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I remember asking this same question years ago, but it got an awesome response and I'm keen to hear the answers of some of our newer readers! Imagine this: randomly you are given $100 million but there is a catch. You must use this money to create a game. Any profits from this game are yours to keep. What kind of video game do you make?

Do you make the kind of game you want to play? Do you make a game that you think will sell well? Do you attempt to occupy some sort of niche?

More importantly, what is the game? What genre? What are the mechanics?

Let us know in the comments below!


    A Syndicate game running on a modernised version of the Battalion Wars (GameCube) engine.

      I came here to write exactly this ^

      I would love to see a Battalion Wars game using the Valkyria Chronicles engine, cut out the anime story for quick comical cutscenes so we can focus on the awesome gameplay.

      Could possibly happen if Nintendo struck a deal with SEGA to trade the Valkyria Chronicles IP for the F-Zero IP. I'm a mad F-Zero fan, but the fact of the matter is Nintendo don't care for it these days and GX was one of the very few highlights by SEGA since focuing on software, so why not move it on?

      Also the Wii U would be a good fit for a new entry in the Valkyria Chronicles series, by no means would it save the system, just noting it could utilise the gamepad extremely well.

      You mean something similar to Satellite Reign?

      Haven't played Battalion Wars, but looks like it's first person perspective. Surely you want an isometric view for something Syndicate-like.

        Nah. Battalion Wars is sort of a 3rd person shooter/RTS mashup. At any given point you're controlling a single unit in 3rd person (in my Syndicate game there'd also be an 'overview' unit to control), but you can also issue orders to the other units in your army and switch to direct control of any of the other units.
        So you've got a Rifle Guy, Rocket Guy and a Tank. You can jump in the tank, order the Rocket Guy to flank and the Tank (which you're in) to assault the enemy ahead, then switch to Rifle Guy and go flank from the other side using direct control.
        In Syndicate that would be your four Agents and a Satellite view. From the Satellite view you'd be able to play it pretty much like a classic Syndicate game, but with direct control over the Agents in a third person view you'd also get that finer control over your actions.

        It's a bit hard to describe because there aren't many other games like it out there and most that come close aren't great in the execution (ie, Brutal Legend's stage battles). I think it if the details are done right it could be a Syndicate game that stays true to the roots of the series while still being very welcoming to newer gamers. Sort of like how Metroid Prime is nothing like Metroid at face value even though it's pure Metroid at it's heart.

    Deathrow 2. With online support and more customized teams.

    Sequel to arcanum.

      Deathrow, is that the sports game with the flying discs? That game was the tits!

    A game with a refined story like something from Quantic Dream but more open to exploration. More traditional adventure game puzzles, more expansive surrounds. A game that focuses on connections with other characters over violence. Something not afraid to leave you stuck for a while without hand holding. Elastic storytelling taken to that next level where choice is meaningful.

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      So kinda like omikron then? quantic dream's best game yet.

    Are we allowed to use that money to remake an existing game or to make another game as part of that franchise?

    Or, can I use that money to buy Starcraft: Ghost and release it?

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    I would basically combine Crusader Kings 2, a finished/polished version of Mount & Blade, and Banished. Yup.

    City-building/management with intense politics & relationships all while running (and fighting with) a personal retinue/army. Good lord.

    I would buy Rare back from Microsoft for the 100mil and sell them to Nintendo for $500k.
    I would then use that $500k to convince Nintendo that having Rareware make a Jet Force Gemini sequel and Banjo-Kazooie 3 along with perhaps a remake of Diddy Kong Racing would be a fantastic idea with real fiscal incentives.
    In retrospect I would likely need more money.

      DKR - YES!
      Was also thinking Blast Corps - massively under appreciated title.

      Rare are no longer Rare though. A lot of people have left. Very sad. They were such a big part of my childhood and where I wanted to work when I grew up.

        And it'd be so easy to do as a XBOX Live Arcade title along the lines of Trials.

      Bad news for you man - there are very few of the same staff left at Rareware from those days. Maybe you could use the money to get the original team back together for a spiritual sequel.

        agreed most of the staff have left, but if the licenses came back to nintendo then there are still some creative minds under their wing that could make it work. Take DKCR and Metroid Prime series, there is still life in the old franchises and people willing to make them work.

    An Open World investigation game set in Ankh Morpork

      I never realised I wanted this until I read your comment. Brilliant.

      Discworld needs some vidya game love. It would work so well too.

      Give this man all of the money.

    A table tennis game where you control the paddle, not the person holding it.

      Move-enabled ping pong in Sports Champions is more or less this, and it's seriously good fun.

    a hiphop/rap karaoke game that actually works. Def Jam Rapstar was close, but still flawed in so many ways.

    or failing that, a decent sequel to "Def Jam: Fight For New York". I will glass anyone that talks about "Icon"

    An open world mmofps based on Necromunda...I've wanted to play it for as long as I've played games.

