it's a little busy at times, I think it's a pretty good first attempt.

          It's a good format, and I think it works. You got a guest who could 'keep up' with you guys, and I think it worked pretty well. Also, I think it's probably a good move to get an Indian guy on before you really delve deeply into the "I'm not racist, but" conversations.

          How often are you thinking of doing this format? Weekly? Irregularly? Got a good line-up of guests planned? The biggest risk that I can see is that the success of each episode is dependent upon the guest as much as anything else, whereas there's a constancy to episodes that just have the two of you.

          I'm sure you figured that out already.

          Last edited 13/01/14 11:08 am

            Thanks heaps, man!

            We're gonna keep the schedule on these loose as we don't want to settle into a pattern that could be hard to maintain due to the third party.

            The major thing we're worried about is people trying really hard to keep up with us and then saying something they'll regret. It's something Karl and I talk about at length whenever we're thinking of people we want on. I think there's this perception that we are absolute loose canons with what we say when in reality we know everything we're saying and we know what not to say. And most importantly, we can defend anything we say because we've taken the time to think about it.

            I think everyone is interesting, and while not everyone we have on will be "funny", I think they'll at least have some cool story or opinion that will entertain. That's why we wanted to focus on just average Joes, everyone has a fart eating/piss drinking story, we just need to trick them into committing it to the innernette.

              Nah, Star Wars has loose canon. I think your characters are pretty consistently written.

              More seriously, though, it sounds like you've thought it all through.


      throws promise ring on the ground.

        I was hoping to do yours while you're in town in a few weeks.

          sounds awesome. Im really not that interesting.

            Even if all you say is "I woke up in a graveyard once" you'll fill an episode.

    I have a spare ticket to see David Sedaris this Sunday at the Opera House if anybody is interested?

    Story Time from childhood because i thought of it in the shower this morning and it made me laugh.

    Do you guys remember Msn messaging? It was all the rage when i was a kid, I wasn't allowed to have one for soo much longer than the other kids, Mostly because my mum was a semi decent parent and monitored her kids internet usage. When i eventually was allowed time on the computer alone it was only a hour a week. But boy did i manage to fuck up my social life in that one hour a week.

    Let me just say that i wasn't unpopular in high school. I mean i got picked on but i was never the butt of all the jokes, i had friends, some of them were even "cool' and people liked me well enough, mostly because i was quiet. You can't be hated that much if you just stay quiet. However msn gave me a outlet to talk because i wouldn't be scared of the reactions of people.

    My lowest moment came when i tried to trick a kid in my class to think that a popular boy wanted to go out with him. I did this in a not clever way. I simply copy and pasted her user name and made it my own. I didn't hack her account, i simply copy and pasted her name and much to my suprise the guy didn't fall for it. I ended up getting my just desserts and being dubbed "homo" for the rest of the year.

    I also managed to start a conversation with a girl who was 1500kms away who i thought i was the girl i had a crush on at school. Mispelling email addresses does that.

    So just a little warning for all parents, even the sweetest nicest kids should be supervised when using the internet.

      On the internet, no one can punch you in the face. Yet.

      All I'll say is: I'm very, very glad that those conversations I had aren't forever immortalised for all to see like they can be now on Friendface :P

      Last edited 13/01/14 10:38 am

      So damn many memories from MSN. So many. I basically lived on it in 2005 and 2006, and it's tied to pretty much every important event in my life in those years.

      Now that I think about it, an MSN conversation is what caused me to set up an RSVP profile and led to me meeting my wife.

      Last edited 13/01/14 10:59 am

      Oh matey.

      Sooooooo many stories of embarrassing MSN conversations.

      MSN lead to my first kiss, btw.

      MSN was how Artemis and I got together, and it evolved to facebook, skype(Mainly due to MSN getting replaced by Skype 100%), etc.

      Edit: Also, any time someone from high school got ahold of my email address and added me to MSN, I'd have to sign up for a new account due to how much they bum rush me with abuse, I wasn't popular either as many people already know.

      Last edited 13/01/14 11:02 am

        Discovering Skype is awesome when you're away. Phone calls aren't the same. Even if your face isn't doing much, it's important to be there. So much is said in the quiet half-smile or the sudden sharp look of attention.

      What's an MSN? #BabbyLambo :P
      I came on to the internet just as MSN was going out of fashion...

      ICQ was the rage when I was in high school. MSN (and AIM, a lot of my friends in the US used that instead) came along much later.

        So many unsolicited spam conversations in ICQ. The good old days! :P

        ICQ was what we used on the college network, until the lovely American exchange lasses turned up, who were all about AIM. So, naturally, I switched.

