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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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    • Well I resurrected a netbook by repairing an SSD I thought was dead, installed Linux mint on it and am fine tuning it into an ad hoc mic preamp but the best thing of all was the fucking relatives left!!!!! Never again! I’m thinking of suggesting we sell the house and move without telling anyone

  • Mrs Shane and I saw Frozen yesterday. Excellent film.

    Really love that Disney is starting to examine, break down and undermine the ‘true love’ discourse that they’ve been pushing for the last seventy years. It’s really kind of courageous to do that kind of thing, because even though it’ll ensure Disney’s relevance to kids going forward, they are actively undermining their classics (which are still insanely popular today), and it’s something they don’t have to do, because kids’ movies are generally successful regardless of quality.

    • Not even one play on the word “frozen” in your post. Very disappointed. >=(

      Also, I really need to see Frozen, everyone seems to say it’s really …
      *@SerNobulus stops and looks at @shane as if to make sure he is paying attention*
      … cool.

    • I really…appreciated (Right term? Not sure…) the fact that they took the bullshit romance out of it. Far more compelling ending, though still very Disney 😛

      • For my part, I’ve always really liked that love-at-first-sight stuff. There are a bunch of really pervasive fantasies that the idea taps into. And they haven’t taken it out of their films (both Enchanted and Frozen, which set out to interrogate the idea, begin with the cheesy “instant true love” stuff) – but they’re discussing it a little more maturely, appreciating the layered complexities of love. I think they’ve hit upon a truly great balance now.

        • Oh, I don’t mean that it wasn’t there, I mean that it was downplayed after Hans went jerkface. The story got wrapped up and then it kinda went “oh, and these two over here probably did it”.

  • Great weekend \o/
    Lunch meat with @scree, @tigerion, mrs. Tigs , @tech_knight and @coldcamv + 1
    Good food and excellent cake was had…
    Feelings of guilt also arose when we were consuming the Beemo cake, and a kid with a Beemo shirt walked in /o\

    When to the T20 at Etihad stadium saturday night as well because YAAAY SPORTSBALL \o/

    Sunday we finished up puppy school with the little one, he’s now a graduate (they grow up so quick :’))
    And then had some Grid 2 shenanigans with @rize and Aleph (whose handle i can’t frakking remember)
    That was excellent fun as well, though Demo Derby turned very chaotic very quick 😛

  • I’m alliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.

    You know you’ve been sick when you actually feel glad to be back at work. Phew.

    Saw “Her” yesterday – been looking forward for that one to come out for quite a while, it was worth the wait. Excellent film, really well put together (although I’d expect nothing less from Spike Jonze) and extremely well acted. 5 / 5 on my (very harsh) rating scale of movies.

  • Last night I got offered the opportunity to speak at a small comic-writing panel later this year. I immediately panicked, came up with a half dozen really good reasons why I wouldn’t be a good choice, and sent my apologies.

    I think it was the right choice, but I still feel pretty lousy about it.

        • I agree with Strange on this one.
          Whenever you go to a con or the like you are always posting “omg these peers of mine think I’m talented” and not believing it yourself. Every time.

          There are people that like what you do and how you go about doing it. It’s things like this that will help build your profile and allow you to be a full time writer/artist. So unless one of those excuses was I want to be a full time government employee and just a writer on the side, you made the wrong choice

          • Ordinarily, I would agree with you. But this is a panel on the mechanics of comic script writing, and although I have a bunch of books out, I haven’t yet written a proper script for any of them.

            I do my own artwork, and had already written the stories as full-length prose novels first, so I don’t really need to script them in detail.

            For those reasons, I figured that I would have very little of interest to say regarding script writing, and would probably end up disappointing folks who turned up hoping I would be able to teach them how to prepare a script for an artist.

            TL;DR: If I’d genuinely thought it might be something I could do, I would probably have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone, as I have for cons in the past.

            Edit: This is detail I maybe should have included in my original post.

    • Without going into specific details, I had a an opportunity to speak publicly at an event late last year, but did my reaction seems similar to yours – kinda panicked about the speaking in front of a crowd aspect and was super good at supplying reasons why I couldn’t do it. In retrospect, I kinda regret my decision.

      In the end , you gotta do what’s right for you, but I really hope you don’t feel like I did after the event.

  • Good morning TAY. This morning’s highlights have included one of my cats falling off the bed as he tried to get closer to me as well as the other cat making a bag fall out of the closet and scaring the missus as she literally woke up at that point from a nightmare and then proceeded to scream quite loudly. Looking back I’m finding it funny. For some reason she isn’t. I don’t understand women 😀

    how’s everyone today anyway?

    • We recently (as in like 4 months ago) adopted a second cat and she’s integrated well with the household except our first cat is way more territorial than we thought she would be and they still fight a fair amount. Something that cat 1 started doing, because she’s a total bitch, was run and ambush cat 2 whenever she heard her digging in her litter tray. Now we have a second litter tray in the master bedroom and sometimes cat 2 sleeps in there with the door shut at night – though not every night – so she’s mostly safe but this mentality of “digging in litter = we are in a fight” seems to have stuck, and cat 2 is starting to fight back.

      So this morning I was woken by cat 1 persistently clawing my arm. She had plenty of food and water and wasn’t interested in cuddles. I couldn’t figure out what she wanted until I finally got out of bed half an hour later and got in the shower, at which point she followed me in to use her litter tray.

      Apparently the cats now require adult supervision while pooping so we can help defend them from ambush.


      • Hopefully over time they will calm down.
        My housemate got a cat once and it didn’t get along with our cat at all. It would constantly attack our cat, even though our cat was bigger and much faster. Eventually we realised that we were the only ones clipping our cats nails. So we stopped doing that and started clipping their cats nails. Oh boy, the tables turned quickly, lol. Their cat stopped attacking our cat (and our cat is pretty chill) but instead would just spend all it’s energy just trying to get out of the house, ripping up the flyscreens. Eventually I just told them their cat had to go, god it was annoying.

        • aye, we moved in with a friend a couple of years ago and we both had 2 cats. The two male cats didn’t get on though. Her cat would basically stalk our cat around the house which led to various stress related problems (urine can be a bitch to clean out) as well as several vet trips from scratches and bites. She’s moved out though last weekend and the change in our cat is amazing.

          also @kermitron, it’s recommended to have one litter tray per cat plus an extra one. It might seem like overkill and stink out the house a little, but cats can be particular about sharing a litter tray, especially with a new cat. Also, get a laser pointer to try and tire the dominating cat out a bit. Sometimes they attack other cats because they’re bored. A laser pointer’s the easiest way to play with a cat I’ve found

          • oh, and our cats do the whole ‘I won’t poop unless you’re in the bathroom too’ thing as well :S

  • Had such a good weekend. Got to hang out with you folks on Friday, got to hang out with @sughly and go to Big Day Out yesterday! So, so fun!


        Arcade Fire were incredible every bit as good as the hype and all kinds of amazing live. They even mocked Blur for pulling out of Big Day Out. An amazing setlist too with all their best from across the albums. Full, awesome 90 mins. Win Butler, the front man came down and leaned over the rail into the audience. He was a metre from my face. D: Really good crowd of like minded folks. Everyone singing along and happy. Was fucking amaaaaazing.

        Crowds through the entire day were pretty good too. No where near as many shirtless bogans as I had been led to believe.

        • 90 minute set isn’t too bad. That’s only about half an hour less than you would’ve gotten if they’d done their own show.

          • Used the time really well too. Literally the second they finished Pearl Jam on the next stage started. No break at all.

          • Arcaaaade Fire.

            Wasn’t really feeling Pearl Jam, though. Arcade Fire just finished and I was a bit overwhelmed and felt like I needed to process it, so I left Sughly there and sat down by myself for a little while thinking about it. XD

    • I found out only like Saturday or yesterday that Big Day Out got moved from the Parklands at Southport to Metric on Stadium at Robina, god that must be a better place haha.

  • Hola Tay

    I had a recovery weekend following our awful, awful hot week.

    Went to a friend’s birthday out near Gawler, which was nice, then to a board games day yesterday, where I played:

    Suburbia (fantastic)
    Smash up! (PIRATE WIZARDS)
    Zombicide (Ned ftw!)
    Star fluxx (fluxx hasn’t yet really won me over)
    Room 25 (think I need another bash at this one)
    7 wonders
    Euphoria (really interesting)

    I somehow got stuck playing half of these with an obnoxious child, but other than that it was good fun.

    A Monday Morning Question: which board game has the most interesting lore around it?

    • I wouldn’t say it has the most “interesting” lore, but i really love Shadows over Camelot…
      very easy game for the most parts, right up until you do one slip up then it becomes brutally hard 😛
      Very nice Co Op game especially once you introduce the traitor (first few games it’s recommended to leave it out so you get familiar with the mechanics)
      because you constantly distrust each other 😛

    • Arkham Horror or I could cheat and say one of the D&D based board games.

      Although everyone knows Cluedo is the only right answer.

      • I really, really enjoy Arkham Horror but that’s kinda based on my enjoyment of most things Lovecraft. Anything based on an existing IP generally has a good backstory.

    • Taking the freeze method I would say relic. However I find the dungeon games seem to have a bit, when I finally buy one I’ll find out. Anybody played any of them, thinking that dungeon petz as a first purchase.

    • Galaxy Trucker.

      Corporation Incorporated needs to ship goods from one end of the galaxy to the other. They discovered that the most cost effective way to do this is by hiring a bunch of loons and letting them loose in the warehouse. If they happen to make a viable ship that can make it across the galaxy with those parts, huzzah! If they don’t… well, loons don’t cost much and neither did the parts.

  • You know who’s a pretty cool guy? Bayonetta. A lot of fun, that game! I’m all mash smash bash on my controller and Bayonetta is all yarh char barh on the bad guys. It’s cool. I like how stylish the combat is, all the ooooh yaaaa weeee flourishes that she does that would be entirely useless in a real life fight make the fights rad looking.

    Anyway enough bad onomatopoeia.

    It was my third week of Pow’s Learning To Cook Adventures last night. I attempted to make Pumpkin and Lentil Curry. It was nice, though I couldn’t taste the pumpkin over the curry and I used about 10x the amount of lentils that I should have (nobody told me they would expand so much!)… But still, I can say I’ve made a curry from scratch now 😛

    Hope you’re all well!

  • @dc, we’re now up to date with The Newsroom. Commence discussion in three, two, one… actually, just whenever you want.

    • Pretty good. *nod*

      Can see how next season will be about building credibility again maybe. Felt very much like a series finale too.

      • I wonder if the Dantana story is done. I’d be okay if we don’t really hear about the lawsuit again and the show focuses on other things, but on the other hand, I’d be fine if it was a central story next season as well.

  • Woke up with both my arms asleep. Asked the cat for help, he was useless. Time to spend a day in Canberra till I’m told I can leave.

  • PS4 peeps, what games do you have and what games do you plan to get soon?

    The PS4 was on sale a while ago and my pre-order shipped out last week so I’ll get it soonish but I can’t really think of anything to play. I’ll be buying Infamous and MGS in late March and I’ve got a couple of PS+ games already (Resogun should be fun) but I can’t really think of anything else to play until then 😛

    All the multiplatform stuff I’m either not really interested in (COD, BF4) or I already have on other platforms (ACIV on PC). Knack and Killzone initially looked alright but they got some pretty average reviews. I didn’t read too much into them though but if they’re worth playing then I may investigate further.

    Since I never really considered the PS4 I just don’t know what games are worth playing on it so I’m just looking for suggestions. Tenkyew!

    • I’m pretty keen on a PS4, too. Like you, I don’t really know what games I want other than Ground Zeroes. I think I just have a craving for the hardware at the present time.

    • I would’ve said AC IV but that’s out the window. Killzone was ok. The campaign is like any other COD/MOH/Battlefield campaign these days but I like the multiplayer. Other than that, Injustice would’ve been another game I would’ve picked up if I’d’ve had the cash for it plus another controller.

      You could probably tide yourself over with Killzone and Resogun though until Thief and inFAMOUS come out next month and then hopefully it won’t be long until Watchdogs comes out

    • It pains me to say this as a Sony fanboy but nothing really. Resogun is probably it. Have not turned in the PS4 for a month now. Content to just keep playing the PS3.

    • I pre ordered Watch Dogs yesterday, so err that. Probably get NFS & ACIV this week though. Edit: will also get Lego Marvel too.

      I had a few people return/trade in Killzone in the first few weeks simply because they thought it was shit and got BF4 or CoD to replace it haha.

