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    I'm all alone.

      Alllllll byyyyy myyyyyyyyyyyy-self ...

      Sorry to hear, man. Is there no chance of patching things up with the wife? :(

        I think I missed something.


        I'm just gonna go over here ...

          Haha! HE'S KIDDING! XD

            Fuck, well that's good to hear. I'm still gonna go over there though.

              Just stand outside the widow singing "I'm on the outside, I'm looking in, looking right through you"

    Morning all! Hope we all had a good weekend!

      Well I resurrected a netbook by repairing an SSD I thought was dead, installed Linux mint on it and am fine tuning it into an ad hoc mic preamp but the best thing of all was the fucking relatives left!!!!! Never again! I'm thinking of suggesting we sell the house and move without telling anyone

    DARK SOULS 2. The countdown continues.

    YOU HAVE DIED in 52 days.

      In related, @freezespreston, how's the Dark Souls book? Is it pretty? Mine is on its way, but Amazon thinks it might take another month to get from there to here :\

        So pretty. And full of fun facts too.

        LikePriscilla was originally intended to be the heroine and Logan was supposed to be completely naked.


      If we die when it comes out I guess you could say it's ...

      *puts on sunglasses*

      The Final Countdown

    Mrs Shane and I saw Frozen yesterday. Excellent film.

    Really love that Disney is starting to examine, break down and undermine the 'true love' discourse that they've been pushing for the last seventy years. It's really kind of courageous to do that kind of thing, because even though it'll ensure Disney's relevance to kids going forward, they are actively undermining their classics (which are still insanely popular today), and it's something they don't have to do, because kids' movies are generally successful regardless of quality.

      Not even one play on the word "frozen" in your post. Very disappointed. >=(

      Also, I really need to see Frozen, everyone seems to say it's really ...
      *@SerNobulus stops and looks at @shane as if to make sure he is paying attention*
      ... cool.


          This is why we can't have ice things.

          No need to yell man, chill

      I really...appreciated (Right term? Not sure...) the fact that they took the bullshit romance out of it. Far more compelling ending, though still very Disney :P

        For my part, I've always really liked that love-at-first-sight stuff. There are a bunch of really pervasive fantasies that the idea taps into. And they haven't taken it out of their films (both Enchanted and Frozen, which set out to interrogate the idea, begin with the cheesy "instant true love" stuff) - but they're discussing it a little more maturely, appreciating the layered complexities of love. I think they've hit upon a truly great balance now.

        Last edited 20/01/14 8:58 am

          Oh, I don't mean that it wasn't there, I mean that it was downplayed after Hans went jerkface. The story got wrapped up and then it kinda went "oh, and these two over here probably did it".

    Great weekend \o/
    Lunch meat with @scree, @tigerion, mrs. Tigs , @tech_knight and @coldcamv + 1
    Good food and excellent cake was had...
    Feelings of guilt also arose when we were consuming the Beemo cake, and a kid with a Beemo shirt walked in /o\

    When to the T20 at Etihad stadium saturday night as well because YAAAY SPORTSBALL \o/

    Sunday we finished up puppy school with the little one, he's now a graduate (they grow up so quick :'))
    And then had some Grid 2 shenanigans with @rize and Aleph (whose handle i can't frakking remember)
    That was excellent fun as well, though Demo Derby turned very chaotic very quick :P

      Upvote for Frak. Battlestar Galactica remake reference. :D

      I believe his handle is: @ampiohmygodhowdoesitgoitswaytolongandicompletelyforgothowitgoesohwellherearerandomlettersjalfuenslsjcusoaksbc.

      As long as you enjoyed yourself. Sorry the food was a little more expensive then I had anticipated.

        Meh all good, good fun and excellent company turned out to be a awesome day \o/
        thanks for persistently inviting me to things :P

          No problem. Hope you will try to come to more.

          Maybe next time a dog meat at my house =P

            Might not be a half bad idea!
            My doggies can always use another friend!
            I will do my best to come out of my hidey hole more :P

              Not sure who else has dogs. I know Tech_knight will want to be in on it because he loves dogs.

      That poor poor kid, atleast it was already cut up so he didn't have to watch @tech_knight cut the head off. Plus we now know what a cartoon game station tastes like..Peppermint.

      Also YAY for sportsball

    I'm alliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.

    You know you've been sick when you actually feel glad to be back at work. Phew.