      Do you guys remember Msn messaging? It was all the rage when i was a kid, I wasn't allowed to have one for soo much longer than the other kids, Mostly because my mum was a semi decent parent and monitored her kids internet usage.Are you me? Except replace Mum with Dad.

      Also I remember it well - still signing in to MSN daily :P

      Oh, Rocketman...
      I love your stories. They're always so genuine that you can't help but smile, and sometimes laugh.


    On the weekend I went ice skating at one of those travelling rinks. It was good - pretty decent ice quality and I ripped it up good too. :D

    Then on Sunday we went to cable wakeboard park. I've been wakeboarding before on a boat (but I never got on top of the water for an extended time...) and I'm a good snowboarder, but I really didn't like the cabled 'wakeboarding'. Maybe it was the park, which was pretty small, didn't have long straights, and had plenty of sharp corners.

    All in all, pretty eventful. Now I'm slightly sore. :(

      i love ice skating, its so fun and dangerous, but mostly fun.

    Played Guitar Hero for the first time in ages last night. Used the big heavy Logitech and boy am I paying for it today. I actually have a bruise on my right arm where I kept banging my arm on it while strumming.
    But I think I'm going to start playing more often again. It will be a good way to quickly regain the callouses I need to stop stabbing myself while handquilting. :P

      I think the last time when I played Guitar Hero/Rock Band was at the Strange/Chilli Dog meat. =P

      you take the words "guitar hero' out of that sentence and it reads completely differently :/

        oh rocketman
        I can't unsee that now

        Last edited 13/01/14 10:52 am

      True story: Just yesterday I was thinking how I haven't played Guitar Hero in ages, and that I should pick up the ol' Logitechs again.

      Did I motivate you to get back into it? I've been on PSN playing it all week, you might have seen that. World Tour, Metallica, Warriors of Rock, Beatles Rock Band..

        Awesome! And no I didn't notice you, it was just a spur of the moment thing. :)

      I only ever played Guitar Hero once. A friend of a friend had brought it over to my mate's house for a small party. I was pretty excited because I'd heard a lot about it and how everyone thought it was awesome...

      And on my first go I did pretty well. Really well in fact! And the chick who owned it complained that I'd obviously played this before and was lying about being a newbie, and she was putting it away now because everything was ruined.


      I've actually been thinking of getting back in to a bit of GH or RB lately myself. Dunno what spurred it on, but just.. urges!

    Mmmmm, total network outage to any "outside of this building" intranet and internet. ~90 minutes downtime. Just how I love to start my work week.

    Gah, something is wrong with me today.
    I've found myself trapped in comments sections twice already. WHy on earth would I start to read comments on those articles. Why would I click on the Female game characters article (because boobs) but then read the comments. The when i finally escaped that I decide to read the comments on a political article referencing gays, us politicians, abortion and child raising. What did I hope to get out of that.

      Mondays can do a lot of different things to people, it makes them do crazy things...

        Yeah, agreed. I've decided today is a day to learn. (I'm already getting bored)

        I hate Mondays. I hate 'em. Therefore I decree, from this day forward, there will be no more Mondays. Got it? Today is Tuesday, then. Happy Tuesday, everybody.

      yep, it must be a Monday Morning Motivation Meltdown, I can't stay focused on work and keep looking at things I shouldn't.

    There's a new 3DS game coming out in two weeks, Mario something. I don't own a 3DS, but I haven't heard anything about this game before seeing the pre-order at EB!

      Mario... Golf? I can't remember any other ones that are coming out.

      On a semi-related note: Kirby Triple Deluxe looks amazing! Watched some gameplay yesterday. Not usually a fan of Kirby either. (Also, "Kirby Triple Deluxe" is such a fantastic name :P)

        Found it. Mario Party Island Tour.

        Why can't it be golf.... I still break out Mario Golf on the cube regularly, one of the few games I can get my girlfriend to play.

    Random Game Idea;

    Was thinking about this last night , it's not completely (or at all) thought out and very, very basic right now.

    Story is something like, the world is on the brink of being destroyed Yada, Yada, Yada... You are sent down by the gods as a powerful being to fix the world. The thing is, the more the world is in peril the more powerful you are.

    It's a Action RPG where you start of super powerful. As you go through the game / kill bosses you "level down". So basically you need to choose skills / stats to lose every level down.

    The player can play the game on "easy" mode and just do the main story. Thus loosing the least exp but getting the "bad" ending.

    Probably a terrible idea but ... *shrugs*.

      Sounds like Act Raiser in reverse. I'd definitely buy it.

      Problem is powering the character down goes against the feeling of progress.

      Could work really well in a board game though, where you have to balance your power against the state of the board.

        Yeah that was my first thought too. There would need to be alot of balancing/rewards needed in the game. Not too sure how it would work though. Just laying out the basic stuff now.