      One of the guys I work with said Knack is alright, but you have to like fighting platformers heh.

    • I’ve got BF4 and Killzone. BF is BF and Killzone is as average as the reviews make them out to be.

      MGS will be nice. Infamous too. I plan to play a fair amount of Driveclub when that goes out. Otherwise, the game I’ll be playing most is the waiting game.

    • I have the PS+ games. Resogun, Don’t Starve and Contact. Have only played Resogun. Nothing else appeals. System is being used as a netflix box about 6-7 hours a day on average though.

      Nothing in the pipeline is a must-buy for me until Destiny, but I will probably grab Infamous in March.

  • Good morning all. Chalk up my first TAY meat ever on Friday for @dc’s birthday/not-so birthday dinner. Good venue, good food (aside from a few things), good folk. Everyone was super chilled and easygoing and it was nice meeting everyone in person. Looking forward to the next one 😀

    Apologies go to Mrs @freezespreston for incorrectly guessing her age. My bad D:

    • Hey man, I’m, uh, sorry for the drunkenness. (Part of the program, you see… making amends with the people I might’ve wronged? :P) Was great seeing you too!

      • Well this was the first big organised thing. Considering I missed every other TAYbie at Supanova aside from you and DC and then I bailed while you guys went to a tavern kinda discredits me from really meating properly.

        I will always remember that the first TAYbie I met was from interstate so you will always have that honour. 🙂

    • I didn’t get to yell-talk at you much but I enjoyed our fleeting eye contact and playful banter.

      Also when we all did wees together.

      • I committed the cardinal sin of going slightly higher. It made it even worse that she picked my age perfectly and I got her’s wrong. I’m a monster.

        • Transientmind’s rule of female age-guessing: Guess what you actually think the age is, but add or remove a couple years, depending which brings your guess closer to 24-25. Allow a greater margin for error the older they get.

          Eg: A 19yr old girl? Guess at about 20-21. She’ll love that. Looks about 24-25? Say that – she’s right where she wants to be. If she’s older or younger, she won’t be offended. Looks about mid-30s? She’s older, so you’ve got more room, go 27 (28-29 is when women start worrying about hitting 30). Looks to be in her 40s? Guess early 30s. 50s? Guess late 30s; still believable, but still flattering.

          • Shane’s rule of thumb: say “I’m terrible at this” and just guess mid-twenties for everyone. This pisses my daughter off no end 😛

          • I reckon you should say 15. Then when they call you on what looked like an obvious attempt to under-age them as a form of flattery, say “oh no, I was assuming you were born on February 29th”.

            After that, one of 3 things will happen.

            1) A toally blank look or correction on birthdate. They’ll be no fun.
            2) A brief bit of calculation followed by storming off insulted. Also no fun.
            3) A brief bit of calculation followed by roars of laughter when she realises you’ve subtly said she looks 60. She can do maths and has a sense of humour, worth talking to.

  • On the weekend I finished 2 games! They were pretty great!

    First up was Enslaved:
    I really enjoyed it, absolutely loved the character growth between Monkey and Trip. The combat was pretty good too. Nice and simple, no need to over complicate things. The two biggest problems I had were frame rate issues at some points and the goddamn last boss fight.

    In regards to the frame rate issues I’m hoping that it’s just from a terrible job at porting / optimising and not an actual problem with the original game. Also the last boss was just, UGH

    Following up was: The Banner Saga

    wow, what a game. So good, every decision has you wondering “what would have happened if I chose option 2 or 3. So good! The story is just amazing and the art is fan-flipping-tastic. The combat is kinda average but you aren’t really in the game for the combat you are there for the story/choices/fan-flipping-tastic art. I would highly recommend everyone buy it. (Although probably switch the difficulty down to easy because I got absolutely smashed in normal.)

    • How long did it take you to finish banner saga?
      I’m just up to the first god stone. It’s a very pretty game and plays well so far. Kickstarter games delivering what I want, this could be dangerous for my wallet.

      • 9 hours according to steam. Although I did die a couple of times and left it on so it’s probably closer to say 7-8 hours.

        • Cool. I’m around 2 hours in at the moment
          Haven’t lost a battle yet but think that might be because the game is still in tutorial mode

    • I really enjoyed The Banner Saga, but it was way too short in my mind. Things really, really accelerated at the end.

      I’m not sure if that was intentional (I mean, theme and pacing were great before that, conveying a manageable but tough journey for the Varl, and later an utterly punishing and grueling trudge for the human refugees – if only from the total scarcity of supplies) or the result of their very public money/deadline troubles. And y’know… dat ending. SO MANY threads left untied, so many questions and plot points not addressed, and so… abrupt.

      • Oh man, the human sections were so hard, I remember in one trek I just got to a camp with 0 food left. SO DAMN CLOSE!

        In the last cinematic thing thinking “nah, it’s not gonna end, still so much has to happen. So many loose threads” but then the credits came up and I kinda wish I had a camera so I could of got a shot of my face when that happened. Sooooo looking forward to Banner Saga 2! \o/

        • Very vague spoilery:
          Oh, I actually lost a shit-tonne of clansmen and fighters to starvation. I was at 0 food for several days at a time. This was the consequence of letting too many people into the caravan, trusting too many people, and spending too much renown on levelling up my dudes instead of buying food. Also, at one point I stupidly bought a level 5 trinket on the off-chance I’d never find something that cool again, then took bloody forever to actually get anyone to level five, by which point they’d already been awarded something cooler. And you can’t sell them, soo… sorry ladies. Your babies starved and died in your arms for a pretty trinket I’m not using.

          Oh and in just very specific spoilery goodness:
          Also daaaaaamn, how was the impact on discovering the REAL story behind Iver abandoning his name as Yngvar? “Quickly, get them away! No-one should see this!” Intense.

          • I basically didn’t level anyone I got a few level 3’s early but eventually the need for food became to great and just started spending all of my renown on food.

            I think the most intense part was the final stand in the city. Bad things after bad things kept happening. When I had no food or anything left Harkon showed up to save the day. Oh god so intense!

          • Yeah, that was where everything fell apart for me, too. Nothing I did was good enough, and eventually…
            a spokesman for some of the families left from the caravan came up and told me they were all going to go their separate ways, go to ground and try to survive on their own. Next time I’ll try and find them a home straight away, instead I wasted like… THREE DAYS on some stupid wild goose chase for a food supply.

          • I actually started off well. I traded the leader of the Raven’s for a lot of food. He was pretty pissed because I traded him some barrels of mead that was technically his. However I got a group if bandits steal like 1/2 of it along with killing like 100 clansman and 20 fighters. Then about 1/2 of my clansman and some fighters decided they didn’t want to stick around.

          • Also another tense moment

            When you get betrayed by Onef. I honestly thought that Rook was gonna die.

          • ACTUAL SPOILER:
            God, I know, right? I actually thought Oddleif and Alette were going to die (or ‘other’) out of it as well. Thank God for having a mender handy. Man… That asshole. I shudder to think if I’d sent the former insane captain away. Next time, totally not taking that douchebag with me. Or finding an opportunity to slit his throat.


    What will the party give to the Cantharx, given he’s looking for “a memory of light?” Has Scrappa’s new boots stopped his unfortunate foot odour?

    Wednesday night, 7:30 SA Time!

    @popdart5 @mythamphetamine @novacascade @tigerion @mawt @blaghman @tech_knight

    PS: Last time we tried the game in the Google + interface, which we all seemed to like, do we want to give that another bash?

  • Leaving on Friday. So excited! And I only have to baste and ditch a quilt, finish making two shirts, unjunkify the spare room and my bedroom, and clean the bathroom before I go. *goes back to playing Kingdoms Of Amalur* 😛

    • I think I mentioned this, but a friend of mine’s sister is going on the same cruise (I think she still is).

      If you run into an annoying Australian girl named Brooke, I’m so sorry for you.

    • Amalur buddies! *fistbump*

      After even only your briefest mention of it on Friday, I realized I still had SO MUCH left to do in it and fired it back up again. Realized I was completely lost in the plot, didn’t recognize half the quests I was doing, and started a new character.

      ONLY EVER DOING ONE QUEST AT A TIME. I don’t care if it means backtracking. That’s what fast-travel is for.

      • I started playing this recently! I think I’m something like 20hours in. There’s certainly a heap of content in there… kind of sad that the game never seemed to get much recognition 🙁

        I think I’ve only just got to the second major area.

        So timesink.

        • Apparently it was meant to be getting people ready for the MMO which continues the story where the single-player game left off. A lot of the art for the MMO looked frickin’ amazing, too. And it was basically finished. Shame about that.

  • Rocket reviews

    Super 8
    Was pretty okay, i would of liked the movie a lot more if there was no alien shit just about some kids making movies. Reminded me of my childhood a little. My group of friends were a bit like theirs and it reeked of nostalgia. Overall good not great


    The Princess Bride

    Was good, not as good as the book, i feel like if i didn’t read the book i would of enjoyed it more since they do skim over a lot of the novel. On the plus side, it was very funny. The comedic timing of the whole cast was quite good. I particularly liked Andre the giant playing Fezzi.


  • So Pornhub has released some statistics on the game console’s access to porn and the most searched terms for Xbox was Teen, Playstation was MILF and Nintendo was Hentai.

    Take from that what you will.

  • Oh @dc, I watched the next Helix episode. It’s getting better but I still hate Billy Campbell. The sound of his voice makes me violent, and his face even more so. I have no idea why.

    Also, hurry up and watch Sleepy Hollow. 😛

    And speaking of TV watching, I’m loving Almost Human so much. The relationship between the two main characters is awesome.

      • oooo I wanted to watch this as it’s Ronald Moore. Is it any good so far? I see mixed reviews of it so far but hopefully it gets a chance unlike Caprica

        Anybody watched Hell on Wheels btw? I have it downloaded as Colm Meaney. Also, trains. I’m yet to find a suitable time to sit down and watch a couple of episodes though. If only I had a long commute and I could watch stuff on the train/bus

      • I knew you would. 😛
        I actually didn’t think much of it as an episode, but as a test to see whether I’d keep watching, it worked.

    i wish i was there i was sick as a dog this weekend from food poisoning.


  • Hey all. Not nearly enough gaming happened this weekend, since parents were in town. Maybe 2 hrs max? Played some NFS Rivals and raged when I lost all my points due to B.S.

    Went ice skating again though, it was great.

  • Despite the general acceptance of a quality drop of Red Dwarf beyond series six, I must say that I really enjoyed the episode Fathers and Suns of the latest series X.

    Anyone else love any episodes in later seasons?

    • I really quite dig Ouroboros. It’s pretty funny, and the ideas are pretty good. It’s the highlight of the post-1993 Dwarf for me.

      Also, Series X had a few decent moments – Fathers and Suns was my favourite episode, but sadly I don’t think the ending quite lived up to its potential.

      • I can’t actually remember the ending. All I remember is Lister watching the videos of his dad (or himself) punishing him (again himself) and then eventually tricking him with the cardboard guitar. Classic.

      • I’m the same. I started watching them but I think I got maybe 3 episodes in (the one where they think they meet Jesus?) and I was just like… I loved the old episodes. Watching these old men struggling to remember their characters is kind of ruining my fond memories.

    • cant remember what series it was, but the last episode I thought was any good was the one with JFK.
      then they brought back the Red Dwarf crew & it became really, really shit.
      whole show should’ve ended with that episode where they meet their horrible future selves.

      • The JFK episode is Tikka to Ride, and is generally agreed to be the pinnacle of the series.

        Though I personally like all of it, even season 8.

  • Most of my weekend was dominated by Parks and Recreation – Season 2 and Deus Ex: HR DC.

    P and R is awesome. What a hilarious show. If any of you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend you do. Sort of like The Office but a bit more cute.

    Deus Ex: HR DC, I am about 2/3rds of the way through (I think) and still having a blast. Pretty much have ever single upgrade I want now, so I’ve started changing up and going more run’n’gun than non-lethal stealth. Due to the prologue, I wasn’t going to get the non-lethal achievement anyway and it’s a lot of fun running around with this laser rifle I just picked up.

    • I don’t like playing totally black-and-white in these types of games anyway. If you’re largely pacifist for most of the game, it really lends an extra weight to the few moments you do choose to willingly take a life. And makes certain accidents a bit more surprising and upsetting.

      The ‘total pacifist’ type achievements – or even the lack of acknowledgement of your choice not to kill, EXCEPT THOSE ASSHOLES – really shit me because sometimes there are dudes who just need to die.