    Saw "Her" yesterday - been looking forward for that one to come out for quite a while, it was worth the wait. Excellent film, really well put together (although I'd expect nothing less from Spike Jonze) and extremely well acted. 5 / 5 on my (very harsh) rating scale of movies.

      I thought this was going to be a @mrtaco style TAYs of our lives story until I realised that Her was a movie

        Haha, sorry to disappoint. I could make something up if it'll make you feel better?

    Last night I got offered the opportunity to speak at a small comic-writing panel later this year. I immediately panicked, came up with a half dozen really good reasons why I wouldn't be a good choice, and sent my apologies.

    I think it was the right choice, but I still feel pretty lousy about it.

      Wrong choice. >:(

        I no write?

          I agree with Strange on this one.
          Whenever you go to a con or the like you are always posting "omg these peers of mine think I'm talented" and not believing it yourself. Every time.

          There are people that like what you do and how you go about doing it. It's things like this that will help build your profile and allow you to be a full time writer/artist. So unless one of those excuses was I want to be a full time government employee and just a writer on the side, you made the wrong choice

            Ordinarily, I would agree with you. But this is a panel on the mechanics of comic script writing, and although I have a bunch of books out, I haven't yet written a proper script for any of them.

            I do my own artwork, and had already written the stories as full-length prose novels first, so I don't really need to script them in detail.

            For those reasons, I figured that I would have very little of interest to say regarding script writing, and would probably end up disappointing folks who turned up hoping I would be able to teach them how to prepare a script for an artist.

            TL;DR: If I'd genuinely thought it might be something I could do, I would probably have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone, as I have for cons in the past.

            Edit: This is detail I maybe should have included in my original post.

            Last edited 20/01/14 10:46 am

              I'll let you get away with it this time. But I've got my eye on you

      Without going into specific details, I had a an opportunity to speak publicly at an event late last year, but did my reaction seems similar to yours - kinda panicked about the speaking in front of a crowd aspect and was super good at supplying reasons why I couldn't do it. In retrospect, I kinda regret my decision.

      In the end , you gotta do what's right for you, but I really hope you don't feel like I did after the event.

    Good morning TAY. This morning's highlights have included one of my cats falling off the bed as he tried to get closer to me as well as the other cat making a bag fall out of the closet and scaring the missus as she literally woke up at that point from a nightmare and then proceeded to scream quite loudly. Looking back I'm finding it funny. For some reason she isn't. I don't understand women :-D

    how's everyone today anyway?

    Last edited 20/01/14 9:13 am

      We recently (as in like 4 months ago) adopted a second cat and she's integrated well with the household except our first cat is way more territorial than we thought she would be and they still fight a fair amount. Something that cat 1 started doing, because she's a total bitch, was run and ambush cat 2 whenever she heard her digging in her litter tray. Now we have a second litter tray in the master bedroom and sometimes cat 2 sleeps in there with the door shut at night - though not every night - so she's mostly safe but this mentality of "digging in litter = we are in a fight" seems to have stuck, and cat 2 is starting to fight back.

      So this morning I was woken by cat 1 persistently clawing my arm. She had plenty of food and water and wasn't interested in cuddles. I couldn't figure out what she wanted until I finally got out of bed half an hour later and got in the shower, at which point she followed me in to use her litter tray.

      Apparently the cats now require adult supervision while pooping so we can help defend them from ambush.


        Hopefully over time they will calm down.
        My housemate got a cat once and it didn’t get along with our cat at all. It would constantly attack our cat, even though our cat was bigger and much faster. Eventually we realised that we were the only ones clipping our cats nails. So we stopped doing that and started clipping their cats nails. Oh boy, the tables turned quickly, lol. Their cat stopped attacking our cat (and our cat is pretty chill) but instead would just spend all it’s energy just trying to get out of the house, ripping up the flyscreens. Eventually I just told them their cat had to go, god it was annoying.

          aye, we moved in with a friend a couple of years ago and we both had 2 cats. The two male cats didn't get on though. Her cat would basically stalk our cat around the house which led to various stress related problems (urine can be a bitch to clean out) as well as several vet trips from scratches and bites. She's moved out though last weekend and the change in our cat is amazing.

          also @kermitron, it's recommended to have one litter tray per cat plus an extra one. It might seem like overkill and stink out the house a little, but cats can be particular about sharing a litter tray, especially with a new cat. Also, get a laser pointer to try and tire the dominating cat out a bit. Sometimes they attack other cats because they're bored. A laser pointer's the easiest way to play with a cat I've found

            oh, and our cats do the whole 'I won't poop unless you're in the bathroom too' thing as well :S

    First day back at work today. I think I left my brain at home.