    Two games, a Total War style game going throughout the whole of history like a Civ game with a massively enhanced tech tree and the ability to build up each city to make each one as efficient as possible.

    Second game, a sequel to Red Dead Redemption

      I would play the hell out of both of these.... Especially the first one!

    I make a spiritual sucsessor to Bushido Blade 2, with its classic 1-hit kill mechanics and a fully fledged story mode.

    My answer then was DARK SOULS TWO.
    My answer now is DARK SOULS THREE.


        You're right. If I had $100m to make a game, I should spend it all in developing a brainwashing program that will make people buy my books in crazy quantities.

        Or something of such crass commercial appeal that I can use the profits to retire and write books for the rest of my days.

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    A huge big Zelda. Massive world. Not sure on art style, there are a few great ones to choose from. Bring back crafting/upgrading of items from SS, huge world from WW.

    Haven't played the 3DS one where you get all the weapons at the start. I always loved getting part way though the dungeon, then getting a new item that opens up the rest of it. Not sure were I stand on that...

      It doesn't break things the way you'd think. Although it did take me some time to adjust to the less linear nature. I'd see somewhere that requires an item like a hookshot gap and rather than going and getting the hookshot I'd just make a mental note to come back there when I get past the hookshot dungeon.
      I ended up buying pretty much everything right away, there's no shortage of rupees, but it didn't feel like the game was less fun as a result.

    I'd hire David Cage to make a game with no dialogue (or written / spoken language).
    I'm not joking.

      I would play that game, Beavwa!

        We (I) need more experiences like Journey and Brothers. Cage has the technical chops to be able to make this kind of masterpiece. I don't.

      You play a mime, in a world gone mute... your family has been kidnapped and you must communicate your way to finding them.

    Realistic cooperative survival game with huge maps relatively highly populated with Dinosaurs, not just ones that are going to maul you either, but the gentle giants as well.

    Call it Jurassic Park if you like - just make it.

    Perhaps you could have a deathmatch mode where people can be either Dinosaur or human.

    Basically I want a good dinosaur game.

    I like dinosaurs.

      Ah, remember Trespasser? This sounds like the next step!

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      You ever played Dino D-Day?

        I never played Dino D-Day but after having a look at the reviews ... Not exactly what im looking for. Also Nazi's?! Madness. I like that so many share the same want as I though!

      So basically this?

        Errrmehgerrrd ... I never even thought of taming them!


    A fantastic looking, mo-capped, open world, voice acted, Mount & Blade style game for consoles.
    Maybe include some fantasy elements, maybe include some romance options, maybe include multiplayer, maybe include a day night cycle that impacts combat & visibility, maybe give each faction different AI... but mainly give me horde style, massive battle, horse mounted, sword and arrow combat.

    Unless we're talking about sequels in which case it's one of the following:
    TIE Fighter 2,
    a decent new single player Mechwarrior game,
    The Saboteur 2,
    a jank free Alpha Protocol 2,
    ODST 2.

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    Out bit EA for the NFL licence and make a Football Manager style NFL Sim... and a better Madden

    Just WHY is no one mentioning Pokemon MMO..?

      Because I'm too busy wandering around Ankh Morpork!

      I am surprised that didn't come to my mind first too -_-
      Self... I am disappoint

    I know this might sound stupid but i want a sequel to Timeshift. For some reason i loved that game and the ending left it open for a sequel. TS was never the best game but for me it was definitely one of the most fun i have played.

    Does Sierra even exist anymore? and the devs Sabre Interactive went on to make Inversion.

    My dream games were a HD Rise of the Triad and a new Carmageddon, considering that ROTT13 was released last year and Carmageddon: Reincarnation is coming soon to KS backers.

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    Imagine a Sci-Fi (Star Wars-esq) style universe that is rife with inter-system warfare
    You rise up as the newest contending "Warlord"
    You start with an RPG style game whereby you need to recruit followers and in FPS style, conquor that planet
    This becomes your new home base
    You then invest in infrastructure to build up your resources and technology
    Eventually you amass a small fleet to launch your campaign
    From there you have to subdue neighbouring systems RTS style until you control planetary orbit and the supply lines required to conquor the planet
    Zoom down to control a fighter ship (Wing Commander Style) for space dog-fighting, torpedo runs, cap ship takedowns/captures
    FPS boarding action to cap some of the big carriers to add to your fleet
    Upon landing your troops planet side, again RTS style, start assimilating cities
    Zoom down to FPS for up close and personal combat as you lead the charge
    Meanwhile, you can zoom out to set research goals, manage systems and cities and resources

    It would be epic in scope as you would have RPG/RTS/FPS/Space Combat action all in one game

      so a more in-depth Spore, aimed at an older audience? I'd definitely get behind this

      similar to the very original mechwarrior game. no not the snes one, the original ;)

    Wind Waker 2 but with islands the size of Hyrule in OOT with an overall map being something the size of Skyrim.

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