      I remember the first time I broke my self-imposed ‘no killing’ rule was during/after the massacre in that hotel slum in Hong Kong – pretty much that entire merc/PMC outfit got a KOS order from my conscience from that point. And, I’m preeeeeeetty sure it’s damn near the only way to save Malik’s life on the helipad. Hell, I had trouble enough keeping her bird safe going fully lethal on the crew pounding it with fire.

      • Wow, that’s actually the same with me. When I got up to that point I originally went through with non-lethal and then she died really quickly. I had to google to make sure that it was possible to save her and when it was, I didn’t hold back. I had 3 or 4 praxis points left over that I hadn’t used yet, so I quickly used them up in buying typhoon and increased my aim. I actually started to feel angry about these bad guys and even during take-downs I made sure I killed them. This game is actually pretty great to play when you’re playing aggressive.
        Since then I’ve kept mixing it up. It’s a bit more relaxing (and a hell of a lot faster).

    • P&R: And Season 2 is only just the beginning. After a lackluster season 1 they really turn things around with Season 2 and things just keep getting better from there. Absolutely love some of the later season stuff, fantastic show with a lot going for it. Highly recommended.

  • Who else here has Grid 2 on PC?
    Played some multi with @pixel_the_ferret_viking and @mythamphetamine last night and it was a hell of a lot of fun. I’m keen to see if we can’t get more people involved, but no idea who actually has it (other than @cakesmith).

  • Sticking with knocking smaller games off the pile, I played enough of The Stanley Parable yesterday. Fantastic, awesome non-game. Really enjoyed this one.
    Also knocked over Broken Age part 1 during the week, since I’ll be downloading and watching all the documentary episodes and want to avoid spoilers. Part 2 can’t come soon enough though.

        • That’s actually the bit I wanted to talk about!
          Did you get to the point where

          there’s a leaderboard, and then you get to kill a baby!


          Portal was a lot harder without a cursor, and the Minecraft scene was especially funny.

    • Please don’t share the ones with me in them. They were fine on Twitter but that’s about as far as my vanity will let you push it. 🙁

      • Ooooh, sorry. Only saw this now. Will delete them ASAP. If you’d personally like a copy of them just e-mail me, Strange. Won’t post them publicly at all.

        • Oh gods, please don’t send me a copy. I don’t need to see them again. They kind of sent me spiralling into a dark place. I’m used to the version of me that’s in my head, the version that to me is the real me, not the stranger I see in recent photos of myself. I’m just thankful that I finally know what’s wrong with me health-wise and can now fix it and return my body to the way it’s supposed to be.
          As much as I like to think I’ve overcome tying my self-worth to my appearance, every now and then that old enemy returns.

          • *hugs* Sorry again, my pal. Only posted them in the first place because I thought they were great with nothing to worry about. I stand by that, but I know how that ‘ol anxiety thing works. Should’ve asked and for that, I’m sorry. There’s seriously no real pictures of me for entire stretches of years because I was too ashamed about what I look like and all that.

            Hope things are okay on the health front.

          • Don’t apologise, it’s just my own insecurities.

            Things are okay healthwise because now I know what’s going on it can be fixed. I’m actually taking the first steps this week, but the real fixing won’t start until I get back from my holiday. And with my son starting school I can finally take the time I need to take care of myself so I’ll start looking and more importantly feeling like myself again. 🙂

  • Just went to Officeworks to get moving boxes.

    They had a “total moving kit” which includes 15 boxes. So that’s the board games sorted, now for the rest of the apartment.

  • Stuff :

    – Flat hunting sucks.
    – Civ V is scary. So is Endless Space. just coz how how much time I see myself spending on them.
    – Enslaved is rad.
    – I have too many games on the go at the moment. need to focus a bit. Get through the new Splinter Cell to start with.
    – The Returned is a pretty rad show. only watched one episode so far, but its a good twist on the zombie / undead genre (dead people coming back to life in a small town, but not as zombies, just as regular people with no memory of dying & they try to re-intergrate back into their lives, but everyone else is understandably freaking out.)
    This puppy needs recognition.
    – hows stuff with you lot?


    • In order:

      – CIV!
      -Haven’t played it
      – Spat it big time at a stealth mission in Splinter Cell on Friday, will try again tonight
      – Yeah, that looked interesting
      – PUPPY!
      – I’m well thanks!

      • out of order:

        – derp pyppu
        – really digging the side missions where you’ve gotta clear out an area. Fits my play style well. Not a huge fan of the ones where you’ve gotta survive against waves of enemies. really not my thing in a stealth game. Still… I should be getting on with the campaign rather than dicking around.
        – not gonna get into it for a while. don’t have the time to spend on that ‘one more turn’ addiction
        – excellent. good to hear.
        – friend of mine stayed up watching it until 4am. apparently it gets pretty sinister.
        – its good. nothing super special, but its very pretty & the writing / acting is very well done.

      • Which mission in blacklist was it? As I recall, I stealthed the whole thing relatively easily though with heavy use of the taser

        • It was more that I’d perfect stealthed an entire mission only to trip a laser.

          Decided it was too hot for me to try again. Will go back to it tonight.

    • Almost as much as the actual moving
      Civ V is great, still trying to get the hang of BNW expansion
      Another game I want to get but need to finish. The reimagining style looks really cool
      As far as games that need to finish I played some more bioshock on the weekend. Think I’m getting close to the end. This is the 6th calendar year I’ve played bioshock without completing. I will finish it this time
      Never heard of it

      Stuff is good, meat on the weekend which is always nice to catch up with people. Trivia tonight

  • Morning all,

    Saw 47 Ronin on the weekend. If your considering seeing it I recommend seeing something else. Boring action scenes, painful cheesy lines and it drags on a bit. Granted Keanu does kick some ass in it, but its also the Same Keanu you’ve seen in the past 5 movies. Also, the bloke with the tattooed face on all the posters makes an appearance of about 30seconds and has a few lines of dialogue, silly. We walked out with about 10 mins left of the movie.

    Completed my second dungeon in A Link to the Past this morning 🙂 I now have strength gauntlets (phwoar) and can lift boulders! /flex.
    Started playing the first Fire Emblem too, enjoyed the 45 mins I spent on it but it made me want to play Advance Wars.

    whats everrrybody doing?

      • You learn the name of one other Ronin who is essential to the plot, 4 other Ronin make regular appearances but they’re only there to show their reactions to stuff and things.
        The other 41 are just there for yelling and battles.

        See the Book Thief instead.

        • I figured that would be the case. I’m assuming the premise is 47 highly skilled samurai doing something to save the world or something and in the end you find out that the majority of them are useless and it’s up to Keanu to save the day?

  • Weekend gaming clean-up report:

    Volgarr the Viking: This is the platformer I love to hate. I get a little further each time then rage quit when the game presents a new challenge. This game infuriates me because you’re basically supposed to get through it without being hit and the game assumes you will… but it takes a lot of practice to get to the point. However, I did not rage-uninstall, which puts it a step above…

    Shank: I must have gotten this in a humble bundle or something because I sure didn’t buy it outright. It’s alright at first, but the boss fights are broken. There are set things you do to make the bosses vulnerable except it hardly ever works so the bosses just wander back and forth using unavoidable attacks (because it’s a side scrolling platformer and you’re boxed in) until you die. It’s broken by design and not fun enough to justify continuing until I get lucky or the game decides to follow it’s own goddamn rules. I deleted this from my hard drive and put it and the sequel in my junk folder out of principle.

    Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake DLC: Technically I went and finished this before the weekend, but I thought I’d remention/review it here. It was a fun little side story, I enjoyed jumping back into the world of Sleeping Dogs, and it reminded me why I am hanging out for a followup/sequel. I am tempted to restart the campaign over but that’s hard to justify when I have so much other stuff to play.

    My wife is today playing through Walking Dead 400 days and episode 1 of season 2, which means I will probably be doing that when I get home so we can discuss those episodes – it drives my wife crazy when she’s ahead of me in something because she loves discussing interesting stuff in gamest and can’t until I catch up. Alternatively, I might start on Tomb Raider.

      • I didn’t like it that much. I found the fight scenes repetitive and frustrating, and they just dragged on and on and on. At one point O was woeried that I was going to run out of ammo in the middle of a fight!
        (I haven’t finished it yet)

  • BOOOOOORED at work.
    I just accidentally got high spray painting now there is nothing to do except wait until lunch.

    Also Radio Free Rocketman is a bust, the station wanted to put me on a Monday morning shift but I’m working and that was the only time slot the needed filled.Sigh. I also miss my best friend i havent seen him for like 2 weeks after like 2 months of seeing him every other day. Stupid friend being a productive member of the community.

  • Any TAYbies want some headphones? They are free!

    (Trying to get rid of extra stuff I don’t need – I have three sets of headsets that I’ve found so far. The ones I’m giving away are but in red. I have lost the microphone part of it, if I find it I will also give it to you. The only catch is you somehow need to get it off me.)

    Will probably post more stuff that is cheap/free as we go through this process!

          • Unless he elaborates, I’m going to assume the ‘thing’ he wore the corset for was a fussy goat that he was attempting to woo.

          • Was hunting for the video, which involved digging through my ex’s photos on fb, of which she’s taken too many more since for me to bother.

            I was a residential tutor at Flinders University Hall- half sheriff, half older sibling. Each year the Hall had a “theatre restaurant,” a sketch/performance/cabaret night, of which the tutors were always expected to do a skit, and usually as awful as possible (makes it easier for other people to get up and perform if they have already seen the semi-authority figures embarass themselves). One year we did the Thriller dance.

            This year, we sang a song based on “Keep it gay,” from The Producers. As one of the people who knew about musical theatre, I had one of the bigger parts, in the introduction. So we came out on stage bundled up in coats, buttoned up to the neck, and went through the intro, and then on the first big “keep it gay” I whip off the coat revealing a corset, one of the other (male) tutors is in a dress and the rest of the tutors rush the stage in various forms of drag.

            We won worst performance by a knockout mile.

            It’s a pity I couldn’t find the video, as I’d been going out with the girl for about a month at this point, and we’d kept the details of our performance super secret, so on the reveal in the video all you hear is this giant OOHHHHH MYYYY GODDDDD from behind the camera

    • They look pretty cool. If no one else wants them, I’ll probably take them off your hands. Thanks! Though that might not work out given the distance between our domiciles.

    • There’s other stuff we’re unloading, including a handful of NERF guns that I never got around to using.

      All you need to do to claim them is rock up to our apartment and shove some amount of money in my hand.

  • Sydney trip planning for me and the missus is still going on, at the moment it looks like the details are as follows.

    February 8th we leave Melbourne for sydney

    February 16th we return to Melbourne from Sydney.

    Now as for the other details I don’t know yet, I know we will be staying in Five Dock and seeing family but as to whether we fly up or drive up and stop in Canberra for a day or two is undecided

  • I apologise for the delay. We are currently in the process of reviewing your response with the Manager. I will contact you as soon as a decision has been made.


  • Pathfinder set in the Warhammer Fantasy world Saturday session recap:

    We were able to successfully navigate through the haphazard archipelago of the Lost Isles to find the lost Dwarven hold of Barak Fadrin where we hope to find a bunch of treasure hunters who have some information on the Necromancer we are looking for. We were about to pilot our ironclad straight into the docks but we decided against that when we saw the wrecks of about half a dozen ships and signs of a large number of Naga that had become encamped in the Dwarven ruin. We anchored our ironclad a little further up the coast where our runepriest said there might be a second entrance into the hold.

    We quickly found the stairs leading up the side of the mountain where we ran into a small group of frost trolls. Thankfully they weren’t going to kill us on sight and we arranged to pay the trolls for safe passage by offering them a few barrels of Dwarven 20X ale. They let us pass by without incident but they did tell us that a group of treasure hunters who sounded remarkably like the group we were looking for had come up this pass less than a week before. They also warned us that there was some beast further up the mountain that we had to get past. We continued ascending up the side of the mountain where we had to engage in some rock climbing. I had to take off my full plate for that but none of us slipped and fell to our deaths.

    We finally found the secret entrance into the Dwarven hold and we got inside. Turns out the inside of an abandoned Dwarven hold is absolutely freezing and we had come through the secret passage which had been abandoned for even longer. It also turned out that this path was trapped. Yay. Everyone made it through without any trouble except for me as I failed to jump across a gap. Fortunately I was able to scramble out of the non-death pit and get to the end of the passage just as a huge chunk of ice crashed down behind me. Yay for being a fighter who was back in his full plate because of danger but can’t jump for shit.