    Had such a good weekend. Got to hang out with you folks on Friday, got to hang out with @sughly and go to Big Day Out yesterday! So, so fun!

      So did Arcade Fire meet expectations? What was the crowd like?

        Arcade Fire were incredible every bit as good as the hype and all kinds of amazing live. They even mocked Blur for pulling out of Big Day Out. An amazing setlist too with all their best from across the albums. Full, awesome 90 mins. Win Butler, the front man came down and leaned over the rail into the audience. He was a metre from my face. D: Really good crowd of like minded folks. Everyone singing along and happy. Was fucking amaaaaazing.

        Crowds through the entire day were pretty good too. No where near as many shirtless bogans as I had been led to believe.

        Last edited 20/01/14 9:36 am

          90 minute set isn't too bad. That's only about half an hour less than you would've gotten if they'd done their own show.

            Used the time really well too. Literally the second they finished Pearl Jam on the next stage started. No break at all.

          Triple J has an interview of Win on their website somewhere, in case you haven't heard it.

          What happened to "Live bands aren't for me" DC? :P

            Arcaaaade Fire.

            Wasn't really feeling Pearl Jam, though. Arcade Fire just finished and I was a bit overwhelmed and felt like I needed to process it, so I left Sughly there and sat down by myself for a little while thinking about it. XD

          Shirtless bogans live at Stereosonic and Future music not so much BDO but good to hear you had fun my friend

      So you'll be coming to the next Soundwave with me then?

        @dc was totally bopping his head to Deftones. I can only assume from this that it was his favourite band of the day.

          Maybe my legs were loosing structural integrity and the bopping was my legs buckling. DIDN'T THINK ABOUT THAT, SMART GUY!

          Totally have footage of you from Young Blood bopping your head the entire song too.

          Last edited 20/01/14 10:56 am

      I found out only like Saturday or yesterday that Big Day Out got moved from the Parklands at Southport to Metric on Stadium at Robina, god that must be a better place haha.

    Hola Tay

    I had a recovery weekend following our awful, awful hot week.

    Went to a friend's birthday out near Gawler, which was nice, then to a board games day yesterday, where I played:

    Suburbia (fantastic)
    Smash up! (PIRATE WIZARDS)
    Zombicide (Ned ftw!)
    Star fluxx (fluxx hasn't yet really won me over)
    Room 25 (think I need another bash at this one)
    7 wonders
    Euphoria (really interesting)

    I somehow got stuck playing half of these with an obnoxious child, but other than that it was good fun.

    A Monday Morning Question: which board game has the most interesting lore around it?

      I'm voting for chess, because the intricate backstory I have in my mind is pretty amazing.

      I wouldn't say it has the most "interesting" lore, but i really love Shadows over Camelot...
      very easy game for the most parts, right up until you do one slip up then it becomes brutally hard :P
      Very nice Co Op game especially once you introduce the traitor (first few games it's recommended to leave it out so you get familiar with the mechanics)
      because you constantly distrust each other :P

        Shadows over Camelot is interesting, in that it's about 4 mini board games welded together then bolted to a game of The Resistance.

      Arkham Horror or I could cheat and say one of the D&D based board games.

      Although everyone knows Cluedo is the only right answer.

        I really, really enjoy Arkham Horror but that's kinda based on my enjoyment of most things Lovecraft. Anything based on an existing IP generally has a good backstory.

      Taking the freeze method I would say relic. However I find the dungeon games seem to have a bit, when I finally buy one I'll find out. Anybody played any of them, thinking that dungeon petz as a first purchase.


      EDIT: Specifically this version.

      Last edited 20/01/14 9:50 am

        I was hoping for Edna Krabopoly

      Galaxy Trucker.

      Corporation Incorporated needs to ship goods from one end of the galaxy to the other. They discovered that the most cost effective way to do this is by hiring a bunch of loons and letting them loose in the warehouse. If they happen to make a viable ship that can make it across the galaxy with those parts, huzzah! If they don't... well, loons don't cost much and neither did the parts.

        I really want to play that game

          You should chat to @alexpants about his fantastically streamlined ship design.

