Tell Us Dammit: What Is The Best Video Game Move Of All Time?

When you get down to it, video games are all about pulling off a series of moves — everything else is just window dressing. Whether your genre of choice is fighting, car racing, RPGs or puzzlers, your primary role is to trigger a series of actions using the control interface at your disposal. But what is the best video game move ever?

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The first video game to take the world by storm was Pong. It could therefore be claimed that the table tennis 'serve' is the most important move in gaming. Similar big picture arguments could be made for 'shoot', 'jump' and 'accelerate', but all these answers are pretty boring. Instead, we want you to name your personal favourite.

For me, it would probably be the 'chargeable shot' mechanic made famous by shmups such as R-Type. The ability to hold down the fire button and charge up your weapon was immensely satisfying, particularly when it obliterated a wave of Bydo Empire scum just before they descended on my ship.

It also injected an extra dash of strategy to proceedings — releasing the fire button too soon would result in an underpowered shot, but holding it for too long could lead to an insurmountable wave of enemy bullets.

So what about you guys? What is your #1 video game move of all time? Have at it in the comments section below! [Note: specific weapons only count as 'moves' if they require the controller to be used in a unique way.]


    The first thing I thought of when I read this is the jump and kick move out of Double Dragon. So I'll go with that ;)

    Fighting game wise Hadouken has to be the number one ... maybe 'Get Over Here' by Scorpion as number 2?

      Ahh you beat me to it!!

      Ok I'll change mine to Gravity Gun in Half-life or the limit breaks / summoning in FF7

    Doom! So many people hated it, but I thought it was great fun. It was a Doom movie - what did people expect? Oscar winning performances, in depth plot and character development? Dumb fun.

    Resident Evil series gets a mention too, for the same reason. Detach yourself from the game a little, and they're just stupid fun.

    EDIT: So I totally misread that a 'movie'. Oh well.

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      Not sure if joking, but this was actually the original question before an accidental typo inspired me to change the entire premise of the article.

        See, I actually knew that all along.

        *nods convincingly*

      Don't feel too bad, I came in here wanting to know what people thought were good video game movies...

      I did the same thing and only realised when I started reading the comments...

      And also I really quite liked the Doom movie also. I went into it with very low expectations and was rather pleasantly suprised.

    I first thought of the Hadouken by Ryu in Streetfighter or failing that Scorpio's fatality in MK

    oh crap.... ahh x-ray move in Mortal Kombat

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    Parrying in Dark Souls. It's like the biggest middle finger the player can give to the game.

    Especially on the final boss (which is really the only way to defeat him).

      Oh so incredibly satisfying when you pull it off. Getting about with a dagger and parry shield, while everyone else pussies out with a giant shield.

    Jin's Avenger.

    Prod from Worms - most humiliating way to die.

      I'd actually go with Ninja Rope. Depending on the version being played there's infinite satisfaction from zipping around the level doing impossible moves and then vertically ascending upwards and around rocks etc to drop some dynamite before deftly maneuvering out of the way. ... except when you don't and blow yourself up.

      Followed by the Holy Hand Grenade and Concrete Donkey maybe. Or Super Sheep.

        Join them. Use Ninja Rope to slide enemies into the water.

    Akuma's Raging Demon, hands down.

      I like the SF4 version too "DIE ONE THOUSAND DEATHS!!!"

        So brutal.

          I was going to post this if no-one else did. Like a secret hidden death move, saw so many people rage when you pull it off.

          LP LP F LK HP. This to me is video games greatest code, Konami - you have nothing on this.

    I don't know the best but for the worst I will say the 1080 in the N64 game 1080 snowboarding. So much rage.

    Everyone is wrong. The best video game move of all time is being Gary Fucking Oak.

    Combos. From bouncing from goomba to goomba to koopa in Mario to juggling and super combos in fighting games and right up to chaining kills in Assassin's Creed 4, combos have become part of so many games we don't even notice them except for the moment of satisfaction when, yes, you did just kill four headcrab zombies with one saw blade.

    Falcon Punch. Obv.

    Hyper Beam by a Level 90 Dragonite. is my pick.

    Th original fatalities for MK1 were pretty cool, Kano's heart rip and Subzero's uppercut decapitation among the highlights.

    I'll never forget the time I showed my friend Dane the ABACABB cheat code on the megadrive version of MK1, he didn't believe me that it was real and then flipped out when it worked. Ah good times.


    Like a boss, that is all.

    I'd have to go with using that big-ass clockwork shoe in Super Mario 3.

    Personally, I'd go for the Sniper's "stab-stab-stab"...

    Do a 'Barrel Roll' in Lylat Wars (Star fox 64) is always a classic.

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