    The next room was also delightfully trapped with some form of pools of foul water with convenient patches of moss obscuring the safe route across the water. Our runepriest was able to figure out that the ceiling showed a number of different paths across the water that corresponded with different Dwarven deities. He suggested that we all take the path of the Dwarven goddess of nature and life. While they all did that, I opted for the stupid path of the Dwarven god of slayers and battle. Turns out jumping from slippering stone to slippery stone in full plate is not the best idea. I slipped and fell into the water which turned out to not only be slightly poisonous but also highly corrosive. There went half of my health while the cleric hosed me off with create water. Everyone scolded me for taking the wrong path so we all took the nature goddess path and the path ended in a small chute which we had to ride head first.

    The rogue went down the chute first and ended up in a room where the ceiling had partially collapsed and there was a huge amount of snow and ice. This room was even colder than when we were outside and climbing the mountain. The rogue began approaching a bridge that led across a chasm filled with snow but the snow began shifting and stirring as something began moving. The rogue carefully started backtracking away from whatever lay dormant just as I tumbled down the chute in my full plate and crashed onto the ground due to my inflexibility. The beast stirred from its slumber and it was a white dragon that had become trapped in this room when the ceiling had collapsed. It was not happy that it had been woken.

    Our rogue and wizard sought out some cover immediately just before the dragon breathed icy death onto me, my cohort/companion (also a fighter in full plate but he is more agile than me), and our Dwarven runepriest. My cohort turned into an instant popsicle as he was frozen solid while the Dwarf and I became quite frosty. I tried to charge up to the dragon and smack it on the mouth to stop it doing that again but I underestimated the distance that a dragon could bite. The dragon had trapped me in its mouth and I was now on negative health but fortunately the runepriest healed me enough to make me conscious. Due to the initiative order, the runepriest and I rolled the same value so as the heal technically happened during my turn as well as his, I was able to continue with my charge attack and hit the dragon so had that I may have partially fractured its jaw and it dropped me on the ground.

    Our rogue sniped the dragon with magic arrows while our wizard fire bolted the crap out of it (it’s super effective). The dragon took flight to strike at the rogue but not before giving me a parting ground pound with its claw. Our runepriest was busy healing everyone so I went over to try and break my cohort out of the ice. I may have hurt him a little bit with my lucerne hammer but at least he was no longer frozen. The dragon kept getting hit by arrows and fire so it made itself invisible and flew to the opposite end of the room. Blind-firing by everyone else was rather ineffective and I could do nothing against something that a) I couldn’t see, b) something that was flying.

    The dragon came out of invisibility as it breathed more icy death, this time at the runepriest and the wizard. The wizard was mostly unaffected due to his magical resistance and elemental protection but now our runepriest was encased in ice. I was able to bust him out as our rogue fired the kill shot against the dragon. It had some pretty nice loot, including a +4 longbow that adjusted its composite power relative to the user and fired brilliant arrows (essentially laser arrows). Needless to say our rogue was very, very happy.

    Now that the dragon was slain, we were able to get into the Dwarven hold proper and we camped out inside an abandoned Dwarven tavern as we rested up. Finding the trail of the treasure hunters was pretty easy as they had marked out the paths that they had taken to find spoils and loot and we could track their most recent venture. Every so often we heard a resounding boom echo throughout the hold and we couldn’t determine what it was. Thankfully we did not encounter any Naga as we were too far away from the water for them to bother us.

    The wizard, my cohort, and I were completely useless in tracking the treasure hunters as we were all humans however the Dwarven runepriest and the Drow rogue were perfectly fine with their darkvision (the Drow is actually a Shadow Hunter from the Shadow Lands so that’s why she’s a Drow). We came across the lord’s hall and found it completely stripped bare of any riches but we were getting closer to the booming sounds. The rogue scouted ahead while the rest of us stayed behind.

    The rogue was able to get close enough to observe a large group of people who matched the descriptions of the treasure hunters we were seeking. She also saw that they were rigging up what looked to be dynamite and other explosives and they were trying to blow a hole in the wall of the cavern they were in. She sent a magical message back to the group (Arcane Archer ability) and the Dwarf was infuriated that they were defaming the hold of his kin. The party started moving closer to the cavern while the rogue took aim at what appeared to be the captain who was holding the detonator box. The rogue decided the best way to announce our presence was a laser arrow fired at the hand that carrying the detonator, which hit home. Thankfully the detonator didn’t fail and cause the explosives to detonate prematurely but they were well aware of our presence now.

    Everyone took cover as the treasure hunters fired back with muskets and the captain scrambled to get into a trench nearby with the detonator. Our rogue fired again and with her BS Drow accuracy was able to sever the connecting wire between the detonator and the explosives. Our mage also fired with bolts of lightning while my cohort began to advance towards their trench with his tower shield providing cover to the runepriest and me. Fortunately the enemy were terrible shots so they all missed again and some of them discarded their guns and started advancing towards us. They had a caster who fired magic missiles at my cohort and their apparent cleric/healer attempted to heal some of the damage that had been caused. The captain tried the detonator for the explosives and found it completely non-cooperative so he tossed a flask of alchemist’s fire at the explosives and took cover. All of the enemies dropped to the ground to avoid the blast and our runepriest created a neat little protective cover by stone-shaping a wall in front of us. The treasure hunters had succeeded in blowing open a passage into a cave network that our runepriest told us may lead to some of the untouched treasure holds.

    Fast-forward a little bit and all of the gunners were dead as a result of the runepriest’s cone of cold. I was getting the crap beaten out of me as I thought I’d take on seven enemies at once. My cohort was trying to hit the captain but he kept getting shot point blank by pistols which went straight through his full plate. The rogue had killed the enemy mage with a few well-placed arrows and our wizard had caused the enemy cleric to die when he believed that he was being buried alive as a result of the spell phantasmal killer. The captain signalled the rest of his crew to retreat and they fled through the hole that they had blown open. We now had to pursue them deeper into the ruined hold and get the information we needed on the Necromancer.

    TL DR: Not a good day to be running around in full plate with only a melee weapon.

  • Hmm, I just received an email from my aunt. The last time I received an email from her, her email had been hacked and my email became compromised because of it. Someone accessed my email from Argentina, so I had to change my password. The email was received at 1:30. My aunt lives in Melbourne, so she would have had to send it at 3:30 AM. Definitely not opening it. Deleted.

  • So I re-watched all of the Prank War videos from Collegehumor. They still hold up today as some of the cruelest pranks ever. It’s surprising how popular those videos are. 5-10 million views on every one. Episode 1 is extremely NSFW though. I recommend headphones. Mine are broken at the moment, so I had to skip the episode. I couldn’t risk my mum hearing.
    But Amir’s face after he found out the half-court shot was fake was priceless. The smile just dropped like a tonne of bricks. Although I think Amir took it way too far in episode 6.
    It’s weird to see how much things have changed in the last 6 years. After episode 3, Amir was begging to Streeter “Don’t put this on Vimeo, please don’t.” Very few people actually know what Vimeo is these days.

    What do you think was crueler?
    Episode 4- Where Amir ruins his open-mic performance, or
    Episode 5- Where Streeter flies Amir to LA for the fake TV opportunity?
    There was a lot of arguing in the comments section. I think we can all agree that episode 6 was the worst offender.

    • HAHA! Oh man, that wasn’t too bad. I braced myself for some embarrassment right there. We’re bobbing our heads like pros, my friend. PROS. I did wonder what that looked like yesterday to the musicians from the stage. XD

      Also, I screwed up encoding this thingy but that Naked and Famous — Young Bloods (ft. Sughly Dancing) will be here once it’s done uploading and converting again. *shakes fist* Guess you’ve probably seen it already in the SkyDrive files, but whatever. 😛

  • Haha, my son just came up to me saying “I see it under there, Mummy” over and over and getting obviously frustrated when my responses weren’t what he expected. Finally I took pity on him and asked him “You see what under where?” and he actually fell over from laughing.

  • Damn it @freezespreston, did you tip off Serrels
    I hold you personally responsible for the porn site now in the history of my work PC

  • The Haitaku today has me thinking about ‘media stuff that makes me cry and recalling how the “Jurassic Bark” episode of Futurama was on the other day. Every. Fricking. Time. Without fail, boom goes the waterworks.

    So it got me thinking: What are some of TAYs Saddy Dumpington shows/movies?

      • I hear that. Dogs / pet stuff in general can get me going. Rambling anecdote follows.

        The final track on Gotye’s “Making Mirrors” is called Bronte, and was written about… I forget the exact details – it was either the passing of his dog, or about a friends’ dog. Anyway, a beloved pet to somebody passed away. And this song hits me so hard that I’ve had to delete the mp3 from the album lest it come on shuffle and start me sobbing. It reminds me too much of my old dog, who is still alive, but doesn’t have many years left in him. He lives with my ex (we’re still good friends) and he had a scare about 6 months ago that had me flattened. The song just reminds me of the unconditional love these creatures give us, and that in a way the pain of their passing is the price we pay for the joys they give us without thought.

    • If Up was a 10 minute short film: Up.
      Else: Clannad. Or Grave of the Fireflies.

      (ps. You should put the name of the thing you’re spoilerising outside of the spoiler tags so people know what’s in there :P)

      • Well, yeah, but then they know that the thing inside the spoiler tag is sad. That could be a spoiler in itself. 😛

        But yeah, wow. That first 10 minutes of Up. That’s a film in of itself. (Fun fact: My girlfriend doesn’t like Up, except for the first 10 minutes. Won’t watch any more of it these days.)

    • Homeward Bound.

      Every time Shadow falls in the hole at the end and Chance jumps down after him something gets caught in my eye.

    • The Elephant Man, Schindler’s List, Million Dollar Baby, Philadelphia, The Pianist, Hearts in Atlantis. All great films that pull on the ol’ heart strings.

    • The Life of Pi made me cry at a couple of moments, luckily I was by myself so there was no one around to see me crying! Jurassic Bark made me tear up a bit, same with the seven leaf clover episode. The Unfinished Swan (game) even made me tear up a couple of times 🙁
      I’m just so full of emotions!!! :'(

    • It’s weird, it is almost impossible for me to cry from sadness. I bawl immediately if I am the slightest bit injured, and I typically somehow end up crying if I get angry enough. (Don’t ask how that works, it just does) However, the finale of Arby n the Chief comes to mind.
      What a dark ending to what once was a comedy webseries. I didn’t cry the first time I watched it, but I was extremely depressed by it. It took about three hours for me to cave and re-watch it. Only then did I cry.
      I realised that I had watched this show for years, and right in front of me, the characters that had once brought me such laughter created a suicide pact. The line;
      “If we do make it into heaven, wait for me at the gates. We’ll go in together, fuck shit up.”
      really got to me. It’s like if in the last episode of Friends, Rachel doesn’t get off the plane and Ross puts a gun to his mouth.

      When it comes to video games, everybody knows what I am going to say, since I namedrop them at every opportunity; Katawa Shoujo and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness.
      Mystery Dungeon Ending: I don’t want to say goodbye indeed. Did you save the world? Or did you just kill billions of people? Are you Hitler reincarnated as a Cyndaquil? Probably.
      Either way, you are dying in front of your friend, all the while, this music is being blasted in your ears. You look upon your friend as you die in front of him. You know he is not emotionally stable enough to live without you. You try to talk to him. You try to tell him that this how it must be. You are forced to tell him that you kept your inevitable death a secret from him. You watch him break down into tears. You die, thinking of your friend.

      Katawa Shoujo doesn’t even need an explanation. It’s Katawa Shoujo. I will say no more.

      I can’t really say much for movies. I don’t watch movies as much as I play games or watch machinima about talking toys that play Halo. I am sitting here, trying to think of a movie that emotionally resonated with me. I can’t think of any.

      • Wow, it took me seven edits for the link to work. I had to rewrite the last paragraph talking about the ending to PMD since it got deleted somehow. Sigh.