    You know who's a pretty cool guy? Bayonetta. A lot of fun, that game! I'm all mash smash bash on my controller and Bayonetta is all yarh char barh on the bad guys. It's cool. I like how stylish the combat is, all the ooooh yaaaa weeee flourishes that she does that would be entirely useless in a real life fight make the fights rad looking.

    Anyway enough bad onomatopoeia.

    It was my third week of Pow's Learning To Cook Adventures last night. I attempted to make Pumpkin and Lentil Curry. It was nice, though I couldn't taste the pumpkin over the curry and I used about 10x the amount of lentils that I should have (nobody told me they would expand so much!)... But still, I can say I've made a curry from scratch now :P

    Hope you're all well!



      Do Aloo Gobi, so simple

      Plus one for Platinum love!

      Really looking forward to Bayonetta 2. Even if I felt like I mostly had no idea what I was doing with the first.

    @dc, we're now up to date with The Newsroom. Commence discussion in three, two, one... actually, just whenever you want.

      Pretty good. *nod*

      Can see how next season will be about building credibility again maybe. Felt very much like a series finale too.

        I wonder if the Dantana story is done. I'd be okay if we don't really hear about the lawsuit again and the show focuses on other things, but on the other hand, I'd be fine if it was a central story next season as well.

    Woke up with both my arms asleep. Asked the cat for help, he was useless. Time to spend a day in Canberra till I'm told I can leave.

      That's how it starts. You're told you'll be out of here in a day, or a couple or days, or a week, and the whole time you slowly become more and more paralysed. Then one day you wake up and discover you voted for Tony Abbot.

      I'm going to Woden for coffee and then the galleries to get some gold.

    PS4 peeps, what games do you have and what games do you plan to get soon?

    The PS4 was on sale a while ago and my pre-order shipped out last week so I'll get it soonish but I can't really think of anything to play. I'll be buying Infamous and MGS in late March and I've got a couple of PS+ games already (Resogun should be fun) but I can't really think of anything else to play until then :P

    All the multiplatform stuff I'm either not really interested in (COD, BF4) or I already have on other platforms (ACIV on PC). Knack and Killzone initially looked alright but they got some pretty average reviews. I didn't read too much into them though but if they're worth playing then I may investigate further.

    Since I never really considered the PS4 I just don't know what games are worth playing on it so I'm just looking for suggestions. Tenkyew!

      I'm pretty keen on a PS4, too. Like you, I don't really know what games I want other than Ground Zeroes. I think I just have a craving for the hardware at the present time.

      Play a different console until some games you do want come out :P

      I would've said AC IV but that's out the window. Killzone was ok. The campaign is like any other COD/MOH/Battlefield campaign these days but I like the multiplayer. Other than that, Injustice would've been another game I would've picked up if I'd've had the cash for it plus another controller.

      You could probably tide yourself over with Killzone and Resogun though until Thief and inFAMOUS come out next month and then hopefully it won't be long until Watchdogs comes out

      It pains me to say this as a Sony fanboy but nothing really. Resogun is probably it. Have not turned in the PS4 for a month now. Content to just keep playing the PS3.

      I pre ordered Watch Dogs yesterday, so err that. Probably get NFS & ACIV this week though. Edit: will also get Lego Marvel too.

      I had a few people return/trade in Killzone in the first few weeks simply because they thought it was shit and got BF4 or CoD to replace it haha.

      One of the guys I work with said Knack is alright, but you have to like fighting platformers heh.

      Last edited 20/01/14 11:01 am

      I've got BF4 and Killzone. BF is BF and Killzone is as average as the reviews make them out to be.

      MGS will be nice. Infamous too. I plan to play a fair amount of Driveclub when that goes out. Otherwise, the game I'll be playing most is the waiting game.

      I have the PS+ games. Resogun, Don't Starve and Contact. Have only played Resogun. Nothing else appeals. System is being used as a netflix box about 6-7 hours a day on average though.

      Nothing in the pipeline is a must-buy for me until Destiny, but I will probably grab Infamous in March.

    Good morning all. Chalk up my first TAY meat ever on Friday for @dc's birthday/not-so birthday dinner. Good venue, good food (aside from a few things), good folk. Everyone was super chilled and easygoing and it was nice meeting everyone in person. Looking forward to the next one :D

    Apologies go to Mrs @freezespreston for incorrectly guessing her age. My bad D:

      Hey man, I'm, uh, sorry for the drunkenness. (Part of the program, you see... making amends with the people I might've wronged? :P) Was great seeing you too!

