10 Things You Should Know About PlayStation Now

Announced earlier this week, Sony's PlayStation Now service will stream cloud-based games to Sony consoles, handhelds, TVs and more. PlayStation Access put together this lovely little primer covering the how, what and whens of PlayStation Now.

It's basically Onlive for PlayStation Games. Games are run on remote servers, accept remote input from the player's Dualshock controller. What the player sees is actually video of the game they are playing, streamed over the internet.

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, the team developing the service estimates a 5 Mbps connection will provide a good experience for players on most game. Might want to hook up a network cable to your PlayStation 3 or 4, just to be safe.

Hungry for more info? PlayStation.com has a page where users van sign up to be kept up-to-date on the latest PlayStation Now info.


    I'm curious about the games being fully featured. I know this service isnt going to work with my Australian Internet. But I would like to see the benefits of ps1 games being fully featured that i purchase through psn.

      your already purchased titles probably won't have anything to do with this service

      it doesn't seem to be confirmed of course, but it seems you can't buy any games using this service... its going to be a monthly fee or renting a game for a period of time... so anything you've already bought doesn't apply

      i could be wrong of course

        I understand that. They are tweaking the classic games slightly though (trophies etc) I was just curious if there was a way for people like me who wouldn't have the connection required to stream a game and just download the updated game.

        *What im getting at is. All the music streaming services have an option to store the songs locally for offline listening. If this option is available for playstation now i could see myself dipping into it.

        Last edited 10/01/14 8:25 am

          That what i want & what Australia needs!

    I get 8 Mbps down but only get 0.384 Mbps upload speed so I'm predicting some input lag.

      Does your isp support annex-m?

        I think that's only for ADSL2+ whereas I can only get regular old ADSL in my area.

    I don't see this being anything more than a "companion" type service, I won't use it myself, because when I play games I love to be immersed in the big screen, be it console or computer. I don't care about mobile or handheld. The only time I use mobile games is when I'm on the john.

    "You'll need a good internet connection with low latency".

    Oh well, it was a nice idea.

    So it's kinda a backwards compatibility for PS4... But you have to pay for it, including games you've already got sitting on your shelf.... and it won't necessarily have the games you want to play.

    By the time it comes out in and works well enough in Australia, this new generation consoles will have enough quality games on them, are people going to want to spend too much money on playing PS3 games, let alone old PS1-2 games?

    Realistically, unless they are super cheap to rent, subscribe, I can't seem the value in this.

    Man, it's a good idea, but unless you're in the US, its just not a viable option connection wise, and unless they get PS4 games into the mix, I can't see it being worth money. Would people honestly pay to play a laggy version of Last of Us, costing you money as you play on the PS4, or play the copy they have sitting on their shelf and just pop it into the PS3.

      I see the value in this, but for being able to play PS3 games on your Vita.

      They are future-proofing it though. You'll be able to use it to play PS4 games on the PS5 (if there is a PS5).

    Well, microsoft...what is your response?

    Also, Making a cloud based gaming computer that requires internet? I've got a better name than 'Playstation Now' they should call it 'Playstation Not for Australia' because THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS INTERNET SPEED HERE!!

      Not every one in Australia had bad convection like you. My connection runs around 27 mbps. Heaps of aussies have good telstra connections . Not everyone in australia uses internode and dodo.

    I do wish there was a way to play games you already owned.
    Its going to be a strange one getting the pricing right here as much as I love Sony, Im not game enough paying them 2 subscriptions this year when for the past Decade of my gaming has been subscription free.

    All I can think of is trying to nail a headshot on a moving target in a shooter. The image you're seeing is already outdated in the time takes to get to you. So you put your reticule on a guy's head (who has already moved on from the spot at which you're aiming). You pull the trigger and the input is sent over the Internet to the game, by this time the guy has moved even further away. The remote Playstation processes the gunfire and fires into the wall. But by the time you find out, the guy who you think you've only barely missed is even further away.

    The smallest input lag will kill games that require precision, especially games that have a higher degree of difficulty like Dark Souls. Forget about something like Mirror's Edge. Even really small input lag is atrocious and makes a game feel clunky and frustrating.

    Not a fan of streaming games. It's another step towards the digital future of "You don't own this game, we're just letting you play it".

    This is great. I am in Australia and i have a great internet connection and i can't wait for PSnow to be released in Australia.

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