    • I don’t really do movies & tv but games that have done it include the end of Grim Fandango, the last chat with Garrus in ME3 (as well as the bit with Mordin, the funeral in the Citadel DLC & a few others) and getting to the end of an extreme track in Trials Evolution with no faults only to fuck up at the last checkpoint

  • Canberra Taybies!
    I need suggestions on nice places to go to dinner this coming weekend.
    (depending on whether my parents say they are going, I may turn this into an impromptu meat)

  • @weresmurf – we had to move away from the airfield last night. we went looking for 2 more m4’s and two of my friends got shot on sight. (damn i hate people that just shoot on sight). anyways, they spawned near berenzino, my friend and i grabbed as much of their gear as we could carry, more importantly a couple of pistols, and met up with them in Guda. so 3 of us are there, and our other friend with an m4 is at presenthalfway between the NW airfield and Guda. will be taking everyone from guda back towards our other friend so we can raid that airfield near Guda.

    We play on the Day-Z 2-4 server (hosted by let me know if you are jumping on.

    Also anyone else is quite welcome to join us… believe me though you will not run into anyother bunch fitting the n00b category quite like we do.,..

    running a seperate TS server for DayZ, just mainly because the other 3 guys are non-tay so didnt think anyone would appreciate me giving deets to a bunch of people no one knows.

    if anyone was playing on the Potaku MC server, you would have bumped into them (Connoremf, UnLoyaL, and hazy_m)

    if you need TS deets, DM me on twitter or send me an email (@ hotmails dot com)

    • running a seperate TS server for DayZ, just mainly because the other 3 guys are non-tay so didnt think anyone would appreciate me giving deets to a bunch of people no one knows.
      I don’t think there’s any problem with having randoms on, as long as they’re not jerks. If you’re paranoid about it just double-check with @cakesmith.

      • @zetrox2k Rize is on the money. They’re more than welcome to make use of the TS server. There’s a few other TAY friends on there occasionally who aren’t TAY folk either.

    • Cool, I’m at Elektro at the moment. My mate Poida80 and I were cleaning out the town of trolls and morons. People were spawn-killing fresh guys so we were taking them out. Killed a sniper around the corner from Elektro camped up on a rock overlooking a town, called out to him over the voice chat just before I shot lol, he managed to turn around and look at me just before I shot him right through the face with my Mosint from 200m. He’d killed probably 20+ fresh spawns before we got there. We were running down from the NE airfield and people were telling us about him. What a tool.

    • Is that server first person locked? Not sure about playing a game like DZ with people exploiting 3rd person view to cheat

      • not locked. we are quite new at this, and only beginning to realise how annoying the 3rd person exploits are. may switch server soon.

        • The worst part is I can see the legitimacy of the argument for 3rd person, 1st does restrict your view to an unrealistic level and you always have more awareness of your surroundings than it can deliver. 3rd person does counter that but adds the cheating option of looking over the wall you’re standing next to by moving the camera.

          If I was a decent coder, I’d make a mod to enable realistic fog of war in 3rd person view, say 2-3m of proper awareness all around and then falling off as it encounters objects

          • realistically all you need to do is set the camera to lower automatically and lock its vertical orientation when you are within x proximity to a wall. Done.

          • That’d solve the problem of people looking over a wall to gain an advantage but it’d take camera control away from the player which is always a dick move when it happens in a game, far better to just not have the graphics update when the character can’t actually see what’s going on

          • perhaps move the camera closer to the player so even if they do shift the camera they wont be able to see beyond the top of the wall.

        • Haaaaaaa, I see what you did there 😉

          I considered Blues-Fest this year but couldn’t afford it, spent too much money on music festivities already this year 🙁

          • Same. Priority is going to be a trip to Thailand mid-year instead.

            As much as I’m a fan of John Mayer’s guitar work and his more recent folk-Americana style which he’ll be sure to bust out for the festival (although would love some -Trio work as well) it’s not enough of a singular draw to get there (though there’s plenty of sideliners that make me say “yep, I like them too”). Next year, perhaps.

          • He might announce some late side shows (If he hasn’t already). I’ve heard John Butler are great to watch. Looks like it would be a pretty laid back gig, chilled out.

            I’ve already bought tickets to Laneway in Melbourne ( I live in Sydney ), Arctic Monkeys and I’ll go to Splendour again this year. Plus moving to Canada at the end of the year. I actually attempted to buy a ticket to Coachella in California in April but it sold out too quick…haveno idea how I would’ve afforded that. Its actually a blessing I didn’t get that ticket.

          • Yeah, keeping an eye on the mailing list for some side-shows. Nothing has been announced as yet though.

            Coachella though… that’s so the opposite end of my spectrum. Power to anybody who does enjoy that sort of thing though. Just not my cup of Earl Grey. Hot.

          • I just wanted to see Outkast really haha. Good news is I heard they’re touring Aus this year.
            The majority of the bands/artists at Coachella I wanted to see I already did last year at Splendour – MS MR, Flume, Flight Facilites and such. Either spacey/chilled electronic music or something that’s fun to sing along to.
            Skrillex, Calvin Harris and a lot of the other bands I wouldn’t have bothered with. In retrospect it mightn’t have been the atmosphere I wanted when spending 3 days at a festival. At splendour everybody loved everybody, it was like a community of happy people. Coachella seemed like it would draw the crowds from those who attend the Future Music and Sterosonic festivals. Roided muscles heads walking around trying to be somebody, ugh. I attended a few of those years ago, but that phase is over, not my cup of earl grey either now 🙂

    • @dc we can meet up in Guda, if you want and i can shout you a bottle of alcohol… medical grade, but alcohol is alcohol! if you are up for it, we can wash it down with disinfectant… i may just need to bag some of your blood for your own safety… cant have too much of that, could make you sick!

      dinner is on me…. will it be baked beans or half a tin of sardines?

    • Oh man, I’m going to be crashing so hard when I get back from 70K. Especially coupled with the fact my son will be starting school,I’ll be so sad I’ll probably spend a few days just curled up on the couch watching Vampire Diaries and eating ice cream.

  • Jeez louise, Ninty is really getting a lot of flack among gamers these days, Rightly so, considering their decisions with the Wii U, but the old trend of Ninty being the internet’s favourite whipping boy isn’t comforting when Ninty is in actual trouble nowadays.

    On the other hand, Metal Gear Rising is as amazing as I expected it to be. Mouse controls aren’t hot, but that’s to be expected. I haven’t bothered plugging in my DS4 yet, considering how picky games are with it.

    • Their whole gen is screwed and there’s nothing to stop it. Until they release the next one, they will continue to fail with Wii U.

      • There are loss of things they can do to stop it. The WiiU is a cool console, with far more great games on it than either competitor. That said, it needs a price drop, and Ninty need to continue working with Indie devs, because they just can’t produce enough games themselves. Entice people onto the console, and devs will follow.

        • Here’s my thoughts:

          – Parents won’t buy it for their kids: “you already have 48345 games on Wii, it’s the same thing! Mario again!”
          – Casual gamers won’t buy it: “it’s an expansion pack or something? I still have fun with my Wii every couple of months for parties”
          – Teenagers won’t buy it: “No one is playing CoD on it11!!”
          – Gamers won’t buy it, since there’s a small 3rd party catalogue.
          – Nintendo fans are finding it hard to justify the cost too, for a few games.
          – It’s currently not feasible to only own a Wii U only (if youre a proper gamer) due to: small 3rd party catalogue; price; price as compared to last-gen; price compared to PS4/Xbone.

          It needs to drop to $199 for premium pack with Pro controller. Touchscreen optional at this point. It also needs to get a mass of 3rd party games, and a small handful of 1st party games (which are coming). It will fly at supersonic speeds off the shelves – I know, because the $214 WiiU’s sold out in DSE’s Australia-wide.

          If Nintendo doesn’t do the above, they’re just treading water, waiting for the WiiU gen to run out. IMO even at half price they still won’t be worse-off, as I expect sales to increase two-fold. It also needs to have the price drop + 3rd party + 1st party games all burst onto the scene in one magnificent marketing campaign.

        • Step 1- Drive truck of money to Retro Studios
          Step 2 – Get Retro Studio to make new Metroid game
          Step 3 – Dive into vault of money filled with profits from said Metroid game, Scrooge McDuck style..

    • It’s looking like Wii U will be the next Dreamcast. Nice hardware, but will suffer the same fate unless something drastically changes.

  • I just arrived home to a letter from the govt. Pretty much dreading what was contained within, I hesitantly opened the envelope.

    Letterhead shows it’s from Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.
    Hmmm…. Did centrelink fuck up and now I owe them money? Has my Blue Card expired and I need to renew? Am I in trouble for something I don’t know about?!

    “Your application for assistance under the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme has now been assessed and you have been granted the amount of $720.00 which will be credited directly to your energy account.”

    HOLY FUCK!!! It’s like I’ve won the fucking lotto!!! Hopefully this is an omen of things to come in 2014! Year of the horse! (I was born in the year of the horse.)

    Please let the year continue on in this fashion! K thx bye!

      • That’s nothing, I won second prize in a beauty contest once.

        The sad thing about it was that I was the only entrant

      • It was because I went through a period of unemployment last year. My electricity provider put me on a “stay connected” plan, and I’ve kind of been on it ever since. It wasn’t until Nov or Dec 2013 that I was told about being able to apply for this grant by my electricity provider, and I didn’t think I was even going to get it as I’ve been employed full time hours since Nov sometime. Figured I’d be lucky to get $20 if anything at all. The paperwork I had to fill in allowed me to explain the history of my situation though, so I guess some level headed nice person in the govt read my application instead of the usual brain-dead “I hate work and wanna go home” person that usually assesses everything I put forth to the govt! 😉

  • Hey @redartifice, looks like I’ll be getting the physical copies of The Strange (hi @strange) and Numenera hopefully in the next two weeks. I haven’t used US Post much before so I don’t know how long it will take.

    Also, for any of the Numenera people, I have a coupon code for a PDF version of the full book if anyone is curious. I already have the PDF so I’m set. The only requirement is that you can only use the coupon at but they’re pretty good for this sort of stuff.

  • The long weekend being the last weekend that we’re in Sydney makes organising the last BOARD GAMES a little tricky.

    Monday is the best day for us but I assume most people have plans for the long weekend. People tell me what you want to do!

    @mawt @alexpants @cj @gingerchris86 and whoever else feels like attending.

  • Hi TAY!

    First day back at work today after my December-January holidays. Monday was a bad day to pick to start back, maybe next time I’ll start on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Boy did I ever play some videogames; Dishonored. La Mulana. Broken Age. Assassin’s Creed IV.
    Watched some movies; The Hobbit. Anchorman 2. Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
    and some TV shows; finally picked up the Fringe box set , and catching the newest season of Community.

    Good times were had.

    • Was Dishonored good? I picked it up during the PSN christmas sales and hopefully I’ll play it sometime this year. 🙂

      • In my opinion Dishonored was a really solid 8/10. Its story was a bit crap, but its gameplay was fantastic. The DLC is also very good.

      • I thought it was fantastic.
        The story is fairly straight forward, and good enough to move you from chapter to chapter. The world and its characters are wonderfully realised.
        Beautiful visuals. Characters and faces are a little stylised, but look great.
        Nothing sticks out in my memory for its sound and music, neither good nor bad.
        Gameplay is where its at. The game’s selling point is very much that each mission can be completed in a number of ways. If you want to go in gun blazing and sword swinging, you can do that. If you want to be sneaky and quiet, you can do that. There are lethal and non-lethal means for each boss. Reminiscent of Deus Ex or Thief games.

        IMO, this is the game BioShock Infinite wanted to be.

  • I’ve been listening to a hell of a lot random music lately and at various time thematic links have made me want to mix the two songs together just to see what happens. So far here are my favourites

    1 pumped up kicks/I don’t like Mondays
    It’s like a literal yin and yang of school shootings. Grim subject dealt with two completely different ways

    2 a thousand miles/500 miles/ the distance
    I really like the chord progression of a thousand miles but Vanessa Carlton’s voice is boring. Now if we mix some cake and creepy twins in their we have a amazing song

    3. What goes around/around the world just in timberlake and daft punk. It’s like gods kissing

    4 young and beautiful/young blood
    Amazing lyrics plus a riff to knock your socks off. YES PLEASE


    • Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants/Ring of Fire – The Johnny Cash Escape Plan.

      I’ve NO idea how that’d work, but if you can pull it off, I’ll be amazed

    • I Think We Are Both Suffering From The Same Crushing Metaphysical Crisis/Midlife Crisis – HORSE No More.
      This one… I can kinda see this one working.

    • I had my digital peace interrupted during a youtube session by an ad which was just a music video. But I kinda liked it, so was like… ‘Alright. I put on a separate tab to listen to later.’ Then I listened to it and was pretty OK with this. (Rohan – Slave Us All.) Woo for randomness.