      Last edited 20/01/14 10:07 am

        Like I've said before, butterflies in stomachs need to be drowned! :D

          Naaaaah, this was a little excessive. I might've fist bumped the same eight people fifty times in the course of twenty minutes.

            I don't see what's wrong with this

              You and drunk guy D.C. will get along juuuuust fine.

            Stop it. Don't make me have to fistbump your face next time I see you. If excessive fist bumping is the worst thing you do when you're drunk, then you're lucky!

              "don't make me fistbump your face"

              This needs to be a thing.

              Yeah some of us actually do actual things that we should apologize for.

        You weren't even that drunk DC. :P It's all good. You didn't try and do anything too outrageous aside from numerous fist bumps and that's pretty tame. Considering the @shane meeting, I was expecting at least one fist-meets-face moment but you restrained yourself. Nice job :)

        Don't forget all the hugs you gave. =P

          I can only remember two of those hugs. XD

            One was mine?

              I remembered Sughly and Mrs. Freeze and then remembered yours after you reminded me. XD

                You don't remember hugging me?! :( It was awkward but it was spontaneous affection and that makes it awesome.

                  I don't remember at all and kind of wish you didn't remind me if it was awkward. D: Arrrgh! I'm sorry!

                  Last edited 20/01/14 10:34 am

                  I feel bad like I won't be able to ever make eye contact with you again! D: D: D:

                  @dc I'm just a monster. :P

                  Also, when I get back we're having a "Give DC his Birthday Present" lunch. You can't refuse it because it has your name sewn into it. :D

        Man, there was drunk guy DC? I haven't even met sober guy DC!

      I guess what we had at Supanova doesn't count. *holds back manly tears*

        Well this was the first big organised thing. Considering I missed every other TAYbie at Supanova aside from you and DC and then I bailed while you guys went to a tavern kinda discredits me from really meating properly.

        I will always remember that the first TAYbie I met was from interstate so you will always have that honour. :)

      I didn't get to yell-talk at you much but I enjoyed our fleeting eye contact and playful banter.

      Also when we all did wees together.

        I was following you guys cause I thought you were finding a table. Then I saw urinals and I turned out. TRUE STORY.

          You turned out? O_o
          DC does weird and horrible things when he's drunk.

      oh god, please tell me you went low. Always go low

        I committed the cardinal sin of going slightly higher. It made it even worse that she picked my age perfectly and I got her's wrong. I'm a monster.

          Transientmind's rule of female age-guessing: Guess what you actually think the age is, but add or remove a couple years, depending which brings your guess closer to 24-25. Allow a greater margin for error the older they get.

          Eg: A 19yr old girl? Guess at about 20-21. She'll love that. Looks about 24-25? Say that - she's right where she wants to be. If she's older or younger, she won't be offended. Looks about mid-30s? She's older, so you've got more room, go 27 (28-29 is when women start worrying about hitting 30). Looks to be in her 40s? Guess early 30s. 50s? Guess late 30s; still believable, but still flattering.

            Shane's rule of thumb: say "I'm terrible at this" and just guess mid-twenties for everyone. This pisses my daughter off no end :P

            Last edited 20/01/14 2:50 pm

            I reckon you should say 15. Then when they call you on what looked like an obvious attempt to under-age them as a form of flattery, say "oh no, I was assuming you were born on February 29th".

            After that, one of 3 things will happen.

            1) A toally blank look or correction on birthdate. They'll be no fun.
            2) A brief bit of calculation followed by storming off insulted. Also no fun.
            3) A brief bit of calculation followed by roars of laughter when she realises you've subtly said she looks 60. She can do maths and has a sense of humour, worth talking to.

              This is an excellent filtering mechanism.

    On the weekend I finished 2 games! They were pretty great!

    First up was Enslaved:
    I really enjoyed it, absolutely loved the character growth between Monkey and Trip. The combat was pretty good too. Nice and simple, no need to over complicate things. The two biggest problems I had were frame rate issues at some points and the goddamn last boss fight.

    In regards to the frame rate issues I'm hoping that it's just from a terrible job at porting / optimising and not an actual problem with the original game. Also the last boss was just, UGH

    Following up was: The Banner Saga

    wow, what a game. So good, every decision has you wondering "what would have happened if I chose option 2 or 3. So good! The story is just amazing and the art is fan-flipping-tastic. The combat is kinda average but you aren't really in the game for the combat you are there for the story/choices/fan-flipping-tastic art. I would highly recommend everyone buy it. (Although probably switch the difficulty down to easy because I got absolutely smashed in normal.)

