Telltale Games Wants To Make A James Bond Game And I Want To Let Them

What's cool about being James Bond? Is it the killing of the people? The shooting of the bad guys in the face with all of the guns? I'd say no. Surely it's the 'being suave' thing? The gadgets. The suits. The being good at poker. The spying. The slick dialogue that makes you look and sound like a hella cool dude.

In an interview with the Official Xbox Magazine, Telltale president Kevin Bruner claimed that his dream project would be a James Bond game. I would very much like Telltale to make that game, because I'm almost 100% sure it would focus on the cool things about being James Bond.

"I'm a giant James Bond fan and I'm always frustrated by games that make him a mass murderer," he said. "He's a super-spy, and that's a different skillset. The films make him less of a mass murderer, and there's not much killing in the books - more spying and intrigue."

In hindsight Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 was simultaneously the best and worst thing that could ever have happened for the representation of James Bond in video games. It's the best because, obviously, it's one of the greatest games ever made, and probably the best movie licensed game ever made. Bad because, ever since, there's been this constant attempt to tread in its worn footsteps and imitate what came before.

The reality is modern James Bond games probably shouldn't be shooters. Goldeneye was just captured the zeitgeist. Today, right now, I'd much rather play a Telltale-made game filled with snappy dialogue and intrigue than blast faceless goons in the face with a Golden Gun.

Walking Dead developer would love to make a James Bond game [OXM]


    Hey Telltale. Stop taking up projects until you finish your current ones! You're working on 4 projects and having trouble releasing them all.

    Just give me Walking Dead and Wolf Amongst Us and when you're finished you can look into James Bond.

      Was about to say the same thing, you guys already have 4 known projects and you're not the biggest studio around, so finish what's on your plate first.

        Bbbuuuuttttt, if you rreeaaaallllyyy want to, make a Breaking Bad series ;)

      I'm sure that he's just laying the groundwork now for when the other projects are complete or in hiatus.

      This kind of negotiation is usually one that takes years, and the first step is a public expression of interest. And that is best done by a company that is in the midst of a sales boom and currently bathing in the warm glow of exceptional critical acclaim.

      I actually think this announcement is quite timely.

        But they've already announced two more projects that we won't see for a long time. Constantly announcing new games just annoys everybody. It's what Square did with Final Fantasy, where they had 3 new sequels announced before the next game was out.

          Heh. But I think it was actually kind of worse, because when Telltale's saying, "Oh, we're going to do X, Y, and Z too," they're saying it while everyone's in love with their shit, and thinking, "Oh, that's going to be awesome too!"

          Whereas when SE did their announcing, it was while everyone (well, at least all sane people not afflicted by gaming Stokholm syndrome) was saying, "Eww, more of this 13-related shit? It's so bad, do something else, please!"

          Less than a year isn't that long a time (both Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones will debut in 2014), and simply getting the rights to James Bond would take years (it took over a year for them to score the rights to Game of Thrones from HBO, which while hugely popular is also younger than Bond).

          Truthfully? They should start trying to get the rights now, by the time they could get them they would have already finished their current four projects (or at least the current seasons of them, not sure that The Wolf Among Us could get a sequel though).

      To be fair on TellTale, they've released good quality products since Sam and Max. I have faith that they can run four projects at once, after all they aim for games that last about 10 hours and release them episodicly. Beyond the voice acting, most the the game is relatively simple when compared to larger titles.

        Aren't they excessively bugged?

          I don't know if I'd say 'excessively', though the Waking Dead save deletes were pretty bad, I hear.

          I personally stopped buying Telltale games after a buildup of small niggles that got worse every time rather than better, but overall if you like what they do you're unlikely to hit too many major game ruining issues.

            They seem to be extremely bad at optimising for the xbox360 as well, I got the free ep of the walking dead and the wolf among us and the loading times were awful. The games ran fine which is good but the loading... fuck me...

        I'd like to have faith in them, but they're way behind on TWAU, according to their own projections. Now, projections are projections, not crystal clear deadlines, but there's also the fact that they haven't acknowledged the delay. Bad PR, and a pretty shitty move to their fans.

    "Telltale Games Wants To Make A Game For Every Popular Title And I Think That's Overkill"

      Ok, then you can have a game for an unpopular title. How about Remington Steele?

        Well it's better to have balance in madness then to have no balance at all. I'll take it!

    Make an amazing Game of Thrones game first....then Bond :)

    I do believe he has stated that he 'wants' to create a James Bond game. Not that he already has one in the works.

    And while you're at it let's let them make everything

    Blood Stone was the best bond game ever made. Admittedly clunky in places and too shooty for my taste but it had a great balance of gameplay elements including stealth, investigation and some great driving stuff. It really deserved more attention than it got.

    I'm not sure TT would do a great Bond game - their approach doesn't seem like a good fit for that genre. I'd say a more suitable new mechanic for Bond games would be to make them somewhat like Arkham City/ Arkham Origins.

    Personally, I'd rather see them take on making a (finally decent) Doctor Who game.

    I hope they make it a Sean Connery James Bond title. With his actual voice.

    It would be awesome. I hope they will make it, and have either Sean Connery or Roger Moore as Bond, with the game set in the 1900's. Would be perfect.

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