      I’m very out of touch because I don’t listen to radio or follow any bands in particular, so every now and then I like to poke around at tunes after something has intruded on my musical hermitude.

      There was a gizmodo article spoiling (probably) the Triple J hottest 100, I was thinking that’d be worth scoping out too. If only to pooh-pooh what the kids are listening to these days.
      (Not as good as my Perfect Circle, Disturbed, or Five Finger Death Punch, etc, none of which I’ve heard anything new from in the last eternity… Nyaah.)

  • Ugh, CoinOps will be the death of me, I swear.
    I can’t get the damn thing onto the xbox via ftp, which is the only way to get it over. 🙁
    And I have no idea how to format the hard drive. D:

    • What are you even doing? I must have missed the post explaining it all, cos all I’m getting now is “I’m gonna mine virtual currency on a Xbox 1st gen”.

    • Where are you up to with it? Is the xbox modded at all yet? All I distinctly remember from when I did mine back in the day was having to pull the IDE cable out at EXACTLY the right time during boot so the drive is unlocked and can be plugged into a PC to be accessed

        • How big is the drive? I seem to recall the modded one I had having something like 4 partitions for boot data, profile info, game saves & downloadable stuff, could you be accessing the wrong partition?

          • I can’t remember how many partitions are on there, but I know there’s at least three.
            There may be six.
            I’ll have to have another look.

    • The short summary is:

      -Pictures of cute animals had captions added
      -Porn was created, uploaded and pirated
      -Vitriol was spewed over things that don’t matter by people who don’t know anything
      -38 seconds of Steve winwood’s higher love at a barely audible volume was enough for umg to make a copyright claim against one of my gta online videos. But that’s fair enough I suppose, I mean why would anyone from my average 3 viewers per video buy the song when they can skim through half an hour of unrelated video to get that sweet sweet 38 seconds of free groove if they can hear it over the rotor noise and idle chatter? I’m practically destroying their business which is being kept afloat by sales of a 28 year old song… The worst part is I really do get why they do it and it really is fair enough but fuck if this doesn’t feel like a rich fucker coming around to your house and kicking you in the face because he can.

  • Weekend was good. Went to my friend’s place and hung out there, met another friend of his who reminded me a whole lot of @rocketman. Watched them do four player Splosion Man for ages, then when everyone went to bed he started trying to play all four players by himself. I ended up jumping on and we switched to a two player game, before long it had somehow become 6:30 in the morning. Finished the second world and decided it was time to call it quits 😛 Got pretty in sync with each other though, for the most part we weren’t even using the countdown to time our jumps. The next day we also played a tonne of Soul Calibur II against each other, that was fun. My Raphael wasn’t toooo rusty, and also somehow managed to do fairly decently with Astaroth which I completely wasn’t expecting at all.

    Also got introduced to Dominion, which seemed pretty good I guess. I managed to win a round, so that’s an easy way for something to score a few extra points in my book apparently. Otherwise the rest of the time just involved eating or sleeping or not doing things. We were supposed to go to the beach today, but ended up not because… I don’t even know. Maybe because all but two of us are allergic-to-the-sun white or something. Was kind of looking forward to it, I haven’t been to the beach in years.

    Then since I was coming home via the north I went straight to climbing, and it went really well tonight too. Nailed one I was stuck on last week on the first go, then eventually got through the next one that I’d written off as impossible from the start, then got halfway through the one after that too. One of the regulars was convinced that I’d been doing extra work or something, and didn’t believe that I actually do as little as I do. So that was cool 😛

    Sad to get back to the house and find the birdcage no longer in its place though 🙁

  • Bored games!
    Monopolatte, a bored games cafe in Ottawa.
    Introduced to Super Slapshot. A somewhat hockey game where Optimus Prime is a Defender, Superman is OP, Yoda is a goalie, and Sonic has a power score of 3… out of 11. Sounds about right given is recent outings.
    Suprisingly fun.
    Looked pretty crappy and home made, more or less like you could print out your own cards and doodle on them.

  • According to this* site these are the current top ten sexiest actresses.

    1. Emma Stone
    2. Amy Adams
    3. Anna Kendrick
    4. Hayley Atwell
    5. Camilla Belle
    6. Aishwarya Rai
    7. Christie Abbott
    8. Christina Hendricks
    9. Daniela Ruah
    10. Famke Janssen

    I must admit to some surprises there at both inclusions and exclusions.

    *Goddamn Kotaku hates my links with a burning passion.

    • Eliza Dushku is and always will be the hottest woman in my eyes. I’d also put Kat Dennings on there as my number two and possibly Jennifer Lawrence third.

    • I’ve only seen four of those names before today and off those four I only really recognise Emma Stone (from her voice cameo in Sleeping Dogs more than anything else, though she was alright in Zombieland, I guess – I haven’t seen any of her other work), and Christina Hendricks because her large boobs are a recurring topic of conversation on reddit. I think she’s in Mad Men? I haven’t seen it.

      Clearly, I am out of touch. Time to visit gossip websites so I know which celebrities I should be obsessing over.

      • I know Emma Stone, Amy Adams and Christina Hendricks. I’ve heard the name Anna Kendrick but I don’t know where.

        Famke Janssen I know but damn if it isn’t a surprise that she’s there. She’s about 50 I think? I mostly know her from Goldeneye (Xenia Onatopp) and a bunch of terrible horror movies. She’s doing well to be voted above all her younger more current competition.

        • See I know the names Amy Adams and Anna Kendrick but I don’t know from what. I remember Famke from Goldeneye now that you mention it but off the top of my head I had no idea.

          • Doesn’t mean you don’t know about them though.

            She’s also a main character in The Muppets, Enchanted and The Fighter.

          • Yeah, there’s some level of cultural penetration where you just hear names a lot and know someone is famous/popular even if you’re not familiar with why. Probably because of linkdump sites like reddit I guess.

          • Is Night at the Museum the Ben Stiller one? I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything since Mystery Men.

          • Yes. I actually enjoyed those movies for what they were, but I don’t think critics liked them. I listed Night at the Museum 2 because that’s probably the only Amy Adams movie I’ve seen.

        • Yep, I know Emma Stone, Amy Adams, Christina Hendricks, Anna Kendric, Hayley Atwell and Famke Janssen.

          Anna Kendrick is in Scott Pilgrim as Scotts sister. She is also the main character in Pitch Perfect (a movie I enjoyed waaaay too much). She is also in Up In The Air (which is also awesome) and the Twilight movies (shudder).

          Hayley Atwell I know from Captain America where she plays whats her name (to the Google machine!), Peggy Carter (and according to Google has just been given her own TV show. Huh.)

          The other ones I don’t know.

  • So my gf has been in the US for about a week and she already has an American accent. It’s like I don’t even know her anymore.

  • What up, TAY? Hope this day finds you well?

    I think I’ve got Big Day Out Pox (Is that a thing like PAX pox?) Either way, feeling a little dodgy.


    You’ve Got Time – Regina Spektor

    Also was singing Wake Up by Arcade Fire very loudly as I walked home from the gym. XD

  • Does anyone here have any useful opinions of Lord of the Rings – War in the North? I really want to play a co op RPG that isn’t Diablo-esque, and it looks promising.

    • It’s ok great but not ok good just great ok bad… based on what i can read about the internet because i’ve never played it nor watched any videos because it never really interested…
      AM I HELPING? \o/

    • I’ve seen a playthrough of it and a friend of mine smashed it out in a day. It seems pretty basic in terms of customisation and the RPG elements but the combat is solid and the story was enjoyable (LotR nerd disclaimer).

      • Looking at PC 😛
        I was expecting it to follow the usual terrible in solo/good in co op that so many co op games seem to do these days.

    • I remember vaguely hearing about it ages ago. Just refreshed my memory and it looks potentially amazing (as many Early Access games do). There’s a good chance I’ll be picking it up late in its life.

      • I’ve been a backer since their first PayPal issues and the amount this game has changed and improved in that time (2+ years?) is just incredible. The map is just so huge now, and death is around every corner.

        Well worth picking up now (or if it ever goes on sale) for a very challenging game with lots to do. Of course you don’t want it languishing on your pile of shame, so wait til you’ve got time to properly get in to it.

        • I’ve had too many experiences where I jump on an Early Access game and get sick of it before the full release actually happens, so I’m trying to make myself wait before jumping on any now. I think ultimately once multi gets big on TAY (and I reckon it will) I’ll end up on there 😛

          • That’s fair, and I actually burned myself out of Project Zomboid (though I did do some mod-scripting in one of it’s earliest incarnations) right around when “The Theft” happened and development slowed for a few months. It was only them debuting on Steam that got me back in to things.

            Similar happened with FTL, after getting in on the Kickstarter Beta I just burned out playing / bugfinding and it wasn’t until after the commercial release that I picked it up again and started playing.

            But I reckon you’re right. Multi on TAY will be the way to go. 😀

  • I’ve started playing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Investigates! (or whatever order those words are supposed to be in)

    It’s pretty great, but (so far) the humour isn’t quite as sharp as the main series.

    • I don’t think I’ve played Ace Attorney since the second one. I had such a good time, but they kept delaying releases and doing a few weird things with the series that I sort of lost momentum. Do you think it’s worth my time playing this one, or just jumping to the newest one?

      Also, did you watch the movie? Any good? I’m a little sceptical because the localised humour is a major strength of the game.

      • Play them all! \o/

        If the weird things don’t appeal to you, though, maybe it’s not for you. Because they live in weird. They own weird. And if they can keep things weird or make things weirder, that’s usually the direction they choose! 🙂

        I haven’t seen the movie, but I really want to.

          • There are story threads that continue through all the games. It definitely will benefit you to play them in order. Sorry! Though not really sorry, because I thought they were great games!

  • Does NFS Rivals get better later on? I’m racer level 5/6 with a level 2 car that kicks everything else and stuck in the typically shitty “lul cops chas u” scenarios. I’m starting to hate the game due to the insurmountable amount of flaws, but willing to give it a chance since Most Wanted 2012 took 4 hours to get okay.

    • Oooh, you might be able to answer my question about Rivals! Is there any car customisation? Like re-colouring, detailing, vinyls, bodykits, etc? I keep looking around but can’t find anything!

      • Re-colouring is free, so is colouring wheels. Then you can purchase vinyls and full body wraps for points. That’s pretty much the extent of visual customisation.

        Performance upgrades have about 5-6 classes: durability, strength, acceleration, top speed, handling. No visual upgrade here.

        Then you have ‘pursuit tech’. Two slots, allows stuff like EMPs, shockwaves, turbo (to escape/ram) etc.

        Also happy to give you my thoughts on the game, unbiased from my current “I’m not liking it much” opinion.

        • It’s more customisation than I was expecting, but still less than I was hoping 🙁 Thanks man! Do you think it’s worth picking up, or wait for a price drop do you reckon?

          • It’s a NFS title with cops. If you’ve played the previous entries, you’d know if you like it. It’s pretty much the same game as the 5 versions before it.

            But, I think I saw it for $54-59 on special on Xbox 360 or PS3! Which is decent, since this was 1-2 weeks ago.

    • Short answer: no.
      A friend and I played through racer mode for something to do. Pretty samey throughout. The cop modes were pretty boring, too.

  • Hmm, apparently last year the guys behind the Warmest 100 got an astounding level of accuracy in their prediction for JJJ’s Hottest 100.

    They’ve done it again this year – by finding votes through social media (particularly Istagram).
    I’m not linking the site because if you want to spoil your Hottest 100, you can go and search for the warmest100

    Still, it’s interesting that through mathematics and a large enough sample size they believe they will be getting about 70-80 songs correct.

  • Finished and Platinumed Tearaway over the weekend, was enjoyable if not a little too simple. Started Gravity Rush (finally) and bought Muramasa Rebirth for $16 on the January sales. Has anyone played Soul Sacrifice? Got it on PS+ but haven’t tried it yet. The Vita has so many games 😛
    Edit: Really liking Gravity Rush but I’m already about a third through the game after about 2 hours

      • Yeah. Here are the things that have changed. Memory… engage!

        1. Each death takes 10% of your maximum health away (edit: forgot to mention a maximum reduction of 50%. Whoops), until you re-humanise using this game’s version of humanity.
        2. Spells can be aimed in first-person if you hold the catalyst two-handed. There are also consumables that restore spell charges. Sorcerer is now a viable play option.
        3. Animations (like pulling levers, opening doors, backstabs, going through fog gates) no longer give you invulnerability, and can be interrupted. They can also be cancelled by the player.
        4. NPCs that are killed can be temporarily revived for an exorbitant fee (so merchants can be accessed, etc)
        5. A lot of equipment now has stat requirements. I’m not sure how this differs from Dark Souls, but okay!