        Last edited 13/01/14 11:50 am

          Maybe when you lose a skill you you "master" or "reinforce" another skill?

          Hmmmm, I need to ponder this a while. *strokes chin*

            Ooh, the mechanic can be the aging process- you gain skills but lose raw physical condition.

              That's one of the mechanics that sold me on Massive Chalice.

        You could see colour and life returning to the world as you self-sacrifice. Progress doesn't necessarily have to be measured by character ability.

        Progress isn't always tied to avatars - think De Blob, Mario games, etc

          @sernobulus That's pretty cool, though I also like the aging mechanic.

          The eventual end-game is that your character seals the Big Bad away or whatever and ends up as a secretive hermit in the woods, telling adventurers who to kill blobs. And those durn kids have no idea that you were the SCION OF DESTINY.

          (Or, if you wanna go darker, the world becomes such a happy place that you become old and feeble, to the point that as you eventually know the joy of grandkids, the world being such a perfect place kills you.)

      This just makes me think that you'll end up facing the final boss as a featureless blob. The final boss? A newbie adventurer.

      Essentially meaning that you end the game as a Poring.

      I really like the idea of a forced level-down. It's a really interesting idea that justifies an ever-increasing difficulty.

      Story needs work, though. :P

        If I was to story it up, I'd make your character gain his powers from the same source as the baddies, so each boss you defeat represents a cleansing, or a weakening of the "hive"

        I'm not that great at stories as you can see. =P

      Maybe not a level down but a character change, you go from being a god, to a Demi god, to a hero , to a regular joe and finally a woman:P

      It'd be good as a moral choice, you have to sacrifice your power to actually destroy the daemon or whatever it is rather than simply banish it temporarily. The rubes would never know the difference in the short term until the daemon you "destroyed" comes back, perhaps as the final boss.

      It'd be ideal if you had a game mechanic where your abilities depended on help from people, in the angelic sense perhaps you got bonus strength from the faith of the people and when they realise you've been screwing them over they lose faith in you and you're far weaker than you should be

        Haha. Seal the boss away in an eternal prison so that you can never truly die.

        (Then when some meddling heroes go and try to kill him properly for good, some crazy old man has to stop them. Possibly by releasing the Big Bad so that the old man can become powerful enough to kill the new heroes. With every intention of sealing the big bad away again - honest, totally.)

      I'd play it! I like the idea of choosing what to sacrifice in order to progress.

      Here's another random game idea I've had for a while. Codename: Dark Rainbow.

      They say that if you catch a leprechaun, you will get one wish. Arthur Antagonist of Luxembourg, 8, was the first human to catch a leprechaun. He wished for himself to be the head of a Luxembourgian Empire.
      The Luxembourgian Empire spread across the globe. To escape Arthur Antagonist and his unstoppable army, many countries fled to the moon. 3 years later, the Luxembourgian Empire landed on the moon, with the intent to conquer all.
      It is the year 20xyz, and you are Proh Tagonist, a new recruit to the Moon Defence Force. This is your story.
      You battle the Luxembourgian Empire, and it ends with a battle with the now 11-year old Arthur Antagonist. You can't beat him, and just when you think all hope is lost, you catch a leprechaun somehow (moon rainbows?). You wish for more power. You defeat Arthur Antagonist, crushing the Luxembourgian Empire and saving the moon. You take off your space armour, and reveal yourself to be a woman in a bikini, metroid style. You then die because you are on the moon without a spacesuit.

      The gameplay will be a Serious Sam-style FPS where you can dual-wield all weapons. Want to shoot with a shotgun and machine gun? Want to akimbo a rocket launcher and a crossbow? Ever wanted to dual-wield a death laser and a solar-powered minigun? Now you can.
      The game also features Serious Sam-style dickery; every health pickup spawns an enemy.
      Since the game is set on the moon, gravity will be reduced. You will be encouraged to move and jump, as standing still will make the crosshair larger.

      Enemies will include bears trained to carry guns, giraffes with head-mounted miniguns, rainbow demons, and an Allosaurus carrying multiple katanas. As you can see, the Luxembourg Empire is well equipped.

    9 hours into Tales of Xillia and I just discovered you can equip skills.
    This is just like that time I made it to Lorule Castle and discovered there were Tunic, shield and sword upgrades!

    I'm good at games.

      I played 4 hours of torchlight 2 before I realized what button to get into the equipment and skill upgrade menu, I thought it was getting impossibly difficult too quickly,

      Took me an embarrassingly long time to realise that stamina was a useful thing to have in Demons Souls and I seem to recall jogging everywhere wishing there was a sprint. Then I re-read the manual... RRTFM

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