      How long did it take you to finish banner saga?
      I'm just up to the first god stone. It's a very pretty game and plays well so far. Kickstarter games delivering what I want, this could be dangerous for my wallet.

        9 hours according to steam. Although I did die a couple of times and left it on so it's probably closer to say 7-8 hours.

          Cool. I'm around 2 hours in at the moment
          Haven't lost a battle yet but think that might be because the game is still in tutorial mode

      I really enjoyed The Banner Saga, but it was way too short in my mind. Things really, really accelerated at the end.

      I'm not sure if that was intentional (I mean, theme and pacing were great before that, conveying a manageable but tough journey for the Varl, and later an utterly punishing and grueling trudge for the human refugees - if only from the total scarcity of supplies) or the result of their very public money/deadline troubles. And y'know... dat ending. SO MANY threads left untied, so many questions and plot points not addressed, and so... abrupt.

        Oh man, the human sections were so hard, I remember in one trek I just got to a camp with 0 food left. SO DAMN CLOSE!

        In the last cinematic thing thinking "nah, it's not gonna end, still so much has to happen. So many loose threads" but then the credits came up and I kinda wish I had a camera so I could of got a shot of my face when that happened. Sooooo looking forward to Banner Saga 2! \o/

          Very vague spoilery:
          Oh, I actually lost a shit-tonne of clansmen and fighters to starvation. I was at 0 food for several days at a time. This was the consequence of letting too many people into the caravan, trusting too many people, and spending too much renown on levelling up my dudes instead of buying food. Also, at one point I stupidly bought a level 5 trinket on the off-chance I'd never find something that cool again, then took bloody forever to actually get anyone to level five, by which point they'd already been awarded something cooler. And you can't sell them, soo... sorry ladies. Your babies starved and died in your arms for a pretty trinket I'm not using.

          Oh and in just very specific spoilery goodness:
          Also daaaaaamn, how was the impact on discovering the REAL story behind Iver abandoning his name as Yngvar? "Quickly, get them away! No-one should see this!" Intense.

            In regards to the second point. When was that? Perhaps it's something I missed.

            I basically didn't level anyone I got a few level 3's early but eventually the need for food became to great and just started spending all of my renown on food.

            I think the most intense part was the final stand in the city. Bad things after bad things kept happening. When I had no food or anything left Harkon showed up to save the day. Oh god so intense!

              Yeah, that was where everything fell apart for me, too. Nothing I did was good enough, and eventually...
              a spokesman for some of the families left from the caravan came up and told me they were all going to go their separate ways, go to ground and try to survive on their own. Next time I'll try and find them a home straight away, instead I wasted like... THREE DAYS on some stupid wild goose chase for a food supply.

                I actually started off well. I traded the leader of the Raven's for a lot of food. He was pretty pissed because I traded him some barrels of mead that was technically his. However I got a group if bandits steal like 1/2 of it along with killing like 100 clansman and 20 fighters. Then about 1/2 of my clansman and some fighters decided they didn't want to stick around.

                Also another tense moment

                When you get betrayed by Onef. I honestly thought that Rook was gonna die.

                  ACTUAL SPOILER:
                  God, I know, right? I actually thought Oddleif and Alette were going to die (or 'other') out of it as well. Thank God for having a mender handy. Man... That asshole. I shudder to think if I'd sent the former insane captain away. Next time, totally not taking that douchebag with me. Or finding an opportunity to slit his throat.

    Leaving on Friday. So excited! And I only have to baste and ditch a quilt, finish making two shirts, unjunkify the spare room and my bedroom, and clean the bathroom before I go. *goes back to playing Kingdoms Of Amalur* :P

      baste and ditch a quilt

      Soak it in it's own juices and throw it away? Harsh.

        So wasteful. Throwing away perfectly edible quilts.

      I think I mentioned this, but a friend of mine's sister is going on the same cruise (I think she still is).

      If you run into an annoying Australian girl named Brooke, I'm so sorry for you.

      Amalur buddies! *fistbump*

      After even only your briefest mention of it on Friday, I realized I still had SO MUCH left to do in it and fired it back up again. Realized I was completely lost in the plot, didn't recognize half the quests I was doing, and started a new character.