        • Each death takes 10% of your maximum health away, until you re-humanise using this game’s version of humanity

          OH CRAP… 😛 insentive not to die… i’ll be bad at that…
          Sooo the pc version instead if being called “Prepare to Die” edition is now called “Prepare to Cry” edition?

        • Curious as to wether the lack of invulnerability frames extends to rolling? Would make a tank build the most viable if it did.

          • According to videos I’ve seen, there is no invulnerability when rolling. You either successfully dodge or not.

  • What games have you guys played this year? I realized I’ve only played one, Beyond: Two Souls. (Which I had already played before.) For some reason, I’m not in a gaming mood at all. I suspect the next thing will be Broken Age when it’s released for non-backers next week. (Thanks @greenius!) After that, it’ll probably be The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC which I’ll get with the birthday present @gutsoup gave me. (THAAAAANKS, MAN!)

    What about you guys? I think Greenius has already finished five games! D:

    • Played ten minutes of GT6 last night – more of the same bore really. Rocksmith 2014, Ni no Kuni and Battlefield 4 make up my year so far.

    • I played some Civ and Bravely Default.

      i finished Guacamelee?

      Other than that, it’s been too hot and too busy to really play a bunch of games. I’ve started Splinter Cell

    • Ummmmm, I finished Resistance 3?

      It was pretty good. If only they’d made that game instead of 2 and then improved upon it. It sucks that it was so overlooked.

      Apart from that, though, nothin’ really. ACIV was last year, I think, and nothing’s really taken my fancy.

    • I’m not gaming much. I am writing!
      But that’s all gonna change with Dark Souls 2. I’m starting to feel that crazy excited hype.

    • I’m in a TV mood at the moment. There’s too much to watch!

      The only game I’ve been playing regularly are the Streetpass games 😛 And I certainly haven’t finished any games! Playing Bayonetta on the weekend. Occasional Smash Bros Brawl as well, building hype for SSB WiiU (Pit is my character! No one can play him except for me! :P). I really need to get back into Bravely Default too, before it gets too late and I lose all interest.

      EDIT: And don’t forget Wolf Among Us episode 2 next month!

      • Now TV, I’ve watched plenty.

        Watched two whole seasons of Girls, one season of Louie and started a whole bunch of new shows like True Detective and Helix. TV? I loooove you!

        • Why don’t you marry it then

          I’m on season four of Mad Men. Not as good as the first season was, but I’m still enjoying it (also the special edition covers look super cool – I haven’t been able to find a SE Season 1 yet though!). All the shows are starting up again in the US too so there’s heaps to watch. Not enough time! Gotta watch Helix ep 3!

          • You know I feel like Mad Man’s a show that only gets better. There’s a good chunk of fans who have the opposite reaction who feel it gets worse. Really cool in a way that a show can be ‘read’ in different ways… or something… *cough* film student *cough*…

          • Eh, I’m bored.

            Mad Men Season 1-3 spoilers (I’m only up to ep 3 in season 4)
            The main reason I feel like these later (middle? :P) seasons aren’t as good as Season 1 was because I got really invested in Peggy’s rise-to-fame story. She’s getting a bit background charactery in season 4, so I’m a little disappointed. Hopefully that changes! Season 1 sorta gave me the false impression that she was the real main character 😛 But like I said, I’m still enjoying it!

    • I’ve played a coupla hours of Bravely Default. Uh… Hmmm… Yup.

      Edit: I think I played the To the Moon minisode thing this year. That was a good use of twenty minutes.

    • Have finished: AssCreed 4 PIRATES!, Super Mario 3D World, Freedom Fall, Enslaved and The Banner Saga

      Started/Have yet to finish from last year: Final Fantasy 8 (already finished), Castlevania something shadow something (terrible), Dark Souls (already finished).

    • Started a modded New Vegas. Just passed Nipton. Other games, I’ve touched a bit of my save on Football Manager 14, a little bit of Rocksmith 2014, Sid Meier’s Railroads and Batman Arkham Origins, Final Fantasy VII on my PSP, lots of Bloons 5 on my phone

      • Is Bloons 5 better than 4? I used to play a lot of Bloons Tower Defense 3, but Bloons TD4 was loaded with microtransactions and annoyingly nerfed super monkeys. I suspect they kept the microtransactions?
        Bloons 5 is on phones? I always thought of the Bloons games as a series of flash games.

        • microtransactions aren’t that in your face as far as I’ve noticed. I can’t remember playing 4 but the super monkeys can get a bit overpowered but you still need a lot of them for higher levels. I picked it up on my phone because it was 99c I think otherwise I would’ve just played on browsers. The only problem is it lags a bit when there’s lots on screen. 1gb ram probably not enough on a phone

    • Haven’t finished anything,
      But are currently hammering through Bioshock Infinite,
      Far Cry 3
      Grid 2
      DiRT 3
      Spelunky (FRAK YOU SPELUNKY!)
      and a metric shit tonne of other indies.

      I have found this year i’m more compelled to put hours into indie games then i am into AAA titles… there’s just something about simple mechanics done well that i find more compelling at the moment then over elaborate huge stories, explosions etc 😛

    • Finished The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

      Played more Shuggy, puzzle quest 2, bioshock and civ V

      Stared Banner Saga, long live the queen and castle storm

    • I think I’ve finished 4 games so far. I’ve actually started writing them down at home so I can keep track of how I do, mostly as a curiosity.

      • I did this last year with a txt file on my Dropbox! But at some point during the year, it mysteriously vanished. Who knows what games I completed and then forgot about!

    • So far I’ve finished The Walking Dead and Tearaway, started Gravity Rush last night. Also played Lone Survivor and Muramasa Rebirth for a small amount each, All Vita so far for me.

    • Very good start this year for me. Especially compared to last year when I was in a constant state of malaise. I barely played any games last year – I finished 13 games at the end of 2013. So far in January I’ve finished 5 games.

      Tornado Outbreak*
      VVVVVV – I like that the game’s website is just . Always useful when I want to remember the game’s spelling.
      Limbo – really great game
      Sideway New York*

      *I had started these games some time in 2013 and abandoned them. I just ended up finishing them this year.
      I also have a Google doc where I write my thoughts on a game as I play it. It feels good doing it and I’m able to remember certain features I liked and didn’t like in various games. It might also be useful in December when I’m thinking about my favourite experiences of 2014.

      I was going to also write my thoughts on each of the games above on TAY but I just haven’t found the time.

      My pace might slow in the next few weeks though, as I pack my things, but I hope I can continue playing games again once I’ve settled in Kenya. I remember getting through puzzles in VVVVVV and Limbo and remembering why I love games – that feeling of satisfaction. Or just the uniqueness of transforming into a jet in Starhawk or merging with the wall in Sideway.

      Other media is also keeping me busy. I’m always watching TV shows which seem to be getting better every week (I have constant arguments with myself about whether I like TV or games more*) I have a bunch of movies to watch too but I think I’m waiting for some of the award winning films of last year to release on blu-ray in the next few weeks.

      *There was no clear winner the last time this happened 🙂

    • I finished the Injustice story and Batman Arkham Origins.

      I started Brothers the other day, really need to finish it (perhaps tonight?). I hear it’s only about 3 hours long and I’ve put about 1.5 into it.

      Don’t think I’ve started much else. I am actually going to try and change my ways though and not buy games unless I intend to actually play them. (My moneys on lasting until the first Steam sale…)

    • Played? I’m not too sure!

      As for finished I have
      • BIT.TRIP Presents Runner 2
      • Broken Age Act 1
      • FEZ
      • Rogue Legacy
      • Tomb Raider

      (Well I guess is all of them + Bravely Default, Ys: Memories of Celceta, Spelunky, Rocksmith 2014, ACIV, Resogun, Don’t Starve)

    • – Finished ACIV.
      – Played about 1/8th of Bravely Default and then have utterly lost interest (Sorry @jimu, I like everything about the game in theory but the plot & characters aren’t engaging me at all)
      – Finished first ending of the first DLC episode for Muramasa Rebirth, probably won’t get the second ending as it will take too much time.
      – Finished Part 1 of Broken Age (which exceeded my expectations)
      – Played enough of Far Cry 3 to know I won’t finish Far Cry 3.
      – Played enough of Dark Souls to realize i am awful at video games and will never be able to enjoy Dark Souls

      EDIT: I feel like I’ve missed something else in here too.

      • – Finished Part 1 of Broken Age (which exceeded my expectations)
        Well that wouldn’t have been hard, did you like it?

        • I thought it was reasonable. Way too short though. And I got stuck a couple of times. Figuring out I needed to fall through a specific hole in the clouds to get behind the dude hooked on the branch to get to the egg, for example, was utterly non-obvious to me as I assumed I needed to help the guy or knock him off somehow. And also I couldn’t figure out how to solve the riddle because I gave the peach to Curtis since I was done with the cloudy area and assumed it wasn’t useful any more. Had to consult a FAQ on that one.

    • I started Beyond Two Souls, still prefer Heavy Rain. Though. Played & finished Need for Speed Most Wanted, Heavy Rain. Started Infamous 2 last night, seems alright so far.

      Also finished Saints Row IV on PC last night. Had it since it came out, but never aspired to finish it.

    • How have people played so many games already this year? Its only been three weeks

      I’ve been doing a bit more breeding and training in Pokémon Y. Have almost completed a fully IV/EV trained team that I’m going to take online and see how badly I can get thrashed.
      I’ve also completed Gone Home and got most of the way through Mark serrels Of The Ninja. Might finish that up tonight.

      Actually I need to get my laptop serviced. Its been overheating something shocking, probably clogged full of dust, and I don’t feel confident enough to do it myself. May as well pay the professionals to do it

    • Sod all for me, really only played gta online. Normally when I’m hiding from relatives I game far more especially since they put me in the killing mood but the heat & humidity was so oppressive over the last 3 weeks it was all I could do to just breathe.

    • Serious Sam and Katawa Shoujo. What a combo! Heart-pounding action combined with an introspection about what it is like to have a crippling heart condition! They go together like jelly and ice! I have surprised myself by getting back into Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
      I have been pondering the idea doing a replay of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness and Time. Considering how often I state that this is the best game ever of all time, I really should go back and see if it’s actually as good as I remember. It probably isn’t.
      So many feels in that game, you have to stockpile willpower. I will probably have built enough willpower to attempt a playthrough by mid-March.

    • This year I have finished:

      XCOM: Enemy Within expansion
      The Banner Saga
      Broken Age: Act 1

      All three were very good and deeply satisfying, though Banner Saga could’ve been longer, and Broken Age SHOULD have been longer.

      Next up: I don’t know! My brothers keep getting me to play Warframe and The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot with them!

  • Another interview this morning. I’m terrible at judging how interviews have gone. Back at my desk now drowning out the rest of the world with Anaal Nathrakh. Bliss

        • Haha! I heard that was his own fault! He didn’t like not knowing if they were going to get cancelled every year. The show was getting strong ratings so Joss lobbied for an early renewal. This gave the network execs too much time to think and they ended up cancelling. There’s a good chance that it would’ve gotten a late renewal if Whedon didn’t put them on the spot like that. XD

        • I thought it was a good ending. Not perfect, but at least fitting.

          The battle that cannot be won goes on, forever. Angel will always be fighting.

          It’s a better place to end than the Season 6 comic series. My god that a was disappointing continuation.

          • Yeah, I liked how it summed up the show’s mission statement in a similar way to how Buffy finished. Just this one was a little more open ended. (Deliberately.)

          • I don’t like the Buffy ending that much tbh. Too cheesy althoughSunnydale disappearing was cool

            Angel was getting good towards the last couple of seasons. Because he was in that ‘don’t give a fuck anymore’ mood he did what he wanted to which made for some brilliant stories. Plus it chucked out my favourite episode of anything ever:

          • Also, Wesley’s transformation into utter badass later in the series was delicious.

            The highlight of his entire character development for me was when he was trawling the oceans for ‘buried at sea’ Angel every day and interrogating/torturing/keeping his former-hate-sex lover in a cage. With his eventual descent into alcoholism and maintaining a relationship (albeit resentful/detached) with the demonic creature inhabiting the shell of his possed/dead lover? The man is the definition of demented obsession purpose and drive. A true role model for everyone.

      • The one and only band I’ve ever stage dived (a shitload of times too) to. Strange considering the variety of bands I’ve seen over the years, the only one I’ve stage dived to is a black-death metal band

      • Be a good indicator of how many people own the game compared to who has actually played it.

        Was always interesting to see like 70 something percent of players of Dark Souls had the light the first bonfire achievement.

    • Achievements:

      I can’t say for sure, because Dark Souls is Dark Souls, and acquiring a certain spell might mean forgoing one of the other achievements, but there’s nothing in the achievement list that seems to obviously indicate multiple playthroughs will be needed to platinum.


      I think I’m gonna have to get this. Yep. I don’t think I’ve got a choice in the matter.

      • Maxing out devotion. Acquiring all spells needed two playthroughs in DaS1. Who’s to say you can inherit all sets from the characters in one game?

        • I said obviously. Like Dark Souls needing both endings. I’m sure you’re right. I hope it does take at least two playthroughs, preferably three.

    • With all the rabid fandom happening around DS2 and subsequent resurgence in DS1 popularity, I’m getting tempted to give DS1 another shot and see if I actually end up liking the game.

    • Wait, Dark Souls 2 is for 360/PS3? 😮 I thought it was an Xbone/PS4 thing!

      Perhaps I could be persuaded into actually trying it now 😛

  • So it’s just been announced that Rune Factory 4 isn’t getting a PAL release…

    words can not express the rage i’m feeling….

    i think i’m gonna have to buy an american 3DS for it and SMTIV…

  • Sent home sick. Yay? May as well use the time I have to finally give Rocksmith a crack.

    2 of the strings are broken.


    As an aside @rize regarding LotR: I have nothing good to say about it. Nothing bad either. It’s just really bland. Solid, but nothing you’ll remember or care about.

    • Just replace the real guitar with a Guitar Hero one. They’re basically full guitars!

      Did you play WitN solo or multi? Mostly looking at it as a multi-only thing.

      • Bit of both. Solo is just multi with AI. Played with some randoms online which didn’t really change the game much.

      • As for the guitar thing I got Rocksmith to see if I could actually learn to play the damned thing. Had it for years and only ever mucked around with it.

        • I saw a presentation of Rocksmith at (I think it was) PAX last year, and was really impressed by how it all works. It’ll still take some focus and effort to learn the guitar, but it looks like Rocksmith’ll help a tonne.

    • Having never properly picked up a guitar before I probably shouldn’t’ve gone for lead guitar straight away. Oh well. Also, bass guitar is simpler to learn much to my girlfriend’s annoyance (it’s her bass which I picked up really quickly). I’m having troubles tremoloing though 🙁

      I snapped a string on her bass once actually (quite an achievement). I was tuning it and didn’t realise I was tightening the wrong string…whoops

        • erm, can’t quite remember but it might be one of those things where I shouldn’t speak up about it 😀 hahaha sneaking suspicion it might’ve been the E string though, possibly A string… I really don’t know how I didn’t notice that the string wasn’t actually changing in pitch while I was tightening the other string. Not one of my better moments to say the least

    • I buy these cheap and free postage. Ernie Ball usually run at about 2-3 times that price heh.

      I think I may go play Rocksmith later. Been a few weeks.

  • Damnit, my speakers don’t have much life left in them. My headphones crapped out on me a while ago, so I am all alone if these speakers die.

    • I know that feeling. My speakers got broken during a halloween party last year, but headphones snapped and all I’m left with is some crappy little USB speaker for $10 from bilo. I do have my Logitech Z5450s from back home but my mum didn’t ship the subwoofer along with the speakers so I can’t do anything with them atm 🙁

  • There’s an article on the front page about Dead Rising 3 having a 13GB mandatory (for online) patch. The first thought that went through my head was “Welcome to PC gaming!” 😀

    Seriously though it’s going to be interesting, if this trend continues, to see how content delivery and Internet outside of Australia adjusts. I think that with a large portion of big ISPs in Australia already having things like Steam unmetered we’ve potentially got an advantage above places like the US.

    • They will just have to get bigger and better content delivery networks. Perhaps one for each of their major ISPs. And we don’t really have an advantage, because the CDN of our ISPs pales in comparison to Xbox Live servers.

      • It’s not just a case of current and potential server-side infrastructure though. One thing I see as a key factor will be how companies (particularly ISPs) respond to user expectations. Right now, a few big US ISPs are implementing limitations like data caps that affect access to (for example) the Xbox CDN, which ultimately means their content access will potentially be worse off than ours, despite their server access being better.

        • Yeah, it’s happened before. ISPs limit bandwidth to FB, Netflix, Hulu etc to save on total bandwidth. Or something something.

          In the end, we know exactly who will get shafted. 🙂

      • I don’t think Optus does, but that might have changed since I last looked.
        I can say that companies under iiNet (Internode, for example) unmeter Australian content servers, and Telstra unmeters their own content servers (not sure if they do other Australian ones these days).

        • Telstra will find every possible way to charge you for extra bandwidth. Don’t think they run a steam mirror that’s unmetered at all 🙁

          • They definitely did in the past with GameArena content servers. No idea if this is still the case though.

      • Some parts of steam can be. You’re best off looking for a program called steam limiter which blocks downloading off non-isp hosted servers so you SHOULD get unmetred content if its offered and if the content you want is actually on the isp server

        • Yeah, setting your Steam download preference is just that: a preference. You may still download somewhere other then that, based on content availability and load balancing.
          Keep in mind that, unless properly configured, apps that control where Steam can download from can sometimes stop you from downloading entirely if they can’t find somewhere with the content you need.

    • “Welcome to PC gaming” was my first thought as well.

      In a somewhat(?) related note, apparently the game has the same problem that The Witcher 2 on PC had when it was first released.

      The game code doesn’t exactly allow the game to be “patched”. You are essentially downloading the entire game again with the update already applied.

      Eventually though, patches will undoubtedly get to this size though. Then it will be interesting to see how that 500GB hard drive that can’t be replaced holds up. Averaging out the install size of a game at 40GB, that’s only 12 games. And that excludes the space required for OS/System updates, DLC, game saves…

    • I really like the idea that keeps popping up of having kiosks at EB etc that you can get any updates you need onto a USB stick for like $1 or so.

      If they did that and priced it well, that shit’d take off.

      • Couldn’t agree more. If EB could figure a happy medium where they still get a profit without ripping people off I think they’d do it. It’s another way of getting people into their stores.
        Off the top of my head, they could offer it to their customers only? Like, EB World level 2+ members can get them for $5 inc. a USB and $2 once you have the USB?

        • That sound’s super fair.

          The big hurdle would be one person getting the update and then giving it to all of his friends. I guess you could make it like Vita games downloaded on PS3, once their copied across to a Vita they’re deleted.

          • Yeah, I think you’d have to.
            I still remember when…a friend bought the retail DLC for Oblivion years ago (all on one disc) and discovered it was just a single exe file for each DLC. Some sharing may have occurred. Point being, give someone the chance and they’ll happily pass around paid digital content for free.

          • If Sony/Microsoft/Steam actually decided to work in conjunction with retailers, they could create account-linked store-based kiosks to sell digital content in pre-downloaded form like this. If the future doesn’t include some version of this, I will be genuinely surprised.

    • I also heard that apparently the DLC will be included in that update… isn’t that one level worse than on-disk DLC, except they have the audacity to use your monthly cap, THEN block you from using those extra gigs until you pay up?

  • If you’ve ever had the pleasure …. pleasure? experience of going to both Canada and the US, you’ll probably notice one thing- everything is a hell of a lot more expensive in Canada, despite, you know, being geographically right next to the US. Crazy, I know. I’m not sure that’s how economics work, but yeah.

    Anyway, price of the canadian dollar dropped (it’s sitting at 90 cents) which means new games are going to be $70 because hooray. And steam is going to implement support for the Canadian dollar.. which means that canadian steam will be more expensive due to taxes. Sigh.

    Not that bad, I guess. I’m not a huge console gamer (and there’s always the PS store) and PC games will still be on the whole cheaper than all hell, so I’ll probably only get hit when it comes to 3ds games (and even then, Bravely Default is the only game in the foreseeable future I’ll get for it.)

    And I guess I really shouldn’t be complaining about this on a Australian forum, considering.. Australia. But hey, we can hate the US together now! I mean, who am I kidding, that’s a pastime almost every country can share, but I’m slightly more bitter towards them now!

      • This is my first one lol. I need to get a pikachu one, because friends found a photo of asian dudes playing games (one in pikachu onesie) while chicks play-fight in the background. It very much looked like me.

        • see, I feel that due to me being asian, wearing a pokemon onesie would seem almost normal, which takes away some of the impact I’d like to see when I wear one. So I stick with my penguin onesie.

      • I was walking past a motel yesterday when I saw a grown adult in a leopard/cheetah onesie (complete with hood and ears) walk down the steps from their room, go to the vending machine, then walk back up.

    • I have a Batman onesie and it’s awesome. It gets me through all sorts of themes. Superheroes, onesie parties, “B” themed parties (yes this has happened twice).

  • Feeling super burned out on video games and pretty bummed in general right now. I forgot my golden rule and got excited for some upcoming stuff. Always a mistake. 🙁 Can’t get excited about anything any more, always ends up being shit in some way. Have to assume everything’s going to be crappy so that the times when it’s not are a surprise.

    • I like switching to to books when my current lot of games stop being fun!
      I can see a binge on movies/TV/anime being a good alternative too.

    • Play something really shit for two hours, then change to something half-decent or better.

      I’m pretty sure after 2 hours of Superman 64 anything else would be amazing by comparison 😛

      • It’s a bunch of stuff:

        – Got excited for Ys Celceta, bought the silver anniversary CE. Loved the game but the CE was such a waste of money. The main draw was a 3-disc music collection that was billed as basically being a ‘best of’ collection from the whole franchise. Trouble is that the tracks were selected by someone that was deaf or something, they picked a bunch of unmemorable stuff or when they picked a memorable track, they picked the worst possible arrangement of it.

        – Got excited for Bravey Default. Bought the CE and everything. Got burned out on the game pretty quickly because it’s just not very engaging, and the CE content was completely not worth it. Even the artbook, while nice, is surplus to my requirements as I have a copy of the actual JP artbook.

        – Got excited for Disgaea D2, but then my CE copy never arrived in the mail and it took a whole ton of email tag and fucking around for NISA to get around to replacing it. 3 months later I finally have the game but all my interest in it was sucked out because of that experience.

        – Was kind of getting excited for Conception II’s release but Atlus revealed that they’re doing it dub-only. I don’t want to play a super-niche JRPG with an american dub. I can barely stand their Persona dub and that’s one where the game was going to be big enough for them to actually have a budget for it.

        – Very briefly got excited to see that Monster Monpiece is getting a localization because apparently it’s a pretty fun card game, stupid rubbing mechanic aside. But it’s digital-only and the game has been censored by wholesale removing a bunch of the characters. They say it ‘doesn’t affect the gameplay’ but I can’t see how completely removing a bunch of cards from presumably a balanced card game couldn’t affect it. Plus I refuse to buy games that are censored if I can avoid it.

        Basically everything I ever get excited for in the games space turns out to underwhelm or disappoint. But apparently I can’t learn my lesson from this. I can’t think of any recent example where something I was really anticipating turned out to be exactly what I was hoping it would be. Maybe Shadow of the Colossus? I think I’d definitely need to go back into the PS2/Xbox generation. Kind of demoralizing.

        Also doesn’t help that I can’t devote long periods to games a lot of the time, and the sort of games I really like require huge time investments.

      • One time I was sitting on the bus to uni next to a man playing a hentai VN on his laptop.
        Bald, middle aged, sweating, seemed really nervous that people would see what he was playing, but continued anyway.

        • I sat near some youngish guy on the train ages ago who was watching a video on his iPad of a woman with no clothes on, sitting on a stool under a spotlight in a dark room, and talking to someone behind the camera. The video must have been at least an hour long and I have no idea what it was.

          It was so odd.

          • Asian men actually age, I believe you’re thinking of Asian women who appear to never age until menopause delivers a dempsy roll to their fair complexion.

          • I used to work at a noodle shop for a Chinese dude (named ‘Frank’) who I honestly could not pick the age of. I swear he looked to be in his late twenties, but he eventually told me late forties, after having a good laugh.

            Maybe I’m just really bad at guessing Asian age. (Mind you, I’m not too bad with guess