      ONLY EVER DOING ONE QUEST AT A TIME. I don't care if it means backtracking. That's what fast-travel is for.

        I started playing this recently! I think I'm something like 20hours in. There's certainly a heap of content in there... kind of sad that the game never seemed to get much recognition :(

        I think I've only just got to the second major area.

        So timesink.

          Apparently it was meant to be getting people ready for the MMO which continues the story where the single-player game left off. A lot of the art for the MMO looked frickin' amazing, too. And it was basically finished. Shame about that.

    Rocket reviews

    Super 8
    Was pretty okay, i would of liked the movie a lot more if there was no alien shit just about some kids making movies. Reminded me of my childhood a little. My group of friends were a bit like theirs and it reeked of nostalgia. Overall good not great


    The Princess Bride

    Was good, not as good as the book, i feel like if i didn't read the book i would of enjoyed it more since they do skim over a lot of the novel. On the plus side, it was very funny. The comedic timing of the whole cast was quite good. I particularly liked Andre the giant playing Fezzi.


      Each of your scores should be 2 points higher. So disappointed in you, son.


          Should I just leave this here then?

      Watch the Kevin Spacey House of Cards, too.

        How does it compare to the BBC version? Have you seen the BBC version?
        I heard they were doing one and didn't look any further just assuming that the US would screw it up. However Kevin Spacey could play the chief whip extremely well, this may require reconsideration.

          I haven't seen the BBC version but there was a conversation about this last night on Twitter.

          The takeaway from it is that the US version is quite good, almost solely on the back of Kevin Spacey. If you want to see him as an amoral slimeball with good publicity and an knack for spruiking Sony products, you should watch the US version.

          I haven't seen the BBC one but Kevin Spacey is amazing in the US one.

          And I love the production design of the whole show. It's very Fincher and each episode feels like a movie. Kinda like Breaking Bad.

          Definitely give it a go.

            hmmmm might have to look into it.
            You should try the BBC version, very well done. As a bonus you can then watch to play the king which is the follow up.

            Last edited 20/01/14 11:06 am

    So Pornhub has released some statistics on the game console's access to porn and the most searched terms for Xbox was Teen, Playstation was MILF and Nintendo was Hentai.

    Take from that what you will.

      Surely they have to be fixed results. It's far, far too brilliant :D

      people search pornhub on their consoles? Shouldn't they be using Chrome Incognito mode?

        Not everyone has a wife/girlfriend/mother living with them to hide it from.

          Yes, but everyone on an Xbox one has a Kinetic.
          "Kinetic, open browser. Kinetic, open incognito tab."
          "Kinetic, look away for a few minutes, please?"


    Oh @dc, I watched the next Helix episode. It's getting better but I still hate Billy Campbell. The sound of his voice makes me violent, and his face even more so. I have no idea why.

    Also, hurry up and watch Sleepy Hollow. :P

    And speaking of TV watching, I'm loving Almost Human so much. The relationship between the two main characters is awesome.

      Funny you should say that, Strange. I thought the third ep of Helix was the worst. XD

        oooo I wanted to watch this as it's Ronald Moore. Is it any good so far? I see mixed reviews of it so far but hopefully it gets a chance unlike Caprica

        Anybody watched Hell on Wheels btw? I have it downloaded as Colm Meaney. Also, trains. I'm yet to find a suitable time to sit down and watch a couple of episodes though. If only I had a long commute and I could watch stuff on the train/bus

        I knew you would. :P
        I actually didn't think much of it as an episode, but as a test to see whether I'd keep watching, it worked.

    i wish i was there i was sick as a dog this weekend from food poisoning.


      Request a vivid re-enactment.

        we are going to karoke and we are singing a duet, probably "i will always love you" but after that we can chuck on some arcade fire.

          Wake Up was amazing. Everyone in the crowd sang every word. Such a good feeling. Also Here Comes the Night the crowd was doused in this reflective (reflektive?) confetti stuff. Rained down on everyone. So cool.

      (Hope you feel better too, btw. Food poisoning ain't good.)

      Way to make someone feel excluded

      Not like we still have a festival to go to together or anything :'(

      Last edited 20/01/14 10:53 am

        This guy's a true believer! He was singing and dancing and swooning!

        your name has 6 letters his has 2 its a matter of time management sughless.
        also of course i want to here what you thought. You dont need no invitation krams.

          pffft, not even telling